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Step Up to the All New 2014 Line of Titleist Golf Balls

Titleist is still at the top of their game with more worldwide major tournament wins than any competitors, and at of the end of 2013 Titleist Pro V1 golf balls held the record with 28 wins.

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Mesa, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2014 -- Titleist is still at the top of their game with more worldwide major tournament wins than any competitors, and at of the end of 2013 Titleist Pro V1 golf balls held the record with 28 wins. The nearest competitor… ONLY six! That’s why most professional golfers carry a Titleist Pro V1 golf ball in their bag, and some of these include Kenny Perry, Steve Stricker, Geoff Ogilvy, and many more. Why do you ask is the new 2014 Titleist going to be the most coveted golf ball in the world? Outstanding quality, uncompromised dependability and performance, and this year most golf pros will again turn to Titleist brand golf balls over most others.

Titleist is a brand of golf balls that guarantees you great durability and superior quality, and using a personalized Titleist Pro V1 golf ball could quickly and easily propel you further ahead of your game. In addition, many golf players at every level are treating themselves and their friends by having their Titleist Pro V1 golf balls personalized and customized. This makes the perfect gift, and it says “thank you“ for a job well done!

One advantage of the Pro V1 golf ball is the 3 layer construction, as compared to the 2 layer construction which you’ll find with most other golf balls. 3 layer golf balls offer you more forgiveness, and a much easier play experience than a 2 layer ball; but with that exact precision that most advanced players can count on. In conjunction with the dimple design and cover, the newly designed 2014 casing and core, golfers at all levels can easily see an improvement in their game in most of these crucial areas:

- Greater Driving Distances
- More Consistent Golf Ball Flight
- Softer Overall Feel and Better Control
- Greater Playing and Better Score Cards
- Improved Stop and Drop Control
- More Accurate Putting When it Really Counts

How does the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls accomplish this? First, we need to take a peek inside the ball. For starters, the core is larger, coming in at 1.55", which gives you more ball speed. Also, this golf ball is constructed with solid poybutadiene, and that gets covered by a casing layer; which is a .035 inch thick Iomer. Titleist then uses a Urethane elastomer to give their golf ball added durability. They then use a staggered 392 count dimple design, with a staggered parting line for more precision.

On top of this, Customized Golf Balls can personalize your custom message or company logo onto the Titleist or other golf ball. The entire package gives you the Stop and Drop control you need to step up your game with style. We also offer a Titleist Pro V1X. This differs slightly in the 332 dimple count design, and this variation will help your game in the following ways:

- Lower Spin (Less Than The Titlest Pro V1)
- More Consistent Ball Flight, With Increased Velocity
- Exceptional Soft Feel
- Stop And Drop Control
- Increased Precision

You will find both balls (the Titleist Pro V1 and the Pro V1X) are commonly used by seasoned golf professionals. If you had to choose, which one would be better for your style of play? As the balls are nearly identical, we admit it can be hard to make a decision. Most professionals have a hard time telling the difference between the two customized golf balls. If you are a more advanced golfer with a low handicap, choosing one over the other will depend on your swing. Titleist says, “The Pro V1x is the distance and performance solution for Pro V1 players who require less spin into the green, as well as for golfers currently playing competitive high-performance golf balls with a low spin and firmer feel.” 

Both of these customized golf balls are the best of the best, and the greatest golfers in the world play with them regularly. They might cost a bit more, but it is worth the price to truly experience an improvement in your game. Visit: http://customizedgolfballs.com for a full line of Titleist and other major brands for 2014 Logo golf balls and customized golf balls printed with the highest industry standard!

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