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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2012 -- Tacfit Commando is a workout program that's based on workout routines by Israeli top army units, counter terrorism squads, bodyguards, and law enforcement agencies. Tacfit commando is essentially a bodyweight exercise program which is used to build up flexibility, durability and speed in the high level military forces tailored for ordinary people.

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The Tacfit Commando system trainer is Scott Sonnon. He is rather straight forward but very knowledgeable about tactical fitness. Tactical fitness is more than just looking strong and healthy. It is more than functional fitness. It is about actually being strong and healthy. The system is divided into various stages and missions. The first stage is Recruit Mission 1. Then, it is followed by Grunt and then Commando. Then, it is on to Recruit Mission 2. Each stage is 28 days long.

TACFIT Commando System is divided into three core components that are guaranteed to give you a rock-chiseled body within a short time. The first part is the 119-page Mission Brief Manual, which teaches the basics of the training used by Spec Ops these days. It covers how can build functional muscles, solid joints, and a lean physique like that of commandos. The second component is the Mission Calendar, which gives a strategic plan its users need to follow to make sure that get results as quickly as possible. Training itself comes in the third component, which is the 9-video collection of exercises that are made for different levels. It comes in an online streaming version, mp4 version, and an m4v version for iPod. The last part is a 9-video course on fast recovery. Aside from these core components, the reader will get 5 additional resources that will make training more effective and enjoyable. Tacfit Commando is a comprehensive workout program that has four levels of intensity, no intensity, low intensity, moderate intensity, and high intensity. With this specification you can adjust the exercise according to condition. Tacfit exercises are designed to build up your strength, stamina, flexibility, recovery ability, and fitness. It uses body weight exercises alone to achieve this. However, if your main interest is just looking bulked up or you're just trying to lose a few pounds, I don't think you need this plan.

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The Tacfit Commando Official Site

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