Technology Press Releases Introduces the Most Trusted Service Provider of Shared Proxies, one of the world's most sought after and trusted service provider of private proxies, shared proxies, Instagram proxies, Craigslist proxies, and VPN discusses the advantages of using shared proxies in this digital age. The use of proxy server became a huge trend in the past few years because of its ease when it comes to limitless surfing over the web.

PAV IT Services Introduces New Updates to Old Website

Earlier today, PAV IT Services announced that long awaited new updates to their website have now been implemented. These new updates allow business clients to navigate their site faster and easier to find what they're looking for sooner.

Dallas Deck Craft, Premier Dallas Texas Deck Builder, Launches Outdoor Living Resource Website

Dallas Deck Craft creates memory making outdoor living spaces in the Dallas, Texas Metro area, Rockwall and Collin counties. With 35 years of experience crafting pressure-treated and composite decks, screened in patios and porches and above ground pool decks, Terry Campbell has literally seen it all in the outdoor living industry.

Emmanuel K. David Launches Video of How He Transformed $40k Debts Into a 6 Figure Income in 12 Months

The story of Emmanuel K. David is one that brings joy to those who are in need of good news. For anyone struggling with debt and a minimum wage income, his story represents a beacon of hope. The uniqueness with his story is that it comes with a director's commentary- a step by step guide of how he managed to go from debt to profit through his online business. He is now sharing this story on his website which also gives practical tips and online marketing skills to help those who want to launch their online business. He is now sharing his life story online via a newly released video to inspire people to use his techniques for themselves.

Black Hat World Launches Ingenious System to Allow Quick Purchase of YouTube Views

It has been reported that the internet influence is more influential in determining the success rate of a business than any other factor. There are many ways available in the internet today whereby even individuals have been able to achieve stardom overnight. Giant companies are already investing thousands of dollars in buying YouTube likes because it gives more mileage than any other forms of marketing medium. Offers Natural Remedies for Underactive Thyroid

'How to treat underactive thyroid using natural remedies?' is a question people with hypothyroidism often encounter. While prescription medication is suggested by most health experts, seeking help through natural remedies helps invest in a healthier, lifestyle catered to serving special needs of people with this problem.

Tea Tree Oil Offers Versatility, Reports

Tea tree oil functions as one of the most versatile essential oils available today, according to Available on the Apothecary Extracts Amazon Page, this oil provides medicinal benefits and may be used to make homemade household products, such as bathroom disinfectants and shampoo. Individuals looking to lead a healthier lifestyle find this oil to be a wonderful addition to their arsenal.

Things I'm Grateful for Publishes a Best Buy Table of the Best Baby Carriers for 2015

New mothers have plenty to be thankful for, but they also have plenty of responsibility. Meeting those responsibilities while at the same time being responsible for a child can be incredibly difficult, and choosing the correct products to help transport, protect and occupy their child can be difficult. Mothers eventually need to invest in a baby carrier to help them transport their baby in safety and comfort while on the move. Things I'm Grateful For reviews these carriers to provide honest and insightful consumer advice, and has just ranked the best carriers for 2015 after a year of reviewing the best on offer.

HR Virtuoso Supports Local DFW Start-Up Kinskii

LogoHR Virtuoso Company is pleased to announce its support of Kinskii's Kickstarter Campaign, which launched on February 9, 2015.

Leading Domain Service Provider BrandDo Launches New List of Brandable Domain Names

At a small press launch today, BrandDo announced that the company has invested a figure in the region of $453K, securing over 100 premium brandable domain names in addition to an already substantial list of domain names with an age range of between eight and twenty five years. The highly experienced teams of domain and marketing specialists have worked to create a selection of sought after and memorable domains.

Winnipeg Marketing Agency Donates Ten Percent of All Working Hours to Charity

LogoIntegrated digital marketing and design agency Vine Multimedia is delighted to announce that effective February 2015, all company employees will volunteer ten percent of their working schedule to community development efforts. Cites Importance of Investing to Content Marketing in Enhancing the Marketing Campaigns and Reaching Millenials Through SEO

LogoContent marketing is the new marketers' best bud in reviving organizations and connecting to Millenials through SEO efforts. And the success of it will only be made possible if marketers will take time to push their envelope into this marketing tool to improve the brand's awareness, reputation and niche authority that run-of-the-mill is failing to do so.

Tiller Web Design Reports on the Importance of Local Search for Companies

Google conducted a study in May 2014 to see how local search on mobile devices influences consumer behavior and found that consumers frequently turn to these devices when they wish to obtain information. According to Search Engine Watch, 59 percent of consumers now make use of Google each month in their search for a local business and 50 percent of those using mobile devices visit a store within a 24 hour period of conducting this search. These are just two of the many statistics which show the importance of local search when it comes to expanding a business.

Communicating Brands Using Visual Content: Why Keeping the Pace with the Technological Advancements Is Essential

LogoThe great changes on how people communicate using their mobile devices become more apparent especially when the Global Language Monitor has awarded a symbol as the 'Most Used Word' in 2014, which is the emoji heart. And having a symbol to be awarded with a title could be surprising; yet, this is a clear proof that the new digital formats that Millenials are exposed with will continuously alter the way people communicate as technology keeps on developing.

Mogicons Enlists Special Emoticons to Consider in Expressing Heart-Warming Mobile Messages for Valentine's Day

LogoThere's nothing sweeter aside to flowers and chocolates than a message filled with heart-warming words to describe how grateful a person could be for having someone who stays by their side through good and bad times. That including emoticons for Facebook messages, Skype or Tweets on expressing their deep love and appreciation, will definitely make someone's heart pound with joy and felt loved.

Changus Champbell Introduces Internet Specialized Law Firm Handling Cyber Charges

As one of newest and most constantly evolving branches of law in the US, Internet legislation has emerged along with the thirty year old medium it represents. Although the Internet had modest beginnings in the military and academic fields, according to recent statistics, today's usage puts it in the hands daily of over 100 million Americans, generating more than $100 billion in domestic revenue each year. With the great strides the Internet has made, it has, however, created a number of new challenges for lawmakers and law enforcement as crime surrounding the medium has also skyrocketed.

Momento Pearl Launches Campaign to Fund World's First Talking "Smart Pearl"

LogoThe Momento Pearl is a unique type of jewelry that combines elegant gold and silver designs with a pearl containing an NFC chip accessible from the Android platform.  This allows the user to tap the jewelry to a smart phone or tablet and instantly upload and download audio and visual information such as recordings and photos, capturing memories as soon as they are made and storing them for generations.  Now, Galatea , the maker of the Momento Pearl, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund mass production of this "jewelry of the future," allowing those who pledge early to take shipment in time for Mother's Day 2015.

Turning Video Into Viral: on Creating Effective Video with Push-Button Automation

LogoTo hold the attention of millions of people in less than 24 hours is what makes a video become viral. And achieving this success in spreading the brand awareness and to display brand personality as part of the video marketing strategy is what drives many marketers to further polish their video creation to get connected with their target niche.

Easy-to-Use Smart Templates for Omnichannel Marketing for Retailers, Brands, Small Business Merchants, Auto Dealers, and Real Estate Professionals

LogoSmart Marketing Templates are innovative digital formats designed for retailers and brands to easily market their products via multiple channels. As shoppers browse, shop, or inquire, retailers and brands gain the knowledge and understanding of which products and services interest their clients. "Cashklick allows businesses to sell, market, and analyze data in a very simplistic manner without all the fuss," said Christian Duroux, co-founder and CEO., a Well-Known Online Supplier of Christian Movies Announces the Availability of Identical DVD at a Reduced Price

A reputed online retailer, is now offering its customers with Identical DVD at $12.97, one can now save up to 35% ($7.02) on Identical DVD, which comes at the market price of $19.99. The Identical is a fascinating story of twin brothers who get separated at birth during the Great Depression. The story revolves around both the brothers, of how they got separated, their life and their meeting with each other.

New Christian Social Network Offers Better Choice Than Facebook

LogoMy Space for Grace is a new social network, which has a similar look as Facebook but is a whole lot better when you get inside. It officially launched on February 1, 2015 and will give Christians their very own platform to connect. With the launch of this social network; churches, believers of Christ and socially conscious individuals will have an opportunity to connect with family & friends, churches and people everywhere.

HR Virtuoso's Suggestions for the Recruiting Process

LogoFor those of you unfamiliar with Doctor Who, he is the hero of the world's longest running sci-fi show. Although the show is only 50 years old, The Doctor is 2,000 years old. He is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, has two hearts, and travels in a spaceship that looks exactly like a 1950's British police box that is called the TARDIS. TARDIS stands for time and relative dimension in space, so the Doctor can travel backwards and forwards in time and to other worlds.

In2town Press Release Launch a Five Dollar Press Release Syndication Service

In2town Press Release Service, who are committed to supporting the small business community, has launched a five-dollar press release syndication service. The new service allows small business owners who cannot afford hundreds of dollars to send a press release, to have it distributed for a fraction of the cost.

New Team Website Released by Utoken Millionaires Club

LogoThe Utoken Millionaires Club has launched its new website to help team members receive new leads for their business as well as providing social proof, team building and team testimonial success stories to all visitors. The Utoken Millionaires Club is quickly becoming known as the big name that everyone wants to join.

Cougarswoo Has Announced the Launch of Their Brand New Mobile Dating Service

LogoWomen looking for younger men for fun, friendship, and love have been using a leading dating site called Cougarswoo. The online dating site, which has become so successful in bringing cougars and cubs together, the people behind the dating site have made it available for mobile devices.

Marketing Expert and Bestselling Author Charlie Hutton Publishes New Article About Goofing off to Get More Clients

Charlie Hutton - bestselling author and online lead generation expert, recently published a new article on his website ( discussing how goofing off from work can get more clients through the door of a business. The article titled "Goof Off and Get More Clients In Your Business?" looks at how taking a 5 minute break every now and then can boost productivity and ultimately lead to getting more clients.

Team Yakaba Looks to Enhance Their Online Video Networking Platform for Professionals with Funding Support via Kickstarter

LogoYakaba was created by a group of individuals to connect professionals all over the world through video chat. This online platform can be of great value to people looking to connect with experts and professionals anywhere in the world. Users can also utilize Yakaba to acquire new clients, find business partners, or simply to receive business ideas or share their thoughts. Yakaba makes networking effortless and effective with video, voice and text based chat.