Technology Press Releases

Vaco Supply Chain Solutions Named Category Management Reseller by JDA Software

Vaco Supply Chain Solutions, LLC, an innovative, industry-leading supply chain software and consulting services provider, has been selected as a reseller for JDA's best-in-class Category Management software solutions.

The AFS Family Mourns the Passing of Food Distribution Industry Pioneer Visionary and Leader Joseph F. Greene

Obituary; AFS Technologies, ( a leading global provider of software and services purpose-built for consumer goods companies, is mourning with a heavy heart the passing of a Food Distribution Industry pioneer, visionary, leader, and friend, Joseph F. Greene, at age 70.

Austin Texas G3-Development Local Office Endorses Essential Anti-Aging Solar Panels and Therapeutic Oils for Residents' Consumption

LogoAs the category creator and world leader in healthy chocolate, the true vision of NanoCacao is to transform and improve individual lives worldwide through its exclusive and healthy chocolate products.

Nashville Tennessee G3-Development Neighborhood Office Endorses Essential Anti-Aging Muscle Rub and Therapeutic Oils for Residents' Usage

LogoAs the category creator and world leader in healthy chocolate, the true vision of NanoCacao is to transform and improve individual lives worldwide through its exclusive and healthy chocolate products.

Airwheel Twin Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter Q5 Launched

As is known to all, city transportation has been an unavoidable concern among the urbanites. Roads and streets are always crowded with vehicles of all kinds. By then, the people stuck there must be eager to travel through and escape from the situation. What they need is a transport delicate and convenient enough for them to come and go freely.

Salt Lake City Utah G3-Development Regional Office Endorses Essential Anti-Aging Cosmetics and Therapeutic Oils for Residents' Usage

LogoAs the category creator and world leader in healthy chocolate, the true vision of NanoCacao is to transform and improve individual lives worldwide through its exclusive and healthy chocolate products.

Montpelier Vermont G3-Development Neighborhood Office Endorses Essential Anti-Aging Tooth Paste and Therapeutic Oils for Residents' Consumption

LogoAs the category creator and world leader in healthy chocolate, the true vision of NanoCacao is to transform and improve individual lives worldwide through its exclusive and healthy chocolate products. Digital Agency Expands Their eCommerce Offerings Through the Acquisition of Liftory Digital Agency is a leader in the internet marketing industry that delivers a vast array of services with an unsurpassed customer experience. The firm's national SEO, PPC and Website Design/Development services have earned them top 10 rankings for search engine optimization companies in the nation, as well as many other awards and accomplishments within their industry. While their commitment to their clients allows them to deliver superb results that include increased website traffic, leads and conversions, the company always strives for improvement and remains alert for opportunities to offer a greater breadth of services to businesses, whether potential or existing members of their client family. With that goal in mind, Digital Agency is proud and excited to announce their acquisition of Liftory, an eCommerce specialist for online retailers.

Google Hires SEO Experts: Ranking Solutions Comments

A posting for a role as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert at Google was placed on its job board earlier this week. The post has caused a furore in the digital marketing industry as people wonder why the creator of the ubiquitous search engine requires help with its ranking on its own search engine. This is not necessarily the case – but highlights Google as showing interest in n increasingly competitive world of website optimisation. It confirms something which most businesses have already known: quality SEO is crucial to business success, something which cannot be ignored – with the specialists able to offer the most important information, key to keeping relevant.

Business Ideas UK Launches New Initiative Reviewing Start Up Business Concepts for Entrepreneurs

Starting a business in Britain is not the easiest thing in the world, but it is not impossible. Through the power of digital media and the online world, many businesses can be started in the spare room and quickly grown into self-sufficient, profit making entities. Business Ideas UK is a website that helps inspire the next generation of business owners, and has launched a new initiative to promote new start up business ideas, with regular reviews posted to their subscribers and via their latest Facebook group.

UK Franchise Opportunities Launches New Matchmaking Consultancy for Potential Franchisees

Franchising offers a great opportunity for businesses to expand, while also giving entrepreneurial individuals autonomy to create their own success while supported by a pre-existing framework and infrastructure. With so many businesses now franchising in order to expand rapidly, not all franchisers take equal care of their franchisees. UK Franchise Opportunities is a website committed to helping people find out more about franchising, and has just introduced a new consultancy service to help people identify the best opportunities for them.

Businesses for Sale Admin UK Now Offering Localized Advertising on Their Network of Forty Sites

Buying and selling a business can be a great opportunity for all involved, but finding those opportunities can be difficult. Thankfully, the online world is providing more access to opportunities throughout the UK. Businesses For Sale Admin UK operates a network of over 40 businesses for sale websites, localized to specific regions within the country. Following the continued growth in traffic and subscribers to the network, Businesses For Sale UK Admin has just launched an advertising program on their regional websites for anyone that has a small business for sale, with rates starting from just £100 per year.

Franchise UK Launches a Service to Show Businesses How They Can Franchise to Expand Their Business

Building a business is an incredible feat, but expanding can be even more challenging. It can take a tremendous amount of effort for a small business owner to keep a single location running well, but this limits the amount of money they can make from their idea and brand. Franchising offers individuals the opportunity to expand their business by enlisting driven, entrepreneurial leaders to expand their brand in new territories, but it is not without risk. The wrong people, or the wrong format, can see people lose control of their brand. Franchise UK has now launched a new free "How To Franchise" consultation to help people make the best of the opportunity.

UK Franchises for Sale Relaunches Website with New Mobile Friendly Responsive Theme

Franchising is the perfect balance between starting one's own business and hitting the ground running – the years of graft to establish operating procedures and a recognized brand have been done, but the success of the branch itself is down to the entrepreneurial spirit of the franchisee. UK Franchises For Sale is a website helping potential franchisees find out more about opportunities arising throughout the UK to own a franchise. The website has recently undertaken an overhaul to provide a better experience than ever to users, with a new mobile friendly responsive theme.

Digiarty Summons "Avengers" and Gives Away Computer Software Together

LogoDigiarty Software Inc., a leading multimedia software developer, hosts a cover-all summer giveaway of computer software by partnering successfully with eight world-known PC software developers such as EaseUs and Paragon Software Group (PSG). With the slogan "Love The Avengers, Take The Advantage", it brings the top-rated software for Windows desktop or notebook. "All tools being given away are compatible with different Windows operating systems. Even if you have upgraded from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10, you can equip with those programs for free," explained by Jack, CEO of the sponsor company.

AnyFlip Recommends Flipbook Software to Retail Marketers for Rich Media Content

LogoAs a reputable software company, AnyFlip shows their recent studies on the matter of digital marketing and its relation to media. The company recommends flipbook software as a great solution for media rich content that prevents making a mistake of too much multimedia, which can burden the readers.

Eco Friendly Scooter Manufacturer Royal Play Announces the Launch of New Upcoming Model "ET Smart Scooter"

Rohit Bansal, The creative stalwart behind Royal Play Group recently announced the launch of their brand new, one-of -a-kind Eco-Friendly Scooter named "ET Smart Scooter". Weighing in only 16kgs, ET Smart Scooter is a big upgrade in terms of features to its predecessor which weighted approx. 30 Kgs. The scooter comes with a keyless key just like in high end cars and has a cruise control, Bluetooth speakers and a USB port for cellphone charging. The biggest and noticeable upgrade of this model is its extended range of 30-40km over its predecessor.

GHM Guides Couples Toward Sublime Wedding Destinations

After orchestrating countless weddings in some of the world's most exotic destinations over the past two decades, GHM is publishing a guide for couples considering a destination event in Bali, Muscat, Switzerland or Vietnam.

MPC Cleaner – Comprehensive PC Junk Cleaner, Effective Speed Optimizer and Internet Browser Protector

MPC (Most Powerful Cleaner) is a Cleaner, Optimizer & Protector 3in1 software to ensure a computer with sufficient space, the fastest speed and fast internet browsing experience.

Loving Daughter Turns to Crowdfunding Campaign to Keep Her Ill Mum in Australia

Inger Mayuree Faber has turned to a crowdfunding platform as a last resort to raise enough funds to pay for an Australian permanent parent visa. The loving daughter wants to help her 85-year-old mother achieve her last dreams of staying in Australia and being surrounded by her family.

San Jose's Rely On IT Announces Extension of Popular Free Network Audit Offer

Rely On IT, one of the state's leading IT consultants and managed services providers, announced the extension of the company's highly successful free network audit program. Under the terms of the extended offer, companies in the Bay Area can sign up for free, comprehensive, 47-point network audits to be conducted by highly trained Rely On IT experts. These popular audits have proven to be an effective way to reveal a wide range of IT weaknesses, from hidden spyware and viruses to unreliable data backup arrangements, so Rely On IT representatives expect that response to the newly extended program will be enthusiastic.

Heroic Technologies Announces Openings for Free IT Opportunity Workshops

Heroic Technologies, a leading Bay Area information technology company, announced openings for the company's popular IT Opportunity Workshops. A unique offering that has proved valuable for many clients in the area, a Heroictec IT Opportunity Workshop consists of two sessions designed to reveal how companies can leverage technology in business-enhancing ways. Those interested can easily sign up for the free, no-obligation workshops at the Heroic Technologies website, with a limited number of appointments now being available.

LeddarTech Optical Sensing with New Time-of-Flight Technology Featured in Engineering Publication

LeddarTech optical time-of-flight sensing technology was recently featured in Leddar optical time-of-flight sensing technology is based on direct time-of-flight measurement, but rather than working directly on the analog signal, Leddar light processing starts by sampling the receive echo for the detection range of the sensor. Leddar expands the sampling rate and resolution of this sampled signal. Finally, it analyzes the resulting discrete-time signal and recovers the distance for every object in its field of view. Rolls out the Much Awaited Verdict Juniper Power Bank, which is one of the leading online stores, has recently rolled out verdict juniper power bank at their store. offers a wide range of products and services and at the same time offer reviews on their products for help consumers make an informed buy. Amazon has also provided detailed information about this newly launched product along with its reviews. According to the information provided at, the design of this particular product has been designed and manufactured by verdict. Some of its features are matchless 10000 mah power source, smooth oval finish with textured design and flawless texture and design.

Public Relations Company Launches Press Release Writing Service on People Per Hour

A popular public relations company has launched an affordable press release writing service for small businesses on the popular People Per Hour network. The service has been launched by In2town Press Release, who are wanting to help business owners with small budgets gain the marketing power they need to generate exposure.

My Essay Services Creates New App to Help Clients Manage Their Essay Writing Orders Effectively

The Western academic system is based on critical analysis, in which individuals must independently research the existing knowledge base in a given field, form an opinion and a perspective on the field based on that information, then argue for the furthermost of the field in a given direction. This incredibly complex assessment requires advanced communication skills, causing many to fail despite doing the requisite study. My Essay Services ( helps these students produce very high quality essays, and has just created an app to help clients manage their orders effectively.

Jantize Chooses the Franchise Biz Directory

Janitize wants more prospective franchise owners to take advantage of their Master Franchise-Area Developers program. That's one of the reasons they're now listed on The Franchise Biz Directory.