South Beach Smoke Leads the Band of Best Rated Electronic Cigarettes in Ratings has a reputation as an honest hobby portal that gives only reliable information on smokeless smoking and a true reviewer of various electronic cigarette brands. The portal gives ratings on the brands too. Its recent rankings on the best rated electronic cigarettes gave the first position to South Beach Smoke. Here it talks on the advantages of smokeless smoking over traditional smoking.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2013 -- says that many habituated smokers are lucky to have best rated electronic cigarettes at their service. Tobacco cigarette smoking has become a taboo lately because of severe social, medical and legal restrictions. During the last decade, several countries around the world have banned the use of tobacco in any form including smoking. Many tobacco cigarette smokers have stopped smoking bowing to health, societal and statutory concerns. Unfortunately, thousands of smokers are unable to get rid of the hobby, as they have become addicts to nicotine. Electronic cigarettes are a boon to such habituated smokers. Majority of hardcore fans of tobacco cigarettes are slowly switching to smokeless cigarettes.

Click Here To Know More About The Top Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits. explains the advantages of best rated electronic cigarettes over traditional cigarettes. Smokeless cigarettes do not need burning, ignition or combustion to produce inhalable vapors. They use battery power to work like super compact and ultra portable nebulizers. Smokeless cigarettes carry a tiny reservoir in cartridges, which hold e-liquid. E-liquid is a mixture of nicotine, flavor and propylene glycol. The liquid turns into vapors as it is heated by a tiny heating element of the atomizer of the smokeless cigarette. Consumers can inhale and exhale the vapors and get the needed supply of nicotine to their systems. A consumer can initiate the vaporization process either with a flick of a button (in manual models) or by dragging on the mouthpiece (in automatic models) of the smokeless cigarette. reveals that the vapors of best rated electronic cigarettes do not emit harsh smell. They are odorless as they are generated by using a clean source of energy. They use battery power to make vapors of a given liquid, whereas tobacco cigarette need to burn tobacco and paper to produce smoke. This character of vapors is the main reason for the quick social acceptance of electronic cigarettes. People, particularly non-smokers are not disturbed or annoyed by these non-smelling vapors. Therefore, consumers can use these products almost anywhere without social stigmas. Consumers can now avoid stained teeth and smokers breathe. These are the most horrible effects of tobacco cigarette smoking.

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