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Tax Preparation Expert Reveals 6 Ways Parents Can Save

LogoA tax preparation planner and author out of Traverse City, Michigan, Frank Ellis reveals six different ways in which new parents can save on their taxes. Just published on, it explains how those who've had a baby recently can see tax savings. Several tax deductions and credits to take advantage of for the upcoming tax season are listed and explained.

Educational Toys Planet Announces Top 100 Toys List for Christmas and Hanukkah 2015

Educational Toys Planet is a leading online toy store. The website also has a showroom and warehouse based in Freehold, New Jersey. Their primary mission is to provide educational toys for kids that are also fun to use.

Super-Smart and Safe Technology EHT's Holiday Shopping Tips for Parents

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday upon us, those clamoring to stuff kids' holiday stockings with electronic gadgets would do well to consider a child's safety and choose wisely advises Environmental Health Trust (EHT), a health advocacy group promoting safer technology use.

Author Giselle Shardlow Celebrates 2015 IPNE Awards Win with Kids Yoga Story Rachel's Day in the Garden

Giselle Shardlow, increasingly well-known for her popular illustrated Kids Yoga Stories, recently celebrated one of her latest Rachel's Day in the Garden tying for Book of the Year and winning the Children's Book award at the 2015 Independent Publishers of New England Book Awards.

Childhood Anxiety Is Topic of New Funding Campaign That Encourages Reader Participation

Michelle Tucker, a Washington, DC based Author, has launched a Kickstarter to fund her latest book project, Hank Was Worried.

Grayson Academy Receives 2015 Best of Grayson Award

Grayson Academy has been selected for the 2015 Best of Grayson Award in the Child Care category by the Grayson Award Program.

Head Lice Removal Made Easy with RID Shampoo from Advice on Lice

Though unable to transmit or cause disease, head lice are pesky bugs that have the potential to disrupt entire schools or households as they are highly contagious, especially among children. This itchy, contagious and embarrassing problem makes children fussy and resistant to treatment at home. Those who wish to get rid of these bugs can now get RID shampoo from Advice on Lice at the most competitive prices. Available in 4 ounce and 8 ounce bottles, people can now purchase this effective shampoo for just $15.99 and $21.99 respectively. This shampoo, when properly applied by our proven directions will effectively kill the Lice completely and help provide complete relief.

Parents as Tutors Featured at the 2015 Parents as Teachers Conference in Dallas, Texas

This year’s conference is about reaching higher, reaching more, and reaching together.

Preparing for Holiday Sleep Challenges: Insights and Tips from the Baby Sleep Site

LogoWith the holidays fast-approaching, many families are beginning to firm up holiday travel plans. But as Nicole Johnson of The Baby Sleep Site® points out, all of that holiday traveling and celebrating can have a huge impact on sleep. "Nap and bedtime schedules tend to go haywire over the holidays," says Johnson, "and we see a significant uptick in visitors to our site, who are looking for help getting sleep back on track after the holiday festivities are done."

Toy Buzz Publishes Ultimate Christmas Toy Guide to Help Parents Choose the Perfect Gift This Christmas

Christmas is coming, and that makes it the high point in the year for toy purchases. After a busy year with momentous innovations in toys, many parents are finding it hard to keep up with what their children want. Toy Buzz has unwrapped its Ultimate Toy Guide for Christmas. If kids want it for Christmas, it is guaranteed to be on the list, which features every action figure, every doll, every dollhouse that kids want going into the holidays. To make it easier, they have broken the list into several categories: Baby & Toddler, Preschool, Little Kids, Big Kids and Gadgets.

Stretch and Sparkle Yoga Offer Kids and Family Classes in Metro Manila, Philippines

LogoIn this digital age where kids can be easily attached to gadgets, more parents are now in search for activities where there children can learn without the use of technology. Stretch and Sparkle Yoga offers kids and family yoga classes to help children develop holistically and bond with their parents.

Gryffin Media Publishes New Reviews on Teen Safe Child-Monitoring Program

A recently released statistic stated that 91% of teens go online using mobile devices at least occasionally. Of these, 94% go online once a day or more often, with 24% saying they're online almost constantly. Most parents don't need to be reminded of the dangers online and many look for a way to monitor what their child does online to help protect them and explain the dangers of the internet and cellphone usage.

Monarch Montessori Announces Mommy and Me Montessori Class This Fall

LogoParent-infant bonding, which takes place roughly between 0-16 months, is an integral part of child development. The actions parents take and the attention they provide during this time can help children immensely when it comes to developing their learning abilities later in life, as well as aid parents in learning to observe, respect and understand their child's unique personality. This fall, Monarch Montessori, one of the premier Montessori schools in Passaic County, NJ, is providing new parents with Saturday morning classes where they participate in group discussions, learn about the Montessori Method, and find support from other parents with similarly-aged children.

Two Dads Launch Kickstarter Campaign for Bean&Gone

LogoTwo Dads from the UK are developing a series of digital adventure stories for 3-7 year olds, with the aim of encouraging parents to spend more time with their children and share the experience together.

Let's Smile! Release Statistics Concerning the Oral Health of Children

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 42 percent of children between the ages of two and 11 have had cavities in one or more primary teeth. Children living in low income houses and those of Hispanic or Black descent tend to be more at risk of dental caries, and 23 percent have dental caries that remain untreated. Oral health remains of great concern for all, as oral health impacts general health. Let's Smile! Pediatric Dentistry ( works with parents and children to ensure any dental issues are detected and treated in a timely manner.

AMG Services Opens Corporate Day Care Center

AMG Services will unveil a new day care center with a capacity for 138 children this fall. has commended AMG Services, noting that more companies should follow their lead in order to curb absenteeism and boost workplace efficiency.

IVF Sunrise Provides Special Offers in Russia

The services of surrogate motherhood continue to reach new levels of success with IVF Sunrise providing special offers that put them in a leading position not only in Russia but all over the world.

Creator of Monkey Poker 2.0 "Texas Hold 'Em Gone Bananas" Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoWes Smith, the creator of Monkey Poker™ "Texas Hold 'em Gone Bananas", a new card game designed for ages 13 and up, has now launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production, distribution and marketing of this game.

BabyNome Releases DNA-Based Nutrition and Well-Being Manual for Children

LogoBabyNome is a DNA-based nutrition manual for children that offers customized nutritional advice based on a child's individual genetic makeup.  This nutrigenomics technology is available for children 0 through 8 years old and allows parents to receive a personalized road map to healthy nutrition based on the child's metabolism.

Beanibubs Launches Line of Safe, Ergonomically Correct 'Baby Bean Bags'

The "Back-to-Sleep" campaign has saved thousands of infants from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by having them only sleep on their backs. But an unwanted side effect — flat head — has parents worried about how to maintain their infants' round head shape.

Scmeckt Lecker Announces the Launch of Their 2-Pc Silicone Lego Molds on Amazon

"Scmeckt Lecker announced the launch of their 2-pc Silicone Lego Molds on Amazon and is now offering it at an affordable price. Every Lego lover would be happy having these Lego molds that they can use for making ice cubes, candies, chocolates, candles, jellies, soaps, and even crayons."

30A TV to Air Emerald Coast Children's Advocacy Center Telethon Thursday, November 19, 6 – 9 PM

30A TV will be hosting a telethon presented by Silver Sands Premium Outlets from 723 Whisky Bravo in Seagrove Beach to benefit the now under construction Pierce Family Children's Advocacy Center in Walton County. This center, slated to open in the spring of 2016, will be a part of the Emerald Coast Children's Advocacy Center (ECCAC), based in Niceville, Florida.

Lamar Hunt Jr. and Loretto Foundation Support Ozanam

Ozanam, an organization that has been helping at-risk youth and young adults for more than 50 years, receives help from Lamar Hunt Jr. and the Loretto Foundation. The help received from the foundation assists the organization in keeping their residential treatment and other services active.

New Baby Space Launches to Help Parents Get to Grips with Having Their First Child

Having a baby for the first time can be a daunting prospect, and new mothers must rely heavily on the experience of those who have gone before in order to make sense of a great many things. Finding this advice from a social group can be difficult, and often their thoughts are conflicting. New Baby Space is a new online resource center committed to offering the very best advice and guidance to new mothers and fathers, and has just launched with a guide to the best strollers on the market.

Eliminate Child Support Crises by Raising the Bar

LogoThe issue of child support is touchy to say the least. There are many problems with this system. The problem with the child support system is the fact that many non-custodial parents are skipping out on their child support with no repercussions. This is a crisis for the custodial parent who has limited income and no way to enforce their child support order.