Tech-Cigarette Announces the Tie Up of V2 Cigs with National Tobacco Company

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- Popular electronic cigarette review website has announced the tie up between V2 Cigs and the National Tobacco Company. It has also been revealed by inside sources that this tip up is basically to ensure that smoking enthusiasts are able to fully satisfy their smoking urges by availing the best possible smokeless cigarette products from a company that has been considered the best in the business. The V2 Cigs brand of e cigs has been ranked the #1 smokeless cigarette manufacturers by and also by the entire world.

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As per, “The main reason behind this merger is the ability to allow the V2 Cigs brand to gather wider exposure, so that their best selling smokeless cigarette products could be circulated to almost all corners of the globe. Besides enriching its exposure by entering the television, radio as well as print media, this merger shall also permit V2 Cigs to improve its existing range of electronic cigarette accessories as well as cartridges. It has been predicted that the initial improvisation shall be in the form of a new and improved disposable V2 cigarette, which shall be highly advanced technologically and much better as compared to the previous versions. The new and improved disposable V2 cigs is all set to make a positive impact on the minds of smoking enthusiasts from across the globe.”

Industry pundits are of the opinion that this merger is all set to further strengthen the existing position of V2 Cigs in the international market. Besides, this shall also allow smoking enthusiasts to enjoy puffing on new and improved e cigs.

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