Tech-Cigarette States That Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes Shall Kill over 1 Million Individuals in India Annually

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- Leading electronic cigarette review 2013 website has revealed that over a million individuals in India are stated to lose their lives untimely by the year 2013 owing to the deadly tobacco cigarette smoking habit. Apparently, this is a shocking fact, seeing the large amounts of deaths that can be caused owing to cigarette smoking in a nation that is quite concerned about the overall health of their individuals. Almost nine hundred thousand individuals are known to die owing to cigarette smoking in India until recently on an annual basis and this figure is all set to cross the one million mark. This is indeed shocking and a real cause for concern for smoking enthusiasts the world over.

According to Tech-Cigarette spokesperson, “If the current smoking trend is to continue, then it would not be long before the fatality linked to tobacco cigarette smoking shall take an all new turn, which in turn would put a lot of undue pressure onto the already overburdened Indian healthcare industry. The facts that are being discussed have already been published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which in turn showcase the extent to which the damage that tobacco cigarettes have caused in India can be ascertained. In order to curb this menace, extreme care needs to be taken with special regards to ensuring that instead of tobacco cigarettes, smokers opt for less harmful smoking mediums, such as electronic cigarettes.”

When tech-cigarette interviewed Sunil Bajawat, he said, “I have been smoking cigarettes for over a decade now and I quit cigarettes only after I witnessed my uncle die of lung cancer caused by cigarettes that he smoked daily. I now puff e cigarettes and I am very happy with my choice.”

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