Social and Consumer Press Releases

Bill to Allocate Federal Lands for Hunting and Shooting Activities - Will the Senate Finally Approve It?

In the last few years, the proposal by the bipartisan party to allocate federal lands to hunting and shooting activities has been jolting around Congress and a number of proposals were geared towards allowing people to utilize the thousands of acres of land run by the federal government.

Inelor's "Thousands See God" Campaign Launches on Kickstarter

Inelor ( launches its “Thousands See God” campaign on Kickstarter (, to collect funds for a DVD about the existence of God.

Go Ask Mum Delivers Best Parenting Advice to Parents with a Motive to Support & Assist

Supporting the parents without any selfish motive to earn bags of money, Go Ask Mum delivers the best parenting advice to parents for raising children under the most beneficial guidance. Indeed, it is a great parenting forum for real mums who are going to be assisted by the real mums itself.

Hu-MAN Up's Indiegogo Campaign to Help End Rape Culture Through Billboards, Bus Signs & Theater

Logohu-MAN Up, an arm of the 501c3, the planet project is comprised of men and women working as allies across gender and generations, to help end Rape Culture, via creative, unconventional means of cultivating compassion, respect, and responsibility, inspiring action, and helping to end sexism and gender violence in Lancaster, PA and beyond.

Bespoke Suits: Mirroring Men's Sense of Style and Personality

LogoThe best bespoke suit doesn’t come cheap; as a matter of fact a designer bespoke suit may cost several thousands of dollars. Some may find it a wise investment for these are long lasting.

Local Gainesville Orthodontist Sponsors Falcon Training Camp Youth Weekend

The local orthodontic practice will be on hand to give away gear from their office during the two days of the Atlanta Falcons Youth Weekend. They will also give away complimentary orthodontic treatment through their “Get Your Smile in the Game” sweepstakes.

Story About Woman Being Found After 7 Years Stranded on an Island Proves to Be Fabricated

A story titled, “Google Earth Finds Woman Trapped on Deserted Island for 7 Years” that went viral online across social media has proven to be a fabricated story, created by the popular satire website

Saber-Tooth Tiger Clone Is Fake, Website Announces

A story that recently went viral and caused quite a storm of discussion online has recently been announced as fake, by satire website “While we would love to see a saber-tooth tiger cloned, unfortunately it didn’t really happen. The story was first published on our fake news site, and although the story is outrageous and purely done for entertainment value, that didn’t stop several credible news outlets from running the story,” explained a websites representative.

Florida Singles Matchmakers Reveal the Truth About Finding Love as a Busy Professional

Palm Beach Gardens dating service, Florida Singles, take on the many difficulties busy professionals face in the dating world and how their matchmaking staff can help them overcome these challenges and kick up their romantic life.

Shaver Studio Publishes Best of List for 2014 Including Shavers, Beard Trimmers and More

Whether it’s a five o’clock shadow or a Greek philosopher, the potential for fashionable facial hair is now within reach with a huge range of tools being created to allow men to use grooming to customize their look in a way no one else can. Having the right tools however can mean the difference between a smooth face and a shaving rash and the difference between sharp edges and ragged varied lengths for those with a beard. To overcome these problems Shaver Studio is helping people make the right consumer choices by publishing it’s Best Of 2014 collections.

The Impulsive Desire Method Ebook Launches & Exposes Alex Carter's Secrets to Make Her Desire You

The Impulsive Desire Method is one e-book which has changed the lives of thousands of people. This guide shows women straight from the mouth of the expert that attraction is about so much more than just good looks. The guidebook shows women how they can make any guy subconsciously and strongly addicted to them. The impulsive desire method has amazing user ratings. It is undoubtedly a revolutionary guide which is available in two versions, Make Him Desire You and Make Her Desire You.

A New and Natural Way Discovered to Cure ED in One Month, for Good

Erectile Dysfunction, or ED, is being faced by a lot of male population in the present times. The new ‘Penomet Pump’ is a top notch penis enlargement pump which has been specifically created for men who are facing ED. With its cylinder and variable gaiter system, the safe and proven ED remedy tends to work its magic and can completely eliminate or reduce erectile dysfunction within a month after the first use.

Married but Lonely Launched to Provide Online Guide for Those Looking for an Affair

Some things in life have been skewed in the perceptions of a generation thanks to their usefulness in Hollywood for creating tension and drama. Violent crime is broadly decreasing over time, while movies get more violent. Equally, infidelity is seen as an explosive and game-ending occurrence when in fact it is relatively common. Married But Lonely is a new site that aims to redefine having an affair, with a sympathetic eye fixed firmly on those seeking fulfillment outside of their marriage. The site aims to provide a resource center that will enable individuals to commit adultery on their terms.

Impulsive Desire Method Ebook Launches & Reveals Remarkable Strategies on the Best Ways to Make Her Desire You Euphorically

The Impulsive Desire Method is one e-book which has changed the lives of thousands of people. This guide shows women straight from the mouth of the expert that attraction is about so much more than just good looks. The guidebook shows women how they can make any guy subconsciously and strongly addicted to them. The impulsive desire method has amazing user ratings. It is undoubtedly a revolutionary guide which is available in two versions, Make Him Desire You and Make Her Desire You.

New Homemade Bath and Body Magazine Takes Newsstands by Storm

LogoStampington & Company steps outside of its carefully carved niche this year with its newest publication, Willow and Sage. The semiannual title turns the company’s crafting lens onto the art of homemade bath and body products, gift-giving, and natural living. The 144-page magazine features 70 recipes and homemade gift ideas, along with uses for natural products and inventive, do-it-yourself packaging. After just eight weeks on newsstands, Willow and Sage has already begun putting down roots as a strong addition to Stampington’s publication list, out-performing every other magazine launch in the publisher’s history.

The Founder and CEO of Village X Mike Buckler Seeks Support from Indiegogo to Create the World's First Completely Transparent Mobile Giving Experience

LogoPeople sincerely want to make the world a better place, but it's hard to know how to help. Americans love to micro-donate to great causes while shopping, and global consumers overwhelmingly favor brands associated with a cause, given comparable price and quality. Yet, when they give at the supermarket, where does their money go? Is it really helping anyone?

Current, Former Pros Hit the Court in Houston Charity Hoops League

LogoCurrent and former NBA, European and college basketball stars are coming together this summer in the Bradley League, a weekly hoops league featuring legends of the game.

Leading Photography Tour Company Opens Online Virtual Cafe

Light & Land, a company specialising in landscape photography and tours of the world's most scenic places, has announced the opening of the online virtual café on its website. The Light and Land Café is a place where people can interact and share their views before or after a tour. There are many topical discussions, covering a range of subjects of interest to people.

TCPI Promotes Sustainable Development at SIDS Conference

LogoThe Children's Project International (TCPI) announced today plans to participate in the UN's Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS). The conference is TCPI's most recent partnership initiative at a time when the organization has increased its international advocacy profile through special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

RHOOST Announces Launch of New Eco-Friendly Baby Grooming Kit

Rhoost LLC, the Boston based leader of Eco Friendly Child Safety Products announced the release of their first All-Natural Baby Grooming Kit, the company’s first product to address baby’s bathing and grooming needs. Announced on their website April 1st and available to consumers early June this year on RHOOST.COM.

Kestrel Aircraft Opens Social Media Aviation Site

LogoKestrel Aircraft, wants to treat the entire aviation community to a "Morning Cup". Kestrel Aircraft, the leader in single-engine turboprop innovation, announced today their new strategy in customer communications. "Kestrel wants to change the way consumers interact in the aviation market" said Chief technologist, Rj Siegel. "Social media is changing the very foundations of corporate structure. The aggregate voices of Facebook, Twitter, etc. reward consumers with vast collective power. When thousands of your customers talk to each other about the relative merits or dysfunctions of your product, you had better listen. Your competitors certainly will."

Free Ice Cream Giveaways to Spread Environmental Issues Across the USA

The United States today is facing several environmental issues that have been imposing a threat to the wildlife in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. The accumulation of non-recyclable waste, burning of fossil fuels, and continuous degradation of the ozone layer are all contributing to what we now know as global warming. There have been several approaches in making the world still a livable place yet only few hands are working to make a difference. There are still those that contribute much about degrading our natural resources and several environmentalists are doing their research to come up with the best approach in preserving our environment.

News of Google Earth Spots Missing Woman Stuck for 7 Years in Deserted Island Uncovered as Friendly Joke

Google Earth, the incredible invention that allows for satellite viewing of just about anything on the planet, has given back Gemma Sheridan her life, reported by many on social media and online forums. According to news articles, the British woman was finally rescued from the uninhabited island where she struggled to survive for seven long years through the help of Google Maps.

Safelet Offers a Chance to Get a Safety Bracelet for One Dollar

Safelet is a bracelet that allows people to send out an emergency alert to their friends, family and the police with just one click. Everfind, the team behind it, is raisng money on Indiegogo, the largest international crowdfunding platform.

Classified Webpages Launched Offering Free Classifieds and Paid Advertizing Options to Get the Best Deals and Steals

There's many ways to bargain hunt online, but few have withstood the test of time as well as hunting down deals in classified ads. Now stepping up to bring many of the best deals and steals to one place is the new site Classified Webpages. Classified Webpages is approaching the topic in a way that's both creative and functional and the early response from users and advertisers has been enthusiastic.

Xocai Scam Investigative Report Provides New Insights Into Misinformation as Partisan Personal Opinions Only

LogoThe purpose of this press release is to announce that Adam Paul Green (Bakersfield, California), who is a Xocai Scam Investigative Reporter, has proof into blatant falsehoods. The MXI Corp fraud investigation proves that there is negative criticism statements and that they were just partisan personal opinions. Mr. Green has more details of these falsehoods at his website:

The Eagle Group PI Succeed in Reuniting Marine Corp Officer with Daughter Missing for 3 Years

An average of 2,300 missing persons is reported every day in America, and the National Center For Missing Adults is constantly tracking around 48,000 cases at any given time. In 2013 the FBI had over 83,000 active cases, and over 47,000 were located, leaving almost half unfound. The likelihood of a missing person being found decreases with the increase of time since the first report; as such, finding someone after three years is all but impossible. The Eagle Group PI however achieved the impossible, reuniting a Marine Corp Officer with his daughter.