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Thousands Impacted as Abuse Survivor Shares Story of Healing

Touching more than 5,000 teens and women, the Breaking the Silence tour is set to travel outside the Dallas/Ft Worth area beginning in June. The tour will start out of San Angelo, TX at the Concho Valley correctional facility for women and end in September in Atlanta, GA. Transformational Coach, Kimesha Coleman will share her remarkable journey of healing from abuse, abandonment and betrayal throughout the nation. Her mission of the tour is to educate, empower and celebrate individuals while helping them rebuild their self-confidence and trust.

Dr. Lucy Kalanithi Joins VoiceAmerica Host Cheryl Jones on Good Grief Radio

Cheryl Jones, host of Good Grief radio, is proud to announce that her guest for June 8, 2016 will be Dr. Lucy Kalanithi. Her husband, Dr. Paul Kalanithi, was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer at 36 while in his last year of neurosurgical residency at Stanford. In the 22 months before his death, they continued their work as physicians, had a child, and he wrote a book about their experiences, When Breath Becomes Air, for which Lucy wrote the Epilogue. Since his death, she has continued the work they started; getting the book published, promoting it in numerous public appearances in venues such as PBS News Hour, Charlie Rose, NPR's Morning Edition, yahoo news with Katie Couric, and the New York Times and lending her voice to the ongoing effort to improve how medicine relates to patients during their lives and at their death. The dynamic intersection of her personal and professional experiences uniquely fuels her passion for improving healthcare value, meaning in medicine, patient-centered care and end-of-life care. She is an advisory member to the OpenIDEO challenge, seeking to answer the question, "How might we reimagine the end-of-life experience for ourselves and our loved ones?" The ideas generated by the campaign seek, ultimately, to change the way we approach the end of life in medicine and in the global community. Reveals the Best Portable Ice Maker, a premier website that offers comprehensive information and reviews on various ice maker models available on the market has recently revealed a list of the best portable ice maker. Along with the list of best ice makers, the experts have also provided comprehensive buying guide and review on each of the products. Reviews the Best Video Maker Software for 2016

The top source for top-class reviews and information about the best and the latest tools, software and innovations, reviews the best Video Maker Software for 2016. There are several software available nowadays, that's why it gets very difficult to decide which one should a business seriously consider using for their business's online/internet marketing campaigns.

Lice Lifters Treatment Centers, Dedicated to the Safe, Effective Treatment and Removal of Head Lice, Is Now Open in Mercer County, NJ

LogoWe all know how difficult and frustrating the detection, treatment and removal of lice of can be. In September of 2010 the first Lice Lifters® Treatment Center opened its doors in Lafayette Hill, PA. Founder Michele Barrack, who had been treating head lice in homes, saw an urgent need to open up a physical location where multiple families could be treated in one day.

Newnet Software Launches UK's First Online Job Application Form for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

LogoEstablished in 2013, Newnet Software enjoys the accolade of being the first online application form software provider to Security Industries, recruitment agencies, cleaning companies and constructions companies quickly growing to be a tour de force at the very forefront of technological development.

Increase in Recruitment of Female Spies

Reports have emerged that the UK intelligence agencies are actively recruiting more female employees in a bid to reach a target of 45% by 2021. GCHQ and MI5 placed adverts on the Mumsnet website for the first ever time in 2016 and noted the importance of higher emotional intelligence within the desired recruits whilst pushing for diversity within the organisations.

Leawo Software to Celebrate Its 10th Birthday by Offering Up to 55% Discount in Bundle Sale

LogoLeawo Software will be 10 years old in this July. Since the founding in July 2006, Leawo Software has grown from a small company to a professional multimedia software giant. To commemorate the decade-long running, Leawo Software is currently holding a 10 Years' Anniversary Bundle Sale, providing people the biggest surprise ever with many special offers. These offers include DVD Video Ultimate, Blu-ray Toolkits, Video Toolkits, and DVD Toolkits. During the period from June 16, 2016 to July 16, 2016, people can get discounts as much as nearly 55% if purchasing in bundle on Leawo's promotion page.

Creating Awesome Date Nights Is Now Much Easier with a New Online Tool

LogoLife often gets in the way of great date nights, but a new online tool aims to make it quick and easy to find date ideas that will suit a couple's needs. Using a series of user-selected filters, the tool searches a treasure trove of romantic ideas to find the best match for the situation.

Conquering Shame and Codependency

LogoTamara will be conducting a LIVE, Relationship Transformation interview with Relationship Expert, Best Selling Author and Speaker Darlene Lancer together they will be discussing her book Conquering Shame and Codependency, as well answering Live questions from callers.

Lice Lifters Southlake Treatment Center Opens in Southlake, TX, the Second Franchise in Texas

LogoHead lice. It's a pesky and all-too-common problem that can be to get rid of, especially with Super Lice. The new Lice Lifters Southlake Head Lice Treatment Center, is opening in Southlake this month.

SEX.Prostir, the First Educational Conference on Sex in Kiev, Ukraine Marks a Triumphant Success Against Taboo

On Thursday, May 26 in Kiev (Ukraine), SEX.Prostir, the first educational conference about sex in public talk format was successfully conducted by a group of people who believe in the importance of popularization of sex education and open discussions. The name of the conference had an innovative acronym in the word SEX which had three meanings: Science, Education, eXperience. The mission of the project was to improve the sex education within the society, and encourage people to openly discuss and explore the topic of sexuality. The organizers have also chosen a meaningful slogan for the conference — "More Knowledge, Less Shame!"

Site Launches Guide to Gold IRA Rollovers

Recently launched website, The Gold Rush Exchange has been created to guide and educate people about gold IRA by informing them about the pros and cons of investing in gold for their retirement fund and sharing with them tips on how to invest and select the right brokerage for their needs. The website recently published its expert created guide gold IRA Rollovers on The Gold Rush Exchange website.

J Ice Is Finally Official

LogoNot Only Street Recording Artist J Ice releases his new sophomore mixtape entitled: "Finally Official."

Luv4Baby Launches Bamboo Table Pad Liners for Diapering Babies

When there is a little baby in the picture, emergency situations can arise at any given point of time especially when one is carrying them along outdoors. Whether they're out shopping for baby essentials at a mall or getting a meal at a restaurant, one's baby may need to get changed a lot more often than anticipated.

Omega-3 Fats Potentially Useful for Fighting Neurological Disorders

Omega-3 fatty acids have been increasingly popular over the years due to the health benefits associated with their use. Health experts recommend increased consumption of omega-3 fatty acids in order to achieve optimum health. While omega-3s are believed to be a useful remedy for conditions such as arthritis and cardiovascular disease, they are also gaining a rising popularity among individuals who suffer from psychological ailments.

Research Finds Resveratrol Potentially Useful in Enhancing Athletic Performance

Engaging in physical activities has long been believed to be significantly helpful for overall health. Individuals who engage in these activities typically have higher nutritional needs, which they need to satisfy to avoid injuries and perform at their best.

New Super–Saver Offer on the Bamboo Changing Table Pad Liners by Luv4Baby

As joyful as it is when a baby enters a parent's world, it is just as much stressful and chaotic. There's an intense fear that a parent harbors of unintentionally hurting a small baby who is just learning to adjust itself to a whole new world. They're quick to catch diseases and get attracted to germs, as their immunity is still not as strong. Besides, a newborn baby needs to be constantly changed.

The World's Most Powerful, Customizable, and Upgradable All-in-One Is Shipping Now

LogoORIGIN PC announced today their new ORIGIN PC OMNI all-in-one (AIO) for gamers, professionals, and enthusiasts is now shipping worldwide. Designed to be the world's most powerful, customizable, and upgradable AIO solution, the ORIGIN PC OMNI includes a stunning 34" Ultra-wide (21:9) 3440 x1440 QHD Curved Display that delivers a truly immersive viewing and gaming experience with its gorgeous panoramic views while you work and play.

Farmers Feeding Rural Arctic Villages with Hydroponic Produce: Bradford Hydroponics Comments

In Kozebue, it isn't anywhere near as easy to get hold of fresh vegetables as it is in the UK. It can in many cases take around two weeks for vegetables to make their way to the grocery store after being picked and not only that but a high amount of the produce comes from the Lower 48 and can be in incredibly dire conditions by the time they reach the shop shelves.

Louisville, Kentucky Pop/Soul Duo IamIs to Launch Third Full-Length Album Go Supernovae! July 2nd

IamIs, pronounced "eye-am-is", is a two piece, rock/pop band from Louisville, KY. Formed in 2000, the band was created to explore and express ideas of existentialism. Currently recording artists on the Gubbey Record label, they excitedly await the release of their 3rd full-length album, Go Supernovae! on July 2nd, 2016. The songs of Go Supernove! are inspired by reflection upon friendships and relationships at a personal and cultural level. The album title is an invitation for each of us to dare to be our authentic selves and to shine at our highest potential. As a very special celebratory gesture, this album release includes a cassette, download card and limited edition postcard set. Each postcard represents a song on the album and includes original artwork, lyrics and song chord structure. Tracks not to be missed are Hustlin, Lead Hands, and Unsteady Ground. We proudly release "Go Supernovae!" on July 2nd, 2016 with a release show at Kaiju, 9pm with very special guests The Cut Family Foundation and Adventure.

Immigration Separation Impacts Human Rights

The UK's immigration control practices and policies saw a whopping 32,446 people detained in 2015 by the UK government for a variety of reasons. Some were held whilst under investigation and possible deportation and just over half were released back into the community without further issues. What is not generally understood about the figures is that many of the detainees had lived in the UK for decades and who had settled a long time ago with families and to have children. Most of the detentions were seemingly pointless but caused undue distress and disruption to not only the detainees, but their loved ones and children.

Passionate Friends and Culinary Enthusiasts Launch Monthly Subscription: Spiced Up

Spiced UP, a brand new, spice-oriented monthly subscription box service designed to bring avid cookers, spicy gurus, and lovers of exotic tastes to one convenient location, this week officially unveiled their digital platform for all business inquires, questions, and spice subscriptions.

United-States.Jobalos Now Makes It Possible to Choose Jobs and Vacancies Across the US

LogoLooking for a decent job often seems to be a "mission impossible" nowadays. Although, there are lots of job offers and vacancies available on the web and offline, people still face problems when choosing the jobs of their dreams – those which will not only meet their needs and requirements, but will also be profitable and interesting. Realizing the increasing demand of people for decent jobs, United-States.Jobalos has decided to launch the website, where the most exciting, useful and popular jobs will be gathered all in one place.

Closet Space: The Movie Available for Purchase Through Amazon, Google Play July 5

The long-awaited expansion of the DVD release of "Closet Space: The Movie" directed by award-winner Czharcus M. Jones and produced by Mickulus A. Rubin is available on Amazon and Google Play July 5.

The Bamboo Changing Table Pad Liners by Luv4baby Are a Hit Among the Buyers

Luv4Baby has designed a new range of changing table pad liners made with eco friendly bamboo fiber and ideal for emergency situations. They make for a hygienic diaper changing experience for babies when moms are out with their newborns at shopping malls, restaurants and other such public places and need to change their babies' diapers in an emergency.

OneBillionVegans Seeks Up to $1M to Set Up an Online Platform for the Vegan Community

James Sutton (also known as "JamesTheFourth") launched an Indiegogo campaign to help create an exciting new platform for vegan people, vegan businesses, or anyone interested in the vegan movement. Experts around the world are starting to put a deadline on our planet, where life for humans becomes unsustainable, and that deadline is within most of our lifetimes. The solution is a massive adoption of a plant-based (vegan) diet. Becoming plant-based is like voting for earth to live, and for your children to have a future on it. JamesTheFourth, founder of OneBillionVegans, is on a mission to connect one billion vegan and plant-based individuals, to create the biggest positive global change that has ever been witnessed by mankind by propelling veganism toward critical mass. One Billion Vegans is a world we dream of living in, where 1/7th of the population makes decisions every day that affect the longevity of Earth.