Social and Consumer Press Releases Helps Find PO Opening Hours and Services is an exclusive site that helps individuals find the opening hours of post offices located across the UK. Visitors can also find the services offered by over 11,500 post offices in the country. This service enables people to locate the nearest post office and the services offered by that particular branch. The site updates its database on a regular basis with the latest information obtained from Royal Mail.

Bungarra Announces the Surfer for Playstation3

LogoIndependent developer and publisher Bungarra Software announced today that THE SURFER is coming to the PlayStation®3 system. The games unique PUMP control scheme captures the true feel of surfing via its physics-driven surfing and button input pressure sensitive moves. The Surfers unique random behavior driven waves genuinely morph as they traverse, providing an authentic surfing experience every time you play.

Charity During the Crisis: ICL Services Study Case

LogoAccording to Zircon research group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Donors Forum and CAF Russia, corporate benefactors have felt the full extent of the economic crisis. About half of all surveyed companies reduced their budgets, some even stopped supporting charitable non-profit organizations and do not participate in charity events.

A Magic Pill LEAN Practices in ICL Services

LogoDo you have a "magic pill" that improves the performance of your team?

Top Trader Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Teach Professional Trading

LogoTop Trader Game is the first ever game that will teach the profession of trading and stock market to the aspiring traders, brokers and investors. The creators of this incredible new game have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and community support and they are welcoming generous backing from everyone. The game is packed with several amazing features and can teach the entire profession of stock trading to any beginner in this industry and will bring new players to the top of their financial game.

Event Tech Live Reveals Expo and Engage Content

LogoDr James Morgan, founder of Event Tech Lab and senior lecturer in events at the University of Westminster, will moderate the exhibition-oriented Expo and Engage stage at Event Tech Live (ETL).

Pacifico Plastic Surgery Booking Consultations for Those Interested in Breast Enhancement Procedures

All women want to look and feel their best. Sometimes, body image is compromised when desired looks fall short. To eliminate this issue, however, women have many options to choose from. In fact, Pacifico Plastic Surgery is booking consultations for those interested in breast enhancement procedures. With a breast enhancement procedure, all women have the opportunity to look and feel their best.

iCard: The Ultimate Multi-Loyalty Card Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoA UK based company has proudly introduced the ultimate loyalty card solution for people who have problems in carrying multiple loyalty cards in the same wallet. Known as 'iCard', it is a completely customizable loyalty card that has the ability to replicate and consolidate up to ten of the most used barcoded cards. The all new loyalty card will save a lot of time while shopping and it will also save a lot of space in a wallet. The creators of this remarkable solution are now seeking community support for iCard on Kickstarter and they are also taking preorders.

AshishSehgal Announces NLP & Life Coaching Retreat in Goa

AshishSehgal, a leading authority in NLP & Life Coaching, announced the dates of 2018 NLP and Life Coaching Retreat in Goa. The dates for this special training & retreat are from January 2nd to 7th, 2018, and shall be held at Palolem, Goa.

Occupational Therapy in Los Angeles Facility Builds Confidence and Improves Mobility in Children

LogoThe experienced occupational therapy in Los Angeles team at LA Speech & Occupational Therapy helps children build strength to excel outside of therapy sessions. Occupational therapists help children to learn how to complete basic daily tasks including dressing, feeding and practicing personal hygiene. LA Speech & Occupational Therapy's top-notch occupational therapy in Los Angeles services help children improve and develop their sensory, motor, and cognitive skills.

Rentokil Pest Control Malaysia Partners with the Ministry of Health to Improve Food Safety

LogoOne of the main concerns in our everyday lives involves safe food for consumption. As much as consumers try to avoid contaminated food, there are limited means to assure that food is safe before consumption. In 2015 alone, there were 266,319 hospitalisations recorded in Malaysia where 15,346 were due to food related illnesses such as food poisoning, typhoid, cholera, dysentery etc.

Top Utah Facial Plastic Surgeons Present Together at Upcoming Facial Rejuvenation Seminar

LogoWith nearly 30 years of experience combined, Dr. Scott Thompson and Dr. Douglas Henstrom of Utah Facial Plastics have helped thousands of patients look as good on the outside as they feel inside. They will be presenting on the latest surgical and non-surgical advancements in facial rejuvenation on November 9th from 6 to 8 pm at their Layton office location. Topics discussed include facelift, MACSlift (mini-facelift), eyelid, and fat injection procedures as well as laser skin resurfacing and liquid facelift with many before and after pictures of actual patients.

Rentokil Initial Malaysia Shares if Malaysians' Attitude Are Contributing to Increasing Dengue Cases

LogoWorld Health Organisation (WHO) has reported that Malaysia is in the top 10 list of countries with the highest dengue cases globally. As of September 2017, a total of 69,603 dengue cases has been recorded in Malaysia. As if that isn't worrying enough, Ministry of Health (MOH) also shared that 175 Malaysians have died from the deadly disease this year. Tropical countries like Malaysia are magnet to mosquitoes as they are attracted to warm, humid places with plenty of access to still water.

New Children's Release Combines Heritage, History, and Mystery

A children's book set in Israel teaches children about the life and times of Jesus and their Christian heritage. Roland and Gayle Taylor's Cody's Jerusalem Dig (Redemption Press 2017) combines adventure and mystery in an exotic setting. This sequel to Cody's Ephesus Dig takes a young boy to Israel along with his grandparents. Through the eyes of Cody, children will learn about the places where Jesus walked, where he sailed on the Sea of Galilee, as well as places of historic significance, such as Masada.

Four New York Employment Law Attorneys from Borrelli & Associates Named to 2017 Super Lawyers Rising Stars List

LogoFour lawyers from the Borrelli & Associates team have earned a spot on the 2017 Super Lawyers Rising Stars list based on their work representing plaintiffs in workplace lawsuits.

Local Young Ladies to Compete for the Miss Louisiana USA and Miss Louisiana Teen USA Crowns

LogoThe Miss Louisiana USA 2018 and Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2018 pageants will be held on October 20 and 21, 2017 at the Jefferson Performing Arts Center (JPAC) in Metairie, LA. This is the second year that Jefferson Parish will host this prestigious event. The Jefferson Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc. (JCVB) welcomes contestants and families to the region.

Ivey Stokes, the $740 Million Man Arrives in the Inland Empire

LogoEntrepreneurship has been recognized as the clear path to financial independence. But for those who are employed, there appeared to be very few options to participate in an enterprise. Ivey Stokes, the founder of My Econ formed a company that helps employed people start their own business and work towards financial independence without having to quit their full-time job.

Dr. Marc Potenza Delivers Keynote Address at CCGNJ's 35th Annual Conference

The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (CCGNJ) thanks all participants for helping to make their 35th Annual Statewide Conference such a memorable and educational experience. On September 15th, professionals from a wide range of fields relating to gambling gathered at the East Windsor Holiday Inn to attend illuminating presentations and share their experiences.

Texas Plastic Surgeon Kendall Roehl Recognized as RealSelf 'Top Doctor' once again recognizes Dr. Kendall Roehl as a 'Top Doctor'. This is due to her outstanding contribution and unparalleled commitment to her patients. Releases Report Saying Bed Bug Infestation Is Rampant but Victims Can Win over Humiliating Bites

LogoA new report from says that bed bug infestation has increasingly become a pressing problem in public spaces rather than in individual households. Hostels, university dorms, schools, and laundries are posing a risk of picking up these bloodsuckers and bringing them to homes. Cases of terrible bed bug infestations detected this fall have made headlines in a flurry of media reports. Some victims have to resort to such measures as staging protests amid ongoing infestations to defend their right to a decent life. Not only do these bites result in red welts which are extremely itchy and painful, but they also make the victims feel humiliated about their appearance because bed bugs are traditionally associated with dirtiness and unhygienic conditions at home.

Marcio Andrade – Making a Difference in our World

The immense contribution that Marcio Garcia de Andrade has brought to the online financial services industry is bespoke. There are different variables, skills, knowledge, and transferable traits that he brings into the mix. Everyone who learns about Marcio will see how he rose from very humble beginnings to build various viable businesses. Marcio believes that anyone can rise to any height when they pay the price. His values, persuasions, and business-building skills have seen him raise leaders across the globe that are following his steps. Based in his native Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Marcio operates many virtual businesses that are positively changing many lives in our world.

Nigeria Merchants Adoption of Crypto Training Workshop

Cryptocurrency adoption in Africa is gaining grounds at a rapid pace. Notwithstanding, one critical area that needs a significant push is merchants and business acceptance as a form of payment for goods and services.

1st Time Honoree, Stratus Interactive, Appears on Inc. 5000, with Three-Year Sales Growth of 62%

LogoInc. magazine ranked Stratus Interactive for the first time on its 36th annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies. The list represents the most successful companies within the American economy's most dynamic segment — independent SMBs.

Newly-Launched Website "The Last Word Bish" Presents a Hilarious Way to Get the Final Say in Any Situation

Everyone's been there - driving home from a particularly blood-boiling encounter with the crazy boss, nasty co-committee members, or ex-significant other. Unfortunately, punching the steering wheel and cursing at the indifferent windshield never seems to be as satisfying as hoped. After a few miles, you finally come up with that clever line that you could have ended the transaction with if you had just been quick-witted enough (or brave enough) at the time. You replay the scenario over and over again in your head, replacing the way it actually went down with how it could have went down "if only I'd just said…" Wait, stop the car. What if there was a way you could go back in time and say it?

Pharos Social Launches V.1 of Web-Based Platform That Non-Intrusively Monitors a Child's Social Media Activity

Pharos Social, a product of Stacked Sports, a leading social media management tool, announced the launch of Pharos Social Version 1.