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Palmer Trinity Student Blake Miller Receives Mayor's Shining Scholars Award

Palmer Trinity School (PTS) senior, Blake Miller, was presented with the Mayor’s Shining Scholars’ The Emerging Leader Award at the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners’ meeting on April 19, 2016. The Emerging Leader Award recognizes students who have inspired positive change in others and the community.

Adorable Puppies for Sale Launches Brand New Website

When people encounter change in their lives, all of us have our own way of handling it. Some change is met with praise and adoration, while other adjustments take time and ample thought. Adding a companion to a home is one change that is associated with the former – bringing a loyal pet such as a dog is a welcome addition to the family. For one group of dog experts, matching canines with their owners is their bread and butter. Adorable Puppies for Sale has recently undergone some changes of their own, having recently retooled their website. The company engineered the website as a way of assisting dog enthusiasts in their search for a Yorkshire terrier or Maltese companion. Customers can now discover the available Yorkie and Maltese Puppies that are up for adoption, as well as puppy information and wellness. A vast array of valuable information for new dog owners is now accessible through the re-tooled website, but experienced dog owners can also learn a thing or two.

HDSA Announces Fifth Annual Charity Tournament

LogoThe Honorary Deputy Sheriff's Association (HDSA), announced today that the HDSA will host its fifth annual Charity Tournament benefiting the Teller County's Sheriff Office.

Donna's Amazing Deals Introduces Vast Collection

Donna's Amazing Deals, a noted Online Mall, has ensured that users can now find different types of items they want at once place, without any hassle.

Dr. Michael Rothman, NJ's Leading Holistic Doctor, Presents His 'One on One' Series of Health Videos; Five Videos That Discuss the Most Popular Diets of the Day

Dr. Michael Rothman, New Jersey's premier holistic physician, has created a series of "One-on-One" videos blogs that discusses the most popular diet programs in the US today. Dr. Rothman medically reviews:

Dr. Michael Rothman, NJ's Leading Holistic Doctor, Releases a One on One Video: The Secrets of Anti-Aging

Dr. Michael Rothman, New Jersey's premier holistic physician, offers his science-based knowledge regarding what causes aging and how to combat it in his latest video blog, "The Secrets of Anti-Aging." In this video, he explains how aging occurs and uncovers what an individual can do to slow the process.

Dr. Michael Rothman, NJ's Leading Holistic Doctor, Shares the Advantages of a Medically Supervised Weight Loss Strategy

Dr. Michael Rothman, New Jersey's premier holistic physician, has been helping patients lose weight naturally and safely for decades. He teaches his patients that the key to their weight loss is a metabolic imbalance. If there is a chemical imbalance in your body, it will be impossible for you to lose weight. Dr. Rothman guides his patients through the process of balancing their body chemistry, truly detoxing their bodies, and then beginning a simple and effective weight loss regimen. See more information about Dr. Rothman's process at

Seniors Dating Sites Offer Expert Dating Advice to Senior Men for a Successful First Date

Seniors Dating Sites offer tips and advice ( for seniors who have returned to the single dating scene after becoming a widower or recently separated or divorced. The tips and advice are provided by the experts at the online dating review site to enable senior men to feel more confident and achieve a second date.

Claires Disaster Supplies Unveils Useful Products

Claires Disaster Supplies, an online store has made it possible for users to get Emergency kits and supplies that can come to their rescue in difficult times.

Mackin Yolie of Mack Music Affiliates, Taking You Mack Into the Future

LogoBrace yourself as Mackin Yolie Takes you Mack To the Future." This Highly Anticipated Debut Album marks the beginning of an era for Mack Music Affiliates, and their Hard Hitting Lyrical Front Runner Mackin Yolie.

Focusky Video Presentation Software Now Can Create Greater Impression Easier

LogoFocusky Presentation Maker needs no introduction as it has been offering some of the most stunning online presentations that are very professional and completely packed with absolutely high-end graphics and animation. The video presentation software from Focusky has the simplest and easy-to-use User Interface, lets the users pick graphics and HD images, and even offers animated transition for adding some clarity to the presentation.

The Hip Hop Preacher to Visit London

Author, speaker and consultant Ava Eagle Brown and author and radio influencer Sonia Poleon have teamed up to bring world-renowned motivational speaker Dr. Eric Thomas to London on September 24, 2016.

Shanghai Easi Computer Technology Co., Ltd Introduces an Innovative Lazertouch Mini Projector

LogoShanghai Easi Computer Technology Co., Ltd gives a fresh breath of air to mini projectors through introducing the newest Lazertouch Mini Projector specifically designed for anyone looking for an innovative and convenient, lightweight and portable mini projector. Generally, it works best and ideal for presentation and meetings. This is considered as the very first projector that integrates innovative technology that can literally transform any surface into an incredible FINGER touchscreen.

RFID Clothes Label Exclusively Offered by RFIDHY Secures Effective Tracking of Garments and Managing Inventories

LogoRadio Frequency Identification or RFID now offers valuable services capable of revolutionizing and changing the ways on how businesses track products and manage inventories. There are actually numerous benefactors of this latest technology such as producers, consumers, suppliers, retailers and more. RFID offers companies and businesses with better substitute to bar-coding for the reason that no line-of-sight is actually needed to read any product with RFID tags. These tags also contain product information which is easily accessible and readable for readers. These tags are being utilized automating the supply chain of a company, minimizing labor costs as well as reducing time spent and human errors in terms of checking on the products.

Chukles Is a Leading Supplier of Innovative Nursery Products All over the World

Newborn babies need special handling. The use of superior quality nursery products offers the most ideal solution of ensuring their comfort and safety. These accessories are now available in many retail stores due to the quality and innovation they deliver. Chukles is one such manufacturer which specializes in supplying safe and innovative nursery products around the globe. Its Cocoon nursery furniture range is renowned not only for style and innovation, but also for meeting all types of safety standards. Cocoon furniture offer a wide range of designs, both traditional and contemporary, to suit all tastes and budgets for creating the perfect home for your loved one.

Johnny Wimbrey Celebrity Life Coach, International Speaker, and Best Selling Author, a Guest on the Dr. Gladney Radio Show

LogoJohnny Wimbrey, world renowned celebrity coach and author will share his blunt honesty which motivates people to stop thinking and start doing. Johnny's incredible rags-to-riches story touches a chord in audiences from cultures from around the globe. He transformed his life from poverty and abandonment into wealth and opportunity.

Monarch Montessori Staying Ahead of the Times

LogoEducation is the most important part of childhood development. With so many daycare options available for children under six, there is no definitive right or wrong answer to which learning approach is the best.

Free Senior Dating Sites Offer Tips and Advice for a Positive Senior Dating Experience, who has researched all the available online senior dating sites and provide an honest and unbiased review of the top 7 for 2016, has offered tips and advice to help men have a successful senior dating experience to achieve the second date.

Knowing the Information About Lost Friends and Relatives in USA Is Now Easy

Those who wish to know information about people they know in USA but have lost touch with them may be interested in the news that USA PEOPLE SEARCH is providing information such as addresses and phone numbers, social networking profiles, etc. of such people. Even the other dark background details that are available through national records can be got from USA people search.

Eskay Webs Writes About Manifestation Miracle

Eskay Webs writes a comprehensive and instructive review about Manifestation Miracle. Eskay Webs is widely popular and trusted for its amazing articles and reviews. Similarly, this review of theirs is also getting much fame and popularity, because like their other reviews, this review also includes all the basic information about Manifestation Miracle, including its pros and cons. That is why people are highly appreciating this review of Eskay Webs. This review is available on

100% Natural Pregnancy Solutions – Eskay Webs Publishes Pregnancy Miracle's Review

World-renowned reviewers, Eskay Webs publishes a short review about Pregnancy Miracle Book. This amazing eBook includes safe and natural methods for getting pregnant fast. This review concisely explains all the details about this eBook, so if one is planning to purchase Pregnancy Miracles Book, but is not sure whether to invest in it or not, then they should read this review published by Eskay Webs and get a full idea about this eBook. This review can be found on

Rasdale Stamp Company Features Judge Lindley Green 1904 Penalty Cover in May 21-22 Public Auction

Rasdale Stamp Company has just announced one of the pieces that will be up for bid in their upcoming May 21-22 public auction. It is a J. Lindley Green 1904 Penalty Cover. The cover is from Rampart Alaska. This cover shows Judge Green's attempt to find a landowner by listening to the local buzz of the natives. The man's name was W. G. Strong and he could not be located. The Judge had difficulty finding Strong because of the rash of gold rushes that happened in that time frame. The area that Strong lived in was involved in the Klondike Gold Rush that happened between 1896 and 1899. After this rush was tapped out, everyone either moved on or followed the next gold rush to Nome, Alaska. The cover is a little rough and with the journey it has had, it is a spectacle to behold.

EMV Can Help Merchants Large or Small Prevent Fraud

Since the acceptance of credit and debit cards as a form of valid payment methods, the amount of fraud-related thefts has drastically increased. In fact, according to a recent research, $16 billion in credit card fraud was reported solely in 2014. This makes us think whether there is actually a legit way to be completely sure that a card won't be compromised.

This Bulldog Brings Home the Bacon

LogoWhile Royce temporarily considered going into early retirement at his grandma's in the suburbs, it soon became clear that the celebrity life meant celebrity sponsorships, and sponsorships, meant more treats. So, back to the limelight for this frenchie.

BuffBoxx Is a Fitness Focused Monthly Subscription Box Delivering Charity, Health, and Technology

LogoBuffBoxx, the all new monthly subscription box service focused on delivering products based around a fitness-centered and lifestyle, is now live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Vizown Focuses on the Rehabilitation Needs of Women

LogoVizown, a treatment service and program provider for women with addiction, understands the complexity of substance addiction. With a women-focused treatment, the team offers a range of drug abuse treatment options. This includes individual, group, family, and trauma counseling. They also offer co-occurrence (dual diagnosis) and trauma-informed addiction treatment, equine-assisted therapy, physical fitness, and ropes course.

Referring to Murdered Activist, World Bank President Says Such Incidents Are Unavoidable in Hydro Projects

LogoIn the video record of a talk in New York on April 6, in which there was discussion about Berta Cáceres, the Honduran activist who had opposed a hydro project and was murdered in March, the president of the World Bank, Dr. Jim Kim, said "You cannot do the kind of work we are trying to do and not have some of these incidents happen."