South Beach Smoke Offers 15% off on All E Cig Starter Kits

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Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2012 -- To encourage more and more smokers to switch to electronic cigarette, South Beach Smoke offers a 15 percent off deal in all of their electronic cigarette starter kits products.

South Beach Smoke, one of the leading brands in the electronic cigarette industry offers its potential customers one good deal by slashing 15 percent to the prices of all well-loved starter kits and other express kits on their product line-up. The discount is made to give both new and old electronic cigarette users a chance to a cheaper electronic cigarette starter kits.

“South Beach Smoke encourages smokers to quit the unhealthy vice by switching to a healthier alternative which are electronic cigarettes. So as our way of opening the door to a much cheaper switch, we decide to cut down a percentage of the regular price of all our starter kits. We also slash the price of our reusable express kits to give variety to those who want to start a new and innovative alternative to smoking,” a representative from South Beach Smoke said.

The cost of cigarette when you take the sum of consumption is way too high. The rise of electronic cigarette in the industry cuts a percentage to the cigarette consumption cost of smokers who decide to switch. And with the 15 percent off, the savings for embarking on a healthier smoking with vapor is a lot bigger.

Cigarette consumption cost is not ideal during these times where the economy is a little rough. A cheaper and better alternative is always a good try. Trying the electric cigarette starter kits can pave one’s way to a healthier smoking habit with the same cigarette feel minus the unnecessary chemicals and the effects of second hand smoking.

One can now enjoy the Deluxe Starter Kit, the Deluxe Plus Starter Kit, the Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit and the Reusable Express Kit in great discount. These starter kits are the best line-up for South Beach Smoke and have been gaining a lot of users from all over the United States including celebrities like Mel Gibson and Katherine Heigl. With the discounts offered by South Beach Smoke, one can have the ideal switch smoothly and at a good deal.

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