Social and Consumer Press Releases

BluMarble Featured in June Issue, 100 Brilliant Companies

One man's junk is another man's treasure: an aphorism as old as time, but in an increasingly homogenous and commercialized world, it is sometimes difficult to see it proving true. The way in which junk can become valuable again is through the alchemy of art and design, and BluMarble has mastered a socially responsible means of reducing landfill in Las Vegas and creating beauty from waste. Their efforts have been so successful they have just been featured in's 100 Brilliant Companies, published in their latest June issue.

Rentokil Initial Malaysia Shares Useful Insights on Dengue Outbreak in Conjunction with ASEAN Dengue Day

Launched in 2011, the objective of this annual event is to raise awareness of dengue and strengthen the regional collaboration in prevention and control. While dengue is most prevalent in ASEAN region, the disease is spreading rapidly with a 30-fold increase in cases worldwide. Today, there are approximately 2.5 billion people at risk in over 100 countries.

Water Cycle by 11 Year Old Author Lexi Schwartzberg Part of Early STEM Curriculum

STEM is an acronym referring to the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The term is typically used when addressing education curriculum choices in schools to improve competitiveness in science and technology development. Eleven year old Lexi Schwartzberg is the author and creator of a new book, Lily Droplet's Amazing Adventure: The Water Cycle (ISBN: 978-0-99629-331-0). Schwartzberg creatively addressed STEM curriculum in her newly published book. The unique integration of STEM ideas and appealing character of Lily as a water drop is perfect for young children.

Andy Shaw Demolishes Milestone, Smashing 11,000 Facebook Likes

Andy Shaw's very popular self-development process, 'A Bug Free Mind' has actually gone from strength to strength since its first release, and is now used in over 110 countries worldwide.

Win a Lunch Date with Actor Adam Scott in Raffle to Benefit Local Human Trafficking Prevention Program

LogoActor Adam Scott, best known for his role in the NBC sitcom "Parks and Recreation," is donating lunch with him, to help raise funds for the Santa Cruz-based charity, Rising International. Scott, born in Santa Cruz, joins a long list of prizes that all share a "Santa Cruz" theme. The Santa Cruz Celebrity Experience Package, for example, includes lunch with Scott, along with the Santa Cruz Mayor Don Lane, a personal voicemail recorded by Santa Cruz "American Idol" favorite James Durbin, and wine tasting with radio announcer Laurie Roberts of KPIG radio.

The Emily Stillman Foundation Will Be Testifying at the CDC in Atlanta in June at the ACIP Board Meeting

LogoAlicia Stillman, Co-Founder and Director of The Emily Stillman Foundation will be testifying at the CDC's ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) meeting in Atlanta on June 24th. Stillman has been a very outspoken advocate for the Meningococcal vaccinations since her 19 year old daughter Emily died in 2013 of Serogroup B of Meningococcal Disease while away at college.

On World Ethnic Day Mirraw Donates Sarees to Women in Dharavi

Mumbai based donates sarees to women in Dharavi – World's largest slum colony. Dharavi was founded in the late 1800's during the British Era. The slum grew in population due to the growth in Industries in then Bombay.

Farrah Abraham Fans Share Their Love with the Launch of a New Fan Website

A new fan website has been launched to allow fans of Farrah Abraham to share their love and find out what the reality star is now up to. Explains the Importance of Product Design Enhancement and How Patents Can Protect Latest Inventions

LogoStarting up a business is not as easy as putting a lemonade stand in front of the house and selling refreshing lemonades to passersby. Yet, the idea of starting a business can be first learned at home. However, when taking the business to the next level, this requires lots of preparations especially if the product or services that will be marketed is an original work that needs to be patented in order to gain intellectual rights – meaning property ownership.

Erudeversity Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Garner Support for the 'You Learn, They Grow' Campaign

LogoErudeversity is an online learning platform that offers hands-on and project-based IT training for all. Their current library boasts of over one thousand IT tutorial videos in the world's four most frequently spoken languages. This training platform has been used with great satisfaction by over thirty thousand students so far. Their 'You Learn, They Grow' campaign is targeted towards sponsoring a child's education in South Asia for a lifetime.

Bastille Day 2015 at Paris on Ponce

The Imperial OPA circus, the home town circus of Atlanta GA, has partnered with Paris on Ponce to produce a theatrical experience unlike any other. According to the Imperial OPA's webpage, "The show loosely follows the historical events that led to the beginning of the French revolution (marked by the storming of the Bastille) while presenting lighthearted comedy, exceptional skill, grace, performance, and elegant burlesque dancers baring it all for the sake of art. "

Alberto Pinto Designed Luxury Knightsbridge Residence Collection to Go on Auction July 14 to 15 2015

Pro Auction Limited, one of Europe's leading specialist auctioneers and valuers within the hospitality, leisure and catering sector with sales conducted throughout the United Kingdom and Europe schedules a Knightsbridge-based sale for July 14 and 15 2015.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker Proclaims Push Ups for Charity Day 2015

When people engage in activities to increase their fitness, their cause is usually personal – greater aesthetic beauty or increased capacity for sports and activities. However, people work best when they work for a cause that is greater than themselves. Harnessing this truth, Body3 Personal Fitness Center helped their clients get the best results while at the same time helping a good cause, by hosting the 2015 Push Ups For Charity day.

Legacy Village at Plantation Manor Voted 'Thomasville's Best Senior Living Community'

LogoLegacy Village at Plantation Manor has been recognized as "Thomasville's Best Senior Living Community" in the Times-Enterprise's 2015 Reader's Choice Awards, considered one of the region's highest honors.

Scott Tucker to Host Local Coffee House Fundraiser

The second annual Support the Arts fundraiser has been scheduled for the beginning of next month. There will be games and music throughout the day for all ages. A live video feed can also be found on the Everything Entertaining site. Last years event raised over three thousand dollars for local art and music programs. Launches Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Ed protocol which is a program for treating erectile dysfunction, created by Jason Long is now offered at This effective program uses safe natural components rather than harsh substances or hazardous drugs. This new products is now available at People who are seeking for natural treatment for erectile dysfunction can find all the necessary information on this website.

New Figures Reveal the UK Is the Leading Country in Europe for New Jobs in 2014, GSR2R Responds

London recruitment to recruitment agency, GSR2R, have recently commented on the figures which reveal that the number of people in the UK in work grew by 611 000 in 2014, the biggest growth experienced in Europe. Offers a Chance to Win Pretty Dress

LogoBelieving that "Being Perfect is Equally Important for both Brides and Bridesmaids", Daisy – a fashion designer, former of has been effortlessly working on her dream since her graduation in 2005. As a creative and free spirit young woman who does want to find her own way, she observed and realized that pink and red bridesmaid dresses are becoming more and more trendy in the coming years. And it's still so true until now. Looking at her designs, we can see a generation of confident women but not less romantic and don't want to give up her dreamy world.

James Miller Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Provide Justice to His Kids

LogoJames Miller is a single father engaged in a tiresome legal battle to protect his kids. Since the last one year, his kids Kimberly and James have been in their mother's custody for five days a week. Unfortunately, James Miller has very little trust in the Arizona legal system that appears to be extremely partial towards the mothers. The mother of these two kids has repeatedly proven the fact that she is not capable of being their primary care. However, the legal system has not taken any corrective action.

Master Painting & Renovations Receives Award from Chilliwack Bowls of Hope Society

Master Painting & Renovations, one of the region's top painting, Home Renovation, and restoration companies, was the recipient of a special award from the Chilliwack Bowls of Hope Society. The group, which operates the highly successful Feed the Children program, presented Master Painting & Renovations with a trophy recognizing the company's five successive years of sponsorship. In addition to providing area-leading painting, Interior remodeling, and repair services, Master Painting & Renovations is deeply committed to effecting positive change in the Fraser Valley area in general, as evidenced by the company's long-running support of the Chilliwack Bowls of Hope Society.

Hook the Cure 'Reels In' More Than $3 (USD) Million

The Tenth Annual Hook the Cure powered by IOTEC will return to Puerto Vallarta on November 5, 2015. The four-day catch-and-release offshore tournament, an official event of the Redbone Celebrity Series, will benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Keep Kids Safe This Summer with Child ID Bracelets

LogoNow that the summer break is here and families are starting to travel it is important to think about child safety. Vacation time means crowded hotel resorts, amusement parks, and beaches. But what to do when a child gets lost–keeping in mind that most families are away from home and children are not familiar with the new places.

Creative Economy: Artists Rule the World

LogoThe 2017 mayoral candidate of Los Angeles, Frantz Pierre announced his plan entitled "Creative Economy: Artists Rule The World."

The Spiritual Way to Attract Wealth and Prosperity with Answer

A new vision for the future of the U.S. will come to life this Saturday June 20, 2015 as "Your Miracle Today Network" unveils Answer Rocks in an effort to help end poverty in the US and globally. Answer Rocks are special earth formations with energetic properties used for drawing prosperity, empowering and energizing.

Metro PCS Juneteenth Festival K104 Dallas, Texas

June is historically a month of celebrations. The Metro PCS Juneteenth Festival in Dallas, Texas is setting the stage this Saturday June 20th at the Dallas City Hall Plaza Gates open at 12pm. This celebratory cultural event is produced by K104 FM and sponsored by Metro PCS.

How to Seduce a Woman You Just Met Offers a Glimpse at New Product

How To Seduce A Woman You Just Met has announced the launch of a unique and highly intriguing product aimed at helping men become better in the seduction game. One of a kind, this product helps men gain self-confidence through processes of self-discovery and self-mastery. Personalization Is What the Best Modern Weddings Are All About

LogoBy far, weddings are the most celebrated memorable occasions all over the world. Wedding coordinators, wedding photographers and other wedding preparation experts including about-to-wed couples are searching for fresh and unique ideas for a wondrous and memorable wedding event that nobody has ever done yet. Almost every day, a couple is being joined in matrimony, but every couple always makes it a point that their wedding would be the most precious and grandiose.