South Beach Smoke Offering Best Bargain on E Cigarette Starter Kits

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2014 -- Electronic cigarette have gone cheaper in the year 2014 with most of the brands offering discounts on e cigarette products. South beach smoke is one of the leading e cigarette brands and it is currently offering 25% discount on purchase of e cigarette starter kits. South beach smoke, as per experts is offering the best bargain on electronic cigarette starter kits as the discount is available on all the starter kit options.

E cigarette starter kits have additional batteries, charger, flavored cartridges and all that is needed to use the e cigarette. Buying an e cigarette starter kit saves a user from the frequent cost of buying tobacco cigarettes as an electronic cigarette starter kit would run longer as the supplies made available with the e cigarette starter kit make sure that it works longer. With 25% discount on e cigarette starter kits, south beach smoke has made sure that the cost of maintaining electronic smoking instead of tobacco smoking is cut down even more.

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South beach smoke offers many e cigarette starter kit options. There is the deluxe starter kit, the deluxe plus starter kit, the deluxe ultimate e cigarette starter kit, deluxe couples kit combo and the reusable e cigarette starter kit which is the most affordable kit offered by south beach smoke.

There is a 25% discount available on all of the above mentioned kits. South beach smoke has also introduced some new e liquid flavors and there is also discount on multiple packs of e cig cartridges which slashes down the price of using e cigarette even more. South beach smoke is certainly presenting one of the best deals on e cigarette thus luring in more users.

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