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South Beach Smoke Lavishes Zac Efron With an E Cig Kit Shares discusses about South Beach Smoke, a popular e cigarette brand is offering the High School Musical star- Zac Efron a Deluxe Starter Kit.

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2012 -- One of the popular electronic cigarette brands, South Beach Smoke has presented the popular Zac Efron with a Deluxe Starter Kit. The young and charming High School Musical star is offered with the kit in hopes that the actor would switch to better smoking habit say sources. Zac is the latest one to be given the kit as stars like Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale, Tyler Blackburn and Robert Pattison amongst others say experts have been presented with electric cigarette kits too. reviews South Beach Smoke in the ten best e cigarette brands for smokers in the US and world.

Being a leading brand of e cigarettes, South Beach Smoke contains all the best elements that e cigarettes have. E cigarettes by the brand are made exclusive of tar, tobacco, and other carcinogens but Zac can still enjoy the same sensation and feeling like traditional cigarettes express The trend which was started by Johnny Depp in the movie The Tourist, the trend of smoking e cigarettes has been in demand since then. As per sources, Zac Efron has been seen smoking an e cigarette in New York City, which shows that the actor is gradually moving towards e cigarettes. A South Beach Smoke representative said, “Zac has already taken the first step towards making the responsible smoking decision for his health. He must remember it’s to switch to e cigs”.

Various celebrities and Hollywood stars have been a fan of South Beach Smoke as the product by the brand helps them to stay away from bad smoking habits and let them be free of smoke for their lives. The Deluxe Starter Kit by South Beach Smoke includes a standard battery, an extra capacity battery, a portable charger, and 5 large nicotine atomizers share The nicotine atomizers can be chosen in 15 different flavors and four different strengths. As per e cigarette reviews, the quality of e cigarettes being a better alternative than other devices makes the product popular with smokers and even the celebrity smokers.

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