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MindAptiv Earns Spot on Annual Denver OED Gazelle List; Named a Company to Watch

Company will soon launch first product, illumin8™, a revolutionary video compression technology for consumers and business.

Fork Truck Free Movement Key to Breakthrough at 2016 ErgoExpo Booth 500

Topper Industrial, the leader in ergonomic and Fork Truck Free material handling equipment, will exhibit at the National Ergonomics Conference and ErgoExpo at Caesars Palace from November 15-18, 2016. Topper Industrial will exhibit at booth 500. Makes Big Data Storage and Backup More Practical and Cost Effective with Its Reliable Online Backup Solution

LogoCloud storage is essential to various industries that have to keep big data including documents, images, videos and audio tracks fully secured. In fact, conventional IT businesses invest more on this model of data storage by moving their products and services onto the cloud which is now becoming a trend in most countries that include Australia and United Kingdom. Though there are major key players on data storage and backup which has been the main concern of great movement in IaaS or Infrastructure-as-a-service and still dominated by few global providers, small and medium marketers does not have to face the 'brutal competitive dynamics' in terms of online backup when there's an available cloud storage UK marketers can rely on.

Commercial Hydroponic Garden Feeds Diners

A commercial hydroponic garden based inside a downtown warehouse is feeding diners in Omaha, in the US. The enterprise began as an experiment in a basement and grew quickly to become a business which supplies fresh food to a number of surrounding restaurants. The gardeners responsible for the growth of the herbs and vegetables are surprised at the rapid growth of what started out as a hobby, and have plans to expand in the future. Many are reminded of the underground vegetable gardens growing in tunnels in London and other parts of the UK.

"Chef on Wheels" Offers Fast Food Delivery in Sochi

Logo"Chef On Wheels" is the online project that was created with customers' comfort in mind. This is the place where anyone can order favorite dishes and get them delivered to any place absolutely for free! This helps save both time and money, thus getting pleasure from the taste, freshness and quality of food ordered.

Thermal Imaging Company Launches New Website

LogoRed Current, a thermal imaging company in Berkshire, has just launched the latest version of their new website. Red Current is owned and run by Kristian Westerhold. Westerhold is proud to reveal his new website which showcases all the services his company now offers. He has recently moved his offices from Basingstoke to Aldermaston in Berkshire and wanted to follow up the office move with a brand new website.

Convertivid Creates Eye Catching Animated Explainer Videos

Convertivid helps create animated explainer videos for its clients who can not only get the desired attention to its products and services but boost conversion rates as well.

Digiarty Gives Away 8K UHD Video Converter and Downloader Free in Mid-Year Promo 2015

LogoDigiarty Software Inc., a persistent and trust-worthy multimedia developer, is giving away WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe that has made headway into the 4K/8K UHD video download and conversion. It is the first midyear promotion in the history of the company, and also the only official giveaway in the first half year of 2015 that faces all PC users. In a massive scale, the attention-grabbing activity has received thousands of Facebook and Twitter shares. "It will last for half a month until the end of June to benefit more participants," said gladly by Angie, Marketing Manager of Digiarty, "and above all, the giveaway is totally unconditional."

Airwheel Electric Unicycle Is Fast Emerging a Preferred Mode of Transportation Compared to Cars & Bikes

Airwheel has been successful in promoting its unicycles and self-balancing scooters among the modern populations that are more environmentally conscious and prefer a safe and simple mode of personal transportation to move through busy city roads in a hassle-free manner. A breakthrough design and the use of an innovative technology are the key factors behind the growing popularity of Airwheel products. And today, many people prefer riding an electric self-balancing scooter for traveling a short distance than using a car or a motorbike.

Excelite Introduced Polycarbonate Products for Performance and Design Requirements of LED Lighting Market

LogoThe LED lighting systems are being adopted for a number of commercial and residential applications. This has been for the fact that most customers are demanding for energy efficient options. It's for this reason that Excelite Plastics Ltd. has been investing in an array of LED products. They aim to meet the desired design and performance requirements.

Airwheel Electric Unicycle Comes Equipped with the Latest Technology for Superior Control & Safe Riding

Airwheel makes riding a unicycle fun, safe and more useful with the implementation of enhanced technology. Carefully designed, Airwheel Electric Unicycle could be used for traveling short distances in an energy-efficient and eco-friendly manner. The latest unicycle range of the company comes equipped with sensors, gyros, and accelerometers for a rider to enjoy a better control and steer the one-wheeled vehicle in a desired manner. The electric motor assists the riders to achieve a proper balance on the wheel and control the movement, speed and direction of a unicycle.

User Shares How Airwheel X3 Single Wheel Electric Scooter Brought Positive Changes in His Lifestyle

For years, Airwheel has been catering to the smart commute needs of the modern population. Amongst numerous contented customers, one user delightfully shares his experiences for people to learn more about the advantages of using a one wheel self-balancing electric scooter for the personal transportation.

Creative Videos & Learning Reviews Create Demand for Airwheel X8 Single Wheel Scooter

Airwheel products are gaining a huge popularity in the worldwide markets and online videos and learning reviews are playing a great role in creating a demand for Airwheel's unicycles and self-balancing scooters. People are watching these videos before making their mind up for buying an Airwheel electric scooter. Airwheel X8 model has become very popular because of the learning reviews available online. Through these reviews, one can learn how a gyro-stabilized device can roll with one wheel, bringing all the fun and usefulness that one would love to experience while traveling.

Airwheel Electric Unicycle Winning Users' Appreciation for Its Easy-to-Learn Features

Airwheel's self-balancing products are becoming hugely popular because of their easy-to-learn features. People can easily learn the tricks of riding an Airwheel electric unicycle and can use it for their personal transportation. The unicycles are lighter in weight and have a compact design and can move at a faster pace. Riding an Airwheel unicycle is pretty similar to riding a bicycle and one can easily learn to achieve a self balance while rolling on a single-wheeled unicycle.

Airwheel S3 Acclaimed as Unique-Looking & Technologically Capable Two Wheel Self-Balancing Electric Scooter of the Modern Era

With the release of Airwheel S3 last year, the company has made a major breakthrough in the future commute concept. This 2-wheeled electric scooter has become highly popular among the global populations, for its easy maneuverability and a lot many other adorable features. Its wide standing platform and a long control shaft make it a lot easier to ride and travel small distances on different terrains. For many riders, Airwheel S3 is a flexible mode of personal transportation in the modern times.

TNC SEO Singapore Promises Quality SEO Services with High ROI and Absolutely No out Sourcing

TNC SEO is an SEO company that provides quality SEO services with high ROI guarantee and absolutely no out sourcing. Quality work and great customer service are the cornerstones of the company hence all SEO work is conducted by their in house experts so that quality of work is well maintained and controlled. The company is offering comprehensive SEO services including SEO for improving local page ranking, web development, and Google penalty recovery. Shares the Most Effective Tips in Deterring Burglars and Thieves

LogoWith the continuous escalation in the number of crimes going on all over the world, there have been felonies and crimes that have turned out to be tragic and really dreadful; and some of these awful transgressions happen within the four walls of a once tranquil home. What goes on in the minds of criminals is something that could really be mind-boggling even at this point.

Edispin Inc. Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Complete the Development of Orbit Pole

LogoFunctionally speaking, Orbit Pole is a uniquely designed accessory for hand-held action cameras. Unlike any other similar product, it will offer users a 360 degree dynamic control over their action camera's point of view with one hand. It is possible to change the camera angle in real time by rotating the thumb wheel on the handle. on Re-Focusing Content Marketing Plans: Why Long-Term Engagement Is More Result-Driven Than Lead Generation and Selling

LogoThe power and efficiency of content marketing in spreading the word about a certain brand have led to a more strict global competition where everyone is vying for ultimate visibility and conversion. Many marketers were able to adapt the recurring changes in the trends of content marketing, but there are some who do not manage to grasp the full features of having a decent content marketing strategy. This happens because they invested too much on social media networks in gaining visibility where other fruitful opportunities that the Internet can offer were left behind. According to Smart Insights, 56% of the marketers have admitted that they do content marketing; yet, they do not have a defined strategy which is very alarming because it only means that the focus of the marketers is not identified.

Introducing TravelStarter – A New Crowdfunding Platform for Tourism

TravelStarter is a new and innovative crowdfunding platform for the tourism industry. It helps small businesses raise cash while also giving tourists authentic and unique travel experiences. The site works in a similar way to other crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter, except that the rewards offered are unforgettable travel experiences like staying in an eco-B&B in the jungle, whale-watching trips on the Pacific Ocean and having a professional chef cook for you for a week. TravelStarter puts tourists in direct contact with the tourism projects they want to support, and allows them to experience these projects first-hand.

Pleasant Grove Utah Local Office Announces New Contract with "KSL News" (Starting May 20th) to Deliver Neighbor-to-Neighbor Prize Packages, Says Founder Jared Overton

LogoNews: KSL Hires PigeonShip®™ for convenient deliveries. PigeonShip®™, Utah's popular crowed-based pick-up-and-delivery service, continues to catch the eyes of the most prominent Utah Business. KSL News, Utah's most prestigious news station will use PigeonShip®™for deliveries. To start, weekly-prize-listeners of KSL's popular stations will have the ability to have their prize Pigeon-Shipped direct to their door for free. Avoid the Trip, PigeonShip®™.

Pleasant Grove, UTAH Business-Alliance Awards (Feb. 2015) "Most Inspired" Neighbor-to-Neighbor Shipping-Network and #1 Community Solution for Quick "Delivery-Service"

LogoWelcome to PigeonShip®™! is a solution to an age-old problem: Time Management. PigeonShip®™ is a new concept to that meets valuable need. Their concept brings local people together and provides convenience benefits. Their friendly couriers are willing to pick up and deliver item. They call them "Pigeons." It may sound like a run-of-the-mill "courier" or "delivery service" for packages and parcels; but don't be fooled! Their professional Pigeons typically have careers and jobs outside of PigeonShip®™. These Pigeons simply pick up and drop off items while commuting or running errands. Avoid the Trip, PigeonShip®™.

Pleasant View, UTAH Business Alliance Names (March 2015) "Most Creative" Neighbor-to-Neighbor Shipping Network and Top Regional Solution for Insured "Delivery-Service"

LogoWelcome to PigeonShip®™! is a solution to an age-old problem: Time Management. PigeonShip®™ is a new concept to that meets valuable need. Their concept brings local people together and provides convenience benefits. Their friendly couriers are willing to pick up and deliver item. They call them "Pigeons." It may sound like a run-of-the-mill "courier" or "delivery service" for packages and parcels; but don't be fooled! Their professional Pigeons typically have careers and jobs outside of PigeonShip®™. These Pigeons simply pick up and drop off items while commuting or running errands. Avoid the Trip, PigeonShip®™.

Kahn Tools Proudly Provides American Made Products by Bausch and Lomb

Founded by industry leader Mark Kahn, Kahn Tools is the solution to the challenges faced by American industrial manufacturers. Kahn Tools online drop ships from a combination of manufacturers, distributors, and master wholesalers. Kahn Tools' website is built from the ground up to be the most user-friendly website in the industry.

GS1 Connect Conference Included Importance of Direct Store Delivery

LogoDelivering Excellence reported the GS1 Connect Conference included the importance of direct store delivery. The 15th annual GS1 Connect Conference and Exhibit was hosted by GS1 US at the JW Marriott Austin in Austin, Texas, May 31 - June 4, 2015. This year's conference theme "Innovate, Collaborate, Transform," reflected the power of GS1 Standards in addressing today's most pressing supply chain needs. While GS1 Standards have been an important part of the supply chain for more than 40 years, the organization continues to partner with industries to leverage and extend collaboration to meet today's business demands. Other solutions for direct store delivery were referenced including Magline's new self-stabilizing hand truck.

Pcdata USA Newsletter Talks Wearable Optics and OSHA as Production Demands Increase

LogoPcdata USA newsletter recently discussed wearable optics and OSHA. As the economy strengthens, manufacturing production is back in high demand. But as production demands increase, warehouse safety risk increases as well as OSHA's tightening up on regulations. Wearable optics are a smarter, safer tool to keep up with increasing production demands. This hands-free technology has the potential to completely eliminate paper and digital pick-up lists, to immediately notify workers with inventory and shipment changes, and to provide night vision to workers in low light settings.

US Compliance Corp Profiled by Manufacturing Journalist Thomas Cutler in Quality Digest

Quality Digest magazine featured U.S. Compliance Corp recently highlighting OSHA compliance regulation. Industrial journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, authored the article explaining how outsourcing compliance functions as quality assurance staff are overburdened. The Excelsior, MN-based U.S. Compliance Corp. has more than a thousand clients utilizing their Fundamentals program as the best way to achieve and maintain high quality health and safety (OSHA) compliance.