Social and Consumer Press Releases

New Seacoast Press Children's Book Focuses on Finding Acceptance

Seacoast Press, a premier book publisher in NH, is pleased to announce the release of An Astounding Bear's Journey by author Charles S. Lessard. At 32 pages, this children's picture book is filled with vibrant color illustrations and a story centered on an outcast bear named Astound.

River Run Launches the First Tiller Handle Electric Paddle Board

Leading the way through their high quality, innovative and durable products, water outboards developers and retailer, River Run has recently announced the launch of their newest innovation - The First Tiller Handle Electric Paddle Board. The new electric motor fitted paddle board has been designed to take users further into the fun of paddling, fishing or hunting. Joins the American Urological Association in Determining the Role of BRCA in Prostate Cancer Patients

LogoIn a study conducted by a group of Oncologists who are members of the American Urological Association, the risk of having prostate cancer is high for those who have ovarian and breast cancer family history. It was found out that men who have family members who have this history should go through deep screening process to check for prostate cancer, particularly if the cancer in the family is linked to BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation. Introduces the Best Prostate Supplements as Part of the Treatment Plan Against Prostate Cancer

LogoTreatment for a prostate cancer patient should depend on the factors on how he was able to acquire the disease. A tailored treatment plan is crucial as every prostate cancer patients has specific needs.

Rapid Rise in Immigration Enquiries Following Brexit: Garth Coates Comments

Following the Brexit result there has been a huge increase in immigration enquiries as many workers and businesses have been left unsure what the future is going to bring. One immigration solicitors in particular, Simpson Millar, has reported that their website has seen over a 100% increase in enquiries since the EU Referendum took place and a 290% increase in unique visitors.

Senior BOP Officials Bully Families at Florence Federal Prison Camp, Says Advocacy Group, a Just Cause

LogoSources tell A Just Cause that on Friday July 15, 2016 that Acting Warden Garrido accompanied by Associate Warden Johns, a captain, lieutenant, Camp Administrator Segovia and two correctional officers allegedly flooded the small visiting room at the Federal Prison Camp in Florence, CO and intimidated visiting families into not speaking to anyone except the inmate they were visiting. "The prison camp visiting room is usually overseen by a single officer," say Lamont Banks, Executive Director of A Just Cause. "The presence of virtually the entire senior management team seemed to be an attempt to strike fear into the hearts of families and use an iron-hand approach to enforce a misguided, frivolous rule called cross-visiting that was created by Warden Stancil and sanctioned by BOP Director Thomas Kane," adds Banks.

Cupcake Graphics Offers Custom Designed Wedding Invitations

LogoCupcake Graphics is a creative design company located in Newtown, PA, that specializes in designing and distributing boutique wedding invitation suites and stationery for the day-of. This wedding invitation company serves couples in Yardley, PA, and the surrounding areas. Cupcake Graphics works well with newly engaged couples who appreciate high-quality customization and recognize the importance of the first impression that wedding invitations make. The owner, Melissa Nini, takes the time to familiarize herself with the couple in order to represent their personalities through their wedding invitations and day of stationery while providing them with an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

A. D. Ardson to Launch the First Volume of His Sudoku Puzzle Books

A. D. Ardson has recently released Sudoku Easy Puzzle book that is the first in the series of puzzle books that become a part of his puzzle masterworks. The book is designed to be suitable for Sudoku players of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Both novice and skilled Sudoku puzzle solvers will find this book an excellent pastime to drill their responsiveness with numbers.

Pokemon GO Meets EDM Music, a Rainbow Trip

EDM sensation, Rainbow Trip dedicates their viral EDM song to all the Pokémon GO players & fans around the world!

FlipHTML5 – Top Digital Publishing Software for Users Around the Globe

LogoProgramming development is the procedure of PC programming, reporting, testing, and bug settling which required in making and keeping up applications and structures about a product or item. Programming development is a procedure of composing and keeping up the source code, yet in a more extensive sense it incorporates all that is included between the origination of the sought programming through to the last sign of the product, infrequently in an arranged and organized process. Therefore, programming improvement may incorporate exploration, new improvement, prototyping, alteration, reuse, re-building, upkeep, or some other exercises that outcome in programming items. That why FlipHTML5 Software deem if fit to lunch the top digital publishing software with quality programming development.

Recruiters Maintain Graduate Job Levels for 2016: GSR2R Comments

A whopping 73% of graduates have continued to hire as originally planned since Brexit occurred, bringing great news for graduates this year.

Global Genesis Group Releases Award-Winning Feature "Blessid" on Amazon Prime

LogoGlobal Genesis Group is proud to announce that their film Blessid, an independent film that won over audiences on the festival circuit, will have its Worldwide premiere on Amazon Prime on July 22, 2016. Blessid won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Lead Actor and Best Cinematography at the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival and won a handful of awards at other national film festivals and international film contests. Global Genesis Group (GGG), a Nevada/Los Angeles-based distributor whose other credits include the upcoming horror/thriller Escape Room starring Skeet Ulrich and Sean Young, the 3D animated fantasy Troll directed by Kevin Munroe as well as indie festival favorites The Anniversary and Arbor Day (The Musical).

Natural Home Remedies Can Save the Foot from Pain and Infections Due to Calluses

The body has an inherent ability to defend itself during threats or injuries. If for instance the skin is exposed to pressure and friction, more skin layers are formed to defend itself from injuries. While calluses are generally harmless, they can become unsightly and problematic.

Elliot Rodgers Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for ONE LIFE Studio

LogoEven with new shootings on the news too frequently and getting seemingly endless press coverage, it's difficult to process the reality of what this young man experienced just over two years ago in Isla Vista best known for the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Lesbians Who Tech (And Friends) Philadelphia Hosts August Happy Hour at Franky Bradley's

The Philadelphia chapter of Lesbians Who Tech, a community organization of queer women in and around tech (and those who love them), is pleased to announce that its next happy hour is slated to take place on August 4, 2016 from 5:30 PM to 7 PM at Franky Bradley's in Philadelphia, PA. Founded in 2012 by Leanne Pittsford, Lesbians Who Tech has expanded from its San Francisco home base to include over 15,000 queer women and allies in tech across the country (plus 5 international cities).

Autism Is Today's Reality - New Bestseller Autism & the Rest of Us Dissects How to Create Wonderful Relationships with ASD People

It's estimated that there are 4.5 million people in the United States alone with autism today. An even more staggering fact that Jeanne Beard points out in her new bestseller, How to Sustain a Healthy, Functional and Satisfying Relationship with a Person on the Autism Spectrum, is that there are (at a minimum) an average of three or four others who love each one of those people, who care about them in a personal or intimate way, and possibly another five or six who work with them, and who need to functionally interact with them on a day-to-day basis. That means there are at least ten people who are invested in the lives of every individual on the autism spectrum, which equates to 45 million people in the United States living in the wake of autism.

6Th Sense Revives Real Fashion for Real Women with a Sense of Style

6Th Sense, a platform that seams together an e-commerce site with a fashion advice column, is re-establishing real fashion for real women with their "LookBooks" and "Slimming Outfits" concepts. The company showcases a diversity of outfits for women of all body types. Each outfit, each trend, and each blog is dedicated to delivering a fashion solution to make women feel gorgeous and confident. In the era of body shaming, ever changing weight loss and diet plans, 6Th Sense of Style is offering women a new sustainable craze; intelligent dressing. From fashion outfit basics to advance styling, women can now dress according to their body shape, making them look slimmer and more balanced, thus reviving the lost romance with one's self and body.

Associated Security Reveal Five Important Things to Consider for All Businesses Looking to Purchase Safes

The UK's industry leader of the supply, installation and service of sophisticated and quality security products Associated Security have recently revealed five important considerations for all looking to purchase safes for business. In their most recent blog post, here are the six things that the company urged people to think about:

Supplement Journal's Beard Czar Review Reveals Secrets of Growing Thick Beard Naturally

Men who are willing to grow a thick and healthy beard can now read the review of Beard Czar, published in Supplement Journal. The product is a natural supplement that can allow men to get shiny beard with a desired thickness to show their manhood. The website presents a detailed review of the product with an objective of informing men about its pros and cons and how it could be useful in growing a beard naturally.

FlipHTML5 Emerges as Innovative Brochure Design Software for Business

LogoFlipHTML5 is a digital publishing platform that offers customers powerful tools and features for increasing their online business success. The company recently upgraded their learning center giving customers the opportunity to use FlipHTML5 as user-friendly and top brochure design software. Businesses from all around the globe can take advantage of this opportunity and make their company known by their target audience.

Leawo Share to Win Activity to Let People Share Free Blu-Ray Player on Facebook and Get a Gift Free

LogoAs one of the most popular online multimedia solution developers and providers, Leawo Software has been concentrating on providing user-friendly apps and service. After a month's 10th anniversary promotion, Leawo's "Share to Win" activity comes back online again. Anyone could take part in Leawo's Share Free Blu-ray Player on Facebook and Win Gift Free activity.

Focusky HTML5 Presentation Software Has Created Positive Impacts on the Communication

LogoThe office headquarters of Focusky Presentation Maker is located in Hong Kong. With its excellent features and convenient operation, Focusky nowadays has impacted on the communication positively. Focusky is the best PowerPoint alternative that it can transform the linear and static PowerPoint into the animation effect to bring visual shock and capture your audience's attention. This HTML5 presentation software is supported by both Windows and Mac system. Besides, there are many flexible output formats for options. Many People believe that Focusky Presentation Maker has made their work efficiently and creatively.

William Jones, Founder of Afrofuturism Network to Host Comic Art Workshop

William Jones, founder of Afrofuturism Network, will be making an appearance at the Gaithersburg library in Maryland to host a workshop on comic book art.

Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio Healthcare Policy Advisor Shares Solutions to Fix Healthcare System

Leading health and wellness podcast The Longevity Show and host Jason Hartman interviewed Forbes' acclaimed and influential Opinion Editor of the The Apothecary blog on healthcare and entitlement reform, Avik Roy.

Turmeric May Be Potentially Helpful for Nephrotic Syndrome Sufferers

The kidneys are a critical part of the body. When kidney health deteriorates, it can have a major impact on a person's overall well-being. There are kidney problems such as the nephrotic syndrome that some believe the use of natural alternatives may help.

Identity Theft Accounted for 54 Percent of Data Breaches

In the past years, many countries from around the world have experienced an alarming rate of crimes related to data breaches. While authorities and banking institutions have been taking measures to reduce the crime rate, it seems that the number of people who are victimized by thieves is still increasing.

Directed Energy Invites the Public to Participate in Its Voices of Humanity Kickstarter Campaign: Money Raised Will Beam and Launch Your Data Into Space

LogoFor the first time ever, everyone on Earth will have the opportunity to directly participate in space exploration by sending their personal messages and data into space via microchip and via laser. The project entitled "Voices of Humanity" is the creation of the Santa Barbara-based team lead by UC Santa Barbara Physics Professor Philip Lubin, Ph.D. and Travis Brashears, an engineering physics major at UC Berkeley.