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BluMarble Featured in June Issue, 100 Brilliant Companies

One man's junk is another man's treasure: an aphorism as old as time, but in an increasingly homogenous and commercialized world, it is sometimes difficult to see it proving true. The way in which junk can become valuable again is through the alchemy of art and design, and BluMarble has mastered a socially responsible means of reducing landfill in Las Vegas and creating beauty from waste. Their efforts have been so successful they have just been featured in's 100 Brilliant Companies, published in their latest June issue.

Master Painting & Renovations Receives Award from Chilliwack Bowls of Hope Society

Master Painting & Renovations, one of the region's top painting, Home Renovation, and restoration companies, was the recipient of a special award from the Chilliwack Bowls of Hope Society. The group, which operates the highly successful Feed the Children program, presented Master Painting & Renovations with a trophy recognizing the company's five successive years of sponsorship. In addition to providing area-leading painting, Interior remodeling, and repair services, Master Painting & Renovations is deeply committed to effecting positive change in the Fraser Valley area in general, as evidenced by the company's long-running support of the Chilliwack Bowls of Hope Society.

Catalyst VP, Jamie Matusek, Earns ABJ Profiles in Power Nomination

LogoEach year the Austin Business Journal selects twenty-five women of distinction to recognize for their success in business and contribution to the community. This year marks the 21st year of the Profiles in Power awards, and Catalyst Vice President, Jamie Matusek has officially been announced as a nominee.

MOYA Brand Donates All Proceeds from MOF X MOYA Brand Gi to Help Terminally Ill Children and Adults

The Mauli Ola Foundation (MOF) is doing important work in getting cystic fibrosis patients out of the hospital and into the ocean, to experience the healing power of surfing. The charity began its outreach work years ago, and has now helped more than 1,300 patients escape their limitations. They recently reached out to the MOYA Brand, creators of the world's most rugged Jiu Jitsu Gi, and the brand helped to raise funds for the charity by donating all the proceeds of a limited edition kimono to the charity.

New Site Launches Offering Fashion Advice and Reviews for Men

When it comes to fashion on the internet, there are thousands of sites offering advice to the female demographic, but not so for the male demographic. Newly launched Custom Dress Shirt Review ( announces they are out to change that by providing a site that is a clearing house of information with the purpose to help men who are shopping for custom dress shirts online by reviewing various online suppliers providing useful information on choosing fabrics, measurements and buying accessories.

American Muslims Protest the Destruction of Heritage Sites & Demand Rebuilding

American Muslims across United States of America will be commemorating the start of the destruction of heritage sites by marking the anniversary of the demolition of the shrines in Baqee, a cemetery in Medina, Saudi Arabia where Prophet Mohammed's children, wives, companions and other relatives are buried.

White House Chef Features the "Hot Dog" at Presidential Museum

Logo"Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener." At the top of any chef's list is never serving a hot dog on fine bone china. But, according to former White House chef Marti Mongiello, it's being showcased on fine bone china in the glass and mirrored museum cases of the Presidential Culinary Museum. A new exhibit of the "Royals" debuts August 28, 2015 in the town named after the President, Grover, NC.

Online Jobs for Jamaicans - Local Jobs Listing Feature

Jamaicans have a reason to cheer as now they can search the best local jobs in Jamaica just by visiting the online portal,, where the main focus is to help Jamaicans find jobs, both online or locally. Have Now Been Launched

LogoThe page is now launched, the page where you find the latest viral news. The new you just can't miss is what they aim to publish. But what does 'viral' really mean?

Abrams Chiropractic Joins Neighbors in Promoting Local Artists of North Seattle

LogoDr. Lee Phelps and Dr. John Vang of North Seattle chiropractic office Abrams Chiropractic are proud to join their neighbors every month in promoting art as a community through the Art Up PhinneyWood artwalk. Seattle is known for its appreciation of culture and art and nowhere is that more obvious than in the second Friday of each month, when the Art Up PhinneyWood artwalk takes place. The artwalk is a great opportunity for local businesses to reach out to the community in a way they might otherwise not come into contact while simultaneously promoting and exposing local artists to the public.

Government Should Address Structural Conditions Behind Marikana Massacre: Catholic Bishops

The SACBC justice and peace commission has called upon the government to go beyond the recommendations by the Marikana commission and take radical measures to address the structural realities that set a scene for the violent strike and the massacre. Aims to Bring Talent and Opportunities Together

All those Companies or individuals who are looking for micro jobs can consider the above mentioned website for such services. There are a number of categories to choose from and these include website designing, content writing, book editing, animations and SEO services, to name a few. These jobs can be had at a price range of $5 to $200, depending on the type and quantity.

Novel Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Kimono to New York Fashion Week for Saving Artisans

LogoKimono artisans and art of kimono creation is on the verge of a crisis because of reduction of kimono market, aging of artisans, and lack of their successors in Japan. For expanding kimono markets to the world, kimono artisans stand out from their workshops and plan to show their kimono outfits on stage at New York Fashion Week in February 2016, produced by a kimono fashion stylist, Hiromi Asai. This project is organized by two non-profit organizations, Kimono Hiro Inc. and Kimono Artisan Kyoto, in US and Japan, respectively. For this project, Kickstarter campaign is ongoing to raise crowdfunding over $50,000 for 50 days until July 31.

Harlem Pride 2015 Celebrated "Justice for All" in the Wake of Marriage Equality

LogoIt has been an exciting and historic week leading into the 6th Annual Harlem Pride Celebrations themed "Justice for All, The Movement Continues." Thousands of Same Gender Loving / Lesbian, Gay, Bi Sexual, and Transgender (SGL/LGBT) revelers, family and friends visited uptown Manhattan for a week of festivities heralding the marriage equality win and the great strides gained by the SGL/LGBT community within the United States.

Elope to Gatlinburg Celebrates Marriage Equality by Welcoming Same Sex Marriages in Tennessee

Gatlinburg is the most popular location for elopements outside Las Vegas. However, unlike Vegas, Gatlinburg offers authenticity and stunning natural beauty with the gorgeous Smoky Mountains as the backdrop. Elope to Gatlinburg is a company that specializes in organizing full wedding packages for those who wish for a stress-free wedding day, for couples with up to forty guests. Same sex marriage has just been legalized nationwide by the Supreme Court of the United States, and Elope to Gatlinburg is inviting couples of all orientations to celebrate by getting married in one of several picturesque locations.

Get My Vet a Job Announces a Veterans Job Fair in Arizona - Get My Vet a Job announces a unique and innovative career fair for Veterans, transitioning military members, spouses, and family members. The Get My Vet a Job career fair, sponsored by Intel, will be a true hiring event. A single day of networking and employment that will be unlike any other.

Changes to Tax Code Following Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Decision

On Friday, the Supreme Court of the United States issued an epic 5-4 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges. The opinion of the court was that it is the legal duty of all states to issue a marriage license to a couple (of legal age) wishing to obtain one, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. The decision, in other words, made same-sex marriage legal on a federal level; states will no longer be able to deny same-sex couples the right to marry – if they do, they'll be in violation of federal law.

Obtaining Citizenship at Lowest Level Since 2002: Garth Coates Reflect

Recent official data analysed by Oxford University has shown that the number of foreigners obtaining British Citizenship is at its lowest level since 2002, a significant fall. Just below 126,000 foreign nationals were awarded citizenship in 2012, signifying a fall of 40% year on year. This means that fewer foreign nationals have been entitled to a foreign passport.

Texas Resists Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage

LogoIn a historic case decision, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 on Friday, June 26, 2015 that it is the legal right of all Americans—regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation—to seek a marriage license from the state in which they live. While the Supreme Court's decision has been hailed by many as a long-awaited triumph for civil rights, many others—including some lawmakers in Texas—believe that the decision is a violation of states' rights.

Mystery Shopping: How It Really Works, and How to Spot a Scammer Before It's Too Late

It seems too good to be true. Cash a check, complete a couple of simple "mystery shops," wire some of the proceeds from the check to someone else, and pocket hundreds of dollars for a few hours of work. Rinse and repeat and make up to $2000 a week.

Elena Buchkovsky Challenges New York Design

Elena Buchkovsky has worked as an interior designer for many years, helping families and businesses alike to differentiate themselves from the crowd, design-wise. For many years, she has lead the way for distinctive interior design with her American-European outlook.

UK Charity Recognised in '5' Cannes Lions Awards with a Truly Inspiring Story

LogoA UK charity, 'Water for Africa' in conjunction with Ogilvy &Mather, Paris was been awarded 5 CANNES Lions, including two 'Gold's', at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2015. They took home two GOLD's, one Silver and two Bronze for their amazing campaign, 'The Marathon Walker' with Water for Africa, which saw a woman from Gambia symbolically take part in the 42km Paris Marathon with 20kg of water on her head – a distance women walk in Africa every day to fetch water for their families.

Child Victims of Sex Trafficking Are Being Exploited in America's Hotels

LogoSex trafficking victims - including children - are often bought and sold in hotel rooms and exploited in prostitution, ranging from budget properties to luxury resorts. Service providers and law enforcement agencies report that nearly all victims they come in contact with have been exploited in hotels. A trafficker may run their business out of a hotel room, putting employees in a unique position to identify victims and alert authorities. From checkin to checkout there are a number of indicators victims and traffickers exhibit during the time they are on a hotel property.

Taable Note Launches New Version of Social Media Platform

Taable Note is proud to announce the release of a new website version of Taable Note, an innovative social media news magazine employing state-aware technology for exploring and reading worldwide news.

Leon Jay Tackles the Freedom Myth and How It Affects Entrepreneurs in Thought-Provoking Video

Leon Jay, author of Create, Automate, Accelerate, uploaded a new YouTube video to his channel ( titled 'The Freedom Myth' ( to discuss a vital element of entrepreneurial thinking. In 'The Freedom Myth', Jay addresses the general opinion on the idea of freedom, and explains how having the wrong perception of it can be detrimental to an individual's success.

Latest New Platform: Astonished Faces After Experiencing

Recently it has been reported that famous geo news channel's new being published on Sources illustrate that it is one of the reliable source and gaining mass traffic from internet media. According to the sources website is originated from Pakistan and is delivering the best news from Geo news. According to general view, daily geo news is considered to be an essential source which has got a great accessibility and people can easily check the required information. It has been told that news is an important part of the country and every person wants to be updated on daily basis.

Sheltered by Grace Investigates How Shelters Can Make a Difference

Sheltered by Grace, an Australian charity in Logan, Brisbane that has been established to counter homelessness by transforming lives through their full case management program, is doing their part by spreading awareness about the increase of homelessness in Australia, drawing attention to the benefits of shelters such as theirs in Logan and motivating people to help out to counter the serious problem. Recently the SBG blog featured a new article regarding the benefits of a homeless shelter and how they can truly make a difference.