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South Beach Smoke Is Giving 25% off on All Starter Kits Announces BestVaporCigarettes.Net

BestVaporCigarettes.Net reveals the latest news of South Beach Smoke. The brand is giving 25% off on all their starter kits.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2013 -- BestVaporCigarettes.Net has only one aim and that is to provide the best and all latest information about e cigs to their readers and e smokers. Thus the website reveals the latest news related to one of the leading brands of e cigs. South Beach Smoke is giving a discount of 25% on all of their starter kits.

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The starter kits that are coming with a discount of 25% are as follows

1) Deluxe Starter Kit – Deluxe Starter Kit is one of the best option for new comers. The kit includes one standard battery, one extra capacity battery, one Deluxe USB charger, one portable USB charger, and 10 large nicotine cartridges. The kit comes in $79.99 but due to the offer it is available to the customers of South Beach Smoke only at $ 59.99.

2) Deluxe Plus Starter Kit – Deluxe Plus Starter kit is the most popular starter kit offered by South Beach Smoke. This deluxe kit comes with one standard battery, one extra capacity battery, one power cig, one portable wall charger, one deluxe USB wall charger, one USB car adapter for USB charger, one Universal carrying case, and 10 Large Nicotine cartridges. The original cost price of the starter kit is $119.99 and now during the exciting offer it is only coming for $89.99.

3) Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit – Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit is the starter kit known for the amount of accessories they contain in them. This ultimate starter kit gives their smokers a better, cleaner and amazing vaping experience. This starter kit contains one automatic standard battery, one automatic extra-capacity battery, one manual extra capacity battery, one personal charging case, one power cigarette, one portable wall charger, one deluxe USB charger, one universal car adapter for USB charger, one universal carrying case, one lanyard, and 20 large nicotine cartridges. The price of this starter kit is $214.99 but in offer it is coming only for $159.99.

4) Deluxe Couples Kit Combo – Deluxe Couples Kit combo are perfect for those who want to experience their e cigs with someone special. This combo kit contains two standard batteries, two extra-capacity batteries, two deluxe USB chargers, two portable wall chargers, two car adapters, and 20 nicotine cartridges or atomizers. The original pricing of the kit is of $175.96 but by the discount offer it is available to the customers only for $ 109.99.

5) Reusable Express Kit – This Reusable Express Kit are both cheap and of good quality that will give their smokers a pleasant experience of vaping. The kit contains one standard battery, one USB charger, and two nicotine cartridges. Already the kit comes in affordable price of $33.99 but during the offer it is offered only for $ 21.99.

6) Disposable E Cigs Packs – Disposable E Cigs Pack is for the new comers who have just entered to vaping. One disposable e cig pack is equal to two packs of tobacco cigs. This e cigs pack is ready to use any time as well as is the best travel partner. The price of 4pack is of $47.96 but just because of offer it is being given only of $ 39.99 and the cost of 8pack is $ 95.92 but is being offered for $74.99 and the cost of 12pack is of $ 143.88 but is being provided only for $99.99 due to the amazing discount offer.

Thus this was a short description on all the starter kits that are being given on discounted price offered by South Beach Smoke. For any more information log on to

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