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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- There are lot many rumors spread all over the world about the occurrence of stretch marks. There are many people who think that stretch marks are a problem faced by pregnant women but women who are not pregnant, as many as 70% of them are vulnerable to these scars. Not just women but 40 % men also bear these scars on their bodies. Stretch marks occur due to continuous stretching of the elastic middle layer of skin, dermis beyond a point.

Specialists of the field say that stretch marks are common around breast, hips, thighs, upper arms and abdomen of young women and around biceps of men who do weight lifting. A recent report suggested that stretch marks may also have some connection to genetic predisposition. Experts say that prevention is better than cure and before reaching a stage where a person has to ask how to get rid of Stretch Marks it is better to take precaution ore otherwise stretch marks can be best treated in the initial phase.

There are lot many methods available in the market that promises to reduce the appearance of stretch marks completely. Stretch Mark Removal creams with natural ingredients like Dermology, revitol are reviewed to be very effective. Stretch mark cream pose a great advantage as the application is easy and some creams are not only for treating stretching but regular use may also prevent stretch marks from occurring at the first place.

Experts say,” stretch marks cream or natural ingredient or stretch mark cream with natural ingredient, these are most effective and economical options and most users opt for these.”

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