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Supremequip Debuts Magnetic Child Locks for Enhanced Safety

Available beginning June 1, 2016, the locks are must-have items for child-proofing homes. The set features eight magnetic locks for kitchen doors and cupboards, along with four adjustable adhesive locks for drawers. The pack comes equipped with additional heavy-duty 3M tape, enabling the locks to be reapplied and removed if needed as children grow and become stronger.

Montessori Schools Are More Popular Than Ever

LogoThe Montessori instruction method started back over one hundred years ago when Dr. Maria Montessori decided to take a unique approach to schooling young children in Italy. Since then, the trend has gradually made its way across the globe to the United States, and it is currently trendier than ever. Many attribute the open-mindedness of parents to the explosion of readily available information due to internet advances and social media sharing. Today, parents believe in Montessori's freedom-based method that allows children to learn with others at their own pace. Teaching no longer centers on memorization and strict curriculums, and children from New Jersey to California are reaping the benefits of this innovative approach. Offers Baby Products of the Highest Quality Now Available at the Cheapest Prices

Here is a good news that may excite those who are on the look-out for high quality baby products. is offering baby products of the highest quality. The company points out that they are offering products that include baby car accessories such as rear facing baby car mirrors, stroller, stroller organizer, children toys, games, baby carriers and so on.

iPracticeMath Makes Summer Math Exciting

LogoWith summer here, doing math probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. For some, it's a mandatory chore and, for others, a chance to refresh or get ahead. Either way, math doesn't have to be dreaded or ignored; it can be something to look forward to – something fun and exhilarating! No one knows how to better make this a reality than iPracticeMath. With nearly five years of pioneering a new way to experience math education online, iPracticeMath boasts an enormous repertoire of exciting and challenging ways to learn math.

Natural Health First's Back to School Supplies

LogoWith so many students of all ages going back to school, the chances of catching a bug only increase and sickness inevitably follows. Schools are environments where germs can be particularly prevalent and easily spread. From elementary to college students, everyone faces the challenge of keeping themselves from getting a cold, the flu, or perhaps something even worse. As a parent of students both young and old know all too well, these school-derived illnesses can come home and spread to the entire household and every one of its members.

The Breastfeeding Shop Announces Medela Brand Breast Pumps Are Available at No Cost Through Insurance on Their Website

LogoThe Breastfeeding Shop, a national resource for electric breast pumps covered by insurance, is pleased to announce that Medela brand breast pumps are available at no cost through insurance on their user-friendly site. Since the company's founding, Medela has been dedicated to helping moms successfully breastfeed their babies by not only providing them with quality products, but also guidance and education.

Trim Tearlessy and Fearlessly with Baby Comfy Nail

LogoCaring for a baby is a serious undertaking which entails a tremendous amount of responsibility, self-education, and compassion. From head to toe – a baby's physical well-being should be of the utmost concern to parents and a baby's nails are no exception to this. Pediatricians recommend trimming a baby's nails at least once a week so that they don't hurt themselves by scratching their faces and eyes. Baby nail clippers on the market have lights, special handles, magnifying glasses and more which are all supposed to make clipping a baby's nails easier. While that's all well and good, this still doesn't solve the biggest problem: the blade. Fortunately, there is one product on the market that takes into account perhaps the single most important factor when it comes to baby nail clippers. - Discover Great Baby Products Through Trials and Reviews

The top online resource of information about baby products, website has a team of parents and reviewers who are not hesitant to get down to the bottom of the wide range of baby care products to find the best of the bunch. The website is able to provide in depth and impartial reviews on products by remaining independent, they aim is to share reviews that allow people to buy the safest, most effective and useful baby products. Recently, the website review team reviewed a variety of popular and newly launched items such as the Britax B-Agile B-Safe Travel System (

Capture and Share Important Baby Moments with 'Me, You & the Zoo Box'

LogoMe, You & The Zoo Box, a new, card-based approach to capturing specific baby moments, sharing memories and communication, and engaging children visually through highly-contrasted composition, this week officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for garnering widespread support and financial backing for the production of the card sets.

Nature Comes to Life in New Children's Christmas Book

The inspiration for Emilie Eklin Khair's unique new children's book, Kudzu for Christmas, came from a very unlikely place— kudzu vines. Driving her two sons and their friends to school every day, Emilie began creating games to pass the time. She would point to the mounds of green that covered trees and electrical lines and ask the boys to identify the shapes. The game of finding imaginary creatures within the kudzu leaves was a carpool favorite.

Total Selling Amount of Fascol Company Has Exceeded the Micro Kickboard

LogoThe total sales amount of the Fascol company has exceeded the Micro kickboard by June 24th, 2016. It symbolized that Fascol company has become the champion in the baby product field especially in the children's kick board field.

Fascol Will Become The Main Baby Product Supplier Of Graco

LogoFascol will become the main baby product supplier of Graco Company in July. Graco is a large American baby products company, owned and operated by Newell Brands, now based in Atlanta. Being chosen and recognized by this large American brand symbolized the strong manufacturing and product management ability of Fascol company. An agreement has been made between these two companies on Monday, June 27th.

Overcoming Obstacles of Parenting Adult Children

LogoIn Today's World many Parents are facing the problems, struggles and obstacles that comes with having children over 18 still living in their homes. This common situation often leaves the parents with feelings of guilt and makes them feel trapped and as prisoner in their own homes. Jeanette Abney and Delano Blackwell will address this issue of Parenting Adult Children. This show will provide examples of issues, helping versus hurting. It will also provide information for both the parents and the adult child, as they discuss developing and setting boundaries and how parents can regain their power and control by reducing their guilt so that they can engage in a healthier adult relationship.

"Narla and the Hidden Treasure" Wins Coveted Purple Dragonfly Children's Book Award

The judges of the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards contest, which recognizes excellence in children's literature, have spoken, and Narla and the Hidden Treasure by Lisa Domeny, won first place in the Picture Books 5 and Under category.

The Breastfeeding Shop Announces Ameda Brand Breast Pumps Are Available at No Cost Through Insurance on Their Website

LogoThe Breastfeeding Shop, a leading supplier of breast pumps covered by insurance, has just announced that Ameda brand breast pumps are available at no cost through insurance on their website. For over seventy years, Ameda has been providing not only breast pumps and breast care accessories, but breastfeeding education. What's more, mothers who choose the Ameda brand will be pleased to know that their products feature fully independent CustomControl™ settings, Proven Airlock Protection™, and a CustomFit Flange System™.

2016 DimensionU Summer Math Splash for Tampa Area Students

LogoAward-winning, educational video-game developer DimensionU, Inc. is pleased to announce the 2016 DimensionU Summer Math Splash, a virtual, math-based video game competition for Hillsborough County Public School students in grades 3 – 8. The goal of the competition is to help prevent summer learning loss and boost student preparedness for the coming school year in mathematics among Tampa area students!

New Super–Saver Offer on the Bamboo Changing Table Pad Liners by Luv4Baby

As joyful as it is when a baby enters a parent's world, it is just as much stressful and chaotic. There's an intense fear that a parent harbors of unintentionally hurting a small baby who is just learning to adjust itself to a whole new world. They're quick to catch diseases and get attracted to germs, as their immunity is still not as strong. Besides, a newborn baby needs to be constantly changed.

Luv4Baby Launches Bamboo Table Pad Liners for Diapering Babies

When there is a little baby in the picture, emergency situations can arise at any given point of time especially when one is carrying them along outdoors. Whether they're out shopping for baby essentials at a mall or getting a meal at a restaurant, one's baby may need to get changed a lot more often than anticipated.

The Bamboo Changing Table Pad Liners by Luv4baby Are a Hit Among the Buyers

Luv4Baby has designed a new range of changing table pad liners made with eco friendly bamboo fiber and ideal for emergency situations. They make for a hygienic diaper changing experience for babies when moms are out with their newborns at shopping malls, restaurants and other such public places and need to change their babies' diapers in an emergency.

Mommy Please Reveals a Mission Statement That Promotes Health

After seeing a massive increase in popularity, Mommy Please (the makers of a popular organic toy food set for kids) released their mission statement. The company's spokeswoman Elsie Murphy commented on the announcement stating, "... I hope that parents will see [through the mission statement] that Mommy Please is interested in nothing but making a healthy world by educating healthy children." The company has focused all of their efforts and resources on making an organic healthy play food set as an educational tool. Mommy Please's mission statement follows:

Every Kindergarten Should Have One - Says Popular Children's Product Supplier

Customers looking for the latest thermometer for infants are now able to purchase Froggy Tots Digital Baby Thermometer by Warrant Guard. Today Lynda Carter, spokesperson at Warrant Guard releases newer details of Froggy Tots Digital Baby Thermometer's development.

Sleeping Angels Co. Offers Professional Baby Night and Sleep Consultation Services

LogoThe news that Sleeping Angels Co. is offering baby night nurse and sleep consultation services may excite those who are looking for providers of these services. Lissette Palencia, owner of Sleeping Angels Co. says that they offer professional baby nurse services for the immediate care of the newborns of those who seek their help in Santa Monica, California and the surrounding areas.

Monarch Montessori School Has Programs for Children Six Weeks to Six Years Old

LogoMonarch Montessori School has been leading the way for Montessori schools around Passaic County, NJ, since 2010. The innovative educational facility has four primary programs that cater to children ages six weeks to six years. The younger children are placed in Infant and Toddler programs while students above three years old are in the Primary classroom or Kindergarten Enrichment program. The school has long hours and offers Before and After Care that are both included in full day pricing.

Family First Enterprises Bamboo Nursing Pads Launch Ends on a High After Exceptional Sales

After enjoying higher than expected sales throughout the duration of the launch of their newest product, the Bamboo Nursing Pads, Family First Enterprises has officially brought the launch to an end. With expectations adjusted to reflect the response received, this new product has ended its launch on a high note with the company planning on carrying that momentum onwards.

Bamboo Nursing Pads Proves Popular Among Amazon Shoppers

With the launch of their newest product, a four layer super soft Bamboo Nursing Pads, Family First Enterprises has enjoyed popularity beyond what they ever expected. With higher than anticipated sales already on the books, it is apparent that the new product is proving quite popular among those who shop on Amazon.