Tech-Cigarette Announces the V2 Cigs Final Sale for 2012 has announced the last and final V2 Cigs sale for the year 2012.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- is a popular e cig review website that is diligently followed by research analysts, interested smokers and casual readers from all over the globe. Apparently, the website contains the latest, unbiased and highly accurate reviews on all the well known electronic cigarette brands that are present in the international smoking niche. When readers can gather the latest news and updates related to the smoking industry, then why would they venture elsewhere.

The latest update as per Tech-Cigarette is the V2 Cigs Final Sale for the year 2012. Also known as the most popular e cigarette brand in the world, V2 Cigs has undoubtedly managed to attract the likes of even the most stubborn smokers. This brand has also been symbolic to offering several lucrative deals to its customer base by allowing smokers to avail its best selling starter kits as well as electric cigarette accessories at a heavily discounted price. The present discounted offer began on Thursday and it is all set to continue till Monday midnight.

According to the current V2Cigs e cig sale, smoking enthusiasts can get home any item available at the V2 store and save 25% while doing so. For example, smokers can hope to pick up the much wanted V2 Portable Charging Case, which is available for $59.95, for a meager $44.97. In fact, the V2 Cigs brand is offering smoking enthusiasts with an offer to get their starter kits or accessories gift wrapped and hand them over to someone special.

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