Tech-Cigarette Shares Lesser Known Facts on Electronic Cigarette Cartridge and Flavors has offered its expert comments on the lesser known facts pertaining to e cig cartridges as well as flavors.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/26/2013 -- Leading e cigarette review website has offered its expert comments with special regards to ensuring that smoking enthusiasts are kept updated with all the latest news items pertaining to electronic cigarette cartridges as well as flavors. E cigarettes are comprised of three main components, which in turn include a battery, a cartridge and an atomizer. Nowadays, most electronic cigarette manufacturing companies have started incorporating an atomizer within their electronic cigarettes, thereby ensuring that smoking enthusiasts are provided with a fresh atomizer with each e cig purchase.

Tech-Cigarette explains that the nicotine flavors that are present in electronic cigarettes are of vital importance for those smoking enthusiasts who would like to relish the true taste and flavors of smoking a cigarette that is completely smoke free and devoid of tobacco content. These flavors are safe for human consumption and while most are propylene glycol based, some of them are vegetable based as well. Flavors like tobacco, menthol, vanilla as well as chocolate allow smoking enthusiasts to relish the true flavors of puffing a chemical free cigarette.

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As per Gerard Fleming, an independent e cig research analyst, “The cartridges of an e cigarette contain liquid nicotine, which in turn is vital for ensuring the taste as well as the overall vapor volume of e cigs. You can choose your individual nicotine strength and thereby reduce your nicotine intake slowly and steadily.”

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