E-cigarette Suits New Yorkers Lifestyle

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Binghamton, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- Undoubtedly, The Big Apple is the go-to place in pursuing the American Dream. That being said, the place is a melting pot of varied nationalities as well as corporate and industrial activities. It is therefore inevitable that the collection of these factors results to pollution. With the massive population in New York, the accumulated amount of smog from each head, no matter how little it is, already produces a gigantic percentage of smoke.

Every New Yorker would know how sensitive tobacco smoking is in the city. Government authorities and agencies had developed restrictions and sanctions in all conceivable facets to limit, or furthermore, discourage tobacco smoking. Smokers in the city had sought ways to adapt their smoking habits in the town’s low tolerance for smoke.

In compliance to the city laws, many smokers had turned to South Beach Smoke as a solution to their nicotine dilemma. NYC smokers can find a way out on every smoking impositions bestowed upon them through electronic cigarettes. The rationale behind restricting smoking in public avenues is to prevent the spread, and consequently, the risk of Second Hand Smoke. The mass low tolerance for smoke is due to the increased awareness in the health risks associated with smoking – both on its direct user, the smoker, and its outright receiver, the Second Hand Smoke recipients.

While it is true that industrial and vehicular activities account for the larger range of air pollution, smokes emitted from the town’s enormous population make up for a substantial wastes. With e-cigarette, smokers won’t have to worry about any violations – no Second Hand Smoke to produce, no dropping butts to make, and no lingering scents to leave behind.

It is a known fact that in every purchase, price is largely considered. When it comes to their spending habits, NYC smokers even spend up to $12 per pack. However, with South Beach Smoke, cigarettes users will be able to have great savings - as a pack costs at around $2 only, and a great deal of discount comes with the product when they avail of the Home Delivery Service. “I have never been satisfied with any of my cigar purchases until I had availed of South Beach Smoke products and services,” commended Brad - South Beach Smoke customer.

The advantage of e-cig compared to typical tobacco smoking is huge. Being in a mole-strict smoking place like NYC, electronic cigarette is a great way to respond to these limitations.

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