Reveals Major Causes of Stretch Marks

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2013 -- Stretch marks are the marks that appear on the different body parts. This problem persists with both man and woman. These marks are the caused due to rapid stretching of the skin due to various factors. These marks initially appear in reddish or purplish color and with time fades into silvery color. It lightens in color with course of time but it takes a lot of time to get to this color.

What causes stretch marks? When the elastin and collagen of the skin are lost, stretch marks are caused. The most common reason for the appearance of these marks is skin stretched more than normal. This stretching leads to a breakdown of the tissue fibers which cause stretch mark and can be seen in the top layer of the skin.

The five major reasons that cause stretch marks are rapid weight gain or obesity, growth spurts, pregnancy, weight lifting and hormones. Stretch marks during pregnancy are caused as the belly of the woman increases in size. One thing that should be kept in mind is that these marks are permanent they only fades away with time.

Stretch marks are caused in the teenagers due to the hormonal changes in their body during their growth period. To get rid of stretch marks various different technique are adopted by them. These marks lower the moral to the person and make him uncomfortable to go out in public. These marks change the lifestyle of the person and lower his confidence.

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