Social and Consumer Press Releases

Palmer Trinity Student Blake Miller Receives Mayor's Shining Scholars Award

Palmer Trinity School (PTS) senior, Blake Miller, was presented with the Mayor’s Shining Scholars’ The Emerging Leader Award at the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners’ meeting on April 19, 2016. The Emerging Leader Award recognizes students who have inspired positive change in others and the community.

Adorable Puppies for Sale Launches Brand New Website

When people encounter change in their lives, all of us have our own way of handling it. Some change is met with praise and adoration, while other adjustments take time and ample thought. Adding a companion to a home is one change that is associated with the former – bringing a loyal pet such as a dog is a welcome addition to the family. For one group of dog experts, matching canines with their owners is their bread and butter. Adorable Puppies for Sale has recently undergone some changes of their own, having recently retooled their website. The company engineered the website as a way of assisting dog enthusiasts in their search for a Yorkshire terrier or Maltese companion. Customers can now discover the available Yorkie and Maltese Puppies that are up for adoption, as well as puppy information and wellness. A vast array of valuable information for new dog owners is now accessible through the re-tooled website, but experienced dog owners can also learn a thing or two.

Lingerie Fighting Championships Proposals Cause Controversy: My Knickers Comments

Recent media attention has been drawn to the upcoming Lingerie Fighting Championships; a competitive sport where women wrestle each other in nothing but their underwear. Entering January, the release of a new promotional video for the biggest event of the sport to date, a 'Jekyll and Hyde showdown', attracted outcry from a number of critics. Many believe that the sport exploits and sexualises women for the gratification of an audience. Quick to respond to this have been a number of industry experts, including My Knickers.

NYC Installs New Dog Safety Deposit Boxes

A number of dog safety deposit boxes have been installed around NYC according to reports. The boxes are designed to aid would-be shoppers who cannot leave their beloved four legged friend alone for various logical reasons. Chelsea Brownridge came up with the initial concept for the Dog Parker safety deposit box as she was fed up with having to leave her pet at home whilst she visited the shops for essential shopping items. It is intended to provide a safe and convenient alternative for shoppers who don't want to leave their dogs outside shops and who cannot leave them at home.

"Practical Enlightenment," by Being Here Hosts Ariel & Shya Kane, Receives Awards, Accolades and International Translations

LogoBest-selling authors and internationally-acclaimed seminar leaders Ariel & Shya Kane are honored to announce the following news about their latest book Practical Enlightenment.

Dyanna Spa Presents Its Specialized Spa Services to Both Men and Women

Body care and personal enhancement is not limited to women today. It is also not only limited to the affluent class as it is needed by almost everybody. There are a wide variety of treatments and services that are available, but only a few master the art of these services. Spa services is quite popular across the world and is regarded as one of the best ways to take care of your body and mind. There are a number of companies that offer these services, but it is only a few who offer the best results at the most affordable price. Known as a popular Manhattan Spa service provider, Dyanna Spa is involved in offer specialized services to both men and women.

Divorce Finances Expert Stan Corey Shares Insights on Family Matters April 26

LogoDuring divorce, both parties need to understand their financial and emotional situations. For decades Stan Corey, Certified Financial Planner™ and author of The Divorce Dance, has been educating divorce clients about their assets, debts, and past and future incomes. He will share information about what people need to know and how they can find the professional support they need during divorce. Hidden income can affect alimony decisions, so they need to know where to look for it. If one spouse has stock options, the other may need help figuring out what they are worth in order to negotiate a fair plan for their Property Settlement Agreement. Retirement accounts can also be confusing, and, because of tax consequences and maintenance expenses, $500,000 worth of equity in a piece of real estate does not have the same financial value as $500,000 in a retirement account.

Burn Victim Giulio Vidali Seeks Funding Support for Face Transplant Surgery

LogoGiulio Vidali had a terrible accident when he was just four years old. While sitting close to a fireplace, he suffered over 60% burn when a bottle of gasoline exploded. Now thirty-one years old, Giulio has already undergone forty-eight reconstructive surgeries. Since 1990, he has frequently travelled between Italy and USA for his medical requirements.

Ecuadorian Rainforest Offers Discounts to Wholesale Ingredients This May

This May, Ecuadorian Rainforest, a wholesale nutraceuticals company, is putting several of its popular sea ingredients on sale. These ingredients have been some of the most wanted by consumers.

Yeouth Reveals the Advantages of Topical Application of Vitamin C Serum

Hylauronic acid serum is all the rage for being an anti-aging product that dramatically improves skin health and condition, especially with maturing skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural product found in the body's tissues, keeping it younger-looking and plump.

Young, New Hippie Rapper, Lyrical Sweetness Aficionado Launches Her Lil Red Brand

Emerging new age, story-telling musical artiste Lil Red, who loves spreading messages that are real and relatable to all young people dealing with the struggles of today's society through her music, has announced the launch of her new website, brand, and very first single.

Nanci Perrin's Digital Baby Thermometer - The Perfect Baby Shower Gift for New Moms

Nanci Perrin, a leading provider of digital fever thermometers, is pleased and excited to announce as well as inform everyone out there about the availability of their high-powered flagship product – 'Nanci Perrin Digital Baby Thermometer.'

5k Races in Columbia, SC Have Never Been This Fun

LogoColumbia, SC runners and fun seekers, get ready for the most exciting, bounciest 5k obstacle course that has ever been in South Carolina! Experienced marathon runners, casual joggers, outdoor enthusiasts, and everyone in between will want to join in on the fun that is the XtremeAIR 5k! Coming to Saluda Shoals Park on May 21st, the XtremeAIR 5k is an inflatable obstacle course race unlike any of the 5k races in Columbia, SC you've participated in before.

New Childcare Company Offers Premier Baby Nurse Services to South Florida Area

LogoHappy Newborns introduces quality nanny services for babies from 0 to 4 years old. Specializing in newborn care, Happy Newborns' baby nurses offer a wide range of nanny services that benefit mom, baby, and the entire family.

Ed Roman Releases Veterans Benefit Video Featuring Award Winning Artists from Around the Globe

It started with an help his fellow man by creating art that would touch people's hearts and souls, inviting them to "pay it forward..." That idea became a song..."Lay One Down" was released on Veterans Day 2015, as a benefit for Heart Songs For Veterans. That song became an Interactive Global Music Video Initiative, with award-winning artists from around the world coming together over a period of two months, to contribute their time and talents to Ed Roman's "Lay One Down" music video.

Dyanna Spa Offers Wide Varieties of Wax Treatments and Spa Services at Attractive Prices

Spa treatment is getting increasingly popular among men and women of all age groups. It helps them to rejuvenate and revitalize their lost spirit and energy and to calm down their mind and soul. The treatment yields good results for those who want to regain younger looking appearance naturally. There are many salons that offer wide range of spa and waxing treatments at comparatively lower prices. Dyanna Spa is one such saloon which is specialized in providing different types of spa and waxing services to both male and female clients. The saloon will provide special waxing and spa treatments to mothers as a part of its Mother's Day Spa Special in Manhattan NY. Digital Agency's Lance Bachmann Slated to Speak on the Evolution of SEO at Philly Tech Week 2016 Digital Agency is pleased to announce that their founder and CEO, Lance Bachmann, will be participating in the Media Conference portion of this year's Philly Tech Week. There, Bachmann is slated to speak about the "Evolution of SEO." His discussion is set to take place on Tuesday, May 3rd at 1:00PM at FringeArts, located on 140 North Columbus Boulevard. Those interested in attending are encouraged to register here.

The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey Brings Awareness to Effect of Problem Gambling on Children

Throughout the month of April, the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey supports National Child Abuse Prevention Month by raising awareness of the deleterious effects that problem gambling can have on children. With the exception of Utah and Hawaii, all states, including New Jersey, allow for legalized gambling in some form. The availability of gambling in New Jersey, and the proliferation of Internet-based gaming in addition to traditional casinos, leads to an increased risk of problem gambling. According to an article by Council staff member Pamela Wade, evidence suggests that problem gambling is associated with the maltreatment and neglect of children.

The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey Weighs in on Rise of eSports

Put simply, the term eSports refers to playing video games competitively for money. This kind of gaming competition is on the rise worldwide, and draws millions of fans in each year. As with other forms of competitive game-playing, participating in eSports tournaments is lucrative for a few skilled players. For most others, it is merely a hobby. However, some players can fall too deeply into the allure of virtual gaming, and suffer financial, social or medical consequences. The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey would like to acknowledge the parallels between the addictive potential of eSports and disordered gambling associated with traditional casino games as well as Internet gambling sites. The Council offers 24/7 support, treatment and hope to individuals who are suffering from problem gambling.

Global Child Labour Certification Mark Announces UK Launch

LogoA group of international social entrepreneurs – 'Child Labor Free' (CLF) – have brought a new global accreditation system to the UK which will allow companies across all product categories to have their supply chains independently certified as 'Child Labor Free'. Qualifying businesses will be able to display the prestigious mark of certification, communicating where their brand is on the journey to becoming child labor free. 

ART MONACO 2016 Announces New Dates October 27-30, 2016

ART MONACO, the biggest and most exclusive contemporary art show in the French Riviera for the past 7 years, has announced the change of its dates for the 2016 edition.

Superior Register Donates Portion of Each Sale to Kitten Rescue of Mason County

LogoFeral cats make up a large portion of the felines in the United States, with estimates reaching 70 million. Although places like Disneyland use these cats to control rodent populations, the large majority of these cats are unaccounted for and uncared for. Fortunately, generous volunteers such as Norma Webb exist. Her organization, Kitten Rescue of Mason County, takes in unwanted cats and kittens in Mason County, Washington and provides them with medical treatment, spay/neuters them, and finds loving homes for a low adoption fee. Local business owner Marcia Gibbons has pledged to donate $4 of each sale of her Kitten with Ball cover check register to the non-profit organization. Her company, Superior Register, is known for their long-lasting and easy-to-use transaction register that eases the lives of countless Americans each year.

America's Blended Family Expert Releases Exciting Book Series on Co-Parenting

Parents struggling to co-parent in harmony are set to get some help when America's Blended Family Expert, Merissa V. Grayson, releases The Business of Co-Parenting book series in April.

With 'The Spring's of Life Children's Center' Invest Into a Life-Giving Environment for Your Children by Enrolling

Children are future of nation. Bringing them up in a caring, loving yet creative and opportunistic environment allow them to flourish and become productive part of the society. Spring's of Life Children's Center operates with the same mission of bringing up children in a safe and caring environment while providing support to the parents through their journey of parenting.

Fighting for Freedom: New York Blues Legend Tomas Doncker Featured on Youtube 360 Videos Channel

I.M.P Music PR today announced the beginning of a series of Google features on Youtube's official 360 channel of the intense new footage of Tomás Doncker and his True Groove All Stars performing The Mess We Made. Examiner says of Donckers dynamic new record, " It'll get you moving even though it deals with serious topics like racial injustice." His previous record, Big Apple Blues, a collaboration with Pulitzer Prize Winner Youseff Komunyakaa, was called " an eloquent slow burner that warms the listener to the Doncker vibe, welcoming her into the fervid blues he reserves for New York City." while All About Jazz credits him with "channeling classic rockers like Hendrix."

A Blog All About Women and Women's Issue: Women's Health Bag Launched

LogoAt women's health bag, you will get a daily scoop on how to live a healthy and happy life. Most of the women are surrounded by numerous health, social and personal issues and they find it difficult to discuss them with anybody around. This women's blog will act as a guide as how a woman should act in different situations. Some of the blogs will inspire to hit the gym, try something new or even change your lifestyle.

Shortkins, the Answer to Stockings' Frustrations, Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoShortkins, a revolutionary development to the frustrating leggings/stockings sizes plaguing so many women today, this week officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for garnering widespread support and financial backing for the official production. Different from regular stockings, the Shortkins features an infused cotton short-like top to ensure a tight fit for all users.