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U.S. Based Non-Profit Will Officially Launch GoFundMe Campaign to Combat Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Liberia

Resources and Outreach for Liberia (ROL) has been very active in the last five months; collecting over fifteen thousand books, starting a global social change initiative to empower girls through literacy and the arts, and being featured on ABC2 News' InFocus segment. All of these activities are for the sake of one powerful initiative, Project READ (Restoration Education And Development). The goal of Project READ is to open a drop-in center in Liberia for girls, so ROL is launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise $20,000 to start this initiative. Takes on the Controversies of Graffiti Art as Perceived by the People in Some Countries

In London, graffiti has become legal in some parts of the city and even encouraged by the government. With the birth of the digital graffiti, the need to use spray paint is no longer necessary. Digital graffiti wall London allows party, events and other occasions to design and highlight their event with digitalized graffiti. Nowadays, people can still enjoy the art of graffiti with less negative effects to the surroundings.

Success Guru Shawn Anderson Reveals Keys to Succeed After Letdown

LogoMotivational author and speaker Shawn Anderson is passionate about inspiring people to keep on track with their goals and "live a life you love." "Unfortunately," Anderson shares, "rejection and failure have opposite plans for us."

Leawo Blu-Ray Player Latest Released with Added Screenshot Capturer and Improved Subtitles Display

LogoLeawo Software, a professional multimedia software giant, ungraded its featured product Leawo Blu-ray Player to the newest version Compared with the previous version, the latest one supports screenshot capturing and Finnish interface. In order to provide an excellent movie watching atmosphere, Leawo Software fixed -129 error problem, subtitle and chapter display error in the newest version as well.

Knowledge Cage Introduces How-to Tutorials for Technical Issues

LogoKnowledge Cage, a website located at, is now offering a how to guide on almost every technical subject imaginable. Whether users need how to tutorials on operating systems, including Android and iOS; social media quick tips; mobile device downloads and repairs; and improvements to system security, Knowledge Cage has quick and easy answers.

Juthawong Naisanguansee Launches New Software That Solves WordPress Header Problems

WordPress is a commonly used system by many websites. It is a free and open source and hence, there are many users who rely on this for their content management. However, the 'WordPress header already sent' issue has been predominant since the past 5 years. In order to take care of the same, users can consider the latest software at It boasts of being effective and solves all such problems related to WordPress.

Jonathan Simeonides Talks About AUREUS ARTS' Journey

Jonathan Simeonides, founder, and owner of online artisan store AUREUS ARTS has a serious case of wanderlust, which has led him to places around the world allowing him to witness and experience many beautiful and interesting things. Recently, Jonathan shared the journey that led him to create AUREUS ARTS, a company that offers some of the best handmade bull skulls and Indian headdresses created by master artisans from far-fetched places like Indonesia.

Leawo Software Offers Blu-Ray Movie Disc as Free Gift for 2016 Valentine's Season

LogoTo embrace the approaching of 2016 Valentine's Day, Leawo Software launched 2016 Valentine's Season Activity titled "Share to Win Blu-ray Movies" on January 28, 2016, and the activity will not come to an end until February 18, 2016. During the activity, participants are required to download and use Leawo Blu-ray Player, and sharing their using experience on Facebook to win free Valentine's gift, namely Amazon Blu-ray movie discs and Leawo software products.

The Exotic Cosmic Sungod Releases New Track Featuring Charley T Titled Lionesses of England

It is rare when a tune receives so much exposure and excitement from fans before its official release, but that is what has happened with the 4-track 18 minute Extended Player(out on iTunes & CDBaby) titled "Lionesses Of England. The first track from the EP, titled Lionesses of England featuring Charley T has become one of the most shared tunes on Twitter.

Stephen Thomas Formally Known as Steve-O Announces His Return to the Charts with a New Single and Sound That Has Excited the Music Experts

A much-missed artist who left fans wondering when he will return to the music scene has now announced his return. Stephen Thomas, who was known as Steve-O, is excited to share the news with his fans that he is bringing out a new single and sound. The artist, who has gained fans around the world and has shared the stage with some of the greatest artists in recent times, is set to release his new single called Best Days. The single, which Stephen has said will be a crossover into the Mainstream, has excited record producers.

Bullion Dealer Raided by Police Sues Fort Lee and Its POLICE DEPARTMENT

An innocent Bullion Dealer AND LOCAL BUSINESS OWNER, who was wrongly raided by the police in Fort Lee, demands his name BE cleared and wants his watches, gold coins, and cash returned. Onn Rapeika, a Bullion Dealer who is respected in his community, had the traumatic experience of being raided by the police in January 2014. During the raid, he alleges the items went missing and demands is now suing both the town and police department.

Amazon Award '#1 New Release' Badge to 'Froggy Tots' Digital Baby Thermometer

Parents looking for the latest digital baby thermometer will now be able to purchase 'Froggy Tots' digital baby thermometer by Warrant Guard.

Future Fitness Is Hosting a Women's Self Defense Class in February

Future Fitness recently celebrated the grand reopening of one of its gyms in Cherry Hill, NJ. This month, Future Fitness is pleased to announce they will be hosting a women's self-defense class on February 28th, taught by Shelley Massingill. The class will take place from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm and will focus on four scenarios: wrist grabs, chokes, bear hugs and bag snatchers. Escapes and strikes will be covered and everyone participating will learn the techniques hands-on. The class will cost $20 for Future Fitness members and $30 for guests.

Savvy Central Radio Features Visibility & Bestseller Publishing Expert Jane Tabachnick

LogoThis week's radio guest, Jane Tabachnick, shares tips with the Savvy Central Radio audience on how entrepreneurs and business owners can grow their businesses by getting more visibility, as well as becoming published, bestselling authors.

Perpetual Doom Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Comedic Short Film Series

LogoPerpetual Doom is a group that "explores humor in instability and the comic absurdity of damaged characters in a decaying society." Now, this troupe of artists has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a new comedic short film series.  Located at, the group focuses on unusual stories culled from real-life experiences as well as common fears and anxieties.  The group is "all at once ugly, beautiful, funny and sad." Publishes Its Top Double Edge Razor Blade Reviews is a website that has been recently launched for the purpose of informing gentlemen about the various shaving products and aids currently available in the market through in depth and comprehensive reviews. The website recently released its Top Double Edge Razor Blade Reviews List which features a compilation of the best double edge razor blades that were available to buyers in the past year.

Health Enquirer Revisits Improved Natural Remedy Publication

LogoBanish My Bumps: Review launched: February 5th marks the second anniversary of 'Banish My Bumps'. Banish My Bumps is a natural keratosis pilaris treatment protocol dedicated to helping sufferers of keratosis pilaris quickly and permanently. Publishes Tria Laser 4x Review is a website that has been recently launched for the purpose of informing women about the hair removal treatments and products currently available in the market through in-depth and comprehensive reviews. The website recently released its Tria Laser 4x Review which analyzed the much talked about home hair removal product that claims to save users thousands of dollars by permanently removing hair through its safe, at-home laser removal.

Khalid Zidan Revealed Secret Sauce of Entrepreneurial Success Through

Khalid Zidan, a young blogger and entrepreneur who now runs a number of successful web enterprises, recently declared that he will be sharing entrepreneurial success tips and tricks which he had never shared before. He told the press that his blog site, has been set up for sharing free tips and he is not interested in monetizing the site. Released Its Micro Forum Website on the 30th Day of January 2016 has released its micro forum website on the thirtieth day of January 2016 in the technology market or in all major markets.

Paragon Road Launches Legacy Planning Magazine

LogoLegacy planning company, Paragon Road launches a new monthly online magazine entitled "Legacy Arts." The magazine focuses on the topic of how to create a meaningful legacy and pass on non-financial assets, such as wisdom, beliefs, values and so on.

Fitsko: Where Fitness for Kids Meets Mobile Gaming

As many parents know, feeding kids broccoli and keeping them active is the right recipe to keep them fit… but it's never so easy. In fact, 1 in 3 children in the US is overweight or obese!

Virginia's Luxury Event Staffing and Production Company to Host 'The a Bridal Show'

LogoVirginia's premiere event staffing, planning, and production company, THE A, is hosting an intimate luxury bridal show February 20, 2016. Called "The A Bridal Show," the event will showcase the area's fine wedding pros, hand selected by THE A.

Jasmine Jones Captures Title of Miss Black District of Columbia Usa 2016

Jasmine Jones, a resident of NW DC, will represent the District of Columbia at the 2016 Miss Black USA Scholarship Pageant. Proving that beauty queens are more than a pretty face, Miss Jones holds a Bachelor's Degree with Dean's List honors from Trinity University School of Business. She also works in real estate development and plans to pursue her Masters in Business Administration at the Harvard Business School.

New York Opera WOMEN: THE WAR WITHIN Sets Stage for Italian Actor Gianlorenzo Albertini's Rise to Stardom

LogoActor Gianlorenzo Albertini caught the eye of director Paul Warner while studying at the acclaimed New York Film Academy. Warner, a teacher at the Academy and a resident artist at the famed Baryshnikov Arts Center was the director of a new multi-disciplinary dance theater-opera, Women: The War Within. Warner brought Gianlorenzo Albertini in for an audition, which is when he the actor met Obie Award-winning librettist and the show's producer Matthew Maguire, who later cast the actor as a Warrior.

Leading Lawyers Stacey Langenbahn and Brian Hirsch Describe Constructive and Destructive Divorce Procedures on Family Matters

LogoWhen an individual or a couple wants to divorce, there are a variety of ways to decide about the terms of the divorce. These include working with a professional family mediator, collaborative law, team mediation, evaluative settlement conferences with retired judges, and litigation. The February 2, 2016 episode of Family Matters on VoiceAmerica can help people make well-informed choices about what approach to divorce will make most sense for them.

Delight Models Expands Into North America

A leading modelling agency who helps reputable agencies in America finds suitable models to make their campaigns a success has announced their expansion plans. Delight Models Inc., which was started in 1998, announced their plans to expand into North America in Q4 2015, where opportunities will be made available through a franchising business model.