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StilettoQueens Reviews MGTOW Revolution That Has Men Swearing off Women


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2015 -- StilettoQueens are a band of determined product reviewers that have taken the responsibility of reviewing a wide range of products upon themselves to help their readers spend their money on things worth buying. The website recently reviewed an on-going movement that has men all over the western world writing off and rejecting to succumb to the pressures of society and most importantly women: The Men Going Their Own Way revolutions.

The basis of the rebellion is that women's materialistic nature is the main reasons behind most of the hardship men go through during their adult life. StilettoQueen website explains:

"Those, who perceive the nature of women, fully understand the materialistic nature of our capitalist world. Societies are materialistic because women are materialistic. How this can be, you ask. This assertion goes against your lucid observations. Everywhere you look; it is mostly men preoccupied with accumulating money and resources."

Men who have realized the exact nature of women and their undying hunger for money have decided to go their own way and rejecting the institution of marriage, making financial and emotional sacrifices of the sake of gold digging women and focusing exclusively on their self-development and learning for their own pleasure.

According to StilettoQueens, MGTOW stands for Men Going Their Own Way. MGTOW is basically a group of guys who share two things in common:

They have the full knowledge of the exact nature of women.

MGTOW men simply do not get married. Not even a prenuptial agreement will entice them into marriage.

Since its inception, the movement has gained a large number of members and has earned a cult status among men worldwide. StilletoQueens lay down the facts of the movements as they are to allow their readers a quick insight about MGTOW.

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