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Tao of Badass Secret for Attracting Women - A Perfect Guide for Men Who Have Trouble Dating Women

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Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- Here is the perfect guide for men to eliminate their long held fears of confrontation of women. The Tao of Badass discusses different problems that men face while confronting women. It talks about how to keep a conversation going without sounding out of place, how to boost personal confidence and allowing yourself that extra doze of self- awareness and most importantly, how to get things done. This and much more made possible, just a click away.

How is The Tao of Badass different?
A 150 page book written by professional dating coach, Joshua Pellicer, is not just another dating book with basic and generic details that has no practical help for people with real problems. What this book has to offer is larger than life. Not only does it discusses problems with which most people can relate but also gives practical, real life solutions through literature and videos, on how to overcome their shortcomings when dealing with women.

Inside this book, you will find answers to questions like how to avoid being friend zoned, how to keep mood and conversation intact, how to differentiate between positive body language and dominant body language, how to read content and context of body language of women, in short this is the read not to be missed in this lifetime.

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There is more to the story. Along with The Tao Of Badass, the customers will be entitled to 4 more free reports from the author for further guide on how to just eliminate all kinds of refusals and depressing situations. The 4 free reports are Monogamy Vs polyamory- how to date several women at one single time and how to do that succesfully. The second one is called Never Get Cheated On- a guide to know beforehand whether one is going to be cheated on or there is a future together, signs that needs to be looked out for and if cheating looks inevitable then there is Guide To Breaking Up, where step by step men can withdraw from failing and unfaithful relationships before having to wait for the blow. The last report is about Escaping The Friend zone. This is a must have to be able to avoid this phase before it even starts. With the help of this book, it is possible to take relationships to levels beyond friend zone.

That is still not the end. When buying this book, customers automatically become entitled to the free weekly tips and tricks, exclusive videos, interviews of other badass experts and advice and direct contact with the author himself on how to maintain your badass reputation and how not to fall behind.

The Tao of Badass is an innovative concept by dating experts for men to forget about their horror stories and instead, start working on creating success stories.

The content of the Tao of Badass was written by Joshua Pellicer based on his studies and personal experiences. Since its release, it has been helping many men to overcome their fears of facing different women and of behaving well around them. Through the helpful tips the author has included in the book, many men have been satisfied with it. It also helps men to find a way out of their old self and bring out the best in them.

Click here to download Tao of Badass Ebook