South Beach Smoke Goes Hi Tech in an Effort to Make the Best Electric Cigarette of 2014

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette has been referred by many as one of the most dominant electric cigarette that is currently on the market. They have also been on a relentless campaign to redefine the vapor cigarette to ensure that they meet the needs of their smokers. One of the ways that south beach smoke e cigarettte is doing this is by the use of a uniquely manufactured silicone tip that is built into the mouth piece of the electric cigarette. This is aimed at making sure that there are no leakages when vaping and to ensure there is no loss of the electronic cigarette juice. It also allows the vaper to fully enjoy the benefits of a full and maximized draw that is similar to a regular cigarette.

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South Beach Smoke has also made efforts to distinguish themselves from the other e cigarette brands by the introduction of a crystal orange LED. This is in sharp contrast to the usual red tip that is found on other Top Electric Cigarette Brands. Currently this crystal tip is only available on the Deluxe Series Electronic Cigarette and it lights up whenever it is used as well as when the e cig needs to be recharged. The effort by South Beach Smoke to provide the best in vaping continues with their advanced Lithium-Ion battery technology. This design is created to allow maximum vapor generation as well as, a longer battery life that will offer superior performance in an all-out effort to make the best smokeless cigarette on the market.

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