South Beach Smoke Kits Are Very Stylish and Come at Awesome Prices, Informs

South Beach Smoke kits are a part of South Beach Smoke vapor cigarettes and can be purchased online or from local stores at reasonable prices. All of them come with a broad variety of stylish accessories.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2013 -- South Beach Smoke kits are offered by the South Beach Smoke brand of electronic cigarettes and bring in a range of trendy accessories alongside. These accessories are very classy and boast of being priced reasonably. The various starter kits are the Deluxe Plus Starter Kit, the Deluxe Starter Kit, the Deluxe Couples Kit Combo, the Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit and the Reusable Express Kit.

The Deluxe Plus Starter Kit is the most accepted and fashionable vapor cigarette starter kit. It is a two section kit that merges the filter and vaporizer into one hard portion. This makes easy the taking of fresher and enhanced drags. The kit costs USD 89.99 and comes with ten huge cartomizers of nicotine that are equal to fourteen to sixteen tobacco cigarette packets.

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The Deluxe Starter Kit offers the best alternative to tobacco cigarettes and helps decrease or quit smoking with time. It is a two element kit that joins the vaporizer and filter into a hard portion. The kit generates better drags and is priced at USD 59.99. It offers ten huge cartomizers of nicotine that are equal to fourteen to sixteen cigarette packets of the desired preference of potency and aroma.

The Deluxe Couples Kit Combo is a very good alternative to couples who want to switch to vapor cigarettes simultaneously. It comes with a wide range of accessories and costs USD 109.99. The Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit comes with all the required accessories that are essential to start vaping. It offers twenty huge cartomizers of nicotine that are equal to twenty eight to thirty two tobacco cigarette packets.

The Reusable Express Kit is wrapped suitably in a compressed flip-top carton of a traditional cigarette packet size and has two cartomizers of nicotine. The kit is priced at USD 21.99 and every single filter is equivalent to one and a half cigarette packets.

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