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Practical Enlightenment, by Best-Selling Authors & Internet Radio Hosts Ariel & Shya Kane, Wins New York Book Festival

Best-selling authors, internationally-acclaimed seminar leaders and top-rated internet radio show hosts Ariel & Shya Kane are honored to announce that their latest book Practical Enlightenment has won the 2016 New York Book Festival in the Spiritual/Religious category.

River Run Launches the First Tiller Handle Electric Paddle Board

Leading the way through their high quality, innovative and durable products, water outboards developers and retailer, River Run has recently announced the launch of their newest innovation - The First Tiller Handle Electric Paddle Board. The new electric motor fitted paddle board has been designed to take users further into the fun of paddling, fishing or hunting.

Top-Rated Internet Radio Show Being Here Celebrates 9 Years on the VoiceAmerica Network

LogoBest-selling authors and internationally-acclaimed seminar leaders Ariel & Shya Kane will celebrate the nine-year anniversary of Being Here, their Internet radio show, on Wednesday, May 16th. Since its inception, this show has consistently ranked among the top shows on the 7th Wave Channel of the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network, the world's largest producer of Internet radio.

HRS and ECPAT-USA Launch Joint Campaign to Combat Child Sex Trafficking

LogoOn April 17th, during the travel industry conference ACTE (Association of Corporate Travel Executives), HRS and ECPAT-USA launched a joint campaign to focus on how the travel industry can combat trafficking. ECPAT-USA works in close partnership with the travel and tourism industry to ensure that children are not exploited or used for sex, and to implement the Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct. The Code is an internationally accepted industry-driven corporate social responsibility framework that helps companies in the travel and tourism industry. The Code's six guidelines require companies to put in place policies and programs to protect children from sexual exploitation and trafficking. HRS recently joined The Code, and is committed to using their resources and influence to protect children from exploitation. During the conference HRS announced that for every signed business card collected, HRS would make a $5 donation to ECPAT-USA's work to combat child sex trafficking.

Canadian-Based Fashion Design Company, Projek Raw, Redefines New and Existing Trends of Streetwear in the United States

LogoProjek Raw is a fashion design company based in Canada that has expanded in the United States to the acclaim of fashionistas and consumers alike. The design team has created its own identity by putting a unique spin on how we identify fashion in America. By offering a wide range of new styles with creative and innovative designs to men's fashion, the Projek Raw design team has not only mastered the design methodology but has also successfully expanded globally. The Projek Raw mission and brand is built on genuine creativity, and what truly makes fashion, fashion.

Arturo Alvarez Demalde Featured as the Subject of New FiveHundo Interview

LogoVenture capitalist Arturo Alvarez Demalde is announcing that he is the subject of a newly released interview with FiveHundo, a company focused on sharing executive interviews featuring the most successful investors and entrepreneurs. As a managing partner with AD4 and a highly respected private equity expert, Alvarez-Demalde's interview is relatively brief but is still rich with substantive insight regarding the experiences that have shaped him both professionally and personally.

The Clark Hulings Fund Launches Business Accelerator Workshops for Visual Artists

The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists (CHF) announces the launch of its Business Accelerator Workshops, which will provide professional working artists with free customized training and knowledge to help them drive their careers forward.

Royal Beard Club Announces the Launch of a Variety of Facial Beard Products for Men

For ages, many men have been emphasizing having a well groomed facial beard. The reasons vary from a mere attempt to be a center of attraction at various social events to sporting a new look. The company's beard oils facilitate natural growth of facial hair and enable men to experiment with various styles and cuts. There are various brands that sell various types of beard oils at competitive prices. The Royal Beard Club is one such company that sells a wide range of beard oils and other related products. For more information about their products, readers can visit their website at

The Best Pregnancy Pillows Released by

Pregnancy pillows have gained in popularity as a way for pregnant women to get more comfortable sleep during a time when they are usually struggling to sleep and get the rest they need. is an online review site that is focused on helping consumers find the best pregnancy pillow for this special time in their lives.

The Dope Diary Is the Two-Year Battle of David Grey's Addiction Written by His Family

Logo'The Dope Diet. How to lose 8 kilos, money, family, friends & sanity' written by Dame DJ giving the family's side of a two year story of David Grey's journey with marijuana and their harrowing perspective. Revealed Best Muslim Dating Sites Rank in 2016

For Muslim men and women, finding a perfect date who shares their religious belief comes as challenging as finding a needle in the haystack., a top Muslim dating sites review portal, recently published the list of 2016 top Muslim dating sites in their portal. The reviewers also added hyperlinks to respective dating websites so that users can easily visit these sites and verify the features and benefits described on the portal.

Highly Successful Spanish Language Institution Shares the Importance of Not Just Learning a Language, but Living It

LogoWith a great need worldwide to speak Spanish and a growing Hispanic population in the US, there is an ever-increasing demand for individuals who know how to competently communicate the language. Many fall prey to language learning gimmicks of the "Learn Spanish in a week" variety and come away with little that is actually useful in the real world.

BreederBase Continues to Empower the Whelping Community After Twenty-Two Years

LogoBringing puppies into the world is hard work that requires care, attentiveness, and cleanliness. Breeders who are serious about what they do know this all too well. They also know that using the right equipment is absolutely essential and they demand only the best. The folks at BreederBase have heard that call and have been responding to it for twenty-two years now by providing the finest whelping products.

Code Wallet Launches Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

A talented team of professional creative designers and engineers, Ogon Designs,  has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter seeking support for its pocket-size vault wallet, the Code Wallet that can be secured with a 3-digit code to prevent unauthorized access. As the first of its kind, the wallet is made of aluminum, assuring RFID protection to safeguard against electronic theft. The campaign was launched on May 3rd and will continue until June 2nd 2016.

Special Invitation: Defy Gravity with the Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa

On May 21st, the Milwaukee-area medical spa will sponsor a special panel on new and emerging cosmetic techniques to combat aging.

Speedticketbeaters Beating Colorado Tickets Since 2004 has been providing speeding tickets defenses all over the USA, since 2004. And of course Colorado is one of the 50 U.S. states specializes in. But what Colorado drivers don't know, is that Speedticketbeaters considers Colorado one of the easiest states to beat a speeding ticket in.

Best Blood Pressure Monitors in 2016 Released by

Many consumers deal with high blood pressure and have the need for a blood pressure monitor that they can use at home. This is done so the blood pressure can be tracked more consistently and it is also more convenient to track it at home. BPMonitorAdvisor is an online site that is focused on helping consumers choose the best blood pressure monitor.

New Review Site Launched to Offer Detailed Information on Best Saws

Online portal SawReviews.Biz has just been launched with a full blown emphasis on providing detailed information, reviews and guides for professional and home saw users. The aim of the website is to provide sufficient and genuine information to saw users both expert and new.

Connecticut Biz Leaders Discuss Trans-Pacific Partnership

LogoAs presidential candidates debate international trade and its effect on American businesses, Connecticut business leaders discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership ahead of today's primary.

New Novel by Cliff Hard Has Been Released to Readers Worldwide

James the Orphan: How a Family Started in America (A Novel) takes place around the year 1650 and centers on a 14-year-old orphan sailing to America. "Mr. Hard does a great job detailing this time period," said J.J. Hebert, bestselling author. "It's obvious that the author did a great deal of research in order to bring the time period and characters to life…"

Research Shows Pattern to Mother Daughter Battles: Human Behavior Expert Debuts New Book to Help Mothers Choose and Win Quarrels

As we embark upon another Mother's Day celebration, most moms and daughters will set aside differences to enjoy the sentiments of the day. While disagreements and fighting are normal parts of the mother teen and even some adult daughter relationship, research shows that there's a pattern to their battles. Every two days or so moms and their teenage daughters have a 15 minute quarrel triggered by commonly topics. However, the real purpose for the arguments may surprise most mothers. Human behavior expert Dr. Trevicia Williams, known for her mother daughter seminars, debuts a timely parenting book: I Love You But I Can't underSTAND You Right Now: 100 Ways to Deal With the Heart and Soul of Raising Tween-Teen Girls to, among other important things, help moms choose and win battles with their tween and teen (10-19) daughters.

Positive Podcast: The Positive Phil Show Podcast Launch

LogoPositive Phil Launches " The Positive Phil Show – A Positive Podcast Fusing Positive Interviews & Storytelling / Featuring Inspiring People Working In Positive Companies..Build Awesome Lives. Host: Positive Phil San Diego, CA

New London Mayor Sadiq Khan's Effect on Small Business

The New London Mayor won by 57% which is incredible when you consider his parties recent connection with Anti-Semitism. Even more so when you consider the Conservative candidate, Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, and the Old Mayor of London Boris Johnson, all went the same School. Eton which is famed for producing high flying Politicians.

Arturo Alvarez Demalde Featured in New One-on-One Interview

LogoArturo Alvarez Demalde is announcing the release of a new one-on-one interview providing a rare and uniquely comprehensive glimpse of the vaunted venture capitalist. The interview, which was conducted by Kimra Bettasso and is immediately available for review at, offers a more holistic view of Alvarez-Demalde by featuring not just questions regarding his frequently lauded professional endeavors as a venture capitalist, but also includes questions aimed at revealing more about his personal and professional views on subjects such as philanthropy and social justice.

The Best Scanners Reveals Website Redesign Featuring New Reviews and Easier Navigation

The changes to enables consumers around the world to easily locate specific information about the best scanner for their particular usage. The site offers reviews, articles, how-to guides, and links to reputable merchants where scanners can be purchased at the most reasonable prices.

Experts Reveal the Tips to Fight Credit Card Skimmers

Nowadays, it has become quite easy for professional thieves to steal in just a matter of seconds or minutes without leaving a trace. The good news is that according to authorities, there are ways to combat these crooks.

Yeouth Now Active on Social Media Giant, Facebook

Now, consumers looking for a proven product to reverse the signs of aging can access their favorite skincare brand through social media, as Yeouth, a renowned skin care brand launches its new, exciting official page on Facebook.