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The 2nd Annual Go-DJ Awards Elevated Houston, Broke Local Celebrity News

This past Monday, July 20th, the 2nd annual Go-DJ awards took place at the NRG center. The sold-out crowd became an interactive part of this entertainment industry celebration, making the local event trend on Twitter and instagram using the hashtag #GODJAWARDS. Additionally, Spillionaire Entertainment hoisted the ceremony to new levels by being the official title sponsor and contributing vital aspects and elements to ensure attendees really got to see a great show. CLICK HERE FOR RECAP VIDEO

Women Business Leaders Unite for Global Purpose in Chicago July 31st

Starting on July 31, the 5 Star Woman Tour will bring together some of the region's most elite influencers for a two-day conference designed to help women excel in business and ministry in order to affect widespread change. The Chicago conference marks the first leg of the conference's five-city tour.

Noted LI Author, Robyn Schneider Joins Alec Baldwin for Hamptons Benefit

Long Island native, author and mother of twin autistic sons Alex and Jamie, Robyn Schneider, graciously accepted the offer to be one of a select group of noted authors at the 11th annual Authors Night, the premier literary event of the Hamptons summer season. Authors Night Co-Founding Chairs Alec Baldwin and Barbara Goldsmith selected a distinguished group of authors for this year's event. Authors Night is held annually to benefit the East Hampton Library.

New Sheltered by Grace Article Released, Talks About the Benefits of Volunteering

Sheltered By Grace is a homeless shelter based in Logan, Brisbane. Run and managed by a team of people who are passionate about the transformation of lives, through their supported accommodation with 24-hour onsite support and a full case management program. The Sheltered by Grace Website features informative articles on the subject of homelessness, donation to charities, and more, recently the website featured an informative article about volunteering.

Henry A. Davidsen Master Tailors and Image Consultants Craft Unequaled Custom Suits

LogoSuccessful men strive to look their best while seamlessly matching the occasion. In this day and age, it's more important than ever to have a strong sense of appropriate style for different social settings, from professional to casual. Henry A. Davidsen Master Tailors and Image Consultants is a Pennsylvania-based organization responsible for crafting some of the finest custom suits throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding regions.

Dr. Marc Gafni Addresses Holland on Love

LogoDr. Marc Gafni, a renowned wisdom teacher and the director of the Center for Integral Wisdom, recently addressed attendees on a variety of topics at the annual Summer Festival of Love, held on the expansive estate of Venwoude International in Holland.

Healthy Nation, LLC. Solves Issue of Getting Children to Eat Veggies with Vegy Vida

LogoThe benefits of a vegetable based diet are now known to all. However, many children and adult around the world are extremely averse to the idea of eating vegetables. It has been observed that almost 80% of people avoid vegetable servings that are highly recommended. Research conducted by Healthy Nation suggests that most of the healthy compounds present in vegetables have a bitter taste (antioxidants and phytochemicals). Children are more adverse towards vegetables compared to the adults because they have three times more taste buds than adults do.

ACCA Releases New Infographic on the Dangers of Leaving Kids in Cars

LogoAmerican Children's Cancer Association (ACCA) has released a new infographic, detailing the extreme danger of leaving children in a car.

Sweet Digs: Sugar Me Wax in Phoenix Announces Search for Next "Sugar Baby Model"

Sugar Me Wax | Phoenix (, Phoenix's premier Brazilian wax salon that specializes in sugar waxing, is pleased to announce the official Sugar Babies Model Search. Models of all sizes and shapes are encouraged to apply to become the next "Sugar Baby Model."

Masha-T of the Chain of Music Entertainment LLC Steals the Show at Big Scotts 8th Annual All White Party

The Big Scotts 8th Annual All White Party, held at Campbell's Field with the association of The Chain of Music Entertainment LLC was a rousing success which left all attendees elated and thoroughly entertained.

Loretto Foundation and Lamar Hunt Jr. Support St. Paul's Outreach Initiative

Active in seven states at both non-religious and religious universities and colleges, St. Paul's Outreach (SPO) enables young people to gain knowledge, grow their independence and pursue a career while simultaneously trying to combat the number of young people leaving the Catholic Church.

Rosen, Moss, Snyder, Bleefeld, LLP Providing Free Consultations for Disability Insurance Claims

LogoWhen an accident or tragedy occurs that leaves individuals unable to work and earn a living, disability insurance is used to protect future earnings. If disability compensation has been denied and individuals require the assistance of dedicated attorneys to help them get the benefits they deserve, Rosen, Moss, Snyder, Bleefeld, LLP is proud to announce they are providing free consultation for disability insurance claims.

Save Money with Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the New Nickelodeon Store in London

Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the home of Nickelodeon Land in the UK, has teamed up with Europe's first Nickelodeon flagship store at 1 Leicester Square, London to offer visitors to either venue great discounts at the other. This unique cross-promotional offer is part of the continued working relationship between these two much-loved entertainment brands.

Dawn Bennett, Host of Radio Show "Financial Myth Busting," Interviews Bill Murphy, Chairman & Director of Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee

DAWN BENNETT: Bill Murphy is the Chairman and director of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, which was founded as a result of Murphy's essays on collusion among large financial institutions to suppress the price of precious metals. Bill, welcome to Financial Myth Busting.

Multiple Sclerosis Sufferer Ryan Murray Seeks Funding via YOU CARING to Support His Treatment

LogoRyan Murray, long distance runner and martial art enthusiast, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004. For the first 9 years, he managed to live with the symptoms secretly – and even managed to complete the famous Marathon Des Sables to raise money for a charity called Facing Africa in 2011. Unfortunately, some of the deadly effects of Multiple Sclerosis have already started impacting his life. Ryan has recently started a crowdfunding campaign via YOU CARING ( ) with the hope of garnering financial assistance that will help him fund two life-changing medical procedures that may reduce, and hopefully reverse the negative impacts of MS.

John of God—The Live Interview, on Making Life Brighter Radio

LogoOn Monday August 3, 2015, Winifred Adams shares her personal, one-on-one interview with John of God, the mediumistic healer from Brazil. Praised by millions for his rare and unique approach to physical, emotional and spiritual healing, John reveals the reasons for the use of crystals, specifically from Brazil, as well as his beliefs and what it is like to be a man who sees upwards of 1500 people twice a day for the majority of his life. John shares crystals from his private collection with Winifred through the course of a very candid conversation. on the Health and Wellness Channel on

Essential Oil Benefits Writes About What Makes Essential Oils So Beneficial for the Natural Treatment of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is a very common disease. It occurs in almost three million people every year in the United States of America alone. Hemorrhoids make vascular structures in the anal area but when they become swollen or are inflamed, they may transform and cause either piles or other pathological diseases. The best way to treat hemorrhoid disease is by opting for natural procedures. Essential oils are very good for hemorrhoid diseases. Since it is so common, the famous website Essential Oil Benefits writes about essential oils for hemorrhoids.

Online Kids Store Launches New Range of Learning Toys

Scientists have been advocating the use of learning toys to aid children learn better for several decades now. In the recent years, technology has aided in the creation of whole new ranges of learning toys, and teachers and parents have been lapping them up. Schools have started using these aids as a part of mainstream teaching, and parents are ensuring that every other toy they buy for their child has some learning associated with it. Yes, dolls and cars are still the most popular toys being bought, but the rest of the list is being made up with intelligent toys that are helping the child learn better.

Maqoo Launches a Men's Underwear Revolution on Kickstarter

Maqoo announces the launch of its new men's underwear made of linen. Based on their concept of creating a better underwear by first developing a better fabric.

Dawn Bennett, Host of Radio Show "Financial Myth Busting," Interviews Tres Knippa, Trader, Broker & Member of Chicago Mercantile Exchange

DAWN BENNETT: Tres Knippa is a trader, broker and member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He's been trading futures in currency markets for over 17 years and because of this expertise he appears almost weekly on CNBC and Bloomberg, as well as other networks around the world. Tres recently wrote about Japanese debt, saying: "It is my opinion that long term there is a significant likelihood Japan will experience a sovereign debt crisis and a notably weaker currency. As a result, I believe there is opportunity in being net short the Japanese Government Bond market and the yen." Tres, welcome to Financial Myth Busting.

The Best Answer to Biker Dating Needs Is Here

There is great news in store for passionate bikers who want to connect with a partner with similar interests. The whole biker lifestyle is very exciting, alluring and demanding too. It is not easy to find a person who has the same passion for this lifestyle, more so on traditional dating websites. To fulfill this need, has been set up where the focus is on giving bikers quick access to the best biker dating sites.

GS Boyz Co-Founder "Mr Marc D" Drops New Visual and Announces Upcoming Album

BET Award nominee and gold selling artist Marcus A Dinkins p/k/a, "Mr Marc D" of the trend-setting GS Boyz (Stanky Legg), announces his video for his new single, "GWOP". The high energy video features college campus scenes highlighting high-stepping Fraternity and Sorority teams on location during the Dallas Greek Picnic.

Orange County Fertility Specialists Provide Male Fertility Treatments Nationwide

LogoVasectomy Reversal USA is the male fertility division of Orange County Urology Associates, a fertility treatment center located in Orange County, California. It is headed by board-certified urologist, Dr. Aaron Spitz, M.D., who is a licensed microsurgeon and has performed extensive vasectomy reversal procedures throughout Southern California. Right now, Dr. Aaron Spitz and Vasectomy Reversal USA are announcing their availability to provide male fertility treatments, procedures and diagnoses for patients nationwide.

California Urologist Serves the Community in Addition to His Patients

LogoDr. Aaron Spitz M.D. is a board-certified urologist serving as the lead practitioner at Vasectomy Reversal USA, the male fertility sub-division of Orange County Urology Associates. Vasectomy Reversal USA is well known for their vasectomy reversals and more throughout San Diego, CA. Vasectomy Reversal USA would like to take time to appreciate Dr. Aaron Spitz for his extensive contribution to the American community as well as for his deep level of care and respect for his patients throughout the United States.

The Art of Human Salvage Will Now Be Released on August 9th, 2015

The release date for The Art of Human Salvage is being changed from August 4, 2015 to August 9, 2015.

Herb Zerden Announces Profile

LogoHerb Zerden, the CEO of ZEH, is announcing the establishment of an profile that details his experience as an executive serving in several different industries and in varied leadership roles. With 35 years of experience taking on executive roles and spearheading entrepreneurial pursuits, he has enjoyed a great deal of professional success and is highly regarded by his colleagues and industry peers for his business achievements. With an uncanny ability to achieve rapid growth with the many companies he has led, he is perhaps best known for his leadership with ARG Group, an energy supplier he co-founded along with Matt Judkin.

"Time, Space and All of Us" – A Presentation by Serge Benhayon

LogoIn a world flooded with grand ideas that often go unrealised, meeting a man who truly walks his talk is a rarity indeed. But not, it would seem, an impossibility.