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U.S. Based Non-Profit Will Officially Launch GoFundMe Campaign to Combat Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Liberia

Resources and Outreach for Liberia (ROL) has been very active in the last five months; collecting over fifteen thousand books, starting a global social change initiative to empower girls through literacy and the arts, and being featured on ABC2 News' InFocus segment. All of these activities are for the sake of one powerful initiative, Project READ (Restoration Education And Development). The goal of Project READ is to open a drop-in center in Liberia for girls, so ROL is launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise $20,000 to start this initiative.

Vibrant Sign Studio Announces Grand Opening for Business Sign Design Company

According to a recent survey conducted by FedEx Office, 76 percent of people have, at one point in their lives, entered a business they have never visited before simply because the sign was attractive. 68 percent of consumers believe that a business' signage reflects the quality of their products or services, and 67 percent of consumers stated that they had purchased a product or service because of a company's signage.

Sugar Daddy Melbourne Dating Platform Launches Free Service

Sugar Daddy Melbourne is an online dating portal that is has been created to serve as a bridge between sugar babies and sugar daddies looking the valuable company of one another. The dating website offers its users free access and membership to the Best Sugar Daddy Dating Site In Melbourne, where they will be able to find a relationship with benefits for both parties from the hundreds of different members.

Keep Firearms out of Children's Reach with Format USA Gun Safes from

LogoFirearms are utilized by many individuals across the world for safety and protection against intruders and burglars. Though being a wonderful self-defense weapon, firearms can at times be risky and a reason for uncalled accidents, usually caused due to unauthorized access by children or others. Therefore, it is essential for gun holders to store their firearms in appropriate gun safes to avoid misuse. Keeping this in view, is providing a wide array of Format USA gun safes at the most competitive prices. The Format USA gun safes that the company offers are manufactured utilizing cutting edge technological tools to ensure they fulfill the highest quality standards and suit the needs of the individuals. Their wide collection includes Format USA AA19 24 Gun / 30 Minute Gun Safe, Format USA BA12E 90 Minute Home Safe, Format USA BB02 Home Safe, Format USA AA34E 54 Gun / 30 Minute Gun Safe and many others. Individuals seeking a sturdy gun safe for their firearms collection can count on the Format USA safes being offered by this reputed firm. Moreover, a Format USA gun safe can also make for a wonderful Christmas gift.

Hiring Female Motivational Speakers in Australia Is an Effective Move

A lot of people start their day listening to motivational stories on the TV or radio. It helps them gear up for the day with a positive frame of mind. Successful Speakers, makes it easy for people to find a motivational speaker in Australia because they represent the very best of the lot.

Boswick the Clown Is Very Excited to Announce a Three-Day Weekend of Fun-Filled Shows for the Entire Family to Enjoy

LogoBoswick The Clown, one of San Francisco's leading names in children's entertainment, is very excited to announce a three-day weekend of fun-filled shows for the entire family to enjoy. On Friday, December 26th; Saturday, December 27th; and Sunday, December 28th, world famous Ringling Brothers Circus entertainer Boswick the Clown will be performing live. Tickets are available for $19 on Shows start at 11AM on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, include clown sketches, juggling, and story telling that will be sure to get the kids laughing with joy. This event is geared for children from ages 4 to 8, but all ages are encouraged to attend for ensured entertainment.

Study on Premature Ejaculation in Men Says It Is Not a True Illness

LogoIn a recent review by Dr. Vincenzo Puppo and Dr. Giulia Puppo it was argued that premature ejaculation is not classified under male sexual dysfunction and that it is not even an illness that can be treated. The review that was published in the Clinical Anatomy Journal goes on to say that Kegel exercises can train the perineal muscles of men and can help them gain ejaculatory control. It says it is more normal in adolescent males especially during their initial sexual encounters.

Ian Andrews Funding Consumer Reviews Website

LogoIan Andrews, the founder of the Ian Andrews Corporation, has announced that he will continue to assist consumers in researching potential purchases by funding a new consumer reviews website. The site Andrews is backing, which is already accepting submissions for product reviews , seeks to adhere to many of the same principles upon which the Ian Andrews Corporation was founded, and the site's mission is consistent with the goals of previous projects funded by Andrews and his company.

'We're the Millers' Actress Added to Bravo's Dark Comedy 'True Fiction'

LogoBravo Television's new pilot, True Fiction, is rounding out its cast. We're the Millers actress Lunden De'Leon has been added to the one-hour pilot starring Olivia Grant (Indian Summers) as Clea Turner, the best-selling novelist-turned-college professor struggling with her follow-up book. When she steals her late student's manuscript, she is haunted by whether to take credit for his work and finally get her career back on track or come forward with a rapidly unraveling truth that is juicier and more scandalous than any work of fiction. Offers Comprehensive Tips and Information on Internet Security and Malware Protection is a popular site that offers complete information and tips on the latest malware protection and internet security. This particular site has been created with an aim to educate people about the importance of securing their computer networks and how to handle the cyber threats. The site has recently published comprehensive information on malware threats in order to help people take preventive measures from malware infection.

Buy Trekking Bag Online to Carry Trekking Poles with Ease

According to Statista, during 2012, there were approximately 34.55 million people in The United States of America who went for hiking and trekking expeditions. In the year 2013, the number of people going for hiking was 34.38 million.

Turmeric's Therapeutic Effects Backed by a Record of More Than 2000 Studies

Today, more and more researchers are investigating the remarkable therapeutic benefits of natural ingredients such as turmeric. This spice has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for a range of conditions. Nowadays, its therapeutic effects have become a subject of quite a number of scientific studies. Offers Exciting Christmas and New Year Discount/Give Away

Women have a reason to rejoice and make this Christmas and New Year's Eve very special. There are some good discounts being offered for the women in website. Women can visit the website and get a discount of $15 on subscription of newsletter on their website. This discount is only for one time on every product. There is also a Giveaway that is currently running on the Facebook for Mini Emma - A smaller version of the wand massager Emma, for women. This offer has been launched taking Christmas and New Year 2016 celebrations into consideration.

Curcumin Supplements a Potentially Effective Solution to Achieve Menstrual Pain Relief

Menstrual pain affects a huge number of women nowadays. It hinders sufferers from doing their daily routines, working, or attending at social activities. While pain relief drugs are typically resorted to by sufferers, there are a growing number of people who are relying on natural pain killers.

Individuals Who Want to Grow Taller May Find a Solution from Glucosamine

Today, glucosamine has become one of the most popular supplements available in the market. It is thought to be helpful among individuals who suffer from arthritis and other conditions. However, there is more to glucosamine that being an ideal remedy for pain and immobility associated with arthritis.

Glucosamine an Excellent Natural Remedy for Horses with Arthritis

Glucosamine is an extremely popular natural alternative to pain relief drugs, which are typically used by individuals with arthritis. This natural remedy is not only popular among humans, but also animals with arthritis.

Now Clock Launches New Mindfulness Tool to Reduce Stress

LogoA product has come onto the market that is designed as a tool to help people practice mindfulness on a regular basis. It's a clock that doesn't actually tell time. While that may seem like a strange thing for people to buy, more and more people are finding themselves wanting to become more mindful of the present moment. And that is where this clock comes in.

Iyabunmi Moore Releases an Inspirational New Book, "If You Want It, Speak It!"

More than just a collection of daily affirmations and using personal anecdotes to illustrate why affirmations are an essential part of a better life, Iyabunmi A. Moore – with her release of an inspirational new book: "If You Want It, Speak It!" – teaches how effectively to use affirmations to get any desired result.

Initiative Recycles Oyster Shells to Restore Oyster Population

LogoThe need to recycle food waste is becoming more and more prominent in the public consciousness as more and more recycling initiatives are launched. One example is the Oyster Recovery Partnership, which is a collaboration between the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Nature Conservancy, and other interested parties meant to encourage the recycling of oyster shells. For eco-friendly businesses, this is a reminder that reinforces the need to recycle their food waste, particularly by consulting a waste disposal company such as EnviroSolutions, Inc. with the relevant expertise and experience.

Tommy Raz Ultra-Absorbent Cotton Drool Bandana Bib Launched Through Amazon

Tommy Raz Baby Bandana Bib, a super-absorbent cotton drool bib, was recently through Amazon. The makers of the bandana bib claimed that the product comes with adjustable and soft snaps and that the bandana bib is designed for both boys and girls. They also added that the product is not only made of ultra-absorbent bandana bibs, but it is also backed by superior quality polyester fleece. They also claimed that bandana bib can keep babies dry for hours together.

Beauty Boutique LA Helps Achieve Great Skin, Lashes and Eyebrows in a Tough Economy

Luxury beauty services have become one of the major items where the public spend most of their hard earned money. Los Angeles dwellers have revealed that with the high standard of living that most of the residents in the city have, one simply cannot get by with ordinary beauty treatment. Additionally, the pressure to look the best is not only on the fair sex but it is also the same with men.

Rangefinders Changing the Landscape of Target Shooting and Hunting

With the development and rise in popularity of rangefinders, the face of target shooting and hunting is changing. Marksmen and hunters are finding that they are able to hit their targets on the first try more consistently with the assistance of rangefinders. The Target Tamers team has released information documenting this trend.

Ian Andrews Corporation Reviews Best Selling Products

LogoThe Ian Andrews Corporation is announcing the release of a new publication in which it provides subjective reviews of a variety of best-selling products. With the release of this product review publication, the company has created an impressive compendium that gives consumers a wealth of valuable information that has proven quite useful for determining whether a product or service is ideally suited for an individual consumer's specific needs.

Abbyy FineReader OCR Sofware - Convert Scanning Image Files to Text Easily

LogoAbbyy FineReader is pleased to announce the availability of its comprehensive OCR software. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is capable of turning text-based images into machine-encoded text files. The Abbyy FineReader 12 is able to do in a few minutes what would require hours if done in another way.

The Perfect Dump Offering One Month Supply of Perfect Dumps

LogoIndividuals who need to get their digestive system moving on a regular basis may find relief with an organic psyllium husk powder such as The Perfect Dump™. In fact, those who are looking to straighten their digestive system out for a month can opt for a 30-day supply of The Perfect Dump™. Right now, one package of 30 perfect dumps is available for $19.97, plus a $4.95 tax and shipping and handling cost.

Dr. Aaron Spitz of Vasectomy Reversal USA Signs with Creative Management Partners in Preparation for Future Public Appearances

LogoAlong with providing invaluable vasectomy reversal, sexual dysfunction and hormone replacement treatments to help male patients recover their fertility and virility, Dr. Aaron Spitz of Vasectomy Reversal USA has also worked to inform the greater population of the U.S. about these topics. With dozens of appearances on various television shows, the nationally-recognized expert in his field has established himself as a go-to source for reliable education on topics related to sexual health and fertility. In order to continue advocating for the medical community and providing information about sexual and reproductive health to a national audience, Dr. Spitz has signed with top agent, Alan Morell, of Creative Management Partners.

Hydro Massage Therapy Offers Multiple Therapeutic Benefits for Fitness Trainers

More and more people who undergo extreme or even moderate fitness training in gyms and fitness centres pay for massage therapies such as hydro massage on top of their monthly membership fees due to the many physical benefits of hydro massages. An increasing number of people are looking in to installing a hydro massage systems such as shower cabins in their homes to make the therapeutic benefits more affordable and convenient. Insignia Hydro Massage Showers manufacturing company offers a wide range of hydro-massage shower cabins to suit the needs of most buyers.