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Sodom: Searing, Sensual New Erotica Explores a Fictional Town Where Dominatrices Rule

Written by Ron Stephenson, ‘Sodom’ is a shockingly explicit new novel, detailing a future where men have been enslaved for their sins, and women use BDSM for punishment… and sexual fulfillment.


Soquel, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2014 -- With the overwhelming popularity of series like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ by E.L. James and ‘Crossfire’ by Sylvia Day, BDSM is on everyone’s minds these days – whether they’d admit it or not…

Author Ron Stephenson isn’t too shy to admit that he finds the concept of dominance and submission fascinating, and further, he sees a cultural shift that could spell a different future for men and for women.

“Throughout history, women have evolved to control men in a different way,” says the author. “More and more men are interested in being dominated by women and have been more open about going to Dominatrices – even though that sexual proclivity has been around since the beginning of time. It’s a bit like ‘coming out of the closet’ and finally saying, this is what I like, and I’m not ashamed of it.”

With his new novel, ‘Sodom’, Stephenson has penned an entertaining, raw and erotic tale of pain, pleasure and punishment.


If you like the book 50 Shades of Gray and are in to BDSM the book SODOM is for you.

The City of SODOM has their own rules and regulations and allows things that wouldn’t happen in other cities to happen without any consequences. Cities all over the United States do whatever they want and really are not controlled by anyone except local authorities and politicians. San Francisco is a good example of passing laws and allowing illegal things to go along without doing anything about it. Drugs are legal in some states now and prostitution is also legal in Nevada and towns all around the country.

Dominatrix had taken over the City of Sodom making it a place to shop for torture devices, clothing, food, and articles related to their trade. They capture slaves by enticing them to their town then converting them to be used in the vineyards and wineries. Their wine and marijuana is sold all over the country to help offset the cost of running the town. Techniques are taught in the town of how to turn a person into a slave to be used at their discretion. For the right price a wife can have her husband trained to be subservient to her and only her. The success rate is 99% once they are under the dominatrix control. It is almost impossible to escape due to the electronic shocking devices planted on the subject’s spine. Dominatrix is a way for women to get even with men for enslaving them throughout history.

Once a year Dominatrix Incorporated or DI for short have a convention for one week culminating with Dominatrix of the Year being crowned. Three Dominatrix are chosen from one of each area of the country East, West and Midwest to compete. The contestants are provided with a virgin slave to be trained in five days. At the end of the five days a grand tournament is held in an arena like in the Roman times. The newly trained slaves are required to perform different sex acts and are humiliated in front of the crowd. There are three Dominatrix judges in the tournament scoring each event.

Unknowingly Bill Fox, Arnold Snyder, and Doug Curry find themselves tricked into coming to Sodom on their monthly motorcycle ride. The three men are wife abusers who unknowingly to them their wives have paid Sodom to retrain them to be subservient to them. The three men are drugged and end up competing in the competition as slaves to be trained. Each slave is put through a grueling training and sex program for five days before being exhibited on a Saturday in front of the large crowd of Dominatrix conventioneers from all over the country.

To the author, pain is as natural as pleasure, and he believes that it’s just human nature to mix the two.

“Look at our cultural fascination with books about BDSM, or the way we watch extreme sports,” says Stephenson. “In a way, pleasure is pain, and vice versa. We derive a lot of enjoyment and sometimes even sexual fulfillment from activities that can be perceived as painful or even from inflicting pain on others. As long as it’s consensual, I don’t see the harm – and in fact, I think it’s a very healthy thing!”

Continuing: “With books like mine, people can feel freer to express their sexual preferences, their desires and their fantasies. It’s a way of exploring that hidden side of your nature without taking the plunge. That’s the beauty of erotica.”

‘Sodom’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1kVyrkH

About Ron Stephenson
The author lived in a complex where 300 singles lived and there was a party every night. The year Ron spent in this complex gave him different ideas on how sex is perceived. While researching the book Sodom the thing that came out in Ron’s mind was from the beginning of time humans relished inflicting pain on others and receiving pain. Football, extreme fighting, and all kinds of sports inflict pain on each other to the joy of the crowd.. Look around you at all these people with tattoos, different kinds piercing all over their bodies which is very painful and used in sexual activities. From the ancient times domination has been practiced by males and females whether it is physical or mental. Everyone goes to extreme pains to keep in shape or lose weight at some time in their life. Movies and video games have glorified torture and mayhem. If you think about it the sex act is an extreme use of your body that causes pain and pleasure.