South Beach Smoke Electric Cigarette Is Still on Sale Says shares the ongoing South Beach Smoke sale with smokers .The brand offers a discount of 25% to its users.

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- The fall season gives smokers a chance to save money as South Beach Smoke offers discount of 25% on starter kits. The starter kits have also been in great demand by the e cig smokers and now even when the prices have been slashed down, the brand expects an increase in sales say experts.

A smoker can now enjoy the season with a nice hot coffee and few smokes, the smoker can do so without harming oneself with tobacco and carcinogenic elements that are present in other smoking devices. The e cigarettes contain almost no harmful element which can affect the human body in an adverse way say experts. South Beach Smoke e cigarettes have great flavors that can be turned into vapors to have a relishing smoking experience.

The Deluxe Starter Kit is a 2-component kit that combines atomizer and e cigarette cartridges into one solid piece. The kit supports all the basic utilities required for smokers and is priced at $59.99 after discount. Deluxe Plus Starter Kit is the most popular starter kit with the brand that was available for $139.99 but now can be easily afforded at a price of $89.99. This kit includes all the basic elements and accessories that a smoker needs to have for smoking. The brand recommends Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit that offers an added advantage of 15 cartridges and a Personal Charging Case which is the best and most popular accessory. The kit is available at an easy price of $159.99.

An e cig smoker said “The best e cigarette I find with the South Beach Smoke and it is 100% smoke-free. I am no longer pulling toxic smoke into my lungs. Not only is that probably healthier for me, it also doesn't bother those around me” and even in ecstasy suggests the brand to change the name of company to South Beach Smokeless!

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