Sports Press Releases

Phoenix Sport Club Appoints Liz Jennings as General Manager

Phoenix Sport Club is an American sports club located at 301 West Bristol, Trevose, Pennsylvania and has recently appointed Liz Jennings as General Manager of their facility.

Socialsport Dance Club Offers Zumba Classes Along with Ballroom Dance Lessons

Socialsport Dance Club, located in Abington, PA, offers Zumba classes along with ballroom dance lessons for adults. People who are looking to get fit and in shape for the upcoming summer can turn to this dance studio to get on the right track. Dancing has been found to be one of the best aerobic exercises for people who like to have fun while they work out and the Zumba classes at this organization are no exception.

Flyer Sportfishing Gearing Up for Spring Catch

Flyer Sportfishing, the leading deep sea fishing company in Hawaii, is gearing up for their spring catch. Light tradewinds are making for calm conditions, which will be perfect for when fish such as mahi mahi and onos which are expected to multiply as spring progresses.

Champion Racing Oil Dominates ASCS National Series Opener

LogoSam Hafertepe was able to build sizable leads on the competition throughout the race weekend. Following up Hafertepe' runs both nights were Justin Henderson in the BDS Motorsports/NGK Spark Plugs/Champion Oil No. 1 and Johnny Herrera in the Mesilla Valley Transportation/Champion Oil No. 45x.

Clients Are Turning to PerformTex for Their Kinesiology Tape

PerformTex™ is a Pennsylvania-based athletic supply company that started locally in Hatboro, PA, but has since expanded across the entire country. The company is predominantly known for their trademark branded athletic kinesiology therapeutic tape, which assists all athletes in managing pain and comfort.

Global Cycling Helmet Market 2017- MET,Selev,KASK

LogoGlobal Cycling Helmet Market 2017 Research Report offers a complete and in-depth analysis of the growth rate of the Cycling Helmet industry. In the first section, Cycling Helmet Market report presents the overview of Cycling Helmet industry which includes definitions, classifications, applications and Cycling Helmet industry chain structure. Global Cycling Helmet Market further includes Cycling Helmet development history, competitive analysis of Cycling Helmet industry.

The Search for Balance Pads of High Quality Can Now Come to an End

Here is some news that may interest those who are fond of doing yoga, gymnastics, surfing, skating and all types of balance sports. They can now buy the balance pad, the yoga pad and the balance mat they want from the company, Simplistic Products. Simplistic Products points out that they are based in the USA and UK and that they are offering balance pads and Wobble Balance Board Trainer pads manufactured by Run Baby Sport. The company says that they sell these items primarily through the Amazon Shopping Marketplace.

Global Table Tennis Market 2017- STIGA,Xushaofa, Butterfly

LogoThe report entitled Global Table Tennis Market 2017 presents key insights into the global Table Tennis market along with the latest up-to-date industry details and forthcoming Table Tennis industry trends, which will assist the readers to focus on product specification and end users driving the overall market revenue and profitability.

Ivars Dusels Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Open His Bicycle Shop

LogoCycling has always been an inseparable part of life for Ivars Dusels. He has grown up with a dream of opening his bike shop someday, while working at different bike shops in Rotterdam. Ivars has just started an Indiegogo campaign to meet all expenses to make his dream come true.

Cyclists Who Are on the Look-out for Good Bike Lights Can Now Make an Informed Choice

Here is some news that may gladden cyclists and more particularly, those who ride after dark. has come out with well-researched and well-written reviews of the top 3 bike lights to help cyclists make an informed choice. points out how buying LED bike lights is a necessary investment for cyclists.

Run Baby Re-Manufactures Best-Selling Balance Mat with New Material

LogoRun Baby is an international company whose main factory is located in Ireland, Europe. They are well-known for their creations in the field of health and wellness. They sell a wide collection of fitness products such as their fitness running belt, multi-purpose gym bag and their latest product, the balance mat. The company has decided to improve the product futher by remanufacturing it in a new material. The newly-remodelled balance mat is exclusively available on

Introducing Speednite, the Ultimate Nighttime Cycling Tool

LogoAny cyclist knows the importance of safety when riding alongside cars. This importance is only exacerbated at night when visibility is at its lowest. Additionally, veteran cyclists know that reflectors simply are not effective enough as personal safety tools. After all, reflectors are only visible under certain conditions. To meet these conditions, a car's headlights are often already on the cyclist, rendering the reflectors useless. To allow a cyclist to be seen before a car is already headed towards him or her, bikes need to be equipped with lights. Today, Kim Leung Luk and his team are unveiling their latest invention named the Speednite. Through the incorporation of modern motion sensors, connectivity options, and more, the Speednite is clearly one of the most advanced lighting setups in development.

RDU WING CHUN School of Chinese Boxing Celebrates 20th Anniversary - Raleigh, NC

An exciting event in Raleigh, NC on Saturday, April 1, 2017, 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of RDU WING CHUN School Of Chinese Boxing. The event will take place at The Hideout at Lonerider Brewery, 8816 Gulf Ct. Suite 100, Raleigh, NC.

In-Depth Analysis of Global Tennis Shoes Industry 2016 Market Research Forecasted for the Period 2016 to 2021

LogoIn recent years, changing preferences of consumers with regards to comfort and style have led to increase in the demand for customized shoes in the sports footwear market. The total population of men and women demanding athletic footwear is increasing rapidly. By looking at these factors, a rapidly growing athletic footwear segment 'Tennis Shoe' is the focus of the latest study, added to the vast repository of Market Research Hub (MRH), titled as "Global Tennis Shoes Industry 2016 Market Research Report". The study analyzes the current state of the tennis shoe industry in the global market, by covering some major regions, such as United States, China, EU and Japan.

Golf Help Center Unveils Exciting Range of Products

Golf Help Center has given a shot in the arm to all Golf enthusiasts who can now find the products of their choice without any hassle.

Best Balance Pad for Yoga from Run Baby

Run Baby presents its Balance Pad which is mostly efficient for stability training. There are a variety of trainings that people do in order to maintain fitness such as strength, cardio and so on. But stability training is a unique form of training which not only helps one achieve physical strength but also emotional balance. That is why it is important to choose the right pad. The Balance Mat or Yoga Pad from Run Baby is made up of high quality closed cell foam. This mat is available in two attractive colors green and blue.

Hands-Free Operated Hydration Backpack from Run Baby

The Hydration Backpack from Run Baby is an excellent camping accessory and a must have for those who love to go outdoors including hiking, mountaineering, biking and so on. This backpack offers the convenience which is usually not the case when it comes to stopping at a place, taking out the bottle and sipping the water. There is no need to slow down or stop in between the sport to reach for the water bottle. This backpack allows the users to sip directly from the tube almost effortlessly. They can just grab the tube, take a sip on the go and just stop sipping when done. And since it is so easy to drink water, one can improve their efficiency or performance during an outdoor activity by being well-hydrated throughout.

Global Sports Turf Market 2017-Saltex Oy,SIS Pitches,Edel Grass B.V.

LogoThe report entitled Global Sports Turf Market 2017 presents key insights into the global Sports Turf market along with the latest up-to-date industry details and forthcoming Sports Turf industry trends, which will assist the readers to focus on product specification and end users driving the overall market revenue and profitability.

Online Boxing News Leader Being Sold Online

LogoLeading boxing news website is up for sale, offering a rare opportunity for boxing fans and buyers or investors of all types to purchase an established online leader with a proven track record of success and profitability.

Run Baby Adds Product Improvements to Best-Selling Gym Bag

LogoRun Baby's mission is to create products for running and fitness at affordable costs. Among their products are the running belt, balance mat and their best-selling gym bag. Their products are all designed and manufactured in their European headquarters located in Ireland. The spokesperson of Run Baby has shared in a press conference that they have just added product improvements to one of their best-selling products, the Run Baby gym bag

Online Shoe Store Claims Athletes Depend on Optimized Shoe Technology for High Performance

Leading online shoe store Sergio Fabbri has recently launched its latest line of high performance running shoes. This will be the company's one of many attempts at bringing professional gear to the general public.

Dorset Based Gumz Offers the Largest Range of Gum Shields to Its Customers

Gumz, based out of Dorset, is a well-known manufacturer of mouthguards that help take care of teeth while people indulge in sports and other activities that might damage them. Any blow to your upper and lower jaws may result in serious traumatic situations such as a concussion and damage the gum and jaw.

Extremely Functional Hydration Belt from Run Baby

The Hydration Water Running Belt from Run Baby Sports is an excellent accessory for a workout. This is a must have product for all the fitness enthusiasts out there. This running belt comes with special pockets to hold water bottles each with a capacity of 10 oz. These BPA free water bottles can be accessed easily while walking or jogging. And one can sip water without any spillage with the help of conveniently designed drinking nozzles. For those who look for faster hydration during their rigorous workouts, these bottles will do their best. This light weight hydration belt can be easily clipped on to the waist. It is perfect for both men and women. It also comes with a small pocket which can be used to hold cell phone or emergency cash or a credit card or keys.

Sports Creek to Open Soon in Houston, TX

Sports Creek has announced that they will soon be opening their facility in Downtown Houston. Sports Creek is going to be the only facility in Houston to have a blue turf soccer field that accommodates 7 versus 7 play. In addition, this sensational facility will also have three sand volleyball courts and a bar. It will be an amazing place for soccer, volleyball and fun for the residents of Houston. Both sports fans and socialites are already excited about the grand opening of the facility.

Sunrise Golf Carts Offering High Quality Kangaroo Golf Motorcaddies

Golfers are always searching for the latest gear and new technologies to shave a stroke or two off their game. Second only to the clubs themselves in assuring a successful round of golf is the golf cart or caddy. Committed to offering high quality golf equipment to enhance every golfer's experience on the course, Sunrise Golf Carts proudly offers a broad selection of Kangaroo golf motorcaddies that ensure a safe and enjoyable game.

Spring Athletes Buy the 1900SL Thigh, Groin & Hip Support Shorts from SWEAT IT OUT

LogoAs spring approaches, the experts at SWEAT IT OUT® encourage athletes everywhere to prevent injuries and stay cooler than the competition with the 1900SL Thigh, Groin & Hip Support Shorts. With doubly-ply construction around the groin, hip and thigh, this product offers additional support for larger muscles groups, and promotes shorter, quicker recovery times for thigh muscles. In fact, this garment has been shown to enhance cardio efficiency, as well as reduce muscle vibration and fatigue; which is why physicians and trainers nationwide continue to recommend these compression shorts for basketball, football, baseball and every other form of physical activity.