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Massachusetts Menswear Brand Encourages Community to Buy Locally Made Clothing

Osmium, a menswear company based in Stoneham, MA, encourages the New England community to buy locally made products and focus on smaller, independent businesses. The Northeast has a rich history in textiles mills and shoe factories, and though most of this business has moved offshore, a growing number of brands are bringing manufacturing back to the area. Osmium’s clothing is cut and sewn in the Boston area. Other clothing companies committed to clothing production in the bay state include Ball and Buck, The New England Shirt Company, Sterling Outerwear and Vanson Leathers. “Producing clothing in Massachusetts has created camaraderie between Osmium and other manufacturers in the state.” says Osmium employee, Ben Moran. “We all help each other by growing the industry and the needed infrastructure.” In this fast paced, global economy, smaller independent brands can be overshadowed by the large multinationals. It is however, these smaller businesses that hold the key to strengthening our economy.

Music Producer "The 1 True J Diggy" Launches Record Label

Music producer Jason “J Diggy” Anderson, in conjunction with business partner Charles “C Mack” Wilson, have launched AW Records, a division of AW Entertainment (AWE). The record label will provide a variety of opportunities for independent music artists, with a focus on strategically working to advance their music careers and artistic visibility within their genre. AW Records will provide production, digital marketing and sales capabilities creating a digital media platform that will enable indie artists to flourish.

While Alive Los Angeles, CA Emeritus Ex Author Paul H. Dunn on Mormon-Discussions to My-Study-Room Advocates Offered Apology to Christian-Forum LDS Book for a Salamander Déjà Vu Society Manuscript Regarding the Mormon-Curtain and Sunstone Scam

LogoPaul Harold Dunn (April 24, 1924 – January 9, 1998) was a loved general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). Dunn was widely considered one of the most dynamic speakers among the general authorities of the LDS Church during the 1970s and 1980’s.

Trenbalone Stacks Are Highly Effective for Bulking and Cutting - Tren-Bal by Crazy Mass Is a Safe Clone of Trenbolone

Steroids are commonly used by bodybuilders for stacking but they are illegal and infamous for their side effects. Trenbolone is a powerful steroid that can help gain lean muscle quickly. It is known to possess five times more power than testosterone. Tren-Bal from Crazy Mass is a powerful alternative for trenbolone.

Volume Pills Boost Semen Production and Libido, Increase Staying Power in Men - Get Outstanding Reviews

A lot of men wish they could produce more semen. It is not just a matter of vanity but is supposed to be good for fertility too. A good volume of thicker semen is regarded as a symbol of male virility and potency.

Alexia Is a Natural Pill to Reduce Breast Size in Women - Surgery Is the Not the Only Way

Alexia is a breast reduction pill that has been getting a huge customer response. It offers a safe and effective alternative to breast reduction surgery.

The Venus Factor Reviews Learn to Have Fitness Body with the Venus Factor, the Ideal Body Re-Shaping System for Women

Undoubtedly, The Venus Factor comes as a blessing for those women out there who have been struggling from years to lose all that unnecessary fat from the body. Recently, this weight loss program has gained so much popularity in the weight loss field due to its effectiveness and credibility. Inside The Venus Factor, three guides are incorporated. There is a Main Manual which will guide women in determining their ideal Venus Index ratio to decide whether there is a need to lose or put on weight. The second one is the Body Centric Eating Guide which describes a woman’s Venus Index.

Provacyl Enhances Low Testosterone in Men - Boosts HGH and DHEA Too

Men experience a decline in their libido after 30 because of their depleting testosterone levels.

Libido Pills for Women Are Hot - Enhance Libido and Alleviate Menopause Dryness with No Side Effects

Women suffer with a lot of issues post menopause and one of them is a drop in libido. Vaginal dryness is yet another issue that plagues a vast majority of such women. It is unfortunate that most of the sexual enhancement products cater to men’s requirements. However, things are set to change with the launch of some highly powerful and all natural libido pills for women.

Lettingweb Foundation Provides Real Help to Homeless

People rushing to work and on daily errands aren’t usually aware of the number of homeless people there are in Scotland today.The reality is that last year almost 40,000 people were declared homeless. Lettingweb provides a connection between those looking for a place to stay, landlords and letting agents. They are also very concerned about the huge numbers of homeless and have established the Lettingweb Foundation in an effort to reduce that total. Details on what the Foundation is doing can be viewed on

Provacyl Is a Powerful Testosterone Enhancer to Increase Testosterone, HGH and DHEA in Men

Low libido is a common sign of aging and is a typical symptom of falling testosterone levels in the body. Testosterone is the hormone that gives men their robust sex drive. It is also known to control a lot of other vital body functions and features. The production of this hormone is at its peak level during puberty but it begins waning off after the age of 30.

Proven ED Pills Help Cure ED with Zero Side Effects

Erectile dysfunction is a widespread problem among men. It is not just the older men who are known to suffer with this problem but a lot of young guys also experience similar problems. While most of the older suffer with poor blood circulation to the genitals, young guys face issues due to psychological factors like stress depression and other factors such as excessive use of alcohol and recreational drugs etc.

VigRx Plus Is Immensely Powerful Pill to Cure ED in Men Naturally and Safely - Gets Excellent User Reviews

Living with ED or erectile dysfunction is a big challenge for any man and yet millions of men are known to suffer with this intimate problem.

Bully Assemblies NY Executes Successful Anti-Bullying Theatrical Shows for K12 Schools

To state that bullying has been spreading like an epidemic across American schools over the last few years is like presenting only half the picture. It’s the cause of a distressing number of in-school shootings, student depression and student suicides. It is also a matter of serious discourse for the public, apart from being a prominent issue for innumerable TV shows, articles and documentaries. In the long term, school harrying is known to damage the bullies’ future also, by harming their social and behavioral skills. Bully Assemblies NY, a notable anti-bullying organization in the nation, has therefore devised assembly shows for K-12 school students to stop the damages of bullying from affecting the future of a promising generation.

Owner and Founder Renee Manzolillo Looks to Raise $18,000 via Indiegogo for the Breakin Boundaries Expansion Project

LogoRenee Manzolillo is the owner and founder of Breakin Boundaries, a Creative Therapeutic Wellness Center offering dance/fitness and therapeutic wellness services for both adults and children with and without special needs. Not only is she a business owner, Renee is also a mom, a wife, a former junior Olympic gymnast and professional dancer. She is also also a Certified Movement Analyst (CMA) from Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, LIMS® and an ABA (Applied Behavior Analyst) therapist.

VigRx Plus Is a Fast Acting Formula to Treat ED in Men - Increases Staying Power, Libido and Semen Volume Too

Erectile dysfunction is a disturbing and embarrassing condition. Yet it is known to affect millions of men. It is needless to say that it can make life difficult for any man and can lead to relationship problems as well.

Breast Pump Medela from Electric Breast Bump Reviews: The Best in the Category provides customers with a top quality Breast Pump Medela. Women can find valuable information in the best Double Electric Breast Bump Reviews and choose the breast pump that will meet perfectly their needs.

Female Libido Pills Get a Massive Response - Increase Libido in Women Naturally and Safely

Women suffer with a lot of issues post menopause and one of them is a drop in libido. Vaginal dryness is yet another issue that plagues a vast majority of such women. It is unfortunate that most of the sexual enhancement products cater to men’s requirements. However, things are set to change with the launch of some highly powerful and all natural libido pills for women.

Natural ED Pills Are in Great Demand - Help Cure ED Without Harsh Side Effects of Drugs

Erectile dysfunction is a highly depressing problem that affects millions of men worldwide and it is common in both younger as well as older men. While most of the older men suffer with poor blood circulation to the genitals, young guys face issues due to psychological factors like stress depression and other factors such as excessive use of alcohol and recreational drugs etc.

Semenax Helps Increase Semen Volume in Men with the Power of Proven Herbs, Zinc and Other Minerals

A lot of men seem to be concerned about their semen production. Men generally consider their semen volume a symbol of their male potency and power.

V-Tight Gel: The Clinically Proven Vaginal Tightening Gel Now Available with 1 Free Bottle Offer for Limited Time

Most aged women or women after the delivery of their child complain about their loose vagina. This often makes them uncomfortable and at the same time it proves to be a hindrance to enjoy sexual life with their partner. Women suffering from such a problem can now take the help of an excellent gel called V-Tight Gel that can make women’s genital area again tight and flexible. The website reveals all important details about this gel and helps understand why this gel is the most effective solution for tightening the loose women genital area.

Venus Factor: Amazing Weight Loss Diet or the Next Scam on the Market?

This Venus Factor review is written as a response to the multiple questions asked about the Venus Factor diet, which popularity increases with every day. Venus Factor is a diet program specially targeting women, but whether it provides customers with real results or is just the next scam on the market? The information below will answer this question.

Raleigh Preschool Plants Pinwheel Garden for Child Abuse Prevention Month

LogoApril is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and Raleigh preschool, Primary Beginnings, is showing their support by planting their own Pinwheel Garden!

Project Transition USA Announces New Sponsor for LinkedIN Job Search Workshop on U.S. Military Base

Project Transition USA, the only 501(c)(3) nonprofit that specializes in teaching transitioning military veterans and their families how to fully utilize the powerful business networking site LinkedIN, is pleased to announce their newest LinkedIN Job Search Workshop Sponsor.

Weddings to Funerals, Quincy Chapel Owner Has Cycle of Life Covered

LogoLydon Chapel, a large, 18th-century, white wooden building that has been a birthing house, a funeral parlor, and now is a chapel for both funerals and weddings.

The Best Floral Spring Dresses That Are Available to Buy in 2014 Are Featured at

Floral dresses are always very popular during the spring and summer months, and subsequently there are always plenty of great-looking dresses to choose from at this time of the year. So to help people narrow down their search, The New Fashion have just posted a new article that features a selection of some of the best floral spring dresses for 2014.

Homeless Hope Crowdfunding Project Launched

LogoWith a $25,000 goal George Gabriel has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo to support his mission to create a self-sustainable home and garden for some of the homeless population of Rockville, Maryland. In hopes of buying and renovating a low cost home Gabriel’s vision is to allow people to stay and eat in exchange for their work in the home’s organic garden farm. George Gabriel, a homelessness survivor and now founder of Homeless Hope said of the project, “I remember being on the street and wondering why no one could help. I intend to be the person that can help. I don’t want to turn anyone away who just needs some very simple help like a meal or a bed.”