Technology Press Releases

Autodesk and System Insights Partner to Deliver Joint Solution for Optimizing Manufacturing Processes

System Insights has teamed with Autodesk to deliver a joint solution based on VIMANA by System Insights and Process Analysis 360 from Autodesk – a world leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software and services. Both companies will exhibit IMTS in September to demonstrate the new capability.

Giant Eagle Talks About Seegrid AGVs in Food Logistics

Seegrid, maker of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), is featured in the current issue of Food Logistics magazine, titled, “The Race To Automate: Wholesalers And Retailers Pass New Milestones.” Elliot Maras reported, “The challenges facing today’s food and beverage warehouse manager are numerous – SKU proliferation, omni-channel order fulfillment, burdensome new government reporting requirements, global trade opportunities, rising competition and more. And they can all be summarized by one overriding quest: improved efficiency that is economically justified.”

CRMnext Enhances Its Integration with Lotus Notes

CRMnext enhances its integration with Lotus Notes for bidirectional synchronization of emails, tasks and appointments. Now incoming and outgoing emails can be automatically logged with related leads, contacts, opportunities, cases etc. in CRMnext. Messages regarding complaints or requests from customers can now be captured as Cases from Lotus Notes to CRMnext.

TraceGains Exhibits and Presents at Upcoming ADS Technical Meeting April 28-30

LogoTraceGains will be exhibiting and presenting at the 2013 ADS Technical Meeting from April 28-30. The meetings will be held at the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina. Offers Luxury Brands and Other Cool Stuff Online offers its customers a whole lot of cool stuff and information on luxury cars, private jets, fine arts, publications and more. True to its name, the website mainly caters to elite folks for whom money is no object but with its storehouse of information on various categories offers something for everybody. Launches to Provide Free Computer Optimization Software

One of the most frustrating things about using a computer is when it slows down, which is a very common problem. Over time a computer becomes slower and slower due to junk files building up, files becoming fragmented and bloatware programs taking away all of the computers resources. Most people respond to this by purchasing a new computer, however using software is an economical alternative as software can transform the speed of a computer. Many software packages are designed to automatically make the changes needed to speed up a slow computer.

G-Lock EasyMail Bulk Email Software Now Available at 30% off for Limited Customers

G-Lock Software, a company focused in creating various SEO and email marketing software, is now offering one of its highly demanded products the G-Lock EasyMail at 30% off for limited customers. The software which is also available for free trial has been commended by its consumers for its comprehensive features and for covering all bulk email sending needs. G-Lock EasyMail is considered to be suitable for everyone who wants to send their messages to the mass audience as quickly as possible.

Learn How to Get Free Microsoft Points from Freemicrosoftpointsguide.Com is a guide that helps you get free Microsoft points. Many downloads in the market place of Xbox Live are free, but for certain quality content you need to convert Microsoft Points to buy that specific download. Microsoft points can be bought through credit cards or from retail locations. It is a currency that is used in Xbox music, windows live gallery, windows market place games, Xbox live marketplace.

New Update ToEzCheckPrinting Software Allows Users to Print Checks for Multiple Accounts

LogoDeveloped and distributed by, ezCheckPrinting check writer eliminates the need for businesses to write checks by hand or purchase expensive pre-printed checks.The new edition of check printing software ezCheckPrinting was released to support multiple bank accounts. also updated the ezCheckPrinting Virtual Printer, the optional add on for QuickBooks and Quicken users. So more users can now benefit from the new feature to print checks for multiple accounts.

Different Keywords for Different Folks in Home Business

Whether its a home business or an internet business opportunity you have to have traffic to your site to see a sale. We have all heard of auctions havent we? The highest bidder takes home the loot. In an auction, the bid price depends on the perceived value of the product on offer, the number of bidders present as well as the paying power of the bidders present. In a PPC campaign for Google Adwords also, the same rules apply. Its the law of supply and demand that ultimately governs it all.

Bestselling Boise Idaho Multi-Media Business Owner Adam Paul Green Visited Honolulu Hawaii Recently and Recognized the Efforts of Judith Twells MXI Corp by Announcing Them as a G3 Week 3 Award Winner for Professionalism

LogoG3 is an online social media evaluation company that independently examines, evaluates and recognizes individual professionalism from the Network Marketing and Direct Selling Industries.  Each week G3 is proud to award our “Certificates of Excellence“ to the top leaders from both of these influential industries for their incredible dedication to their craft.  G3 recognizes individual unique talents, skills and abilities.  There are 10 different categories of awards given each week. Within each category is a first place award (Gold), second place award (Silver) and third place award (Bronze).

#1 Earning Asian Network Builder 'Adam Paul Green' Announces Spring 2013 Inaugural Visit to Petaling Jaya Malaysia Located Near Federal Territory in Order to Create International Business Relationships for Xocai Healthy Chocolate

LogoG3 is an online social media evaluation company that independently examines, evaluates and recognizes individual professionalism from the Network Marketing and Direct Selling Industries.  Each week G3 is proud to award our “Certificates of Excellence“ to the top leaders from both of these influential industries for their incredible dedication to their craft.  G3 recognizes individual unique talents, skills and abilities.  There are 10 different categories of awards given each week. Within each category is a first place award (Gold), second place award (Silver) and third place award (Bronze).

Liftn Buddy Model LNB 350 Convenient for Loads Up to 350 Pounds

The Lift’n Buddy model LNB 350 can load up to 350 pounds. The operator simply presses a button to raise the load from floor level to 36 inches in a matter seconds. The LNB 350 is used for loading and unloading shelves, racks, workbenches, delivery vehicles, or any number of applications that require items to be lifted and/or transported. The LNB 350's linear actuator provides smooth lifting and lowering with precision. The LNB 350 is made of rugged and lightweight aluminum construction. The large 10 inches flat-free tires roll easily over any surface including uneven floors, carpet and dirt parking lots and intuitive operation requires no training. The LNB 350 includes a tethered pushbutton controller allowing users to raise and lower loads from any side of the unit.

MISys Manufacturing Demonstrates Autobuild Assemblies as a Time Saver for Small Manufacturers

A simple walk-through on YouTube demonstrates how MISys Manufacturing automatically decrement and increment stock as it autobuilds assemblies and subassemblies. The feature is a powerful time saver for small manufacturers.

Dealer Industrial Equipment Offers Magliner as the Premier Hand Truck Solution

LogoIndustrial Equipment became a full-line Magliner distributor in 1999 when they decided to invest in the complete product line and made Magliner the premier hand-truck offering. One of the industry trends that Scott Duncan, Owner and Manager of Retail and Online Sales Division of Industrial Equipment for Hand Trucks and Casters, Inc. noticed over the last year is the stiffer competition and aggressive marketing of competing lines. Magline responds well to the challenge and listens to its dealer network to make improvements and adjustments to keep business competitive.

The MamaBear Child Monitoring App Continues to Appear in Social Media in Spring 2013

LogoThe MamaBear child monitoring app has a growing social media presence in spring 2013.

EzTimeSheet Software Offers Import Data to Employers Searching for Choices in Employee Time Tracking

LogoEzTimeSheet time tracking software from has updated the latest version to include the user friendly option of data import and export. This new function in the latest edition of ezTimeSheet time clock software allows employee to export timesheet , email it to administer or upload it to server. Furthermore, this new import feature enables administrator to import time tracking data and process all the payroll tasks, vacation tracking and sick tracking at the central location.

Easy Time off Announces New Release of Easy Time off Employee Time Management Software

LogoWhen Virtual Break released Easy Time Off, Virtual Break asked for customer feedback. Virtual Break received that. Virtual Break received plenty of great ideas which our customers requested be included in the next release. Virtual Break is proud to say that best of the suggestions are now part of the package,” said Warren Razzaboni, VP of Development.

Food and Drug Regulatory Expert to Present at Electronic Cigarette Industry Update

LogoThe Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA), an electronic cigarette industry trade organization, has announced that food and drug regulatory expert Todd Harrison, Esq. will present at the industry update planned for April 23 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Harrison is a partner at Venable LLP – a law firm which has extensive involvement in electronic cigarette industry litigation, regulation, and compliance.

LaZerCad's 360 Technology and It's Special Ops Team

LaZerCad provides 360 photographs in high resolution and As Built documentation to facility teams and architects in the field of retail, grocery, banking and restaurants. Having more than 20 years of experience and employing more than 500 experienced and knowledgeable survey teams, it delivers accurate and precise building information with virtual 360 photographs to clients across the U.S, U.K, Canada, Asia and Europe.

Video Tutorial Site Expands, Changes Domain Name

One of the most popular video tutorial resources for android app Viber,, known as the pioneer of video tutorials for porting mobile phone apps to personal computers has changed its domain name to My App on PC. The website plans to expand its user base to include those who use other similar apps than Viber such as WhatsApp and other popular Android apps.

Card Nanny Software Lets Users Track Benefits and Expenses for Every Credit Card at

LogoCredit cards come with benefits ranging from airline miles to cash back, but consumers can rarely keep track of it all. Additionally, users tend to lose track of credit card expenses and get into trouble with high debt and missed payments. Makes Filing Tax Returns Fast and Easy

The Tax Day deadline is fast approaching, and, an online tax preparation software for intuitive, easy and affordable self-preparation and filing of federal and state taxes, reminds all taxpayers to complete their federal personal income tax returns by Monday, April 15, 2013.

Popular Link Building Service Adjusts 2013 Quality Guidelines

Link Emperor announces new quality measures to keep up their place at the forefront of SEO outsourcers. The popular SEO service was founded by search gurus Robert MacDonald and Kevin Bombino of the Gangster Profit business show. Their new quality guidelines attempt to stay ahead of noticed changes in search engine algorithms and link scoring procedures to insure Link Emperor customers get effective wholesale backlinks to buy.

Recovery Software for MS Outlook PST Files

MS Outlook is a common program used by organisations for managing e-mails, calendaring, to do list and much more. Users of MS Outlook hardly give a thought to the working process of this program until an issue comes up that prevents sending of e-mails. That is the time when people get to know about the Outlook PST file as all user information is stored in this Outlook PST file.

Free Online Date Background Check App Featured on is proud to announce the official publication of their latest post - "Free Online Date Background Check" and the importance of everyday people performing background checks. Since their website's launch, AndroidChild has strived to offer the latest and most relevant consumer information, from reviews to publications.

Show Me the Money - Innovative New Personal Finance App

Students, families and businesses are reclaiming their finances and keeping more money in their pockets with innovative new iPhone and iPad app, Yomaney.