Technology Press Releases

Modern Materials Handling Magazine Talks to Regional Director of Bastian Solutions

Bob Trebilcock, Modern Materials Handling magazine's Executive Editor recently spoke with Greg Conner, Bastian Solutions' Indiana Regional Director. Last month, Modern Materials Handling featured MHI's Young Professional Network (YPN) and Conner was the winner of the 2015 Outstanding Young Professional Award.

Viastore Systems Exhibits at SAP Sapphire NOW Conference at Booth 1482C

viastore Systems, the leading international provider of automated material handling solutions, will exhibit at the SAP Sapphire NOW and ASUG (Americas' SAP Users' Group) Annual Conference at booth 1482C in Orlando, FL from May15-19, 2016. Creates Helpful Database has unveiled its information database that offers reviews of Herpes Dating Sites for the benefit of users.

New Mobile Gaming Website Launches with Key Information for Gamers

The launch of a new mobile gaming website has caused a stir in the online casino world. Unlike many of the other websites around today, Mobile Casino Expert offers reviews and advice about some of the most popular domains on the net. Users of the website are thrilled to see lots of information about the best and worst places to enjoy their favourite pastime. No matter which game they prefer, everything is covered by this company. People will never have to worry about finding the safest places to spend their money again.

Yoga Ball Chairs Publishes New Review of the Latest Gaiam Custom Fit Yoga Ball Chair

New studies are being released seemingly every day to speak of the harm that long term sitting is doing to us as a species. Long periods of sitting have been found to be associated with a great many health concerns, and has been proven to exacerbate existing conditions. This is because the body gets compressed and remains inactive for long periods. Provides Latest Updates and Information About SEO Conferences and Events is one of the top sites online to find the latest updates about various major SEO conferences and related events being held throughout the globe. People who are related to the SEO industry needs to update their knowledge and stay in the loop of the recent events in the world of search engine optimization to provide their clients with the most updated and effective services, and attending an SEO conference can help them get geared up comprehensively. It provides the SEO service providers, whether it is an enterprise or a freelancer, the much needed edge it requires to stay ahead of the league and dominate the market by getting useful insights from the leaders in the SEO industry at Internet Marketing Conference.

Liverpool FC on the Qualification for the Champions League: The First and Foremost Priority After Five Years of No Participation

LogoWith the Champions League Cup slowly approaching, the race for the finals which will be held at Berlin's Olympiastadion on Saturday, 6th of June 2015 is on the rise. That sentiments for Steven Gerrard upon his announcement of leaving his boyhood club in January and walking away with the trophy at the end of FA cup season has yet to be set aside as Liverpool FC aims to achieve qualification for the next season of the Champions League while the FA Cup is Liverpool's least priority.

New Site Launched for Whole Lot of Motorcycle Action Coverage

Motorcycle and Motorcycle racing as a passion for most people requires complete coverage of all the biker events happening across the globe and brought all in one place on one site. keeps motor Motorcycle fans updated will all what is going on around in the world of sports Motorcycle whether it is MotoGP or any other sports Motorcycle competition.

Starbox Releases the PRO Version of the Author Box for Humans

LogoSquirrly, the digital marketing startup known for its SEO plugin for both human readers and search engines, is also the creator of Starbox. The company just recently released a PRO version of the Author Box for Humans .

Cloudcom Offers DDOS Protection and Hosting Services

Cloudcom offers a wide range of hosting products which include DDOS protection for dedicated servers and cloud hosting. The company has launched several innovative techniques and protection solutions.

Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz CEO Launches US Operations at ProMat

After a rapid growth in India, Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz is announcing their US operations as a leading AGV solutions provider for e-commerce and omni-channel in North America. The official launch will be at ProMat 2015 in Chicago.

President Obama Visited India Now India Comes to ProMat 2015

Last month President Obama and Prime Minister Modi of the Republic of India met and affirmed the strong relationships between India and the United States. Prime Minister Modi said in addressing the media, "Mr. President, we are honored that you accepted our invitation to be the chief guest of our Republic Day. It is special because on this day we celebrate the values shared by the world's two largest democracies. You are also the first United States President to visit India twice in office. It reflects the transformation in our relationship. It shows your deep personal commitment to this partnership. It tells us that our two nations are prepared to step forward firmly to accept the responsibility of this global partnership for our two countries and toward shaping the character of this century. The promise and potential of this relationship had never been in doubt. This is a natural global partnership. It has become even more relevant in the digital age. The success of this partnership is important for our progress and for advancing peace, stability, and prosperity around the world."

SEOMaxPro Unveils New Services

SEOMaxPro has announced its search engine optimization services that can help business owners convert their visitors into a strong customer base.

CHOFX and Leading Global Provider of Market Data Feed Announce New Collaboration for OTC Data Distribution and a leading global provider of managed ultra-low latency IT and market data feed services designed to facilitate electronic trading, today announced a new collaboration between the two firms. The name of the partner company will be made public at a further date.

Web Hosting Secrets Revealed Confirms HostGator Still Top Choice for Bloggers in 2015

Web hosting is the water of the internet, nothing exists without it. The providers of this space are increasing and diversifying all the time, and competition is fierce between them as they all battle for market share. Web Hosting Secrets Revealed takes the position of industry insiders and publishes these for public consumption so that people can get a better understanding of web hosting before committing to a provider. Their latest WHSR Web Hosting Survey 2015 has revealed that HostGator are still on top for 2015.

Web Hosting Secrets Revealed Publishes Research Where Top Bloggers Reveal All About Their Webhosts

Web hosting is a competitive industry, because it is incredibly lucrative. Every business, and even every individual looking to make a name for themselves, requires a website and every website requires hosting. The competitiveness does mean that companies must try hard to outshine one another, and Web Hosting Secrets Revealed tracks their progress to analyze how successful they are in that pursuit. Their most recent article is, "Blogger survey - where do bloggers host their blog", shares insights into real hosting prevalence, preferences and emerging trends. Offers High Quality, Authority Centric, and Economical Guest Posting Services to UK and International Customers has set the benchmark in the world of guest posting service, by providing its hundreds and thousands of customers with authority guest posting service across a wide range of niche sites that it owns and is associated with. The company knows and understands that the dynamics of online marketing campaigns have changed over the years, and through its analysis and research, have come to the conclusion that to reach higher rankings and achieve higher traffic, guest posting is one of the SEO services that just cannot be ignored. Offers Authentic and Effective Guest Posting Services at Economical Rates has a huge online presence and network in terms of blogs and high authority websites of just about every niche. And, this is what makes the guest posting service by the company highly effective, authentic and economical. The company has an experienced panel of in-house writers, who create high quality guest posts for the clients, which are proofread and checked for plagiarism and quality by qualified editors before the content is posted. This does not only make the guest post highly informative, crisp and gripping, but also helps the clients' money site to get the kind of traffic, attention and popularity it seeks to generate through the guest posting service UK.

BodiBeacon Helps Parents Keep Their Kids Safe and Protected

LogoMush Bahadur, the founder and CEO of iLaunch, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to introduce his new invention "BodiBeacon" to the public. This campaign has a funding goal of $30,000, which needs to be raised by March 14th in order to bring "the world's first community child protection iBeacon Network" to market. BodiBeacon is an inspired micro-sized device that can be embedded into the bracelet, necklace, backpack, or clothing of a child. Bahadur was inspired to invent the BodiBeacon when he lived in Spain and one of his children went missing in a local supermarket. He states, "In an instant, every possible terrible outcome flashed through my mind." Luckily his child was found safely, and the trauma inspired him to create this device.

Upgrading Online Business System and Management with Sydney WordPress Experts

LogoWhen the WordPress Platform was initially released in 2004, no one has thought that this mere software that aims to make blogging in the internet community a bit easier, could spread like a wildfire and empower a quarter of all the websites in the world today. Making the WordPress as one of the foundations in supporting the internet as a whole.

'Home Improvement US' Launched a Platform That Connects Home Owners with Home Remodeling Contractors

LogoHome is where the heart is and in order for one to feel good when they reach home it's important for them to come back to a place that's warm and welcoming. There are a number of latest trends and styles that people have been opting in for in order to create the best rooms that can make them feel good. It's always a god idea to call in expert general contractors who offer effective and affordable bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling solutions.

Bastian Solutions Success at WestPack Conference Leads to ProMat 2015 in March

LogoBastian Solutions exhibited at the WestPack Conference in Anaheim, CA earlier in February. Bastian Solutions' software group demonstrated Pick-to-light, which is an automated, paperless picking solution for order fulfillment. It also supports wave picking and put-to-light. It is a configurable and flexible solution that can be implemented in warehouse pick zones, assembly/kitting areas, and order consolidation/sorting areas to increase productivity, accuracy, and throughput.

TCCI European Sales and Marketing Manager Critical to Directing Market Development with Global Projects

T/CCI ( manufactures built to last quality, dependable, and environmentally safe compressors for a wide range of vehicle applications. Widely respected, ISO-certified T/CCI is a global leader with over 50 years' experience manufacturing heavy duty compressors and clutches for the mobile air-conditioning and refrigeration industries, including for a wide range of vehicles from construction and military to heavy-duty trucking and bus transit. This wide range of OEM heavy duty compressors supplies companies such as Caterpillar, CNH, Navistar, ThermoKing, and Carrier. Global customers recognize value of a well-respected HVAC supplier with advanced technologies including the custom LabView based acquisition system designed to protect the quality and accuracy of data.

Native, Organic Advertising: Nett Solutions Display Ads Now Powered by Yahoo's Gemini Platform and Google's Display Network

LogoNett Solutions (, has recently updated their display ad system to include Yahoo's new Gemini platform, along with Google's display network, to help increase click-through rates and conversion for clients.

Nick Tieri Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Build Collectnation, a Digital Storage Platform and Online Community for Collectors

LogoMusic collector Nick Tieri has been building his collection over a period of twenty-five years, driven as so many collectors to passionately pursue the objects they desire. Nick identified a problem so many collectors from every walk of life experience; exasperation and occasional exhaustion. In Nick's case, he wanted to create a digital catalogue that relieves him from going through his collectibles while purchasing another piece to add to his collection. Nick reached out to some of his friends to build a platform for the collectors who take their collections very seriously while keeping everything simple.

Moneylend Expands Local Lender Comparison Service to All 50 States to Help Find a Personal Loan Quickly

Getting a loan in the United States is not as straight forward as it may seem, as every state carries its own legislation and limitations on money lending. As such, what may seem like a great deal may not even be available in the state a borrower is living in. To prevent this constant disappointment, offers a unique local matching service that allows people to find loans fulfilling their states' regulatory requirements, while still comparing them to get the best deal. They have now rolled out this service to every state in the US to help all Americans get access to the best loans.

Wright Online Enterprises, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Fishing Supplies

LogoLesle Wright is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a broad assortment of fishing gear and accessories including fishing lures, fishing reels, inflatable boats, fishing rods, and tackle boxes. Wright was inspired to start her website because of her own love of fishing. Since she is knowledgeable about fishing, she is better able to provide her customers with fishing products that will actually be the most useful to them.