Social and Consumer Press Releases

ECPAT-USA Celebrates 25 Years of Protecting Children from Sexual Exploitation

ECPAT-USA, a children's rights organization based in Brooklyn, NY, is the leader in raising awareness that children in America are sex trafficked, not just children from foreign countries. Thanks to ECPAT-USA's advocacy over many years, this awareness has led to new and important protections for child sex trafficking victims.

Co-Founder and CEO of Hudl, David Graff, to Be Featured on Mentoring with Larry Sternberg Hosted by VoiceAmerica

Talent Plus, Inc. ® is excited to announce that Talent Plus Fellow, Larry Sternberg, will host Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hudl, David Graff, on his show, Mentoring with Larry Sternberg. The episode will premiere Thursday, October 27, 2016, at 10 AM Eastern time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment channel.

FITLIFE: Offering the Best Sports Performance Training in the Bucks County Area

LogoWhen athletes are trying to take their game to the next level through team performance training in Newtown, PA and surrounding areas, they turn to the degreed and certified professionals at FITLIFE. The exercise experts have dedicated themselves to researching the most effective strategies for improving sports conditioning to help each participant reach their goals. Without a doubt, they recognize the importance of sports performance training and the on-field advantages that it provides athletes in all sports.

Eagle House Group Offers Autism Training to Parents Helping Them Better Understand Their Child

One of the leading specialist schools for autism, Eagle House Group offers autism training to parents, helping them to better understand the glorious highs and difficult lows of bringing up a child with autism. The workshops they organise are fun and informative, and are designed to educate parents who have children with autism, Asperger syndrome and social and communication disorders. Each of their workshops are aimed to help parents find answers and discover new solutions about their child's autism, what they can do to support them, and how they can teach their child the essential life skills that other children seem to simply "pick up." The autism training sessions that they carry out are open to any family having a child with an autism spectrum disorder, as well as for those families, too, who have a child attending one of their schools.

Akron, Ohio General Society of Mayflower Descendant, Adam Paul Green (Ancestor Stephen Hopkins / Gen.No. 86,723) Announces New Geneology Support Website for Local Enthusiasts

LogoStephen Hopkins was from Hampshire, England. He married his first wife, Mary, and resided in the parish of Hursley, Hampshire. They had three (3) children: Elizabeth, Constance, and Giles; all baptized there. It has long been claimed that the Hopkins family was from Wortley, Gloucester, but this was disproven in 1998 with the discovery of his true origins in Hursley.

Albuquerque, New Mexico General Society of Mayflower Descendant, Adam Paul Green (Ancestor Stephen Hopkins / Gen.No. 86,723) Introduces New Geneology Support Website for Local Enthusiasts

LogoStephen Hopkins was from Hampshire, England. He married his first wife, Mary, and resided in the parish of Hursley, Hampshire. They had three (3) children: Elizabeth, Constance, and Giles; all baptized there. It has long been claimed that the Hopkins family was from Wortley, Gloucester, but this was disproven in 1998 with the discovery of his true origins in Hursley.

With High Market Supply, Medical Marijuana Strains Confuse Consumers with Vast Variety

It has been recorded that on an average, a cannabis shop can have over 20 strains. It has been a huge factor of confusion for many of the individuals who love their cannabis. Experts have revealed that this is why most consumers stay faithful to a particular brand.

HealthyWiser pH Test Strips Great for Long Term Use

HealthyWiser proudly introduces the pH test strips, a set of strips that accurately test pH levels of substances. One of the reasons why customers love the pH test strips is because it has a two-year shelf life. They are able to use them for the long term, thus saving their money in the long run.

HealthyWiser Offers Alkaline Food Diet Chart with Ketone Strips

A lot of people use the ketone test strips for monitoring their alkaline diet. With this, HealthyWiser provides a free electronic book that can help the customer succeed in the diet. Along with the purchase of the ketone test strips, an Alkaline Food Chart PDF and Keto Recipe eBook will be included in the package.

Experts Say Pregnancy Exercises Make Healthier Labor

There are some women who think that days of pregnancy means they will be "queens of the house." Most of them think that they just have to take a leave and lie down in bed for the whole day.

HealthyWiser's Ovulation Strips Made for Earliest Detection of Pregnancy

Experts always emphasize the importance of earliest detection of pregnancy to avoid complications. According to the blog of the Nantong Egens Bio Technology Company, earliest detection of pregnancy saves the woman and the baby from health risks.

Andrew Day Joins the Team at Gifted Philanthropy to Lead Its Growing Fundraising Consultancy Business

LogoDirectors, Amy Stevens and Chris Goldie announced the appointment, highlighting Andrew's 30 years of experience in masterminding and directing, winning fundraising programmes at home and overseas.

Dedicated Price - Comparison Website for Sports Supplements, Vitamins, and Health Foods to Launch

LogoThe first price-comparison website focusing on the UK's £1bn+ sports supplement, vitamin, and health food market is set to go live later this year.

Leawo Offers 40% off Blu-Ray Ripper Along with 7 Thanksgiving Giveaway Gifts for 2016 Thanksgiving

LogoThe 2016 Thanksgiving holiday is already done. However, 2016 Thanksgiving promotion activities continue. Leawo Software, a professional and leading online multimedia solution developer and provider, continues its 2016 Thanksgiving Promotion until the end of December 2nd. In this ongoing Thanksgiving promotion, Leawo offers multiple special offers including up to 71% off Prof. Media. Leawo Blu-ray Ripper is discounted with 40% off, along with 7 Thanksgiving giveaway gifts.

Zeng Fanzhi Parcours Exhibition 2016 in Beijing

LogoFrom September 19 until November 19, 2016, the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing unveiled an art exhibition with works from the world renowned Chinese artist, Zen Fanzhi showcasing nearly 60 key feature works from his 30 year career in the Chinese contemporary art scene.

BNI and URS to Pay $125 Million Resolving False Claims Act Allegations

LogoThe Lambert Firm, PLC is pleased to announce that a $125 million settlement has been reached in a False Claims Act lawsuit filed by their clients, Gary Brunson, Donna Busche, and Walter Tamosaitis, Ph.D. against Bechtel National Inc., Bechtel Corp., URS Corp. (predecessor in interest to AECOM Global II LLC) and URS Energy and Construction Inc. (now known as AECOM Energy and Construction Inc.).

Chlorine-Free Water Reported to Be 'Safer' for Drinking

Tap water that is chlorinated is the usual type of water used around the world, but an article on an online press release stated that removing chlorine from water is considered safe and more beneficial.

Find out How Ketogenic Diets Can Treat Cancer

Cancer treatment is something that people are devoted to. They keep researching on how the illness can be treated and prevented. But, a cancer-related website revealed that there is a very effective way to treat cancer – and this is to cut down on your carbohydrate intake.

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign for UMakeIt! Character Creator

Designer Jake Minor has launched a fully customizable action figure on Kickstarter that is completely different to similar toys or products. UMakeIt! Character Creator is made from durable, lightweight, white ABS plastic and is a blank canvas for anyone over eight to create their very own unique character. Consumers can add as much detail as they like to achieve a high-quality action figure using paints, alcohol and oil-based markers, and once dry, the color cannot be rubbed away.

Work Monkey Labs Launches a New App, "The Way I See It"

Work Monkey Labs launches their new app "The way I see it" - a web application that is a one small brick of a larger series of applications designed to make Work simple. This app will make work so much easier for thousands of professionals across the world, as this app will allow its user to be "Visible more meaningfully by creating a bookmark for a Web Page URL through a pictogram or a symbol".

Pacific Northwest Sea Dragon Discovered

What happens when fun turns to fright? When does boldness become true bravery? Author K. M. Kennedy answers these questions in the release of The Sound Prince and the Pocket Dragon, her first book in the middle grade fantasy adventure series Sound Prince.

HealthyWiser News: Water Conservation Programs Begin in Michigan

In a recent report on Michigan State University Extension, certain groups begin water conservation programs targeted across the agriculture sectors in Michigan. The report stated how these are considered one effective solution for farming and for the environment.

Style Caster Shares Tips on Maintaining Good Skin pH

People might ask, if pH levels are factors that either cause good or bad skin, is there a way to maintain a good skin? Website Style Caster shared important tips on how people can keep a healthy skin, in relation to the pH levels of skin care products.

Water Therapy Works Even for Cancer Patients

Website Water Cures shared that several types of cancer can be treated by water therapy. The article noted how several people have shared miraculous healing from water therapy.

HealthyWiser Tips: Survive the Pig out During Holiday Parties

Holidays are the culprit for considerable weight gain that most people have – because of consecutive food parties. Website Eating Well shared how people can survive from the holiday dinners, especially if they are on the alkaline diet program.

HealthyWiser Recipes: Learn to Make a Healthy Winter Pasta Bowl

Winter is a season for binge eating, and people just cannot resist. But even when they are on an alkaline diet to watch over pH levels, there are healthy recipes for the winter that can be enjoyed.

Blog Reveals Amazing Things HealthyWiser TDS Meter Can Do

Mommiez On A Mission, a blog that is run by a team of product reviewers from Alabama, shared their experiences on HealthyWiser's TDS EC meter. The moment they used the product, they started knowing more details about their household water.