Technology Press Releases

Bastian Solutions to Participate at Materials Handling Middle East

Bastian Solutions, a global material handling systems integrator, will participate at Materials Handling Middle East, in Dubai. During this trade show, the representatives of the company will meet with attendees to discuss material handling topics and answer questions related to their requirements / challenges. In addition, the company will promote its commitment in rolling out service offerings throughout the Middle East.

Leawo Kicks off Annual Mid-Year Promotion with Bundles of Cost-Efficient Blu-Ray and DVD Tools

Watching movies is without doubt one of the most popular digital entertainment in daily life. Blu-ray and DVD offer high definition movie experience. However, Blu-ray and DVD discs are fragile and easy to get broken. To offer movie fans better movie experience, Leawo kicked off its annual Mid-Year Promotion with bundles of cost-effective Blu-ray and DVD tools with 30% off.

TopBuy Is Top Source for Affordable Pet Supplies and Toys

The therapeutic value of pets and the joy of having them as part of the family is universally recognized. They can also be high-maintenance. That is where, Australia’s top source for quality pet supplies and toys, is a real help. TopBuy’s position as Australia’s leading super store and online retailer is well-known for categories such as electronics, computers, fashion and health. Pet owners may not know TopBuy also has a huge selection of pet supplies. For example, they have 997 products for dogs and 287 products for cats listed on their website

Water Purifier Market in India 2014-2018

LogoWater purification is the process of removing suspended solids and gases, contaminants, and undesirable chemicals from drinking water. Water purifiers enable the process of water purification. There are many variants of water purifiers such as offline water purifiers, UV water purifiers and RO water purifiers. However, purification using filters is not 100 percent effective. Purified water reduces the chance of water-borne diseases. The purification process decreases the concentration of particulate matter in water.

Top Moving Company 4 U - Generating Leads for Moving Companies in California

Moving is considered to be a stress inducing task by most people who keep postponing it in order to avoid taking on all the fuss that comes along with the procedure. The biggest hassle people face in the whole moving process is the zeroing in on an efficient, reliable and reputed moving company. Helping such people ease their burden is Top Moving Company 4 U, a virtual platform that connects moving companies or movers with their customers and enables the latter to reach out to the former in the easiest and quickest manner possible. The online marketplace recently launched its brand new service of generating leads to moving companies in California.

Magline Announces New Hire Shauna Schneider as Western Regional Sales Executive

LogoMagline announced new hire Shauna Schneider as new Western Regional Sales Executive. Schneider will be an important part of the new sales structure at Magline. The structure will allow some of the best and brightest industry leaders, some of the most knowledgeable experts, to support customers and dealers throughout North America.

TraceGains Recommends Food Industry Leaders Assess the Effects of Manufacturing Process Changes

LogoJennifer Brusco, Marketing Specialist for TraceGains shared important information from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on the company’s blog. Brusco reported that the FDA recently issued "Guidance for Industry: Assessing the Effects of Significant Manufacturing Process Changes, Including Emerging Technologies, on the Safety and Regulatory Status of Food Ingredients and Food Contact Substances, Including Food Ingredients that Are Color Additives."

New Magazine to Look at Pick to Light and Other Picking Solutions

LogoPicking Perfection is a new weekly news magazine that will bring important and interesting information to those in the material handling, warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing sectors. From best practices to industry data, this weekly communique will report trend data, process improvement, and technology evaluations about picking, packing, shipping and profitability.

Dailypooper - Social Media Portal, Announces Public-Beta Release

Its metaphorical definition means fresh content every day, which is exactly what this site does, reporting on, and delivering trending news, on a daily basis (hence the name) for like minded people across the world. Fresh content is added daily by the portal’s editors, and by its community members. The portal is divided into three main sections; Editorial Picks and Articles such as Immortal: Most Famous Chess Game of all Time, Top 6 Photo Sharing Websites, etc. Subscribers can submit an article worthy of sharing with others. Another section is the uniquely coded Forum where participants submit topics and discuss them.

Website Offers Unbiased Review on Top 3 Adjustable Dumbbells for Lifters

Sources have it that there are now many websites which provide irrelevant reviews about adjustable dumbbells. These sites are said to promote particular sets of dumbbells promising users with effective result, however, it turns out to be a disappointment. In order to get the best result out of dumbbells, users are advised to first read genuine reviews and then find out the best that will suit their exercise routine. Bestadjustabledumbbellsshq,org is reported to offer unbiased reviews to readers. The writer is an avid lifter and aims to help other lifters to choose the right dumbbells.

Multi-Function Baby Gear Equips Moms with Essentials

USA made Diaper Clutch gives busy moms control, convenience and access. This was an innovation born of necessity. With this handy and functional design, which is available in multiple designs and patterns, moms and dads can quickly tend to little messes and diaper duty with confidence and ease while away from home. The convenient, ergonomically designed all-in-one clutch has no pouches, zippers or pockets to unlatch or unflap unlike it’s predecessors.

Opportunities for Singapore Ecommerce

There are huge opportunities for businesses online. Ecommerce opens your business to a whole new world of opportunities that you probably wouldn’t have imagined without it. If this is true, then how come so many businesses in Singapore are missing out on this fantastic opportunity for unparalleled growth? The experts at Ecommerce Singapore, a local Singapore ecommerce website solutions provider, discuss this and the potential that e-commerce holds for Singapore businesses.

Opportunities for Singapore Ecommerce

There are huge opportunities for businesses online. Ecommerce opens your business to a whole new world of opportunities that you probably wouldn’t have imagined without it. If this is true, then how come so many businesses in Singapore are missing out on this fantastic opportunity for unparalleled growth? The experts at Ecommerce Singapore, a local Singapore ecommerce website solutions provider, discuss this and the potential that e-commerce holds for Singapore businesses.

ELO Coach Service Doubles Players Performance in League of Legends

The League of Legend has been a phenomenal success ever since its inception. It boosts of more than 7.5 millions players on the internet during the peak hours. The ELO coach maintains one of the best reputations in the ELO boost industry.

NetSuite to QuickBooks Conversion Seeing Mass Customer Exodus

LogoAfter a history of losses and having never turned a profit, rumors continue to swirl around the possibility of a sale of QuickBooks competitor NetSuite have been floating for the past couple of years with the number of customers a mere 16,000 to date.

Seegrid AGV Efficiency Featured in Food Logistics

LogoSeegrid, maker of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), is featured in the current issue of Food Logistics magazine, titled, “The Race To Automate: Wholesalers And Retailers Pass New Milestones.” Elliot Maras reported, “The challenges facing today’s food and beverage warehouse manager are numerous – SKU proliferation, omni-channel order fulfillment, burdensome new government reporting requirements, global trade opportunities, rising competition and more. And they can all be summarized by one overriding quest: improved efficiency that is economically justified.”

McCormick Systems Among Tech Magazine's Top 50

“We don’t update, improve, and create new software solutions so we can earn recognition or win awards,” said Todd McCormick, president of McCormick Systems, upon learning of McCormick Systems’ inclusion in the Constructech 50 for 2014.

Bernstein Liebhard Announces Launch of Drug Bot, New Site Focusing on Defective Drugs

Bernstein Liebhard LLP, a law firm that exclusively handles personal injury and class action claims, announced the launch of Drug Bot, a new online resource which collects information regarding prescription drugs and medical devices which have been found to be dangerous. The new site provides a centralized place for those who might have been injured by such products to find out more about the status of any ongoing lawsuits and sign up for free consultations regarding their own situations. Drug Bot is a free service underwritten by Bernstein Liebhard and will be updated to remain current as time goes on.

Global DRAM Market 2014-2018 - New Report Available

LogoDRAM is a type of random access memory used in various electronic devices such as PCs, smartphones, music players, laptops, netbooks, and tablet computers. The DRAM structure consists of a capacitor and a transistor that store each bit of data in a storage cell. Each capacitor can either be charged or discharged, equating to two values of a bit, i.e., 0 and 1, respectively. A DRAM enables electronic devices to access any part of the system memory directly and instantly, rather than by accessing the data in a sequential manner. DRAMs used in mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, portable gaming devices, and PDAs are referred to as mobile DRAMs. Currently, the increasing adoption of mobile devices worldwide is fostering the demand for DRAMs.

New Report Available: Hong Kong Information Technology Report Q3 2014

Logomarket maturity means growth rates in Hong Kong will underperform emerging markets in the APAC region. However we believe it s position as a regional data centre and cloud services hub will sustain growth rates above those observed in the majority of developed markets globally . D river s of cloud investment will be demand from Hong Kong's large financial services industry , as well as opportunities for regional expansion . Meanwhile, t he high penetration of products in the retail market will mean relatively slower growth in spending, with Hong Kong having high penetration of traditional form factors - and the highest penetration of tablets in the world in 2013. We forecast IT spending in Hong Kong reach ing HKD 40.8 bn in 2014 , with growth of 6.3 % in local currency terms.

New Market Research Report: Global Virtual Event Market 2014-2018

LogoVirtual events are online exhibitions or marketplaces, which includes breakout sessions, video conferencing, web conferencing, collaboration tools, and communication and social networking. These virtual events offer information opportunities for attendees and respondents. These events are used in various sectors such as Healthcare, Education, Finance and Banking, and Hospitality. Virtual events can be enabled on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. They are utilized to launch new offerings, to provide extra information to people, and to get new vendors.

Global E-Invoicing Market 2014-2018: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoE-invoicing is the exchange of bills and related invoice documents between enterprises and their clients in an integrated electronic format, usually using the internet. Also known as e-billing, e-invoicing is a part of electronic data interchange transactions that include data from the enterprise in a format that can be integrated into the client's financial system without the interference of a financial administrator. It offers a number of benefits to organizations including streamlining of accounting processes, reducing paper consumption, offering higher receivables, helping in timely delivery of invoices and faster customer payments, reducing the number of lost invoices, and increasing visibility and control over various processes. Enterprises are increasingly using e-invoicing solutions to simplify and automate the process of creating, sending, and receiving invoices. E-invoicing is a cost-effective solution that eliminates paper-based manual invoicing and replaces it with a more reliable and faster invoicing system.

New Market Research Report: Biometrics Market in Latin America 2014-2018

LogoBiometrics measure and analyze biological data. These systems capture biological traits such as fingerprints, facial patterns, irises, eye retinas, voice patterns, and hand measurements from the subject and compare the data with one or more stored templates. The main purpose of a biometrics system is to identify and verify the identity of a person. In this regard, the system can be either an identification or a verification system. In an identification system, a person's identity can be determined even without the consent of the person. These systems are more often used in surveillance applications. In a verification system, biometrics verifies the person's identity. These systems are used in access control applications.

Recent Study: M2M/IoT, Cloud, Big Data and Analytics: Market Dynamics and Opportunities

LogoTechnology and market advances in four separate, yet related, areas are poised to cause disintermediation as well as many market opportunities for companies across a broad spectrum within telecom and digital technologies. Machine-to-Machine (M2M) has already made a big impact on wireless communications as network operators seek to leverage revenue opportunities beyond human interaction reliant services.

Mod Girl Marketing Offers Tips for Developing a Valuable Corporate Social Media Strategy

LogoSocial media is an invaluable tool for brands and companies to reach out to their clients and customers. Small businesses have adopted many of the platforms as an inexpensive marketing tool, but what about larger corporations? A recent report shows that about 70% of big brands have adopted Facebook, Twitter, and/or YouTube. Creating a presence is not enough; especially if big corporations want to see a social media return on investment (ROI).

Partnership with Google Yields Coveted AdWords Certification for RH Web Solutions

RH Web Solutions, a top full-service web design and search engine marketing firm, has announced that it has partnered with Google to ensure that the company's clients receive the best possible AdWords-related services. After extensive training and testing conducted through the partnership, a qualification was awarded by Google which marks company leader Rick Hamel as a fully certified AdWords professional. This development will ensure that clients of RH Web Solutions will benefit from industry-leading levels of service when they engage the company to create or manage AdWords campaigns on their behalf.

One Can Boost Their Traffic Using Video Marketing

Every business no matter how beneficial it is requires a much-needed boost from time to time. One have to be able to attract more customers even if he/she is already having steady customers. In any kind of business, the more customers then the better it is because more profit will come in. One great way to give one’s business a much-needed boost is through video production in Austin. Austin video production can be utilized in many ways that can benefit one’s business. One way to use it for one’s business is by a promotional video. If one have a new product and want to introduce it to their regular clients then they can send them a video Austin about the product. This will certainly catch their interest.