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Hunstad Kortesis Plastic Surgery + MedSpa Welcomes Dr. Gaurav Bharti to the Practice

Hunstad Kortesis Plastic Surgery + MedSpa, an award-winning plastic surgery practice in North Carolina, is proud to announce the addition of Dr. Gaurav Bharti to the practice.

A Forex News Portal Is Now Available to Provide Aspiring Millionaires with the Latest Forex Market News and Tips

Those who are interested in earning substantially by trading in forex market may be excited by the news that a Malaysian-based forex news portal called Jutawan Forex is now available for helping them get the latest forex news and for learning how to trade in this market. Discusses the Reason Why LinkedIn's Share Plummeted

LogoAfter blocking HireTeamMate, a company that pursued a client partnership with LinkedIn, the latter has experienced drastic drop as their revenue fall short of their goal. The company's stock fell to 45% and many investors are asking the same question, "Will the company be able to survive this?"

Hireteammate.Com Shares the Best Career Advice for Millennials, the world's fast-rising and most sought after hiring team and company which specializes in marketing and vetting shares some of the best advice that are beneficial for the members of the Generation Y and also known as the Millennials. was known for providing the best strategies and techniques to help both the employer or hiring company and the prospect employee. Thus, has already made its mark in the industry even if the platform and techniques being utilized are relatively new.

Alert-1 Medical Alert System Reviews Are Now Available from

After much anticipation, Medalertsystems is now relying on the medicated help from Alert-1 Medical Alert System. This is primarily defined as a small and convenient device, which helps in eliminating worries of a medical emergency, and provides peace of mind, especially for the senior citizen group. For elderly people and the ones, living with disabilities, being alone is a trauma. Therefore, to match their medical emergency requirement in the middle of wee hours, this kind of medical alert plan suits the best. With the help of Bay Alarm Medical system, they can be rest assured of medical attention and guaranteed help.

E-Tech Tracks Customers as They Continue to Migrate from NetSuite to Quickbooks

LogoLeading file repair and conversion provider in Canada addresses the growing migration from NetSuite to Quickbooks among customers. Turns out to Be UK's Fastest Growing Payday Loan Company is a familiar name among the short-term loan borrowers in the United Kingdom, thanks to the highly reliable loan services that they've been offering. In a very short span of time, this financial broker has emerged out as one of the leading names in the payday loan market of the UK. Launch Jobsites with Integrated Pre Screened Technical Knowledge  release the official initial job search and job posting with integrated and smart filtering capabilities for employer and employees. Launches Bitcoin Auction Marketplace

LogoBiterial is a website that offers a place where buyers can purchase items for Bitcoin and sellers can sell items for Bitcoin. Biterial, similar to Ebay, offers automated in-house escrow. Discusses the Importance of Finding the Perfect Business Location

LogoThe increase in visibility and foot traffic is one of the many factors that need to be considered by all business owners. Businesses like sports shop also need a fresh air and new environment after being in the same site for years. Sports shop business like Trophiesplus Medals that specializes in producing trophies and medals have been in the industry for years and have found out the importance of great location for the business. According to the company owner, moving to a new location does not mean they are not receiving enough attention from the market. Being in the corporate area makes a business more in demand and noticed by the public.

The Motivation Behind the Invention - a Talk by Dr. Kalyan Kankanala at TEDx NMIMS Bangalore

Dr. Kalyan C. Kanakanala, Managing Partner of BananaIP, was invited to speak at the TEDx event organized by Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Bangalore on the 27th of February, 2016. He has been asked to speak about what motivates inventors to invent. This year's theme was "Knitting Visions" and the speakers for the event included eminent personalities such as Vinita Bali, Vani Ganapathy, Sangeetha Menon, Shinie Antony, Jockin Arputham, Dr. Abhas K. Mitra, Dr. Shailesh Kumar, Dev Shah and Disha Oberoi.

Boost My Campaign Offers Crowdfunding Marketing Services

Through the years, Boost My Campaign has never failed to help thousands of fundraisers when it comes to raising money for their respective causes that will benefit the community in return. This crowdfunding marketing agency happily announced that they were able to help fundraisers in making their projects known by the world.

Live Auctions Added to Rasdale Stamp Company Website

Rasdale Stamp Company recently announced their new addition of live stamp auctions on their website. It now provides the ability to view and bid on real-time stamp auctions. Customers can still go to the gallery if they choose, or stay home in the comfort of their own home. Customers from around the world can now easily bid through their live auction site and can instant message directly with the auction administrator who is running the auction.

MicroClerk Freelance Website Officially Launched: Could This Be the New Fiverr Killer?

MicroClerk today has introduced its new Freelance Marketplace Website that aims to provide an exclusive and competitive platform for buyers and sellers alike, for the exchange of digital goods and services. The site features a secure, intuitive, and easy to use platform, allowing buyers and sellers to trade on the website with just a few clicks, not to mention their absolutely competitive rates!

Mustard Expands Presence to Support London Businesses

LogoSmall to medium enterprises all have great potential to uplift the economies of the countries they are based in. With many governments offering great incentives to their founders, it is safe to say that they will soon command a healthy share of the business services market. Now Online Offers Competitive Pricing for High-Quality Disc Duplication, Customer Relationship Management System, Website Designs, and Development

Last summer, CDMASTERCOPY.COM now moving to IMASTERCOPY.COM realized that offering Website Design, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and development is something of great interest to its clients.

Conversion Tracking Services from Ideal Visibility for Effective AdWords Campaigns

Ideal Visibility, a renowned PPC Agency in the United States, is now offering Google AdWords campaign conversion tracking and reporting services at the most competitive prices. A part of AdWords Management, conversion tracking is a method of accurately analyzing the number of visits to any business website from AdWords-generated campaigns. Relying on the company's campaign conversion and tracking services can help business owners in knowing the specific audience interested in their products and services. The campaign report provided by them helps business owners in saving their AdWords expenses from being wasted. Moreover, running the AdWords campaign on the basis of this report can also benefit entrepreneurs in targeting the exact audience and getting new customers for their business products and services. Those that wish to generate a good chunk of revenue from their AdWords campaign can count on this reputed AdWords Management Agency for their requirements.

MarketVolume Offers Wide Range of Unique Stock Trading Tools and Services

One of the leading stock chart providers, MarketVolume®, now offers a wide range of unique stock trading tools and services that will help investors and stock traders understand further the price trend.

Healthycycling Is Now a Mouse Click Away with the Launch of New Website

Healthycycling has launched its new website, where patients can now look for nearest hospital as well as find doctors and doctor reviews as well as other medical practitioners in their locality. This new move is in keeping with the constantly changing world that is mostly fueled by technology.

Prom Dresses UK Suppliers Support Underground Formal Attire

Sahari, a reputable supplier of prom dresses in UK has recently announced its strong support of alternative prom events. The Islington-based retailer and wholesaler of evening dresses, cocktail dresses, and long gowns has a history of supporting worthy causes related to diversity and non-discriminatory practices, among others. Unveils the Latest Updates on the ICC T20 World Cup 2016

For all the cricket lovers across the globe, promises to have a plethora of information on the upcoming T20 World Cup 2016 schedule. It is a convenient place to check for the live telecast of these matches at different time zones. This enables people from different countries to enjoy the matches without any misses.

Analyst of Chinese Economy Warns About Shifting American Views

AmericanYuan, a website that provides its author with a platform for commentary and research related to the present-day Chinese economy, has recently warned about the shifting views of Americans regarding China's economy including its finance and stock market.

Naked Options Trading System Delivers Up to 50% Stable Annual Income Using Conservative Options Trading

NOS Team [], one of the leading providers of naked options trading system, today announced that the Naked Options Trading System reported 32% on the QQQ Uncovered options signals and 26% on the SPY Uncovered Options using the conservative options trading in 2015. Has Introduced a New Toolkit to Explain the Essence of Project Coordinator Position

LogoProject management is an important part of the prevailing amount of business operations, which is applied in lots of industries across the globe. However, not all people are actually aware of the process and, thus, cannot make use of all the project management benefits they are offered nowadays. Realizing the problem, has offered the toolkit that covers the most crucial issues associated with Project Coordinator position.

Most in-Depth Review of InstaMate Reveals Brand Marketing Secrets on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks that has more than 300 Million users, 75 Million of which use it every day. The male/female ratio is about 51/49 and around 40% of Instagram users are located in the USA. Moreover, Instagram users have a higher percentage of interactions with brands. More than 4% of users engage and interact on Instagram posts, compared to only 0.07% on Facebook, Instagram is a marketing heaven for brands and businesses.