Sports Press Releases

Ballet on Wheels Dance School & Company Seeks Teams for Praise Dance Showcase "Dance in His Name"

Ballet On Wheels Dance School & Company announces its quest for the best praise dance team with their upcoming "Dance In His Name" Showcase. The sixth annual liturgical dance competition will be presented Saturday, March 12 2016, and interested dance teams locally and from across the country are now invited to register to compete for cash prizes and trophies, with $750 presented to the Grand Prize Winner. "Dance in His Name" is dedicated to showcasing the art and inspiration behind praise dancing, as well as giving participants a way to praise the Lord Creator, and challenge dance groups to extend their worship.

Sports on the Decline Leads to Call for More Exciting Options Available

According to Sport England's Active People Survey, with results recently released, there appears to be a growing trend of sport and exercise being on the decline in the UK. West London is a prime example where the proportion of adults getting involved with the recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day fell; in six out of eight boroughs.

Recreation and Sports World Has Released This Summer's Best Poolside Basketball Hoops

Recreation and Sports World is a retailer of sports equipment and athletic apparel. The online retailer has recently posted the first of its summer stock items, which includes the popular swimming pool basketball hoops.

East of Maui Board Shop Earns Customer Appreciation Through Online Reviews

The East of Maui Board Shop has been offering board sports products to Annapolis Maryland since the year 1979. Over the course of time spanning three and a half decades, East of Maui Board Shop customers have provided their positive reviews and feedback which are of great value because they allow them to identify their strengths and weaknesses. The store is constantly striving to provide superior customer service and products to fit the customer's needs.

Mitra Kukar FC, OctaFX Indonesian Football Partners Are Champions

LogoThe Cup was held across the whole country and all prominent Indonesian FCs took part in it: Arema, Persib, PS TNI, Semen Padang, Surabaya United, Pusamania Borneo, Persela, Persipura, PSM Makassar, Bali United, Persija, Sriwijaya FC, Persipasi Bandung Raya, Gresik United.

Factory Refurbished Golf Carts from at Reduced Prices

LogoBesides being utilized in golf courses, golf carts are being used at several other places such as campgrounds, construction sites, universities, movie halls, retirement homes and many others. For those who wish to have their own golf carts but cannot afford it due to their heavy costs, is now providing EZ-GO lifted certified factory refurbished 4 passenger golf carts at the most competitive prices. Available for just $4,650.00, this golf cart comes in array of colors such as white, beige, black, yellow, red, gold metallic, blue metallic and many others. The EZ-GO golf cart that the company offers is a lifted, 4 seat electric golf cart that has been totally refurbished, customized and designated as certified factory refurbished. Apart from the full inspection that is done, this golf cart has also been upgraded with several new features such as free 6 month warranty, free shipping, new body paint (any oem color), oem roof, new 6" lift kit, new 22" tires, new flip rear seat and many others.

Sportsamerica Sports Cards Is Ready for the Championship Seasons

Sportsamerica Sports Cards is fully stocked for the championship seasons. With the Super Bowl right around the corner, sports novelties are flying off the shelves. The company is a leading supplier in all things man-cave online, from NFL decals to NHL action figures. Sportsamerica Sports Cards also carries a variety of trading card games including Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and World of Warcraft.

Fundable Crowdfunding Campaign for AARMED Survival Tool

An incredibly well thought-out product designed around the concept of ''emergencies aren't planned, but survival is'' is now available to buy from Fundable. AARMED Survival Tube is a portable, lightweight, aluminium canister, and the contents are designed to equip people with the basic essentials, should they find themselves in an emergency situation. Whether an outdoor adventurer, someone who travels alone in unreliable conditions, or simply preparing for an event, the AARMED Survival Tool provides peace of mind in a world of unpredictability.

CombaTube Publishes the Best Martial Arts Videos

CombaTube is one of the best video websites, they post several videos regularly about martial arts. They bring martial arts videos from around the world to one platform and make sure that their viewers get the very best of the martial arts world conveniently on their website. They post countless martial arts videos of prestigious organizations like Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) which is the largest and pre-eminent mixed martial arts promotion company in the world featuring most of the top-ranked fighters in the sport. They also post inspirational videos of different martial arts techniques/forms like Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Jiu-Jitsu.

The Boarder Kontrol Skateboard by StreetBoardz Is the World's Safest Skateboard

LogoAustralian-based StreetBoardz has introduced the world's safest entry-level skateboard. The lack of brakes and balancing system has always made the prospect of learning to skateboard a daunting one; StreetBoardz has solved all of those problems with their innovative 'Boarder Kontrol.'

Molly Secours' Upcoming Film 'Scouting for Diamonds' Seeks Support Amongst Fans & Players via Crowdfunding on Indiegogo

LogoScouting for Diamonds is a feature-length documentary film to be directed by Molly Secours. This film is about scouts, the invisible heroes of baseball. And while the film is certainly for those whose first love is baseball, it is for anyone who enjoys a good love story. Writer and director Molly Secours has recently turned to Indiegogo to raise funds for this project via crowdfunding.

Best Crossbow Hunter Publishes New Guide to the Best Offerings from TenPoint Brand

Crossbows are well loved for providing the ease of targeting experienced with a gun, combined with the low-noise action of a bow. Put together, this can make crossbows a superb choice for hunting, enabling individuals to point and shoot, reload quickly, and not scare off animals within a mile radius when taking a shot. Best Crossbow Hunter is a website dedicated to helping people find the best crossbow for their needs, and they have just published a review of TenPoint, shortlisting the best three crossbows they have to offer.

ZCode System Review Launches to Examine Unique Betting Program for Sports

The release of the ZCode™ System is the result of 13 years of experience and research. The program utilizes a complex and complicated algorithm to make betting predictions to increase an individual's odds of winning. The system currently has an 86.5 percent success rate that has passed independent, third-party verification.

No Play All Sports Announces Smart New Collection

No Play All Sports, a specialized online store, has now ensured that Sports enthusiasts can buy apparel, gear and other items so that they can indulge in their favorite passions safely and comfortably.

Gearing Up for an Impactful 2016, the Reality of Change

LogoFred Johnson, Founder and CEO of InitiativeOne, and Paul Metler have teamed up to produce The Reality of Change. Without a plan for success, business transformation will fail. The Reality of Change will serve as a field guide for positive change.

Make Rides Pleasant with Modern Bubble Street Legal Golf Cart from

LogoThe golf cart was basically designed to carry two golfers and their golf equipment around a golf course. With their eco-friendly operation, many countries have legalized golf carts usage on the streets. Today, street legal golf carts can be found on college campuses, military bases, beach towns, resorts, commercial properties, and in residential neighborhoods. They come equipped with various specialized safety and comfort features in order to provide a comfortable travel experience. Keeping this in view, offers a wide range of 4 Passenger Modern Bubble Street Legal Golf Carts at the most competitive prices. This legal golf cart is from the renowned golf cart manufacturer MotoEV. They sell both New and Used / Refurbished Golf Carts, which are shipped to the customer's door within the promised time frame.

Surgery for Lower Back Pain (LBP) Leads to This Creative Invention That Can Help Millions

LogoGoXercise, Inc. is launching the Patented (20-in-1) Trans4mer™ portable fitness device with its Crowdfunding Campaign on today. The flexible Trans4mer combines all the benefits of exercising with (20) individual pieces of hand-held fitness equipment in this (1) convenient multi-purpose device, like the Swiss Army Knife of fitness equipment. Takes on the Best Ways in Building High-Powered Football Players

LogoOne of the most popular and most watched sporting events in the UK is European Football. In fact, some people travel from different parts of the world just to watch their football star players score the goals, beat opponents on the football battleground and win those football trophies at stake. Puts Emphasis to the Relevance of Golf Trophies to the Modern Golf Champions

LogoWhether an athlete receives a large paycheck for winning his chosen sport, receiving a trophy still holds significance to the receiver. Trophies are considered rewards by the winners. It symbolizes the hardship of the player to attain the highest spot. In other words, trophies are the symbol of the player's success. It is the recognition and appreciation for the athlete and translates to their future positive behavior. A standard trophy or a large silver plated trophy makes no difference. It still connotes the same thing.

Sports and More 247 Unveils Wide Range of Products

Sports And More 247 has made sure enthusiasts and professional athletes alike can get their hands on superior quality Sports Gear without too much hassle.

DTB Sports Hospitality and Event Management Announces 2016 Event Lineup

LogoDTB Sports Hospitality and Event Management Ltd., a leader in the provision of client entertaining solutions, announced today its official 2016 event lineup. The company offers access to a full spectrum of events both domestically and internationally through a vast network of established connections and partnerships. The company's exclusive relationships guarantee clients and customers the best facilities, official event tickets, great service and peace of mind.

Anticipating Miracles Launches New Collection

Anticipating Miracles has become the one stop destination for users who want to buy good quality Sports goods without burning a hole in their pockets.

Motivational Sports Guest Speakers to Propel Growth and Success

In this era of robust competitiveness, companies are always striving for progress through promotions and organising seminars on a periodic basis. Putting an effort to motivate employees helps them in retention programs in a fierce business landscape.

Dion Riccardo Publishes New Editorial on Mainstream Acceptance of Female MMA

Mixed Martial Arts is a relatively young discipline designed to create the most complete and effective competition fighting system possible. The rise of the UFC over the last decade has legitimized the sport and brought it to new heights, though its perceived brutality has meant acceptance of women in the sport has lagged behind.

Fun Fairways Publishes Major Wave of New Golf Equipment Guides for the New Year

Fun Fairways, a leading authority on golf equipment and accessories, published a major wave of new articles and guides for the New Year. A brand new guide at looks at some of the most exciting golf shoes on the market, with fashionable, eye-catching colors displacing the black and white that used to be the norm on the links. Another new guide at tackles the problems traditionally faced by golfers with large, wide feet, looking at how a number of golf shoes on the market deliver to these players all the traction and score-improving performance that others have long enjoyed. Other brand new posts at Fun Fairways cover subjects including the 20 best gifts for golfers, the most comfortable shoes, and useful accessories like club cleaning brushes.

MOYA Brand Debuts Four New Gi's for Adults

LogoLocal action sports lifestyle apparel company debuts latest collection of adult jiu-jitsu Gis now available at their retail store or online.