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Kellie and the Dancing Garden Children's Book Now Available from Author Patricia Komar

Patricia Komar, published author and feature writer for a number of publications, proudly announces the release of her latest children's book entitled Kellie and the Dancing Garden. This delightful, fanciful and well-illustrated book will entertain young children time and time again with its imagination and wonder.

Kids Yoga Stories Releases LOVE YOGA CARDS for KIDS

Kids Yoga Stories is excited to announce that they have officially released their newest product: LOVE YOGA CARDS FOR KIDS, digital cards designed to get kids ages three to eight involved in yoga.

Harry the Happy Mouse – Gloucestershire Debut Writer's Book Becomes a Must Have in Teaching Children About Kindness

LogoNGK Media located in Gloucestershire, UK is happy to announce that the first book released by them has become the best seller book on Amazon ,UK& USA. It is a children's picture book called"Harry The Happy Mouse" and is useful in explaining acts of kindness to small children. It has been added in the reading list in many schools in UK as well as USA. The book is illustrated by the award winning Janelle Dimmett, bringing the story to life. With 32 beautifully illustrated pages, the book is about a mouse called Harry and various characters that selflessly help each other to learn that little bit of happiness can go a long way!

Baby Accessories and More Unveils Smart Range of Products

Baby Accessories And More, a renowned Online Shop has now ensured that users don't have to go the distance to find products for babies that are engaging and keep them in complete comfort as well.

Hugabug's New Extended Range of Accessories Aimed at Helping Parents Lives Be More Organized and Stress Free Now Available Exclusively on

Family brand Hugabug has released exclusively on, three new products to add to its range, they include a Stroller Organizer, a Car Seat Organizer and a Car Seat protector each of which is tipped to become popular with parents who want to stay organized and stress free whilst on the go.

Luxury Furniture Company the Baby Cot Shop to Open First Shop in Chelsea

Opening on Saturday 14th of January at 408 Kings Road, the boutique will feature a selection of furniture, linens and decor in tranquil room settings which will help parents and parents-to-be make informed purchases.

New iOT Infant Wearable Device Allb Will Be a Part of 'CES 2017'

With the intention of launching allb in the US market within the first half of 2017, the new innovative infant care system will be attending 'CES 2017' in Las Vegas from 1/5/17 to 1/8/17, they will be showcasing the infant wearable device utilizing iOT technology at the allb's booth Sands, Hall G - 52715 (Global Technology Marketplace) Tech West, Sands Hall G, ground floor. The small yet powerful device is intended for 0-24-month-old babies. It attaches to the baby's diaper or waistband and relays health information to his or her family's smartphones.

Enchanting New Books Claw Away at Kids & Animals Lovers; Hailed 'Fantastic!' by Critics Now Available on Amazon

LogoOut of all pets, cats have a distinct personality and aura of seriousness that makes them some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. According to many cat owners, their pets always appear to be plotting something, including the leading felines in R.F. Kristi's enthralling new books.  "These are great stories that personifies the often human-like personality and seriousness of cats, while spinning it into a truly engrossing adventure," explains the author. "The books have travel, suspense and plenty of feline fanciness to keep readers entertained for hours." Continuing, "It may first appear to be a thoroughbred children's book, but this is actually something that will appeal to all adults who love animals – especially cats!

Children's Book Helps Children Learn to Share

Child rearing experts agree with parents when it comes to children and sharing. "Children have difficulty sharing, especially young children. This is a normal part of the development process. Knowing and accepting this is the first step in helping your child grow up to be a generous person," says Dr. Bill Sears of Ask Dr. Sears, an online source. Among the tips Dr. Sears shares are modeling generosity and playing games to teach sharing.

Mom Owned Business Creates BPA Free Sippy Cups

LogoKangovou is a Raleigh, NC based company that has created BPA-free sippy cups and other dishware for children. These leak-proof cups hold up to 8oz (236ml) and are made from type 304 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, a material prized for being non-toxic, non-leaching, durable, and washable.The outer cover can be removed for easy cleaning and is made of safe plastic that insulates liquids while protecting sensitive hands and preventing condensation. The flexible plastic straw can be removed for easy cleanup, and the airtight lid and cap make transport and storage safe and easy. They are completely dishwasher safe and come in a range of color options including blue, green, yellow and orange.

Kickstarter Campaign for a Children's Picture Book Is Open for Funding Now

A Kickstarter campaign for a lovable picture book for children is open now with a funding goal of $3,250. Created by Michael K. Farrington, the project deadline is December 1, 2016, and it already has raised over hundred dollars from a group of backers. Michael is the writer and illustrator of this picture book, titled "WeeCa the Unique-Ah Witch", which is a story of a normal witch who scares away the monster Tooth Decay with the help of her crazy friends.

BabySeater Launches Multipurpose BackSeat Organizer and Protector for a Fun Filled Ride

LogoBabySeater has launched an improved version of their backseat organizer and protector for kids and toddlers on the popular e-commerce site, Amazon. This new product will contain a tablet iPad holder, wet tissue compartment and stretchy storage pockets so that kids and parents can keep their necessary stuff at one place inside the car. This will likely help people keep their cars organized as they can easily fit their kid's toys, drink cups and many more items inside the backseat bag and prevent them from sliding around the backseat during travelling.

Eagle House Group Offers Autism Training to Parents Helping Them Better Understand Their Child

One of the leading specialist schools for autism, Eagle House Group offers autism training to parents, helping them to better understand the glorious highs and difficult lows of bringing up a child with autism. The workshops they organise are fun and informative, and are designed to educate parents who have children with autism, Asperger syndrome and social and communication disorders. Each of their workshops are aimed to help parents find answers and discover new solutions about their child's autism, what they can do to support them, and how they can teach their child the essential life skills that other children seem to simply "pick up." The autism training sessions that they carry out are open to any family having a child with an autism spectrum disorder, as well as for those families, too, who have a child attending one of their schools.

The Moon 2G High Chair from Mima Presents a 3-in-1 Seating Solution

LogoWith the festive holidays right around the corner, there is no time like the present to discover truly life-changing gifts. Families welcoming a new baby into the clan are known for their need of plenty of baby items – from diapers and clothing, to toys, cribs, and car seats. Often new parents face a wide array of choices at varying price points, but one thing remains constant throughout: the more they can use any single chair, stroller, or crib, the better. That philosophy is what inspired the creation of the Moon 2G High Chair from well-known kids brand Mima. This incredibly versatile product provides the usefulness of a newborn lounger, a necessary high chair for a toddler, and the luxury of a junior chair – all rolled into one.

Loretta Green LLC Launches New Line of Educational Toys

The new range is called "GrowBright" and looks like it will be a hit with both kids and parents. So far everyone who has seen the new line of toys has been delighted, especially the kids!

The Yes Baby Car Mirror Successfully Supplying for the Needs of Parents While Driving

Among the many buyers of this product, not only have parents mentioned the efficiency of the product but they have also mentioned being delighted at how durable and adjustable the entire combination is. Parents have been more inclined to use the baby car mirror bundle while driving because the mirror provides a wide surface area for viewing their child behind them as well as for the child to be able to see their parents with their convex lens. Not only is that, but the baby rear facing seat is also equipped to make sure that there are no noises in your car. It is made of BPA-free reinforced ABS polymer plastic and the angle allows for the clearest view. The combination is adjustable and easy to install making it a constant favourite among the parents. It is one of the best and most affordable car products for parents.

WizardMathKit for Improving Cognitive Mathematical Ability is pleased to offer an exciting and an interesting math kit, the WizardMathKit. The kit is designed for children who have trouble with math. Many kids have difficulty understanding the basic concepts or core logic behind any addition, subtraction, division or multiplication. This kit is designed in a way to help kids understand math in the most interesting manner. Sometimes when theory fails to explain, pictures do a lot more than explanation. And for kids it is believed to be a proven method and many studies have shown that kids understand the concepts better when there are pictures involved.

Parents Getting More Dependent on the Baby Car Mirror for a Safe Ride with Their Child on Board

The baby car mirror bundle has been a hit among the parents ever since its launch and more numbers of parents, new and old are finding it in their best benefits to use it.

Treatment Research Institute's Faces of Families Video Inspires Families to Take Action to Address Adolescent Substance Use

LogoFamilies who are looking for answers on how to address adolescent substance use may have difficulty narrowing down accurate information when researching on the internet, since the sources available online are seemingly endless. While there are many excellent resources, there are also many that are extremely ill-informed and potentially dangerous, and it's often difficult for parents to distinguish those with some evidence-base from those that are purely opinion or profiteering.

Parents as Tutors Pilot Program in Illinois School District Receives Positive Response

Parents and teachers in a northern Illinois school district are pleased with a pilot program developed by Parents as Tutors, LLC that focused on enhancing children's literacy skills.

The Yes Baby Car Mirror Reviewed to Be One of the Most Useful Products for Every Day Use

Babies are unpredictable little beings that need constant care and attention and it becomes slightly difficult for parents to attend to them when they are in the process of doing something that needs complete attention like driving. Some babies have a tendency to get scared when they are put in the rear because they can't see their parent's face. Sometimes it is the worry of the parents that keeps them turning around to ensure their child's safety.

The Yes Baby Car Mirror Is One of the Most Popular Products Among Parents: The BEST Way to View Babies in the Backseat

While, thankfully there haven't been many cases of accidents resulting from parent having to turn around to continuously check on their kids, the continuous fear of getting into an accident while driving is always present. The Yes Baby Car mirrors were introduced with exactly that fear in mind. The mirror's wide surface area allows the parents a clear view of their children behind them. Their durability and easy installation are added benefit to the products. Parents have reviewed that it is a welcome relief that they can finally get a car mirror that does not fall of at the smallest bump in the road.

France Crespin and Soizic Hourdin Seek Kickstarter Funding to Start the Production of Mome Care Skin Care Line

LogoTwo French women entrepreneurs, France Crespin and Soizic Hourdin founded Mome Care in 2014 with the intention of creating a skincare brand specifically for girls and boys aged five to fifteen plus. Two years down the line, they are ready to introduce the Mome Care merchandise line. France and Soizic have recently started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000 for their initial production run.

The Yes Baby Mirror to Ensure a Safer Journey with Babies in the Backseat: A Baby Car Mirror That Will Make Car Trips Nicer and More Pleasant

Mothers everywhere have been seen to have a very difficult job at driving with their constant worry about their children strapped to their baby chair in the back seat. A constant impulse to keep turning back to make sure that they are okay is inherent among most parents. However, this impulse can prove to be very dangerous for certain times when fate is not quite friendly.

New Release Provides Hands-on Resource for Grieving Children

Grief support is often focused on parents, offering little to siblings. A new release written by a mother/daughter team, Melinda and Ashlin Grace Gordon, offers children experiencing grief an outlet to express their feelings in their own way. The Story of Hope (Redemption Press 2016) came out of the Gordon family's loss six years ago of their newborn daughter, Hope Abigail ("Abby"), who had trisomy 18 or Edwards syndrome.