South Beach Smoke Reaching Out to Celebrities Through E-Cigs, Commended by Ecigscorner

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- Ecigscorner commended South Beach Smoke’s reaching out to celebrities through electronic cigarette.

Different smoking habits of individuals are enjoying the lenient position it has with the society today. These smokers encompass varied race, age range, social status and other societal classifications. However, the public holds a different view when it comes to celebrity smoking. As the people view them with high regard, the mass is inclined to imitate their activities, most especially among children and teenagers.

Even though the public is generally aware of the risks associated with smoking, they tend to ignore it especially because smoking gives them a pleasurable experience. Such disregard is intensified when they see celebrities smoking.

In line with South Beach Smoke’s adherence to healthier smoking habit, they proposed their products to different celebrities namely, Jennifer Aniston, Rhys Ifans, Jenny McCarthy, and many more. Just like their regular customers, the company hopes for these stars to be able to adapt a healthier lifestyle. Likewise, they are aware of the commercial power of the celebrities that would greatly help in persuading the community to choose electric cigarette as a substitute to typical smoking.

Ecigscorner has listed South Beach Smoke as one of the top companies producing high quality vapor cigars as a result of the smokers and experts’ reviews. Treading the same advocacy of South Beach Smoke to establish smokeless cigar as a tobacco substitute, Ecigscorner commended the company’s effort towards celebrities. Ecigscorner spokesman explained that, “People usually resort to smoking as a way to instantly alleviate their stress. It is therefore not a surprise that the habit is rampant in the entertainment industry, which is stressful in nature. However, smokers tend to abuse this habit due to its addicting factor.”

The speaker furthers that, “We are glad that companies like South Beach Smoke exist. The company definitely helps in sending out positive image for the e cigarette industry. We help sustain their efforts by staying true to our vision.”

The public can visit Ecigscorner website to view South Beach Smoke products. The company has an extensive selection of vapor products that will aid every smoker’s attempt to adapt a healthy lifestyle.

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