Sports Press Releases

Socialsport Dance Club Offers Dance Lessons for Wedding Party Members

Residents who are feeling self-conscious about their dancing abilities and have a wedding coming up are signing up for ballroom lessons for beginners at Socialsport Dance Club. Socialsport, a dance studio that is proud to offer non-judgmental and no-pressure dance lessons, have already helped countless brides, grooms, and wedding party members shape up their dancing skills in anticipation of the big event.

Sprinting Drills, Sprinting Tips, and Learning to Run Faster with the Perfect Method by Carl Lewis

LogoTrack athletes are constantly looking to optimize their performance in order to shave seconds or hundredths of seconds off their personal best. Training for the perfect race is a process, and practice takes time and commitment. The Perfect Method by Carl Lewis has been developed to help runners of all abilities, from competitive athletes hoping for a medal, to casual runners who simply enjoy the sport, run faster. For sprinters, this could include advice on topics like "How do I move from 'Set' into the perfect body position as I clear the blocks?" or "What does the correct 'Set' position look like?". Membership unlocks an elite curriculum offering a step-by-step program detailing all aspects of following a proven path to be the best runner possible. There are tools to track progress, so it is important to take a baseline record of running performance before starting the program.

The Perfect Method by Carl Lewis Helps Athletes Learn to Run Faster

LogoFor athletes of every ability, running faster is a common goal. The Perfect Method by Carl Lewis acts as an online running coach tackling all aspects of being a better runner, from physical readiness to the necessary technical skills, to the mental edge that takes an athlete from being a good runner to a true competitor. Before starting the program it is suggested that a baseline performance is taken. This makes progress easier to track. Provides Sports Tickets for NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLB, NHL, EPL, and More is pleased to announce that it is providing sports tickets and event tickets to fans all across America and beyond. is a fully functional website where fans can get up to date information on teams, schedules, the best tickets available, and even licensed team gear and apparel.

The Wetsuit of the Future Has Arrived as the Airtime Watertime Floater Hits the Shores

LogoThe Airtime Watertime Floater, the revolutionary new wetsuit that allows swimmers of all ages to enjoy a water experience like no other, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

SwingLync Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce Wearable Golf Swing Analyzer for the Everyday Golfer

LogoSwingLync is a wearable golf training technology that provides body position analysis for the average golfer:  Everyday players can now be taught exactly how to position their body during a swing using wearable sensors and their smartphone for less than the price of a new driver.

Riveting New Book Documents One Mom's Journey Through the NFL and Beyond

Author Jo Ann Pugh has now released her book, The 50-Yard Line Mom: One Mom's Journey Through The NFL And Beyond, covering the time that her son Jordan spent playing NFL football. The firsthand knowledge of the challenges that she, Jordan and other players faced on and off the field has armed Jo Ann in providing valuable information for all professional athletes and their families.

Miami Royal Ballet Excited for New Dance Classes Beginning Now

LogoFor parents looking for wholesome after-school activities for their children near Miami, help is at hand. Miami Royal Ballet has announced that it will be beginning new ballet classes on September 2nd, and that interested parents need to get in contact with the school now to book a place now. According to Professor Ballerina Lourdes Arteaga, lead instructor at the school, there is still time to sign up, and places are available.

List of Top Verified Betting Tips Websites Revealed for People to Get Soccer Predictions with High Winning Rates

Trusted Tipsters releases a list of top verified soccer betting tips websites or tipsters. The online directory follows a strict verification and validation process in order to enlist the best betting tips websites. People can take help of these websites and their betting tips to improve their winning chances in the football betting. According to the spokesperson of Trusted Tipsters, they enlist genuine tipsters only and rank them according to the total tips and the winning rate.

Game of Thrones Star to Join Global Goals World Cup at NIST International School in Bangkok

LogoNikolaj Coster-Waldau, better known to many as Jamie Lannister on the hit series Game of Thrones, will join the Global Goals World Cup (GGWCup) as an honorary referee at NIST International School in Bangkok, home of Chelsea FC Soccer School Bangkok, on 30 September 2017.

Champion Racing Oil & Brett Hearn Win Mr. Dirt Track USA

LogoFront row starter Eddie Marshall led the Super DIRTcar Series event early, but Hearn, who started seventh, shot from fourth to the lead on a lap-19 restart and easily led Marshall, Stewart Friesen, Kenny Tremont Jr. and Keith Flach to the checkered flag.

Hawaii Employs FADs to Attract Massive Sportfish

Flyer Sportfishing, one of the best companies providing high-quality Hawaii deep sea fishing experiences, is advising adventurous fishers to book their trips now, as government-sponsored FADs have been increasing large fish activity throughout Oahu. This makes now an ideal time for fishers who are looking to step outside their comfort zones to try their hand at sport fishing in Hawaii, as massive schools of Ahi, Mahi Mahi, and Blue Marlin move into the area.

SWEAT IT OUT Uses in-House Formulated Fabric to Provide the Best in Athletic Apparel

LogoFootball, baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer players, as well as weight lifters and runners -- all athletes who are looking to improve their athletic performance rely on SWEAT IT OUT®'s specially designed LYCRA® fiber garments for superior compression wear. LYCRA fiber garments, certified by INVISTA, offer athletes more power and improved endurance, providing superior results during training, a lowered risk of injury, and improved motivation.

Northampton Valley Country Club Offers Unlimited Golfing for Members

LogoAnnual members at Northampton Valley Country Club won't have to be worrying about green fees, as the historic country club now offers unlimited golfing to anyone who purchases an annual membership. to Live Stream the McgregorvsMayweather Fight

All those who wish to enjoy the MayweathervsMcgregor Live stream fight can consider the aforementioned website for Pay per View Boxing. The match has been named as one of the most anticipated ones between both the competitors. The venue itself is quite famous and people from around the globe can catch the live action at 6 pm ET on Saturday. It is being distributed by PPV.

Long-Time Houston Area Taekwondo Instructor Earns Rare Grand Master Status

LogoIn 1977, a young David McCloskey walked into a Pittsburgh, PA taekwondo school to enroll as a student. Forty years later he returned to the Pittsburgh school to earn his Grand Master Instructor status under his original master instructor. Launches Special Offers in Public Golf Bookings

LogoPeople who are interested in playing golf can consider the interesting offers at the Public Golf Bookings page of the aforementioned website. These can be redeemed at the Windsor Country Golf Club, which is one of the most popular online clubs in Australia. The offers are valid only until 30th of this month for social players who enjoy playing on weekdays.

Burleigh Travel Share Cricket Tour Ideas for 2018

Now is a great time to start planning 2018 cricket tours, and with this in mind the sports tour specialists Burleigh Travel have recently updated their blog, providing the greatest cricket tour ideas for next year.

Don't Let Injuries Sideline Upcoming Scholastic Sports Season

They've trained hard. They've practiced hard. And they're ready for the fall sports season to begin. So it's heartbreaking when student-athletes' seasons get cut short because of injuries.

Adjunct Lecturer, Daniel Kane, Explains the Kaepernick Effect with Normative Ethics

NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, unleashed a storm of controversy when he failed to stand for the national anthem to protest what he views as U.S. crimes against African Americans and minorities in general. Daniel Kane, adjunct lecturer at CUNY Kingsborough Community College and CUNY School of Professional Studies, noted that a subset of normative ethics can be used to explain Kaepernick's actions.

The Perfect Method by Carl Lewis Helps Athletes Develop a Comprehensive Running Program

LogoEveryone is unique and yet there are fundamentals to running that are common to everyone. The Perfect Method by Carl Lewis and a team of experts supports the growth and development of all runners, from those looking to run a marathon or compete at the highest level in track and field competition, to those new runners aiming for their first ever 5K or a jogger who would like to extend their weekly mileage safely and confidently. Membership unlocks an elite curriculum which regularly offers new content covering various aspects of physical readiness, technical skills, and the mental edge along with Coach Tellez Originals with detailed instruction on subjects like how to move from 'set' into the perfect body position as the blocks are cleared.

Young Green Narae Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Korean Sports Wear

LogoYoung Green Narae is an all new clothing line inspired by the rich oriental culture of Korea. The company will create casual and sportswear depicting the Korean paintings on them. In addition, the clothing line will create T-shirts, pants and leggings that are stylish, comfortable and also highly durable. The creators of this amazing clothing line are now seeking community sports on the crowdfunding platform of Indiegogo and they are welcoming everyone from around the world to back and support this project generously.

Spend Summer Golfing at Northampton Valley Country Club

LogoNorthampton Valley Country Club, one of the premier public golf courses in the Philadelphia area and throughout PA, is a perfect 18-hole getaway from the stresses of everyday life. Regardless if one is looking to improve their game or just looking for a quiet hangout to meet up with friends and family, NVCC is the perfect destination for golfers of all skill levels.

Carl Lewis' the Perfect Method Helps Athletes Run Correctly and Understand the Mechanics of Running

LogoFor competitive track and field athletes who are looking to improve their personal best time, to a weekend jogger looking to train for their first ever 5K race, one of the most critical aspects to consider is running correctly. Not only will learning about the correct running form translate into better performance, it will also reduce the risk of injury. Habits, like warming up and warming down, should be adopted at the very start of any training program.

Swinger Golf Putter Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Revolutionize Golf

LogoSwinger Golf Putter is a revolutionary golf putter that has been created to redefine the way people play and enjoy the sport of golf around the world. It is an all new patent pending putter with revolutionary twin handles that ensure firm grasping while keeping the shoulders perfectly square. This makes for a more accurate swing and follow through as compared a traditional putter.