Technology Press Releases Takes on the Valuable Contribution of the 3D Printing Technology in Pre-Surgical Planning for Fatal Organ Transplants

The world has absolutely become modern and technologically advanced with the coming of the digital era. These revolutionary global changes are all over the news introducing the latest developments and inventions in all sorts of different things. One of the most trending innovative discoveries that have influenced even the most sensitive industries of all is the discovery and improvement of the 3D printing technology.

Esanosys Joins the Hootsuite Partner Program

Esanosys now offers Hootsuite, the most widely used platform for managing social media. Hootsuite is used by more than 800 of the Fortune 1000 companies. With advanced tools and services available for security, collaboration, engagement and analytic measurement of social media strategy, Hootsuite is built to bring brands top social ROI.

The Service Provider for Travel Businesses, with the Sky Is the Limit

There are a few primary needs that every travel business would like to fulfill online; guaranteed customer clicks, a fair chance to attract the customers, a platform for displaying travel packages and all this at an affordable price. The only place online that can satisfy all these needs is Offers Solutions Ranging from Pesky Pest Problems to Skin Problems

A website has recently opened that publishes practical solutions to almost any problem that people encounter every day. will be a good help to those who are suffering from persistent problems such as offensive body odor, destructive termites and many more. Now Offers Fast and Reliable Online Reverse Auction

Enabling their clients to remain competent in this hyper competitive online era, is now offering fast and reliable online procurement system. They have a platform for B2B network, which is utmost necessary for the survival in this hyper competitive market. With their Avant-Garde e procurement software, one can stay tuned with the changing trends of the auction market. Their automated procurement process helps clients to save great time and money and keeping them ahead in bidding race.

Best Way to Copy DVD Transformers: Age of Extinction Has Been Figured Out

LogoDigiarty Software, a famous DVD copy and ripper software provider, makes Transformers: Age of Extinction DVD copy solution public in an article. It says that by using WinX DVD Copy Pro, people can copy Transformers 4 DVD to DVD, ISO image and VIDEO_TS folder. Moreover, it also aids people to copy Transformers 4 DVD title, chapter content and extract video or audio file only.

New FlipHTML5 Guarantees Ultimate Flip Book Creation & Publishing Experience

LogoFlipHTML5, a digital software publishing company that provides users with software to produce digital flipbooks, is pleased to announce several new upgrades to FlipHTML5.

Leawo Software Unveiled Free Blu-Ray Software, Helps to Play Blu-ray/DVD Discs on PC

LogoLeawo Software Co., Ltd., a professional solution provider that focuses on multimedia conversions, Blu-ray/DVD playback and conversions, data recoveries and transfers of iOS devices, officially unveiled a piece of free Blu-ray player software, Leawo Blu-ray Player, on the 26th of September. The software is helpful for the movie fans who like watching Bu-ray and DVD discs on computer.

Inprint Infographic Establishes Importance of Print Marketing in the Digital Age

For those who want to reach a great audience for their product and business, Inprint brings one of the best opportunities to cash on the effectiveness and bundles of benefits of print advertising. Inprint has recently published an infographic by the name of “Why Print” which uses current statistics to explain people why print ads should be utilized by them as their top means of advertising.

The Countess Group VIP Partner Loyalty Club Tops 1,100 Members

LogoThe Countess Group, an internationally recognized strategic marketing and communications consultancy, announced today that its VIP Partner Loyalty Club membership has grown to over 1,100 businesses and non-profit organizations.

Bioskin Laser, New York Now Offers Complete Laser Hair Removal and Cellulite Treatments

BioSkin Laser, a one-stop destination for the finest and most advanced treatment services. BioSkin Laser recently announced new treatments for laser hair removal, cellulite treatment and skin tightening. The hallmark of their services is the attention given to individual requirements and trained and certified professionals giving the treatment. Offers People Reliable and Effective Licensed Public Adjuster Services connects people with a team of experienced Licensed Public Adjusters who help insured people that have some kind of loss in the presentation or preparation of the insurance claim.

Mrs. Takeshia Price Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Her Dreams Come True of Winning the 2014 Prestige Pagentry Award

Mrs. Takeshia Price is a decision counselor who dedicates her life to serve the community. Her goal is to help in community development, making the world around her more beautiful and safe. She is focused on building strong families that can build a good society. She now initiates a crowdfunding to help her take part in 2014 Prestige Pagentry Award.

Jim Mitchell Serves Magline Customers and Dealers in Iowa

LogoMagline, makers of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions, announced a strategy to best serve customers and dealers in Iowa with innovation including best practices and local customer responsiveness. The Midwest Region includes Iowa and is managed by Regional Sales Executive Jim Mitchell.

Issue 9 of Picking Perfection Newsletter Will Address Best Pick to Light Options

LogoThe ninth issue of “Picking Perfection” (a weekly e-newsletter) to be released October 6, 2014 reports that one of the complaints of standard Pick-to-light (PTL) installations is operational impact. It is rare, but there are PTL solutions that are "click & go" and can be installed in nearly every environment with minimal operational impact. The best of breed PTLs must offer a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) which results in a quick training cycle - employees are at full capability in days, not months and without IT engineers for support. The upcoming newsletter will discuss Automating order picking systems, which are perceived by many as necessitating large investments. Ultimately lower level technology investments and procedural picking improvements yield desired productivity improvements in warehouses.

Seegrid AGVs Easily Installed and Trained

LogoSeegrid Corporation, global leader of robotic automated guided vehicles (AGVs), provided a video demonstration of implementation at Giant Eagle Distribution Center. The company reduced labor costs, increased productivity, and improved operation efficiencies. Giant Eagle Distribution Center located in Crafton, Pennsylvania, installed and trained Seegrid's Flexible AGVs into their facility easily and quickly.

Ultriva CEO Insists Built-in Engineering Rules Required in Supply Chain Execution Software

LogoBuilt-in engineering rules allow customers to define rules on any event or action that occurs in the supply chain. Narayan Laksham, CEO and founder of Ultriva, Inc., a provider of cloud-based supply chain execution software, discussed supply chain technology in the current blog on the company website.

Kennametal and System Insights Strategic Partnership Announced

System Insights announced earlier this month during the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) that System Insights and Kennametal entered into a partner agreement. Under the agreement, VIMANA-based tooling and machine optimization software technology will be marketed through the Kennametal sales channel under the NOVO™ Optimize brand. Both NOVO Optimize and VIMANA were on display during IMTS 2014 in Chicago.

Divorce Attorneys Provide Assistance in Resolving Divorce and Family Law Issues

Divorce attorneys are providing assistance by helping the residents of Tucson and Southern Arizona with their divorce and family law issues. Ariano Reppucci PLLC has a team of professional and experienced divorce attorneys who are dedicated and committed to serve anyone in resolving their problems.

Winning Strategies for Unemployment Finally Released to the Public

LogoIn today's current environment attempting to get unemployment benefits can be hugely frustrating. Difficult former employers and the slow moving bureaucratic nature of state employees can end up placing a person in need in dire straights. One solution is hiring a lawyer, but the fact is they often charge over two hundred dollars an hour, a difficult pill to swallow for a person out of work. Another, and perhaps more elegant solution, is presented in the recently released book “Winning Strategies: Unemployment Benefits” that offers a proven and tested method to obtain unemployment benefits quickly and without great stress. Claiming unemployment, according to many early readers, has never been so easy.

College Essay Service Offers Professional Essay Writing Services for All Those College Aspirants Who Find That Writing Is Not Their Forte

College entrance applications are usually a very stressful time for many college aspirants because of all the formalities they need to get completed before securing their seat. Add to that the additional stress of writing a bunch of essays, which need to be absolutely perfect and competitive to the highest degree in order for the individual to be considered for admission, and the college admission procedure turns into an absolute nightmare for most. What’s more, amidst all of this, staying up late, skipping meals and losing sleep becomes second nature, something that compromises on the health of the individual.

Popular E-Commerce Blog Introduces Its Readers to $17.9 Billion Dollar Entrepreneur Andy Khawaja

Popular e-commerce blog, Why Wait. Make Money. Live Well., recently met with globe-trotting serial entrepreneur and CEO of one of the largest e-commerce payment solution providers in the world, Andy Khawaja. The Allied Wallet CEO sat down with the popular e-commerce blog and explained how he built his e-commerce empire, earned a personal wealth evaluation of about $17.9 billion, and why he's being called the “Creator of Global E-commerce.”

GALLOREE Launches Free Online Stores for Artists and Graphic Designers to Increase Sales

Galloree is a free platform that offers artists, graphic designers and others to create their own online stores. The company provides more than 100 awesome products that can help people increase their sales.

Huuman Introduces New Portable Power Devices Designed to Offer More Device Talk Time

PC Mag recently conducted a study to determine which cell phones offer the longest battery life. They found the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx offered the best continuous talk time, coming in at 16 hours and 45 minutes, before needing a charge. Its nearest competitor, the Motorola Droid 4, offered only 11 hours and 47 minutes before needing to be charged. However, individuals running apps or browsing on the Internet may find their battery runs down more quickly. Huuman recognized the need for portable power supplies, thanks to this limited battery life, and created a whole lineup to assist consumers with their power needs.

Sticky Business Reports More Than 4,400 Individuals Died on the Job in 2013

Workplace accidents continue to be of concern, as OSHA reports an estimated 4,405 workers died while working in 2013. Business owners need to ensure employees understand proper procedure at all times, yet each business remains unique. Owners worried about protecting their employees, therefore, should look into custom printed warning labels, ones designed to be specific to their products and work environment.

Kiddy Apps Offers Valuable and Interesting Ios Applications for Learning English Language

KiDDy Apps is created to contribute to the children’s successful development, supporting their successful learning. According to the most recent studies, made by psychologists and experts, the sooner little children start to learn, the better results they have compared to the children with a later start. However, it is not easy to attract the little kids’ attention for a long time.

iPas2 Review Announces Four Fast Action Bonuses

LogoAny individual looking to create a successful online business are in luck, because well-known online marketing expert and six figure online earner Philip Mutrie has announced his four fast action bonuses in his recent iPas2 Review. In his review, Philip has supported the iPas2 System further recommending the system to all new online marketers wanting to establish an online business with an all-in-one, one-of-a-kind business solution as stated in his recent press release here.