Social and Consumer Press Releases

Rocky Mountain Surrogacy Gives Birth to New Hope for Motherhood

As the 10th Anniversary of Rocky Mountain Surrogacy, LLC approaches, the center has a lot to celebrate. With the birth of 136 babies since its opening, Rocky Mountain Surrogacy has made the dream of new motherhood come true across the United States.

RPE Solutions and JDA Software to Host MMS and PMM Summits Supporting Leading Merchandise Management Systems

JDA Software and RPE Solutions, a JDA consulting services partner, will be hosting summits around JDA's highly-lauded Merchandise Management System (MMS) and Portfolio Merchandise Management (PMM) solutions. These complimentary summits are open to all JDA MMS and PMM customers. JDA merchandise management systems help retailers drive sales, increase margins and deliver the right products, to the right place, at the right time empowering retailers to quickly respond to changing markets.

Worldwide Outcry Launches and Bolsters Efforts to Protect Dr. Lester Sumrall's Work

Known to Christians worldwide as a symbol of integrity, compassion, and grit, Dr. Lester Sumrall left an unmatched legacy. A legacy, some say now, is in a tailspin at the hands of impropriety. A newly launched website, founded by the deceased minister's grandson and namesake, Lester Sumrall has experienced consistent daily traffic. Online for less than a month the site has had over 20,000 page views from concerned donors and volunteers calling for the organization's preservation. With allegations of fraud and financial elder abuse by board members, as well as the blatant non-biblical beliefs of the ministry's current leadership, the website calls for full accountability and transparency. Under particular scrutiny, and the focus of a pending lawsuit is the ministry's board of directors from 2005 to the present. These directors include former CEO, Pete Sumrall, his son, its current leader Drew Sumrall, and David Ernest Sumrall, Pastor of Cathedral of Praise in Manila, Philippines.

Al Pizarro and Manny Gerald of WTB Music Signed Their First Rap Artist TEEZY MONEY

LogoAl Pizarro and Manny Gerald of WTB Music have signed their first artist TEEZY MONEY out of the Bronx under the Management of MOST HATED ENTERTAINMENT. Their first single is entitled "UPTOWN ".

Guts and Glory - Felissa Rose Appears as a Guest on Behind the Scenes with Summer Helene on VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network

LogoFelissa Rose is an American actress, known for her role as Angela Baker in the 1983 cult classic slasher film, Sleepaway Camp, which she reprised in the film Return to Sleepaway Camp which was written and directed by Sleepaway Camp creator Robert Hiltzik. Rose has been given the title "Scream Queen" because of her involvement and success within the "Horror" film genre. She has over 50 film credits in total over the span of her film career. A few major credits in her film career would include The Perfect House 2012, Silent Night, Zombie Night 2009. In 2016 she produced the music videos for the metal band Slayer. Early life: Born in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, New York City, Rose grew up in Woodbury on Long Island.

Actress Tania Serrano Enjoyed Going to the Dark Side for Evil Role in VFiles Web Series by Avan Jogia

With her runway looks and girl-next-door appeal, Swiss-born Spanish actress Tania Serrano is accustomed to being cast as an ingenue. She enjoyed playing a character who's a lot less innocent — and perhaps more dangerous — in her first made-for-web series, Last Teenagers of the Apocalypse. She acted alongside the series' creator and writer, Avan Jogia, in his role of "Bones," one of Satan's minions who has been put in charge of what's left of the earth. She appears in the first two episodes of the four-part series.

Exclusive Chocolate: Solar System Cacao Galaxy

A young enterprising sky watcher from LA, Jessica Y has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter seeking support for her luxury solar system chocolate pack Cacao Galaxy. Made with 100% rich Valrhona chocolate, the exclusive gourmet dessert speaks of sweetest universe with every bite.

Mid-South Businesses Partner to Help Louisiana Flood Victims

LogoSouthaven RV & Marine's CEO, Mark Hixson, is asking for the Mid-South to come together to help show our love to our neighbors in Louisiana.

Where Does the 2.6 Trillion Pounds of Garbage Go Every Year?

LogoWhen throwing away garbage, many people don't ever stop and think about where it is going to end up? For the most part, people don't ever think about how much garbage is going into the landfills each day. It's a way of life for them. While there might be a lot of garbage that has to be thrown away, there are plenty of things that can be recycled. Think about this: more than 2.6 trillion pounds of garbage are going to be generated this year alone. That 2.6 trillion pounds of garbage weighs just as much as 7,000 Empire State Buildings combined together. That's a heck of a lot of garbage.

My Promotional Pens Offers Promotional Bags to Improve Brand Value in Niche Market

My Promotional Pens, a renowned name in the market of promotional Pens, is offering highest quality promotional bags at the most competitive prices. The company's promotional bags provide a helping hand to business owners in improving their brand value. These promotional bags can also prove to be one of the best corporate gifts. The promotional bags create such a powerful impact on the people by their best design and presentations that they can't forget the name of the brand printed on the bags. Business owners looking for branding of their products or services through the promotional bags can explore for the best quality promotional bags.

My Promotional Pens Offers Printed Key Tags for Effectively Increasing Brand Recognition

A Christian owned and operated promotional product company, My Promotional Pens offers printed key tags to effectively enhance the brand recognition of any company. Right from bottle opener keychains to tool keychains, they provide numerous promotional keychains that individuals can customize with their brand logo or tagline. Virtual Desktops Building Cost-Effective IT Infrastructure for SMEs and Startups

Equipping workers with the right tools and technologies is the key to business success for any organization, small or large. has rightly identified the IT needs of SMEs and start-ups, that may have humble beginnings, with limited resources and investment.  The Dorset based IT and hardware service provider offers hosted desktop services to SMEs and start-ups, with the primary aim of helping them to improve efficiency, avert data loss incidents, and reduce capital investment and overheads.

Price-Conscious Consumers Show Preference for Portable Generators

Recent reports show that the uncertainty of the economy has made a direct impact on the financial spending of the people. The common residents of the country are more interested in buying their daily products at a bargain. Portable generators have been at the top of the list in this category.

New Website Launched to Offer Information About the Best Breast Augmentation Clinics

With an aim to help women get the best breast augmentation service in America a new website called has been recently unveiled. One of the representatives of the site who was on hand to highlight some details of the website maintained, "Breast augmentation as a cosmetic procedure has become more and more widespread. We hope visitors to our site can gain valuable information when they are planning to get their breasts amplified."

Era Organics Honeybuns Baby Lotion Pleases Mothers Looking for All Organic Baby Skincare

Era Organics' recently launched product Honeybuns Baby Lotion is making quick inroads in In almost no time, this organic baby lotion has already emerged as Amazon's number one new release. Official sources have revealed that a large segment of satisfied users of this product is comprised of health conscious mothers that prefer using all organic products for their babies. Honeybuns Baby Lotion fits the bill perfectly for these mothers because the product is not only free from toxins and harsh chemicals, but also contains many natural body lotion ingredients with scientifically proven benefits for the skin.

Carly Mindel Announces New EDM/POP Single "Feel It Too"

Singer/Songwriter Carly Mindel is thrilled to announce the release of her debut single and video "Feel it Too" both available on August 30, 2016.

Will the Three Biggest Tech Companies Do the Do Lunch Different Challenge to Impact the Lives of 500,000 High School Students?

A new Dallas-based company is stepping out of their comfort zone to launch one of the biggest corporate challenges in history. They're challenging Apple, Google, and Microsoft to The Do Lunch Different (DLD) Challenge. The challenge is simple; which company can get the highest percentage of employees to eat lunch with new random co-workers? The founders of the challenge started this venture to raise awareness and funds to impact the lives of 500,000 high school students.

HealthyWiser News: Recent Water Quality Issues in the U.S.

It might be a common scenario to find some areas in the United States being closed down because of water quality issues. While this might be normal, it is important to report them since people have to know that the water coming out of their faucets might not be safe.

SelpHbalance Introduces a Testosterone Booster to Promote Libido, Active Lifestyle

The healthy relationship of couples, at one point, is determined by how sexually active each person is. But if one of them finds it challenging to become sexually active, it is necessary to take action. The decrease in sexual excitement is sometimes associated with lower testosterone levels.

Supotco Launches New Child Protection App

Supotco, who champion simplified child protection in the digital age, has created an innovative solution for parents the world over who are concerned about their children's safety when using mobile phones.

British Antiques on Sale Following Brexit: Stonewoods Comments

Following the Brexit vote, financial markets in the UK took a huge hit, seeing David Cameron stepping down and the UK seeing in his place the first female leader since Margaret Thatcher. Uncertainty rocked the region and one industry that was impacted greatly was that of arts and antiques.

The Breastfeeding Shop Announces Spectra Baby USA Brand Breast Pumps Are Available at No Cost Through Insurance on Their Website

LogoThe Breastfeeding Shop, a national supplier of breast pumps covered by insurance, is pleased to announce that Spectra Baby USA brand breast pumps are available at no cost through insurance on their site. Since Spectra Baby USA was founded, they have been dedicated to helping moms acquire breast pumps that are not only effective but also innovative and stylish. The company also takes pride in being owned and operated by Board Certified Lactation Consultants, Registered Nurses, all of whom are moms themselves.

Kim Kardashian Boasts Body Confidence Post-Baby: My-Knickers Comments

It isn't always easy for people to feel great about their bodies immediately after having a baby, with some women taking months and even years to come to terms with how their bodies have changed. Not only this but as these women are tired a high majority of the time, it's no wonder that many struggle a bit after giving birth. Kim Kardashian who previously admitted to having body confidence issues after giving birth to her daughter North, is now blooming after the birth of her son Saint, and has said that she is feeling "great".

Indiegogo Co-Founder Slava Rubin Joins Speaker Lineup at Global Crowdfunding Convention

LogoBefore Kickstarter had its kickoff and GoFundMe got its start there was Indiegogo. And Slava Rubin was there to make it happen. It's an irrefutable fact that Indiegogo is a major force in the crowdfunding industry not only for its impressive history but also the Indiegogo team's ongoing innovation in making crowdfunding easier and more approachable to everyone. While Indiegogo is no stranger to the annual Global Crowdfunding Convention (GCC world) in Las Vegas, Slava Rubin's addition to the speaker lineup is something truly special.

New-Age Exclusive Digitally Animated Greetings Card Seeks Crowdfund Support at Kickstarter

Vancouver developer and greetings cards pro, Cody McCulloch, has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter seeking support for his new-age digital greeting card company Letterink. Designed with exclusive digital animation, Letterink cards convey nice stories through humor & character development. It's for the first time in digital greeting scene that somebody has come up with such a unique concept.

Cherrystone Auctions Declares August Public Auction a Success

Cherrystone Auctions, Inc. is a top-notch philatelic auction house founded in New York City in 1967. Every six to eight weeks, the highly reputable stamp auctioneering company holds huge public sales/auctions that link together local, national, and international sellers and buyers of rare stamps and other valuable philatelic items. Earlier this month, the company held such a sale and the public enjoyed quite a treat.

Dwayne Perkins with Crowdfunding from Indiegogo Sells Debut Comedy Special to Netflix

Renowned comedian, writer, and actor Dwayne Perkins has sold a self-produced comedy special entitled "Take Note" to Netflix. Netflix, the entertainment streaming service giant, released it at the beginning of July on its new release line up, and it is already garnering critical praise from fans and new comedy audiences alike.