Social and Consumer Press Releases

Allan M. Heller Delights His Readers with 40 Frightful Flash Fictions

From the perils of The First Crusade to the tempestuous skies over war-torn China in the 1940s, death, danger and destruction lurk everywhere … and can strike before you know what hit you. Devastation is served with a smile in this creepy collection of flash tales! Do you trust your best friend? Your spouse? Your doctor? Maybe you shouldn't. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong as it often does on every page.

Project Sanctuary Welcomes New Team Member

Project Sanctuary welcomed Kara Pappas to its leadership team this month as the new chief development officer (CDO). The CDO is responsible for forging new partnerships and sponsorships to build the visibility, impact, and financial resources of Project Sanctuary as we work to eliminate our waitlist of 1,800 military families.

Forgotten Maritime Disaster Remembered in New Kindle Edition of "Beautiful Bodies" by Gerald Stone

A new Kindle edition of "Beautiful Bodies" by acclaimed author Gerald Stone has been released to coincide the 182nd anniversary of the shipwreck disaster it recalls. The book, previously published in paperback in Australia, is now available for Kindle readers around the world.

New Bestselling Fantasy Release, Dragonlove, Second Book in the Dragonfriend Series

Fantasy author Marc Secchia is excited to announce the release of Dragonlove, his latest dragon adventure, on August 15th, 2015. Available in all electronic book stores, Dragonlove is the second book in the highly-rated Dragonfriend series.

Melanotan II Gains Popularity as One of the Safest Tanning Products

With the rise in the popularity of tanned skin, it has been reported that products promising to give that natural tan are more popular than ever. For most of the individuals, including both men and women, it has been said that the allure is more on those products that promises a more natural tan as opposed to the visibly fake ones.

Digiarty Software Pushes out DVD to Android TV Ripping and Streaming Solution

LogoDigiarty Software, a highly appreciated multimedia software supplier, keep a close eye on users' requirements and has pushed out the fastest solution to rip and stream DVD to Android TV 2015 helping users handle the problem of how to get DVD movies played on Android TV without difficulty.

Flipbook Software for Mac Speeds Up E-Publishing for Mac Users Worldwide

LogoAnyFlip Software Co., Ltd. recently released an e-publishing solution for Mac users. Apple lovers need not look any further for a flipbook maker that saves both time and effort. Anyone can become a professional flipbook publisher through the innovative flipbook software for Mac.

Tibetan Buddhist Association, Persatuan Penganut Agama Buddha Kadhampa Menglembu, Organize Fire Puja on September 6th, 2015

Persatuan Penganut Agama Buddha Kadhampa Menglembu in Taman Arkid, Perak, Malaysia will organize a Fire Puja on the 6th September, 2015, time 13.00pm (01.00am EST, New York time), at the open field in Taman Kledang Permai, 31450 Menglembu, Perak, Malaysia. The Fire Puja ceremony will be perform by His Holiness, the 18th Dromtug Rinpoche Losang Choekye Pelden.

Author Points out How Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Pain Are Reaching Pandemic Proportion

Stress levels are increasing by the day and more people are fighting an uphill battle against anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Meanwhile pharmaceutical companies are getting richer.

A Bedtime Story for Quicker Sleep? Sleep Junkie Explores Techniques for Getting Kids to Bed

LogoBedtime is a struggle for many parents, and can be a pretty significant source of stress. Parents know kids need to get plenty of slumber to stay healthy and do well in school, but children often fight the sandman or get distracted by things like television. The latest article from Sleep Junkie, published August 31 and titled "Bedtime Story for Kids Promises Sleepy Results in Minutes," looks a new book aiming to offer help as well as proven techniques.

Matt Ruscic to Arrive LA

Matt Ruscic is a very talented and professional holywood actor who is from Sydney, Australia. He has featured in several holly wood movies over the years and has performed several block busters. His most recent movie that is taking the air wave where he featured is in the GODS OF EGYPT. The GODS OF EGYPT film was directed by Alex Proyas. Matt Ruscic also was part of the movie TRUTH which was directed by James Vanderbilt.

New Fine Art Exhibition Opens at Hermitage Art Center

Yuri Tsapayev, owner of the Hermitage Art Center is more than pleased to announce the art exhibition at the gallery he owns in San Francisco. Although this amazing place has only been opened since May, Mr. Tsapayev has seen lovers of contemporary art fill the Hermitage Art Center as the word has spread about the fine quality of the offerings.

APEX Movement Launches an Exciting New Corporate Team Building Program

Traditional team building events often fall victim to a standard routine: a group gathering out of the office that offers a quasi-fun activity and a few bland drinks. In order to break from this stale practice and add some freshness to the way employees of a corporate team interact with each other, APEX Movement is introducing a new Corporate Team Building program. Justin Sikkema, General Manager and Co-Owner of APEX Movement, says: "Our goal is to take these teams just far enough out of their comfort zones to unlock some of the great emotions that don't come up in daily office life. Teams leave tired, happy, and bonded over experiencing this new sport together."

Real Health World Launches New Program to Combat Kidney Stones in the Country

Reports show that more and more number of people look to the internet for health problems instead of making an appointment with the nearest doctor. The internet community has therefore taken up a bigger responsibility, with web site like Real Health World that takes their job seriously.

ADVENT Anticipates 3rd Annual Mummers Mardi Gras Celebration for 2016

LogoWhile the event planning agency, ADVENT, is busy producing events throughout the year, such as festivals, fundraisers and company parties, they have been brainstorming the next details for the 2016 Annual Philadelphia Mummers Mardi Gras. Originally a popular Mummers tradition in New Orleans, the celebration was brought to the city of Philadelphia in 2014. Last year, the festivity was moved from 2nd Street, at the Piazza at Schmidts, to Main Street in Manayunk. With February almost six months away, the premier event and entertainment services of ADVENT have been anticipating the next Mummers Mardi Gras parade in Philly.

Costa Mesa Gym Delivers "Innovative Results" with Kettlebells

The kettlebell is perhaps the most efficient tool to a body that not only looks good, but also performs well. In fact, the proper use of the kettlebell burns more calories than any exercise machine. Not only do kettlebell exercises increase heart, lung, and circulatory strength, but they also build stability when standing, bending, or rotating. Training with kettlebells increases muscular strength and targets most problem areas - hips, butt, thighs, abs, and arms - without making anyone look bulky. Kettlebells are also great for creating explosive power, which makes it an ideal substitute for high impact jump training or plyometrics that can add wear and tear to the joints.

JEI Learning Center Aberdeen-Matawan Offers Free Enrollment

JEI Learning Center Aberdeen-Matawan helps students succeed and teaching them how to enjoy learning, and it all starts with an in-house diagnostic test that shows each child's learning patterns. JEI then personalizes its curriculum around the needs of each individual child. At JEI, courses are designed not to overwhelm students by making them progress at a certain speed. Students are able to work on a skill until they understand the concept and then they progress to the next objective of the course.

Amazon Introduces Adult Coloring Books for Relaxation, Meditation, Manifestation, Creative Expression, Self-Discovery and Healing

According to Publisher's Weekly, sales for adult coloring books continue to rise rapidly. In the last few weeks alone, sales in the niche category have grown more than 20 percent giving the entire non-fiction adult category a 9 percent increase. Adding her unique brand of colorable-art is author K.S. Pierce with her two-volume series titled, "Mandalas".

Dr. Alberto Snow Now Shares an Effective Treatment for Stomach Bloating

Naturopath Dr. Alberto Snow is now sharing an effective treatment that can help people when it comes to stomach bloating. With the natural cure that Dr. Snow introduces, people who suffer from stomach bloating will not have to take any pharmaceutical medications. They will receive all of the desired benefits from the use of natural supplements in the treatment of the issue.

Horacio Printing Founder Advocates Analogue Planning Tools with New Products

LogoAccording to Polly Payne, founder of Horacio Printing of New York City, analogue planners have largely been ignored in the face of new digital apps and software, but many people actually prefer to hold a planning book in their hands and write their dreams, bucket lists, memos and other important information.  Her 2015 Horacio Planner has sold out its first run, and with the launch of her Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, she hopes to raise money for a second 2016 production to meet growing demand.

Scott Tucker Produces New Weekly Cartoon

Never Be Bored, the homepage for safe and exciting family friendly entertainment, will post weekly cartoons from Scott Tucker's new "Dad's on Vacation" series. Scott Tucker will produce one frame per week next summer, exclusively for Never Be Bored. Shares Advice on How to Successfully Start a Blog, a website focused on delivering SEO and blogging tips, has recently posted an article which provides the readers all the necessary advice required to start a blog. The man behind the website, D. Senu-Oke feels that this article will help to start a blog right at "500% success rate." Today's blogging scenario has become wide and comprehensive, and this article will give avid bloggers the right ingredient key to having a successful career at blogging.

Over $5,000,000 Paid out to Affiliates: Google Sniper 3.0 Still Going Strong in 2015

George Brown is the creator of the online course Google Sniper 3.0. He has millions of dollars in revenue through his micro sites for six years. His websites attract thousands of visitors and generate hundreds of dollars in affiliate commission sales each and everyday.

Northampton Valley Country Club Announces Wedding Brunch Buffet Menu Is Available

LogoTrying to find wedding venues in Bucks County, PA that offer brunch wedding ceremonies and receptions? Well, be sure to check out Northampton Valley Country Club as they are eager to announce that they have a delicious wedding brunch buffet menu available. What's more, couples who choose to have their wedding earlier in the day will receive the same great services just like couples who schedule theirs later in the evening.

Weekend Promotion for Leawo iTunes Alternatives on Leawo Mid-Year Sale

LogoLeawo Software recently kicked off the Leawo Mid-Year Sale, and released several pieces of best-selling software for sale with competitive discount. Now customers have a chance to participate in the weekend promotion (August 29 to August 30) of this big sale, and get the helpful iTunes alternatives with 30% off.

Leawo DVD Copy Joined 2015 Mid-Year Promotion to Copy and Backup DVD Movies at Less Cost

LogoWith the purpose of making digital entertainment more enjoyable and cost-effective, Leawo kicked off a 2015 Mid-Year Promotion activity, which offers worldwide digi-fans effective multimedia solutions covering Blu-ray, DVD, online video, up to 1080P HD movie, and music with at least 30% off. Leawo DVD Copy, the flagship product that has landed on Leawo official website recently, is made as a special deal at only $9.95, up to $20 saved in this promotion.

Innovita Technologies Has Launched a Revolutionary GPS System Tinytraker

tinyTracker is a kids' GPS Tracker that keeps tabs on the movement of the children at all times, giving parents the comfort and relief of knowing that their child is safe and sound. All it needs is the tinyTraker hardware device and a mobile app and one is good to go. The main purpose of coming up with a child tracker device was to ensure that safety and wellbeing of children who leave their home to go to school, tuition classes or other extracurricular sessions and even with their friends. Therefore, should an untoward incident take place, the parent will know exactly where their child is and the situation can be brought under control effectively.