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Amazon Award '#1 New Release' Badge to 'Froggy Tots' Digital Baby Thermometer

Parents looking for the latest digital baby thermometer will now be able to purchase 'Froggy Tots' digital baby thermometer by Warrant Guard.

Best Stroller Source Publishes New Guide to the Best Double Baby Strollers on the Market Today

Having a baby is a life changing experience, and comes with a whole world of responsibilities most parents can't envision until the reality of the situation hits them. Getting a baby safely around the modern world is far more difficult than many anticipate, and having the right stroller is essential. For those with two babies however, the challenge is even greater. That's why Best Stroller Source has published a new definitive guide to double strollers, to help parents keep their brood together and protected.

I Am Yoga: Around the World with Buddha Belly Kids Yoga at the Yoga Centre

LogoOn January 19th, 2016 the Chicago based mobile kids yoga company, Buddha Belly Kids Yoga, kicked off their next seven-week series at The Yoga Centre in Oak Park, Illinois. Children age 3 to 10 can spend their Tuesday afternoons learning about themselves and the world while exploring the joy of yoga.

The Amazing Toy Chest Unveils Exciting Collection

The Amazing Toy Chest has unveiled its vast collection of wooden toys including high quality, fun Doll Furniture that can bring a smile to kids' faces.

Put an End to Hair Lice by Getting Hair Lice Treatment from Advice on Lice, Inc.

Though head lice infestation in the human head is not life-threatening but it is generally an embarrassing and irritating ordeal. No bigger than a sesame seed, these bugs are easily contracted and can be very tough to get rid of. Earlier removing head lice was a big pain for people but now there are a number of commercial and natural head lice treatments available. So, to help people in getting rid of these blood sucking parasites, Advice on Lice, Inc. is now providing Lice MD non pesticide treatments at the most competitive prices. The company believes that the recommended amount is enough for using it for the first application and second application.

WarrantGuard Announce Launch of 'Froggy Tots' Digital Baby Thermometer in USA

Today, Warrantguard, a specialist supplier of high quality goods in the baby care marketplace, announced the launch of their digital baby care thermometer.

IVF Sunrise Now Helps Solve the Infertility Problem

LogoAccording to recent reports, around 17% of married couples are unable to conceive a child nowadays. There are different factors that can trigger this problem, although, the most frequent are those associated with the reproductive system disorders and other health issues, which may not allow a woman to carry and give birth to a healthy child. IVF Sunrise has found a superb decision to the infertility problem in men and women, offering them the surrogate motherhood option.

Little Nation Children's Boutique Launch

LogoHusband and wife from Sydney team up to launch Little Nation children's brand. Little Nation will start by offering a premium range of scooters and balance bikes with many more products currently being developed. Sourced directly from the manufacturer, all products go through a rigorous testing and development phase and only once they are happy with the product do they make it available from their online store.

Creator of the Buddysitter Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoThe Buddysitter Deployable Chair is an attachment for strollers to provide seating in just about any location. Now, the creator of the Buddysitter Deployable Chair has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production and marketing of this unique product.

Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care to Open 2nd Location in Totowa NJ Serving Paterson, Clifton, Wayne and Nearby Areas

The center is located at 465 Route 46 West, in the same complex as Babies R Us and Toys R Us. The new center includes 12 exam rooms, including a modern digital X-Ray system and an on-site laboratory. The center has a TV in every room to help distract children from their discomfort and ease parents' stress.

Tap-Tap Dance - The Second of Many More Games, Part of Waphoo's Kids Edutainment MMO Platform, Is Now Available on Google Play

LogoWaphoo JSC is thrilled to announce the release of Tap-Tap Dance- their second game, being part of the big Kids MMO edutainment project of the company.

Dance and Drama Classes for Young Folks of Hyattsville, Maryland

LogoParents of kids who want to admit their children in dance and drama classes may be interested in the news that New Hope Dance & Drama at New Hope Performing Arts Center that is located in Hyattsville, Prince George's County, Maryland has been conducting these classes since 1991. The Center offers a conducive family environment in order to foster artistic excellence in students so they are encouraged to be the best. Students are taught to perform for the sake of the audience for bringing joy and beauty to those watching. This will help them maintain a caring team spirit also.

Former NBA Player, Keyon Dooling Inspires Juveniles to Make Better Choices

On Monday, December 21, 2015, The Reading Reformation kicked o­ff it's Indiegogo campaign, Help Our Child­ren Learn To Read Like a Genius. The nex­t day Melvin El was invited to an event at the A­frican American Research Library in Fort­ Lauderdale, Florida by a friend, DJ Sc­o. Melvin came to the event unaware of what i­t was about.

Secure the Child's Future by Getting Them Enrolled in the Primary Year's Program of MAEER's MIT

The brain of young kids is much more active as compared to adults and is able to learn more during their childhood days. So, it's essential for parents to think about their children' mental, social and spiritual growth. But, making the right choice of the school for kids is a daunting task. Those parents who wish to place their child in the best PYP Schools in Pune can now get their child enroll in the primary year's program of MAEER's MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul School.. The school aims to impart students an appreciation of the perspectives of people from other cultures, regions and nations. In addition to this, all students have the opportunity to study a second language by age seven. The DP Schools in Pune follow an inquiry based curriculum and provide students with a strong foundation of essential knowledge skills and aptitude.

Bring an End to Itching Caused by Head Lice with Lice MD Pesticide Free from Advice on Lice

Grey-brown in color, head lice are tiny wingless insects that are spread by head-to-head contact and climb from the hair of an infected person to the hair of someone else. These pesky bugs feed on human blood and can be a source of great irritation. Those who are looking for ways to get rid of this parasite can now get Lice MD Pesticide Free from Advice on Lice at the most competitive prices. Lice MD Pesticide Free is pediatrician tested and highly effective in getting relief from lice and eggs. For combing hair smoothly and easily, even long, thick or curly hair, the product is made using synthetic lubricant. Clear, fragrance free and non-irritating for the skin, this product is sure to provide users ultimate relief from this blood sucking parasite.

Advice on Lice Offers Non-Toxic and Safest Methods of Lice Control in MD

At some time in their life, nearly every parent struggles with the problem of head lice in kids. Although, it's a common problem that occurs once in everyone's lives, the removal of lice can be a challenging task. They try everything possible for getting rid of lice and nits from their kids' head, but removal of lice requires professional expertise. With this in mind, Advice on Lice, Inc. now offers head lice treatment services with the help of its trained professionals. They understand the demands of parents and assist them with a full range of lice services to cure this condition with their comprehensive head lice removal procedure. With their proven treatment process over the course of 15 years, they are able to eliminate head lice and nits completely.

Monarch Montessori Childcare Center Providing State-of-the-Art Facilities

LogoA large part of a Montessori education is not just accepting, but also embracing and expanding upon new theories and technologies that can help children advance in their learning and view the world more openly as future students. Accordingly, it is important that the classrooms of any Montessori school be carefully designed to encourage curiosity and make children excited to learn, while offering the most up-to-date technologies available to familiarize them with future educational resources. Monarch Montessori, one of the premier child care centers in Passaic County, NJ, offers children state-of-the-art facilities as part of a well-rounded Montessori education.

A Toy Building Block That Can Enhance Creativity in Children

Those who want to improve their creativity or parents who want to enhance creativity in their kids may be interested in the news that Lini Toys is offering Lini Cube that is a beautiful educational toy building block. With the help of this toy building block, users and more particularly, children can become more creative than ever before. Compared to other toys that are available in the market, this toy building block will bestow more immense benefits because it infuses into users the ever-important attribute of creativity. Once children imbibe the beauty of creativity, they will become highly invaluable when they grow as adults. History is replete with examples to prove how highly creative people have contributed to the good of the society.

Author Helps Parents Counteract the Growing Issues of Child Entitlement with New Book – And Kids Actually Like It

With the holidays almost here, many parents have been going overboard for their children. According to a Today Show article in 2011, "60% of moms admitted that their own children are spoiled." Some moms say they are even proud of spoiling their children, but experts stated that it's really not the best thing to do.Pulling from her own experiences as a single mom, author Angela Reuss unwraps how parents can un-spoil their children in her debut book Mom Dollar Money. Angela affirms that this kind of overindulgence is one of the many reasons children have difficulties when they reach adulthood.

Luier Koning Launches to Provide Affordable Pampers Nappies to the Belgian and Dutch Markets

Having children brings with it a lifetime of unexpected costs, but perhaps the one that takes most parents by surprise is the cost of disposable nappies. As a result, they very quickly take to the internet to look for money saving deals, but find themselves having to commit to hours of research in order to secure a deal that is significant and still valid. Luier Koning takes away this struggle by doing the research on parents' behalves, and publishes the very best advice and coupon codes for saving on Pampers products.

New Guidelines Will Be Boon for Children

A set of voluntary guidelines that spell out how children should be treated when their parents separate is a good thing, said LA family law attorney Maureen Stubbs.

Stylish Christmas Hats for Babies from Melondipity

LogoChoosing the perfect dress for the right occasion for babies has always been challenging for parents especially during the Christmas season. With a plethora of stylish baby wear such as two-piece pant outfits, Christmas baby Bibs, dresses, baby hats and so on, parents often end up confused with all the readily available choices. To offer them a solution which is not just attractive but also unique, Melondipity is now providing one-of-a-kind Christmas baby hats to their customers at the most competitive prices. Specifically designed to protect the baby's soft and delicate skin from the harmful rays of the sun, these hats are made of 100% soft cotton yarn.

Our Children Need Places to Play, Families Urge Government

That's according to early findings of new research[1] by the Association of Play Industries (API), of which Educational Play Environments is a member, which shows over half (56%) of parents are unhappy about the about the lack of high quality play facilities in their local area. Nearly a quarter (23.4%) say their nearest playground is in a poor state and 22.9% say their children rarely or never play there. Over half (52.4%) see no improvement in local play facilities and 15.1% say they're getting worse. Nearly four in ten (38.1%) are worried that playgrounds in their local community may close down altogether.

Tommy Raz Ultra-Absorbent Cotton Drool Bandana Bib Launched Through Amazon

Tommy Raz Baby Bandana Bib, a super-absorbent cotton drool bib, was recently through Amazon. The makers of the bandana bib claimed that the product comes with adjustable and soft snaps and that the bandana bib is designed for both boys and girls. They also added that the product is not only made of ultra-absorbent bandana bibs, but it is also backed by superior quality polyester fleece. They also claimed that bandana bib can keep babies dry for hours together.

Nina Aarthun Announces Release of Fun Children's Book "Buck and Miss Penny's Day at the Beach" a Wonderful Bedtime Story That Educates Kids About Money

LogoMany parents would agree, a kid's bedtime book that's not only fun and interesting, but helps educate is pretty close to a dream come true.  That's exactly what author Nina Aarthun is offering with her new release "Buck and Miss Penny", a children's book that not only entertain, but also can help to educate kids about one of the more difficult subjects – money. The very professionally illustrated story has been met with enthusiasm.