South Beach Smoke Smokeless Cigarette Stands Strong as a Top Player of Electric Cigarette Niche

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- Electric Cigarettes/smokeless cigarettes were first introduced to Americans in the year 2007 but it was in the year 2008 that of electronic cigarette trade starter. South Beach Smoke is one of renowned smokeless cigarette brands of electric cigarette market, it is widely considered as a top rated electronic cigarette brand. Through the years many electronic cigarette brands have entered the market but only a few have managed to make a position in the market. South beach smoke electronic cigarette is known for excellent customer service, good quality and affordable prices.

Expert say that brands like south beach smoke did not just get the top spot as a coincidence instead it took efforts, because innovation, quality and performance, all criterion are supposed to be met in order to impress customers. Today south beach smoke is an established e cigarette brand with a good number of users.

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The industry has also grown with time. In the early phase electric cigarette industry did not have as many investors, users, manufacturers as it has today. As the industry began to expand many investors got keen to invest in this new, novel and innovative device. The established brand name every product today have a huge following. South beach smoke is one of the top players because through the years it has maintained certain standards and created a market within the electric cigarette market for itself.

Expert at say,” In the year 2014, we are accepting a lot of changes for the betterment of the e cigarette trade, south beach smoke is one of the best e cigarette brands, there are other brands like v2 cigs, blu cigs which are exceptional with quality and performance. As the number of people using e cigarette increases, we are sure the industry trademarks like south beach smoke, v2 cigs, and green smoke will be introducing a lot new in the market for the buyers.”

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