Technology Press Releases

CloudHawk Crowdfunding Project Launched on Indiegogo

Eric Tam, founder of FlyBuyers has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to introduce CloudHawk in support of Austism Awareness Month. CloudHawk is the only professional pocket GPS tracker that can also monitor the temperature around people and objects. Useful for child and senior tracking and anti-theft tracking as well as asset, small-fleet and personal vehicle tracking. CloudHawk is currently the only pocket GPS tracker with a temperature monitor, and true 7 days battery life in the marketplace. Knowing the temperature around people or items the user desires to monitor, the CloudHawk can save a life and money. The patented extra sensitive GPS antenna can read the location of people or items with remarkable precision. The CloudHawk pocket tracker can provide location services in high rise buildings, parking garages, car trunks, under viaducts and within a ten meter radius outdoors.

France Information Technology Report Q2 2014 - New Report Available

The French IT market is well developed with high penetration of products and solutions, as well as being home to some leading IT services providers and a growing cybersecurity ecosystem. Although desktop and notebook sales will remain under pressure in 2014 as a result of competition from tablets and hybrids, we expect the decline to be less pronounced than in 2012 and 2013. Meanwhile, a stronger economic backdrop will be conducive to growth in enterprise spending, with cloud services including SaaS, IaaS and PaaS expected to be among the areas of fastest growth. This will drive continued investment in data centre facilities by leading global vendors, as well as local telecoms operators and cloud services providers.

iSkysoft Studio Unveils YouTube Downloader Mac Latest and Improved Features on Version 4.1.0

LogoYouTube, the ever-popular video-sharing platform, has revolutionized the way people share and view videos. What used to be impossible to reach people from across other places is now easy to share and viewable by everyone on the other side of the globe in just seconds. Given the advancements in technology, certain tools have been developed to allow for online videos to be enjoyed on people's devices.

New Easy Video Suite Review Published on

LogoEasy video suite is a hot video marketing software in clickbank marketplace that has got the attention of internet marketers. This software is loaded with many state of the art features that make the life of video marketers easy. Now they can easily record and edit their videos with the help of this cool software and then instantly upload them online by the inbuilt feature. The software has got a lot of positive reviews and is in high demand among Internet marketers.

CellPhone Contracts Offers a Special Service

Choosing the right kind of cell phone network deal now becomes easy with the help of the Cellphone Contract that is ready and wise to help all its clients meet their requirements. Help is definitely required to find a right type of network, as there are various contracts available, from which choosing one would be a challenging task for any individual. Nevertheless, here is the Cellphone Contract that is famous and experienced in rendering such great service to its clients.

CRMnext Launches 'Strategy Consonants' Functionality to Help Organizations Execute Strategies at All Customer Touch-Points in Real-Time

This is a great innovation which will provide large organizations capability to execute their strategies at the ground level despite complexities of processes, scale and geographies. CRMnext will allow creation of strategy consonants that focus on watching data and reminding users to take critical action while interacting with customers. Strategy consonants have the flexibility to be configured on the basis of multiple criteria, allowing an organization to enforce the most radical new strategies at the ground level.

Fishbowl Inventory Highly Endorsed by Small Commercial Equipment Company Mr Hand Truck

Mr Hand Truck is in the Commercial Equipment, N.E.C. industry located in Bronx, New York. Edwin from Mr Hand Truck shared on Software Advice that, “Fishbowl Inventory is the best Distribution software that I have ever used. Now I can make purchase orders, receipts, sale orders, quotations, take credit cards, bill of materials, manufacture orders, transfer orders and much more. After that I can transfer all the information to Quickbooks automatically. I couldn't find software with all that functionality for that price. Everything that I found was much more expensive than Fishbowl Inventory.”

Business Excellence Magazine Shares TraceGains Food Supplier Document Management Platform

LogoRelying on quality and food safety departments to provide supplier performance feedback is no longer sufficient. Instead best practice food industry leaders are sharing an information platform with food safety quality assurance (FSQA) departments that provide real-time insights on supplier performance. Announces the Discount Offered by InMotion Hosting is announcing the news of discount offered by InMotion Hosting on Business Class Web Hosting. The company offers exclusive features like speed zone technology to its business users. Encourages the Top Brands for Bringing Innovative Practices and Packages highlights the achievements of some of the top brands for bringing value-added services into practice. It is one of the highly competitive market sectors. Competition is driving the change.

Marketing and Advertising Agency Media Powers Installs New Secure Hardware Systems

The goal of a marketing and advertising agency is to help companies reach out to a broader audience through the strategized promotion of their client’s products and services. Additionally, using the best advertising agencies also ensures a company’s ability to stay ahead of their competition.

Free One-Click Rescue Root Software Helps to Easily Root Android Devices

Getting to the “root” of Android operating system freedom is now easier, legal and safe: Per announcement today, the new Rescue Root “one-click root” application for Android, developed by emerging technology company Rescue Root Software, Ltd., is available for immediate download on the company website. A $29.95 value, Rescue Root is 100-percent free for a limited time.

Shop Varieties of Gluten Free Foods from

LogoRecently, the Celiac disease is becoming a common medical incidence/phenomenon among many people. The celiac disease is a condition by which a protein called gluten affects and damages the small intestine. The gluten is found in major cereals such as wheat, barley, rye and oats. Some people are gluten sensitive and cannot eat gluten contained food items. Some sources also state that gluten is found in almost all processed food items.

Spanish Article Directory Website Is Now Online

LogoZOOMinformatico, an authority Spanish article directory, now enables readers to find content on many topics and on a range of issues.

Reselling White Label SEO Services: SubmitINMe Offers Reliable SEO Reseller Programs This New Year

For people looking for an opportunity to take their business to a new level, an SEO reseller program is definitely a profitable choice, says an SEO expert of SubmitINMe. Being a leading SEO firm with more than a decade of industry experience, SubmitINMe is offering SEO reseller programs with hardly any initial investment for any small and medium sized businesses. The firm allows the resellers to choose from a variety of programs which are then offered to their clients as private label SEO services, i.e., reselling under their own brand-name.

Roar Search Marketing Guarantees to Improve Traffic and Sales with Melbourne SEO Services

LogoSearch engine optimisation is one of the top strategies for a successful website. Many companies all over Australia are specialising in SEO, all of them promising to put clients' websites and webpages on top of search engine results pages. In engaging the services of each SEO specialist, there are issues to watch out for, such as unreasonable rates and shoddy results. Needless to say, not all SEO companies are created equal.

Fishbowl Inventory Highly Endorsed by Industrial Supply Distributor First Place Supply

John from First Place Supply noted on Software Advice that Fishbowl Inventory Software has changed their business, noting, “We're an Industrial Supply Distributor with multiple warehouses and multiple sales offices. Connecting sales to the warehouse, sales to accounting, and accounting to the warehouse is a monumental task when you're trying to do everything in Quickbooks. Fishbowl has by far been the best money we have invested in our business this year. It was difficult to implement at first, because the staff did not want to change the way they did things and the system did not match what we were doing previously. Fishbowl's way has turned out to be better. Our employees wouldn't know what to do now if they didn't have access to Fishbowl.”

Students Can Learn About Online Degree Application Process with assists students looking to apply for online degree programs. Students need expert guidance as it is relatively a new field.

Wholesale Gift Products Company Adds Easter-Themed Items to Its Vast Inventory

Giftmood, a company that offers a huge variety of wholesale gift products, bulk home décor items, collectibles and more, has just added Easter-themed items to its already-wide selection of merchandise.

New Updates with EzCheckPrinting Speeds Up Check Writing for Small Businesses

LogoEzCheckPrinting check writer software speeds up check printing and billing paying. It also allows users to print professional checks with logo and signature in house. In response to users’ requests, check design and print software developer released the new ezCheckPrinting software and gives users more controls on check design.

Announcement: New Cloud Product Names with One Focus from NIRIX

NIRIX Inc., an innovative Canadian cloud computing service provider, renames their existing services to reflect market standards and enhance branding.

Robust New Instructor-Led Android Training Offered

As the Android operating system continues to expand its already dominant share of the mobile device market, programmers and developers continue to seek out reliable Android training classes. Two new Android courses, developed by the Colorado-based IT training firm Batky-Howell, Inc. to meet the booming demand for comprehensive Android training, help programmers acquire the skills needed for developing effective Android applications. Android Programming and Android Foundations, the first Android training courses in Batky-Howell’s new series of Android classes, were released late in 2012. These new instructor-led Android training courses are available to individuals in scheduled public classes, and to companies in private training programs for groups of three or more.

TraceGains Highlights of Upcoming Food Manufacturing and Safety Forum 2013 in Dallas

LogoThe Food Manufacturing & Safety Forum 2013 is the must attend event for leading consumer food and beverage groups to learn how to fully optimize their manufacturing and food safety/quality strategies in the current economic crisis. The event will include information from food safety document management leader TraceGains. The event will focus on how companies are able to streamline manufacturing processes to cut costs and maximize food safety to support heightened competitiveness and compliance. The event will be held at the Dallas, TX Fairmont Hotel February 26 – 27, 2013. The Annual Food Manufacturing & Safety Forum attracts 200+ senior level food and beverage professionals wanting to learn how to improve productivity, achieve continuous improvement and maximize food safety and quality whilst reducing costs throughout operations in a capital constrained world. Packed full of real life food manufacturing case studies, the forum allows firms to benchmark businesses against the ‘best-in-class’ and ensure the tools needed to form a coherent and logical strategy are available. TraceGains ( is for quality, purchasing, product development, and other departments, that are burdened with manually managing suppliers and documents. TraceGains delivers full-service supplier, compliance, and regulatory document management solutions, including FSMA and GFSI. Unlike manual, ERP, or traditional document systems, TraceGains extracts data from documents and automatically takes action. TraceGains is proven to empower people to quickly solve problems, speed audits, and simplify continuous product improvement. Supplier documentation storage, whether in file cabinets or in digital formats, may satisfy regulatory retention requirements, but does little to systematically unlock the wealth of business, compliance, and regulatory information they contain and you require on a daily basis to operate successfully. By automatically analyzing and scorecarding supplier-provided documentation as it is received—such as certificates of analysis, qualification questionnaires, audit documents and their results, certifications (Kosher, Organic, etc.), insurance certificates, allergen questionnaires, and other import requirements (COOL, C-TPAT, FSMA, GFSI), among others—TraceGains helps food and nutraceutical manufacturers and ingredient processors automate document management, meet regulatory and industry compliance requirements, identify best and worst suppliers, source better with less risk, automatically raise product quality, and painlessly perform or participate in audits, all without needing to involve the IT department to help with complex technology. TraceGains customers experience on average a 56% reduction in out-of-spec lot receipts, and a 20% reduction in attribute variability, resulting in enhanced continuous improvement, better performing ingredient and raw material inventory, improved cash flow, and long-term brand protection. Follow TraceGains on Twitter at @tracegains.

Easy Video Suite Review: World's Most Powerful Video Marketing Software

Mike Filsaime has proclaimed that Easy Video Suite is a “must-have” tool for any smart internet marketer. The creator of Easy Video Suite recognized the need for a software that allows marketers to record, publish, market and track their videos. The end result has been over 10,000 marketers purchasing Easy Video Suite, making it the worlds most powerful video marketing software created to date.

HowToGrowAMoustache.Com "A Gentleman's Guide to Facial Awareness" Launches

While scouring the internet a gentleman can’t help but notice that there aren't many places for us to gather and speak of gentlemanly things. To find a place to share our genuine interest in all things that are dandy and good one must look deep into the vast ocean of the internet to find the pearl that is HowToGrowAMoustache.Com. One of the most fresh and innovative “Man” blogs to date, offers grooming tips for men looking to keep their status as such.

My Own Truth Launches Website, Challenging Individuals Be True to Themselves

My Own Truth, an affiliate of Kelly Leadership Group, LLC, has announced the official launch of its webstore. The products available are intended for leaders that are ready to display the truth about who they are. Each item empowers individuals to be authentic in expressing who they truly are as unique individuals.

New Website Provides Online Backup Reviews for German Speakers

The importance of securely storing digital assets is growing with each passing year. Now more than ever before, people have whole collections of private images, music, and movies stored on their computers as well as online. In many cases, the cost of acquiring these collections is thousands of dollars. Furthermore images such as digitized family photographs as well as family videos may be priceless to the people who hold them dear. With this in mind, it absolutely essential that a computer user plans for the inevitability of a hard drive crash by utilizing an online backup service.