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ElectronicCigarettesComparison.com is a review based website discussing about Super Mini Electronic Cigarette! Electronic cigarettes are receiving good currency among the smoking enthusiasts.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- Electronic Cigarettes promises for all the happiness and satisfaction without any sort of smell or chemicals. Even it is a good method to quit smoking habit and look ahead for a healthier life style. Electronic Cigarettes Comparison is always available at the service of smoking enthusiasts and helping them in reading out quality reviews related to various top brands and products. Super Mini Electronic Cigarette is the important topic of discussion here as everyone is looking for small and convenient devices.

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According to the spokesperson Electronic Cigarettes Comparison, “The Clever 89mm Super-Mini Electronic Cigarette only produce vapor that can inhaled. It is completely free from tobacco ingredients. The end lights up when one inhale through a fire-like orange LCD light. It senses like one is smoking a traditional cigarette but in the absence of the harmful toxins holed in tobacco smoke. Additionally, this mini electronic cigarette does not release second hand smoke. Select the level of nicotine of per personal requirements even the option of no nicotine offered to all. One can easily make selection from traditional tobacco cigarette flavors or several other yummy flavors. Even the flavor of chocolate is offered to all!”

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Clever Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit -- Super Mini come with orange LCD light. The accessory kit offer 1 Atomizer, 2 Batteries (2 WHITE), 1 E-Cigarette Case, 1 USA Wall Charger, 5 Cartridges (Approx: 2 1/2 Packs of Cigarettes), 1 - Vintage style T-shirt and Baseball Cap among others. The atomizer is there to makes the battery and the cartridge to connect with each other. And the second battery is offered for back up. If the smoker wishes two completely independent cigarettes, there would be no need a second atomizer. One can buy another one independently. Even the price of the product is quite cost effective.

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