Social and Consumer Press Releases

Rhode Island Comic Con Features Stars from the Hit TV Show, Among Others

Convention organizer Steven Perry of Altered Reality Entertainment announced this week of the expansion of the Biggest Show in the Smallest State. The Rhode Island Comic Con, now in its fourth year, is expanding to include not only the previously used Rhode Island Convention Center, but also the adjoining Dunkin Donuts Center arena.

Edward Jones Partners with Get My Vet a Job for Career Fair in Chandler, Arizona

Financial services firm Edward Jones has partnered with Get My Vet a Job to host a hiring event in Chandler, Arizona on July 17 to assist veterans, transitioning military members, spouses, and family members in finding a job. Edward Jones will be recruiting for financial advisors, adding to its workforce of more than 1,500 financial advisors with military experience.

Send out Cards Hosts Upcoming Relationship Marketing Seminar

LogoSend Out Cards, the industry leader in online greeting cards, has announced that they are hosting the upcoming Relationship Marketing seminar in Jacksonville, Florida. Publishes the Best Places to Live to Find a Job

Legendary Search ( publishes new information concerning the best places to live to find a job and announces individuals may need to move to obtain employment. North and South Dakota head the list of states with low unemployment, and four of the top ten cities for jobs are in these two states. For those who wish to live in a large metropolitan area, the Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN-WI area is the place to be.

Announcing NexRep Will Be a Part of the Get My Vet a Job Career Event on June 5th

LogoGet My Vet a JobTM Career Event - Companies Coming Together! Get My Vet a JobTM is the host for the most unique and innovative career event online today. This virtual career event will ensure that employers and job seekers will have unprecedented access to each other. The result? A single day of networking and employment that will be unlike any other.

Kansas Shaman Conjures Ghosts Wherever He Goes

LogoJ. Bekemenone, the noted Shaman and author of Ghost Hoarder: Master Shaman Shares Secrets and Proof of Life after Death, revealed that he has refined an innate talent for communicating with the spirit world into an ability to conjure ghosts virtually wherever he goes.  Until recently, he had kept this supernatural gift a secret, but now he decided to open up and explain how and why he travels from place to place conjuring and photographing ghosts.

Author and Advertising Expert Ronald D. Geskey, Sr. Announces Release of 3rd Edition of "Media Planning & Buying in the 21st Century"

LogoThere's no doubt among experts that the marketing-media world is changing exponentially—from demographic and geographic shifts to new media technologies. That means media professionals, advertising experts and marketers looking to achieve optimal levels of success in this world need to always have access to the latest information to keep their edge. In that spirit, author and acclaimed advertising expert, Ron Geskey, recently announced the release of the 3rd new and improved edition of his best selling book "Media Planning & Buying in the 21st Century."

New York Sports Connection Awards $2,800 to New York City Students for Best Sportsmanship Essays

LogoNew York Sports Connection, the hub for youth sports information in New York City, today announced the winners of its 2015 essay contest, "What Sportsmanship Means to Me." Four top prizes of $500 each will be presented, and eight finalists will also receive $100 each in prize money.

Get Inspired Can Be Your Next Exciting Platform for Making Inspiring Videos Go Viral

Get Inspired, a new information-sharing portal, has been released recently with the goal of adding more excitement to the task of making your content go viral. Although it is proving to be a versatile platform to accept any kind of content for viral marketing, the portal is exclusively dedicated to inspirational videos that can be of any niche or category. For ensuring reliability and relevance, all videos are reviewed before they are published on this portal.

ColPro Co-Founders Dave & Dior Seek Kickstarter Funding to Get 'The PIC' to Market

LogoCleaning of dirty necks and the rings around the collars of a dress shirt has always been a major concern. Like many others, Dave noticed that it was almost impossible to keep his shirt's collar clean, even for half a day. This made his life extremely difficult as a financial services consultant, a job that needed him to be suited up every day to meet clients. Dave's dry cleaning cost was going out of control because he had to take his shirts for dry cleaning almost every day.

Filmmaker Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Support Upcoming Movie 'The Listeners'

LogoWhen documentary filmmaker Bob Hurst showed up with his crew at the Headquarters Counseling Center in Lawrence, Kansas, he wasn't sure what to expect. The center fields calls from people contemplating suicide, as well as experiencing mental health and other issues.

San Diego Man Returns MIA War Hero Vietnam Veteran's Saint Christopher Medal Found in Saigon After 40 Years

MAJOR DONALD GENE 'BUTCH" CARR'S plane went down in bad weather over Laos in 1971. The plane and the soldiers were never found. Antonio Palma , purchased four Saint Christopher medal while traveling in Saigon. Twenty years later in search to reunite these medals, Palma was able to return his first medal back to the loving family of war hero MIA ARMY MAJOR DONALD "BUTCH" CARR.

Babycase on Kickstarter: The First and Only Non-Toxic, Media Device Case That Makes a Smart Phone or Tablet Baby Proof and Baby Safe

LogoFew people, if any, can get through the day without having their smartphone or tablet close at hand. Close at hand for us means close at hand for a baby who will use just about anything they can get their little hands on for teething purposes. If risk of damage to the device or exposing baby to bacteria weren't bad enough, there are much bigger problems to face. That's because smartphone and tablet cases are made from toxic plastics and designed with paints or coatings that are linked to cancer, neurological and behavior disorders, obesity and worse. Every baby teething on a high tech gadget is exposed to all of these heath risks.

Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for Feature Movie Project on Bullying

A group of independent film makers have taken on board the cause of education and informing people about the serious subject of bullying, its different forms and some solutions. The film makers behind the project are looking towards the generosity of people, who understand the ills bullying and wish to make a different. A crowdfunding campaign on has been launched to raise $ 10,000 USD which will enable the film makers to fund the production, editing, marketing and distribution of the film and successfully see it to completion.

Blockbuster Exposé of a Philandering Muslim Imam

LogoThere were no pictures posted on his internet dating profile when he wrote to K.M. Lessing, wanting to start a relationship. He pretended to be "just a normal guy." With relentless texts and phone calls, the mysterious Muslim "virgin" wooed her and won her heart. He was sweet, he was "single," he was smitten with her. He wore only Western clothing when they talked on skype. He loved her so much he wanted to "lose his virginity" to her! After a few months, she found out it was all deception. The predator is married and the imam of Fatimiyya Islamic Center in Hayward, California. He is also a cleric at the Shia Association Of The Bay Area (SABA) in San Jose, California.

Finally a Free Dating App That Makes Complete Swinger Sense

Swinger couples often find themselves confused as to how to approach couples as well as singles who would like to explore similar interests. Also, there is no real way to build communication that can result in meaningful experiences.

Great News from Author Mike Pettigrew: His New Book About Success and Happiness Through Gratitude Is Now Free with Bonus Four Part Video Training Course

LogoIrish author Mike Pettigrew's new book "Unlock Gratitude Now! Your 7 Keys to a Happier and More Successful Life" is available for free from May 22nd to May 26th and it now includes a special bonus. In this new book which is available for immediate download on Amazon Kindle Pettigrew provides a step by step framework on how to create success and happiness using fast and effective tools and techniques.

Get My Vet a Job Announces a Virtual Career Fair for Veterans, Transitioning Military Members and Family Members

LogoGet My Vet a Job Event - Announcing a virtual career fair on June 5th, 2015 for Veterans, transitioning military members, spouses and family members across the country.

Lindela Repatriation Centre Condemns Xenophobic Violence

Lindela Repatriation Centre is a place of waiting for undocumented migrants in South Africa. We do not in any way support or encourage Xenophobia or any other type of racial discrimination.

New Website Brings a Ray of Hope for Herpes Sufferers with Their Herpes Dating Support & Herpes Dating Tips

The website Herpes Support Groups has been built exclusively for people with herpes to find love and lead a happy and contented life. A herpes sufferer will get all the necessary herpes dating support to be able to build a relationship with a partner of his/her choice. The site endeavors to help herpes sufferers and provides them with an emotional support to boost their confidence so that they can get rid of their loneliness.

New Bestseller Reveals How to Get Up from Every Fall, No Matter How Great or Far

After suffering a near death brain aneurysm and associated stroke, California Senator Omer Rains was told by his physicians that "You'll never walk again." Rains had been a politician on the global stage, a power-broking lawyer of A-list celebrities, and conqueror of some of the highest mountains in the world. But when the paralyzing aneurysm and stroke hit him at age 61, he became more helpless than a small child. In his Bestseller, Back to the Summit, Rains takes readers on a courageous journey toward recovery, both physical and spiritual, as he reflects on the people, events, and American history that shaped his life and gave him the strength to dare to walk again. Every flashback to the past offers insight into the philosophy that once saved his life and now defines his every action: "Get up from every fall, no matter how great or far, and continue to live life fully." Those who have suffered physical trauma may find hope in his story; their loved ones may gain insight and understanding. And any reader who has ever faced a mountain of a setback will be inspired to keep on fighting to live again. Back to the Summit takes us on a journey toward physical and spiritual recovery that reminds us that anything is possible.

The Website Provides Dating Opportunities for Millionaire Singles

Millionaire dating has been made simpler with the help of this website that caters to high class people who wish to date other successful singles. It is claimed to have won accolades for the services it provides and the reviews suggest that many people have found their respective partners in this match making platform.

Dr. Wayne Hayes Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Complete the Development of 'The Cold Shoulder' Fat Burning Vest

LogoNASA scientist and a professor Dr. Wayne Hayes is the proud creator of a vest full of ice that has been designed to burn calories. 'The Cold Shoulder' is the result of decades of independent scientific research by Dr. Hayes. The preliminary scientific testing of the patent pending product has been performed with multiple users and it is presently in the process of undergoing two large-scale clinical trials.

Fun Jewelry Accessories Empowers over Twelve Hundred Women to Earn a Second Income

Some time ago, a family was struggling to pay the bills. In order to help her husband, a woman known to her friends as Debs started a business venture, which soon grew to earn her no less than seven thousand dollars a month. The astonishing success was thanks to a program by Paparazzi jewelry, and she has now created her own website to share tips about how best to take advantage of that program. The website has just crossed a major milestone, helping more than twelve hundred women follow in her footsteps.

UK Professional Andy Shaw Recommends Millionaire Mind Quiz

American author Napoleon Hill, leader in the area of brand-new thinking processes, was among the earliest manufacturers in the specific niche of individual success books. He is extensively thought to be one of the greatest writers within the success specific niche, with his most popular work being "Think and Grow Rich." Released in 1937, it is among the very best selling books of all time, and has sold over 20 million copies since its release. Hill's books all analyze the power of personal belief, and the function they play in individual success. According to Wikipedia, he became President Franklin D. Roosevelt's individual consultant between 1933 and 1936, and "Anything the mind of man can conceive and believe can be attained," is one of Hill's most popular mottoes.

"The Biggest Bully" Anti-Bully Program Launches a Church and Ministries Program

LogoRobin Bremer, founder of Robin Bremer Ministries, announced today that the ministry has begun offering an anti-bully program called, "The Biggest Bully" to churches and ministries. "The Biggest Bully" is an hour long show that uses ventriloquism, audience participation, balloons, dancing, singing, rapping and clowning to deliver knowledge to children and teens. It also teaches children how to live a life free of fear from bullying. The show is available for children and teen camps, retreats, vacation bible school, holiday and special events, community outreach, church fairs and women's retreats. The teachings of the anti-bully program has been tested for several years and is now ready to be launched in churches and ministries to be presented to kids everywhere.

The AB Hypermarket Offers Shoppers in Calicut an Exciting New Shopping Experience

LogoA crowdfunding campaign has been launched on Indiegogo in order to raise the funds needed to bring an exciting new hypermarket to Calicut. This campaign has a funding goal of $150,000, which needs to be raised so the team can open the doors to their AB Hypermarket and begin offering the citizens a new shopping experience. The team decided that crowdfunding was the best avenue for fundraising because they want the community to be a part of the entire process, since the hypermarket is being built for them. They state, "Not only do we want our community to feel like a part of this process, we invite you to give us feedback and ideas and help us perfect our concept."