Electronic Cigarette Review Website WhereTheresSmoke.net Discusses Facts on the South Beach Smoke ‘Premium Starter Kit’

WhereTheresSmoke.net has discusses the South Beach Smoke Premium Starter Kit as an entrant into the world of smokeless cigarettes.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2012 -- Electronic cigarette review website WhereTheresSmoke.net has discussed the South Beach Smoke Premium Starter Kit as a perfect entrant into the world of smokeless smoking. While this statement may sound absurd, it is very much true, simply because electronic cigarettes are free from the highly offensive second hand smoke and definitely perfect for those individuals who would love to continue smoking cigarettes but avoid inhaling the highly toxic chemicals, which are usually associated with regular cigarettes.

This electronic cigarette brand is known the world over for its starter kits and the Premium Starter Kit is often considered as the stepping stone into the world of smokeless smoking. This kit is ideally suited for those smokers who have decided to give electronic cigarettes a try and are seeking the taste and pleasures derived from these smokeless devices before taking their final decision. As per the South Beach Smoke professionals, this kit has all the ingredients which a smoker usually requires.

This cheap electronic cigarette brand is offering a lithium ion battery, an atomizer, a wall charger and six nicotine cartridges, in its Premium Starter Kit. The price of this kit is just $29.99 and the end user can actually relish a thrilling smoke using it. A single refill cartridge is equivalent to paying $1.86 per pack of regular cigarettes, which in turn spells great savings for the budget conscious smoker. Apparently, the low and highly affordable pricing of the Premium Kit has helped smoking enthusiasts to consider using the Premium Kit instead of any other.

South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette brand is also known to offer a high quality after sales support system in the form of their home delivery system. With the use of this, smokers can get products dispatched to their doorstep. The elite review panel at WhereTheresSmoke.net also found the best electronic cigarette Premium Kit to be well equipped to fulfill the basic requirements of smokers with utmost ease.

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