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SWAYAM, a Cultural Fest of MVJ College Engineering Was a Great Hit Among the Students

A two day cultural spectacle of MVJ College of Engineering kick-started off with the inauguration of SWAYAM ’13/14 on 24th of October 2013.


Bangalore, Karnataka -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- The inauguration was spectacular as we had two celebrity guests from the Kannada film industry Ms. Pooja Gandhi and Ms. Aindrita Ray, who graced the occasion. Their presence gave an immense energetic boost to the students and made the inaugural function a grand event. The actresses shared their experiences of their college life and also advised the students to be focused. Ms Pooja Gandhi entertained the audience with a song from one of her most popular hits from the movie “MUNGARU MALE”. Actress Aindrita Ray also enacted a scene from her movie “MANASARE”.

The presence of the celebrities threw more light to the theme of our fest, which is; “ A Musical Fiesta”. The theme aims to integrate the different specs of music. The inaugural ceremony started with the invocation dance followed by lighting of the lamp invoking the Almighty’s blessings. The inaugural function concluded with the MVJCE choir performing and thus commencing the various events of the fest.

Various events were organized by the college on 24th and 25th October 2013. The events were full of dance and music, the coverage of full coverage visit official MVJCE fanpage on Facebook @

REPORT DAY 1(24-10-2013) EVENTS
“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination
And life to everything.”

In complete unison with this quote, the event featured bands from various colleges. It was a musical delight not only for the people who have affinity towards music, but also for the amateur spectators.

The stiff competition ended with the band Blue elements from MVJCE bagging the 1st place and the band Orb of sins from MVJCE again as the runners up.

Engineering, academics, placements and pressure!! A little time off it to have lot’s of fun. A site where there was culmination of many a task to explore one’s hidden talent. The activities included Minute to win it, where different challenges were given to be completed within sixty seconds. Angry Birds, a real time game in the virtual world, a first ever time experience to the participants. Every competitor gave their best and enjoyed the most of all. The event Swayam’s got talent was the event introduced this year,an event where participants performed talents of singing, dancing, acting, drumming, orating and many more activities to showcase various skills. The event focused on bringing out a person’s special talent. It had many participants with a variety of skills to view and please the mob.

This event dealt with the various genres of the Indian music and demanded the participants to have a sound knowledge about the same. And it was very challenging for the judges to decide the winner. The comfort level of the participants was looked into and solo as well as duet performances were accommodated. The provision to use an instrument to support the singer was accepted.

Finally the winning voices were _Arjun P _& Joshua from HKBKCE and the runner up was _Avishek from MVJCE.

This was an absolutely amazing event in its simplest sense. It was an individual event that had people whose area of interest was strictly photography with a minimum requirement of a 5 megapixel camera. This feature helped many enthusiastic participants to enroll for it. With the theme being provided for the event it had the participants to kink their imaginations to capture brilliant shots.

The winner and runner of the event were Karthick and Sandhya ,both from MVJCE

Dance is a form of art which is performed as a form of emotional expression, social interaction in a spiritual or performance setting and is sometimes used to express ideas or a story. The synchronization and simultaneous steps of various groups was ecstatic. The portrayal of a variety of themes and morals was done in the best of manners and highly appreciated.

The winning team was Nryityakala from MVJCE
The runners team was Mad O Wat from MVJCE

Mime is one of the most satire yet challenging forms of theatre; it basically requires the actors to convey a message only by using their gestures and facial expressions. The judges here look for idea, creativity of presentation, usage of makeup and the props, music and general impression. All the teams did an appreciable performance. But finally the 1st place was given to Team CHEMICAL BOYS from MVJCE and the 2nd place to Team AWAKE from MVJCE

A team event of two members checking on mental abilities and presence of mind to crack the mindboggling puzzles. This paving way to complete the series of tasks with the clues and grab the treasure. A credit to the organizers for the event set-up.

The winners and runners of the event were Manjunath and Sangeetha from MVJCE

A great crowd puller attracting people from every corner who made to this. Music lovers, Dancers, Beat-boxers and young budding DJs grooved to this zone. The DJs for the evening were DJ Sunny and DJ RR, who performed and met the expectations of the crowd creating a mood of cheer joy and ultimate enjoyment. However the concluding event for the3 first day of the fest geared up with the troop of ‘HUCHCHU HUDUGARU’ with Director RJ Pradeep rocking the campus, while promoting their movie ‘HUCHCHU HUDUGARU’.

REPORT DAY 2 (25-10-2013) EVENTS

The event encouraged the talent of short film making amongst students. It was judged based on the following criteria story,cinematography,editing,music and quality. The theme for the event “THE UNTRUSTABLE WORLD” made the judges and audiences alike to applaud the effort contributed by every participant.

The winner and runner of the event were Zamil and Jerrin, both from MVJCE respectively.

It is an event that captivates the crowd and leaves them wanting for more. It mainly focusses on how zany and humorous the teams convey a message which could be for a mere entraining factor or presented in order to achieve social awareness. All of this has to be done only by using music as the tool for communication. The judges here look for liveliness and creativity and at the same time expect the teams to maintain decorum.

Our winners were Team ‘Pain Killers’ Rahul from MVJCE and the runners were the team ‘Avengers’ from St Josephs college.

The most awaited event of SWAYAM, attracting the youth of today. Popular bands of the country came to this major event. A pride to the organizers for ‘n’ number of bands and their versatility in music. Head shaking to head banging, jumping and dancing, shrieking and hooting, and the crowd grooving to joy with immense energy was all a part of it. The performing bands focused on hard rock, heavy metal genres meeting the highest standards. The bands faced tough competition and gave a tough time for the judges.
The winning band was team ‘Pinch’ from St Josephs College
The runner’s band was team ‘Slither’ from PESIT

Painting is one of the world’s most ancient forms of communication, and is a fine art that takes a skilled hand working in collaboration with an effectively creative mind to convey the apt idea. Painters used different art-styles to depict the theme. And the topic for this year was “Elements of music”
The winner was Tarashish from MVJCE

The gaming event was a potpourri of three games Call Of Duty, NFS Most Wanted, FIFA ’11. It had enthusiastic participants turning their relaxation into a full fledged competition to grab the prize money. A tense atmosphere to out do each other was sensed. With the knock out rounds, competition went stiff and enhanced their experience.
The winner for NFS was Suvam Ghosh from MVJCE
The winner for FIFA was Aman Kumar Mishra from MVJCE
The winner for COD was Sourav Kr Mahato from MVJCE

Various forms of dances like Jazz, Classical Pop ,Film, Folk ,Hip Hop were seen by talented dancers.A great treat to the eye. The performers just picked the right beat to come into the limelight. A good number of participants made to the event. The judges and the audience had a lovely time during this event. The winner was Tarashish from MVJCE and the runner was Priyanka P from MVJCE

An innovative event designed solely by the creative minds of the students. A big event in every intellect, the event required the complete co-ordination alongside analytical thinking of the participants. It was an absolute entertainer for the audiences and a very interactive one for the participants. It required the synchronized movement of the team of participants on wooden planks perfected only by practice.

The winners and runners were Honey Singh &team and Akshay and team respectively

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