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Sodafish Launches New Website and Portfolio

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Limburg, Belgium -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2014 -- Sodafish, who specializes in creative iconography and pictographic design, today announces the launch of its redesigned website. Visitors can now discover a wider diversity in styles and possibilities with regards to icon and pictogram design; going from functional or abstract design to more figurative and illustrative approaches. All with the unmistakable fingerprint of the clients unique brand identity.

The new website features fresh content and updated client projects. It is now optimised for high resolution displays for a better viewing experience, which results in sharper images. This was very welcome for displaying small items like some of our interface icons. The website is build with responsive design technology, allowing it to look and perform good on both mobile and desktop environments. This includes modern tablets and smartphones. It boasts a flat and minimal design which is also easy to navigate. A new feature introduced is our little pinboard, which showcases smaller projects still worthy of sharing.

Visit the new website at http://www.sodafish.com

About Sodafish
Sodafish was founded by Tom Nulens, a Belgian graphic designer. Tom applies both cognitive insight and creativity to the practice of iconography and pictographic design. To strip an object, action or concept down to its barest essence. To abstract its message and simplify its logic. Before transforming it into a consistent, functional, accessible and aesthetic communicative tool with the power to spark both action and reaction. (To put it in a nutshell – which is what sodafish does best.) 

In a world increasingly defined by diversity and complexity, sodafish opens the doors to a simpler and richer form of communication. By creating a universal, visual language that has the power to transform your environment into an efficient communicative interface. Put simply, we build bridges. Between objects and users; environments and inhabitants; signs and ideas; brands and consumers.