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Pixel Fury Redesigns Website to Showcase Their Intelligent Design Principles

Website design is one of the most important aspects of success in online marketing, and its proper execution cannot be underestimated. Though a technical discipline created through coding, the design principles are much the same as graphic design. Pixel Fury Design has been delivering outstanding graphic design results in logos, stationery, signage, vehicle prints and communication collateral for over ten years. They also have a dedicated team for web design, online marketing and SEO. Their latest redesign showcases an elegant simple design that engages visitors and most importantly funnels visitors to a contact them for design work. Their focus on eliciting responses from visitors is one of the aspects that attracted one of their latest clients Shakeology Cleanse. Launched a Unique Platform for Buying and Selling Exclusive Rap Beats, an online beats store, is providing producers and music artists from the music industry a unique platform to buy and sell exclusive beats from different genres of music such as pop, hip-hop and club. Furthermore, in order to boost sales has announced a buy two get one free offer for its customers.

Online USA Doctors Now Offering Treatments and Consultations for Those Looking to Consult a Doctor Online

With medical costs rising, Americans are discovering that online doctors are a cheaper, more effective way to consult with a doctor. As is most often the case in America, visiting a doctor's office is not only time consuming, expensive, and difficult to schedule, it is sometimes nearly impossible to fit into a busy calendar. People find themselves increasingly crunched for time, trying to schedule work, children, and extracurricular activities inside of an ever-tightening window of time, not to mention the constantly expanding queue to see an actual doctor. Getting a spot in the queue to visit a doctor in-office can take months. As the need for professional medical care expands, not only are visits to a doctor's office time consuming and difficult to schedule, they are increasingly expensive, especially for those without insurance.

BULZiBUCKET Announces Website Coming Soon

With summer approaching, families are looking for new ways to take advantage of warm weather and family vacations. To meet the demand for new yard and tailgating activities, a brand-new family game is coming from Kid Agains, the makers of Amazon bestseller Quarterback Touchdown. Just in time for summer, the new website for BULZiBUCKET will launch on May 15, 2015. Offers Clients the Best Strategies with Years of Experience in Selling Ecommerce Sites

LogoEcommerce broker has been in the business of selling ecommerce sites for over two decades. Their founders are not only ecommerce brokers; they are also successful in buying, managing and selling their own ecommerce and technical digital assets. With a number of ecommerce broker sites online, is proud to offer time-honored, successful strategies to their clients who are selling ecommerce sites.

MyPromotionalPens.Com Launches the Feature of Quick View in Product Category Results

Positioning their name as one of the prominent suppliers of marketing and promotional items, has launched the feature "Quick View" in Product Category Results. For the convenience of clients, the company has provided ample information in the quick view section on their portal. Businessmen who are seeking an effective marketing tool at an affordable price range can purchase promotional pens available with the company. The company supplies a wide variety of marketing pens while keeping the specific needs of their clients in mind. The company stockpiles different varieties of advertising pens such as Roller Ball Pens, Multi-Function Pens, Fountain Pens, Metal Pens, Gel Pens, Eco Friendly Pens and much more.

E-Book on Simple Easy 21 Yoga Meditation Techniques Exercises for Beginners

This Book "21 Meditation Techniques "is a unique collection of ancient wisdom and spiritual teachings of great eastern masters. These techniques are compiled from following sources taught by greatest masters from different cultures like Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Buddhist techniques from Buddha & Atisha Master, Kriya Yoga Tantra Yoga By Babaji,Sufism? meditations from Gurdjieff & Jalaluddin Rumi, Kashmir Shaivism -Vigyan Bhairav Tantra - By Lord Shiva.

Website Design Hub Helps Businesses Enhance Online Presence & Exposure

Website Design Hub announced that they have upgraded their website,, to better exhibit the features and potentials of quality web designs. The company is already known for developing unique and quality websites for their clients to help them stand out from the crowd and get noticed by potential customers. A representative for Website Design Hub stated, "The websites we construct allows our clients to have better interactions with their site visitors and target audiences and at the same time, provide a better user experience."

Brisbane Dermatology Clinic Launches Brand New Online Appointment System

Brisbane Dermatology Clinic announced the launch of a convenient new online appointment system. Visitors to the Brisbane Dermatology Clinic site can now enter their contact details to make an appointment to see one of the region's top dermatologists, saving precious time and ensuring that their health needs will be addressed as quickly as possible. For more than 20 years, Brisbane Dermatology Clinic has been one of Brisbane's top dermatological specialists, providing everything from solutions for troublesome acne to skin cancer screenings that have saved many lives.

Better Destination Media to Host Exclusive Event Called Beauty, Brands and Cocktails

Make-overs from beauty experts, head shots, brand audits and much more, the Beauty, Brands and Cocktails event is stated to be a place where every businesswoman would want to be. To be held on the 17th of April, this event organized by the Better Destination Media has now only limited bookings available. The organizing committee states it was evident to them that the bookings will be all purchased in no time. This exclusive and regal event is stated to be a corporate conference-like event blended with chic makeup sessions, cupcakes and many more features to make it a fun-day-out while still being at a business event.

Homes at Tahoe's Website Gets Dynamic Redesign with Integration of Mobile-Friendly Features

LogoA family-operated real estate agency serving the picturesque Lake Tahoe area since its inception, Homes at Tahoe has announced the launch of its redesigned website aptly located at The online portal has been reworked to concentrate on integrating mobile-friendly features, with Homes at Tahoe brokers taking advantage of the iHomefinder system implemented by the new site's designers, Tahoe Creative Solutions. As a state-of-the-art IDX/home search system, iHomefinder has transformed the real estate agency into one of the few that are mobile-friendly.

"Rescue the Sale" Now Helps in Boosting Product Visibility

It is a regular scenario that high-end websites are falling short to convert mere visitors into potential customers. Few business owners think that the layout of the website is responsible for capturing attention, so they spend money on making the website tempting and informative, but little do they realize that web users visit sites not to appreciate the aesthetic beauty but to satisfy their need. When they get nothing fruitful there or for some reason change mind, they just leave. In such situation, how about considering something unusual, something, which costs less but, generate big impact.  Remarketing is that last minute dose which is successfully saving business entities for years around. Their dedicated remarketing technique is not only effective but also fool proof in generating desired outcome for the shortest time possible. It is simple an endeavor and effective for businesses ranging from mid to small size. While browsing internet, advertising pop ups often people encounter, especially while checking out from Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

Survey Reveals the Top Criteria for Nonprofit Donations

LogoThe deciding factor that makes people donate to a nonprofit organization may not be what you think it is.

New Reviews Make Shopping for Home Loans Easier (TBC) recently launched a new way to rank mortgage lenders that will provide valuable data to interested consumers. Sheds Light on the Top Meal Plan Diets (TBC) is launching a new vertical that outlines the best meal plans for weight loss and improved heart health.

Updated and Multiple Television Channels Now Available at Iptvchoice with Number of Movies and Series

Iptvchoice has recently announced a different high quality TV viewing experience. They have launched a direct to home digital channel package that ensures to supply a huge list of channels from around the world to its customers. Not only is this service provider hosting a large number of channels but they are compatible with most of the boxes with enigma 2 too. Iptv updates their channel periodically and makes sure to provide the best high definition television viewing experience to their customers with great reliability. The channel package provided by Iptv comes in the form of Bronze for 1 month, Silver for 2 months, Gold for 5 months and Platinum for 12 months.

An Ecommerce Website Company Design from Fort Lauderdale Reveals 5 Easy Steps for SEO Success

The website is a resourceful tool that allows for hassle-free and flexible business activities across the globe. Follow these 5 simple steps provided by a leading Ecommerce Website Design company of Fort Lauderdale and get a clear view of the overall SEO performance. These 5 steps will help in assessing the on line performance and making improvements in the website design. A responsive and user-friendly web page will attract a large number of customers and facilitate utmost information about products and services within no time apart from the following benefits:

PXLSecurity Offers Vulnerability Assessment and Management Services to Startups

Comprehensive Information Security Assessment and Management Service Company PXLSecurity want website, application and start up owners to ask themselves if their information system is secure enough to protect them from a hacking fiasco, similar to the ones that occurred recently. PXLSecurity believe that servers, networks, web services and applications owners should be able to answer this question confidently, therefore the company has introduced a range of Information Security Assessment and Management Services including Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Management, WordPress security testing, web application security and Security Testing of Servers.

Smart SEO Deliver First Page Rankings in Google, Yahoo & Bing

LogoSearch engine optimization used to be a simple process. Even five years ago, you only needed to identify a set of keywords that your business can be based upon and optimize them in your website content. Even if you were copy pasting content from different competing website, it didn't matter as long as you had been able to stuff these keywords in your website. However, search engines like Google realised that this process of page ranking is completely unfavourable for the end users. Customers seek search engines to find products and information about a variety of things but what they actually get is gibberish. to Expand Website and Add New Anime Shows and Series was launched recently as an anime streaming website for watching English dubbed and subbed anime online. As stated by sources, this website has already gained a lot of popularity with anime fans for its huge collection of anime series which are updated hourly. "We update our site hourly because we want to ensure that anime fans will always have something new to watch every time they visit our website", said the spokesperson for He added, "Our website guarantees high quality stream and download links."

Unrant Creates Unprecedented Value to Internet Users Worldwide on All Verticals

Throughout the past two weeks, the expert writers of have been trying to keep up with demanding content from their superiors. Why? Unrant is on a mission. The illusion of proper information online is what the creators behind the website are trying to end.

Meet the Web Developer Who Works for Free – Extinguishing Reputation of Industry Known for "Burning" Clients

Every organization and business owner has had to swallow one of the newest and often largest expenses of keeping profit flowing in the twenty-first century: web development. But it's not exactly an industry blessed with an angelic reputation; development costs often soar to $800 an hour for work that doesn't reflect the fee, and developers themselves are notorious for abandoning their clients as soon as the next project comes along. Shows People How They Can Make Money Online Successfully

America and the UK have had a struggling economic crisis in recent years, which left millions of people struggling to survive. That struggle is not over, and still tens of thousands of people in America and tens of thousands of people in the UK are being forced to turn to pay day loans to survive. However, there is an alternative to pay day loans, and that is learning how to make money online.

Make Search Work Announces Expansion of Services to Include SEO, PPC, & More

Offering effective search engine optimization services and a comprehensive suite of online marketing strategies, Makesearchwork launches this week with a clear mission: To provide digital marketing services for those who demand the best.

Inversion Helps! Publishes Up-to-Date Reviews of Inversion Tables; Aids in Research

According to information recently released by the National Institute of Health Statistics, back pain is the leading reason cited for disability in Americans under 45 years old. In fact, more than 26 million Americans ages 20-64 report experiencing frequent back pain. With the ever rising cost of health care, an increasing number of patients are seeking alternative care that will keep them out of the doctor's office. One such approach to controlling, even eliminating chronic back pain is the use of inversion tables. Dave Carry, spokesperson for Inversion Helps ( stated these tables are an inexpensive alternative to expensive treatments that are often lacking in effectiveness.