South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Elite Range of E Cigarette Starter Kits

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- South beach smoke is an established name in the vapor cigarette market. This vapor cigarette brand offers and excellent and elite variety of Vapor cigarette starter kits which are perfectly designed to suit the need of the vapers. South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette is known to offer products that are at par with many of the products offered by the Best Electronic Cigarette makers available but the prices for electronic cigarette starter kits are almost the half if compared with some other top electronic cigarette brands.

South Beach Smoke e cigarette has four different packages and kits to choose from and in its list of electronic cigarette starter kits the brand recently made a new addition which is the reusable E Cigarette Starter Kit. The previous list has the deluxe starter kit which is an effective kit, not very basic, not very loaded but just perfectly balanced to comply with the requirements of an e cigarette user. The deluxe kit has 5 nicotine cartridges, 1 wall charger, 1 SuperMax battery and one extra capacity SuperMax battery. An enhancement to this is the second kit which is the deluxe plus e cigarette starter kit which comes with extra user-friendly accessories in addition to what the deluxe kit offers.

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There is also the deluxe ultimate starter kit which has 20 cartridges, a personal charging case which can charge the E Cigarette put inside it and can carry even more. The package has other items too like the power cig, three types of batteries and is totally worth the cost for it is fully loaded. There are two other kits namely, the couple combo kit and the reusable e cigarette starter kit which is also the most affordable e cigarette starter kit.

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Expert at say,” There is a clear distinction between the kits, a normal vaper can go for the deluxe one, a medium vaper can go for the deluxe plus and a vaping enthusiast can go for the ultimate e cigarette starter kit, south beach smoke has certainly made the choice easy with these kits.”

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