Ecigscorner Recognized South Beach Smoke's Efforts in Educating Celebrities About E-Cigs

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2012 -- Ecigscorner recognized South Beach Smoke’s efforts in educating smoking celebrities about electronic cigarette’s benefits.

Countless people today smoke cigarettes. Some of them just started smoking while others have been dealing with this habit for years. While people accept smoking today as a habit, celebrities can’t escape the criticizing eyes of viewers when they are caught smoking. A lot of people, especially kids and teens, look up to celebrities so they would find their practices to be cool including smoking, even if they can cause health problems. South Beach Smoke, one of the top electronic cigarette manufacturers today, continues to offer their electronic cigarettes not only for regular consumers but also for celebrities.

If you will look online today, South Beach Smoke has introduced their products as healthy smoking alternatives to celebrities. They wish these celebrities would be able to have a healthier lifestyle by choosing this healthier smoking alternative. The company has offered their products to various celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Rhys Ifans, Jenny McCarthy, and a lot more.

Ecigscorner recognized this effort done by South Beach Smoke experts. As one of the website that advocates the use of electronic cigarettes, Ecigscorner considers that South Beach Smoke absolutely leaves positive impression not only for the company but also for the electric cigarette industry. A representative for Ecigscorner said, “Smoking is a common for people who are in stressful environments like the entertainment industry. It has been a known way to relieve stress but it can also result to health problems when abused. With the help of companies like South Beach Smoke, we can say that they can help these celebrities to do away with their habit while leaving a good impression to the industry. We recognize their effort and support them by doing our part in the industry.”

Currently, South Beach Smoke is one of the top brands recommended by Ecigscorner. They have a wide array of quality e cigarette products to consumers and celebrities. With this healthy alternative, people can satisfy their smoking habit regardless of their social status, improve their health, and even get more benefits in the process.

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