Technology Press Releases

Mobile Ticketing Market Witnessing a CAGR of 19% to Post over USD 4026 Million Revenue by 2022

Mobile Ticketing Market, By Type (SMS Ticketing, Mobile Applications), By Technology (OCR, 2D Bar Code, NFC), By Application (Travel Tickets, Entertainment Tickets) - Forecast to 2022

Global Embedded Software Market to Post a Significant Annual Growth Rate of 9% from 2016 to 2022

Embedded software market is estimated to grow by a CAGR of ~9% owing to increased use by automobile sector

Mod Girl Marketing Acknowledges Clients That Are Leading the Way for Breast Cancer Awareness

LogoFor Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Mod Girl Marketing puts the spotlight onto three of their clients who work tirelessly to support the cause -- not just for this month – but every day of their lives.

Google Crackdown on SEO Robocallers Which Claim Affiliation with the Company; Ranking Solutions Comments

Leading SEO company, Ranking Solutions, has recently commented on Google suing companies which are affiliating themselves with Google when they contact companies for SEO services via robocallers.

BSAVE to Launch Next Generation of Bitcoin Savings After $400 000 Seed Investment

London based BSAVE is a unique savings account that allows users to securely store Bitcoins, while receiving daily interest payments. A BSAVE account is directly connected to users' Coinbase wallet allowing fast and simple deposits and withdrawals. Having raised over $400 000 in seed capital, BSAVE is the ideal saving solution for Coinbase users and Bitcoin enthusiasts worldwide.

How Millennials Are Reshaping the Workplace

With Millennials (those born after 1995) entering the workforce in large numbers and expected to make up 75 per cent of the global workforce by 2025, workplace managers have to be prepared for a different approach to getting the job done.

Magna FX Offers Forex Trading and Financial Support

Magna FX is well known forex trading business providing assistance and guidance to its clients and users. The Magna FX is a design of professionals and experts from the market who are trying to establish high standards financial industry activities. The team working under magna FX is fully equipped with professional expertise and specialization o deal with any financial issues in international business environment, the constant improvement and change has lead the business to be most effective resources for all business in terms of financial and care support. The professionals working in financial environment are required to be highly qualified and honest in their working. The teams working with Magna FX is all that for business in local industry and abroad.

Leawo Music Recorder Is Low Priced with 30% off for 2015 Halloween

LogoFrom October 21 to November 3, 2015 (California time), Leawo Software Co., Ltd., a software developing company that specializes in multimedia conversions, Blu-ray/DVD playback and conversions, data transfers and conversions of iOS devices, is holding its Halloween Promotion with Leawo Music Recorder on sale for $ 20.99.

Get Leawo iTunes Cleaning Software with 30% off on Halloween Promotion

LogoLeawo Software started its Halloween Promotion on October 21, and this big promotion won't come to an end until November 3. During this promotion, customers can get the helpful iTunes cleaning software with 30% discount. Moreover, Leawo Software also releases other 7 pieces of best-selling software with big discounts for this Halloween promotion.

Aleph Tav Technologies Launches a No-Frill, All-Inclusive Managed Security Service That Does Not Burn Your Budget

No business is too small to be a prime target of cybercrime. It is only fair then, that no business feels too small to afford complete protection. With a view to imbibe this philosophy in its capabilities, the Chennai-based security consultancy provides solutions with convenience, compatibility and cost-optimization optimization as prime focus.

FlipHTML5 Demonstrates How to Design Online Poster to Individual Users

LogoMore recently, it's extremely expensive to hire a graphic designer or acquire the software required to make high quality posters; likewise, using design software is challenging and usually requires a high level of skills. However the FlipHTML5 is a world-wide-web poster creator tool that enables the user to create a poster online through a simplified user interface by simply uploading a PDF file and customize it with the online poster editor; or perhaps, download and use the desktop software which gives ability to add multimedia elements: such as video, audio, etc.

CresTech Offering Impeccable Quality Automation Testing Solutions for Software and Mobile Applications

CresTech, an independent software testing company in Noida, India, has a great record of accomplishments when it comes to providing software and application testing solutions. Leveraging its partnerships with premier OEMs like IBM, Microfocus, SOASTA, the company prides of its 100+ successful test automation implementations across all the platforms by virtue of its own patented automation framework – OpKey. The class leading automation framework helps save up to 40% cost, and allows for the inclusion of a variety of tools.

FlipBuilder Electronic Publishing Program Provides Stellar Tools for Designing and Publishing Digital Content

LogoWith the use of digital content and e-publishing on the rise, the need for clever electronic designing and publishing tool also increases. Flip PDF from FlipBuilder is said to be one such software that provides people with an array of classified tools that work seamlessly. Alan Chen, the designer of FlipBuilder, states that the software was designed to be easy yet seamlessly efficient. Takes on the 3D Printing Technology and Its Impact on All Other Industries

LogoThe 3D printing is one of the hottest discoveries that created a great impact especially in the world of manufacturing and the health industry. Consequently, the 3D printing market is one of the hottest and booming businesses all over the world which prompted a lot more companies to jump into the bandwagon and produce consumer-centric innovative 3D printers Australia. Some of the best 3D printers that have been released in the market this year amount to about $ 1200 up to over $ 3000. The 3D technology was once just a small concept in the prototyping industry but is now becoming a huge phenomenon based on the demands from consumers.

Thomson Data Throwing Halloween Party in Plano, Texas

Thomson Data, one of the best mailing list provider announces that they are throwing Halloween party for all its employees on 31 Oct, 2015 in Plano, Texas.

Yinc Marketing Announces Availability of Instagram Sponsored Ads

More than 400 million people use Instagram in a month with more than 75 million using it at lease once a day. Over 30 billion Instagram photos have been shared and 70 million photos are posted daily. With the advertisements that are already shown, users are two and a half times more likely to click on an Instagram ad than one on another social media site. Experts agree, this has the potential for being an amazing way to reach as many customers as possible with a single ad.

NAC Foundation Announces Proprietary Core Technology of Aten "Black Gold" Coin

Privately Regulated Public Blockchain Achieves Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorist Financing and Anti-Theft Goals

Selective Pallet Racking Details According to Bastian Solutions

LogoBastian Solutions' Project Engineer based out of the Chicago office, Jeremy Mink, discussed choosing the best support for selective pallet racking on the company blog. Mink commented, "Pallet racking has been a popular and effective storage method in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers for decades due in large part to its ease of design and implementation. As easy as it may be to install some frames and beams and call it a day, it's also important to assess the need for pallet supports or wire decks and to decide which is best for your application."

OctaFX Trading Schedule Changes Due to the End of Daylight Saving Time

LogoOctaFX team would like to notify its clients that on Sunday, October 25, Daylight Saving Time ends in Europe. Please, note that Forex market and OctaFX servers convert from EEST to EET on this date. The company's server time will be EET (Eastern European Time) starting Sunday, October 25. Don't forget to consider this fact while planning the trading.

Costa Mesa, CA G3-Development Regional Office Endorses Essential Anti-Aging Muscle Rub and Therapeutic Oils for Residents' Usage

LogoAs the category creator and world leader in healthy chocolate, the true vision of NanoCacao is to transform and improve individual lives worldwide through its exclusive and healthy chocolate products.

FRESH USA Inc. Presents Theft Protection System – RFID Technologies for Saving Your Money

All over the world there are a lot of hotel chains and they all do their best to make each guest stay comfortable. But not all guests are grateful for such efforts and sometimes they do not mind snatching something from the the hotel as a souvenir. What is taken more often from the hotel and where does money go? These things can be not only towels, slippers, bathrobes but also high-priced things: stereo systems, Doc- stations, iPhone chargers, art reproduction, alarm-clocks, hair-dryers.But towels and bathrobes disappear more frequently. Of course, this problem is not of a global nature but it disturbs and brings constant financial losses to hotel owners.

Integrity Chain Launches Public Proof Blockchain Service for Everyone

Integrity Chain today announced the launch of its IC­STAMP service, a leading­ edge application of blockchain technology for the general public. The free service delivers public proof for the time and contents of private files by embedding their unique cryptographic fingerprint in the blockchain. By using only a browser and email, users no longer face the barriers of specialized knowledge, complex tools or obscure crypto currencies. Tampering with the past is now history™

OUKITEL K6000 Phone Battery Protects Against an over-Temperature

OUKITEL released the new 4G FDD LTE smartphone K6000 with a huge 6000mAh Li-poly battery. The normal smartphone comes with Li-ion battery, but K6000 uses the safer Li-poly to realize a large capacity, the most popular choice for anyone looking for long run times and high power. Launches Nationwide Scrap Metal Price Comparision Service, a world class leader in the very volatile scrap metal industry is a professional organization located in Philadelphia, USA. is well positioned and run by a team of seasoned and highly experienced Professionals in the scrap metals market and covers EVERY major city across the U.S.A. has established its market position amongst the elites so quickly AND is gaining Massive Ground on competitors not only by delivering Superior Services, but also due to its 'World Class' Customer Service. A True Leader is here to stay in the scrap metals Industry.

Commission Gorilla Bonus Launches with Review of Commission Gorilla and Huge Bonus

Affiliate marketing comes with some great opportunities for those who are willing to promote a product they believe in. Doing so can be challenging but highly rewarding, and individuals can do it from home, making it an increasingly popular choice for online entrepreneurs. Commission Gorilla Bonus is a website created to review Commission Gorilla, the brand new affiliate software tool from PromoteLabs Inc. The site also offers exclusive and impressive sign up bonuses to help would-be affiliate marketers achieve the greatest success possible.

The Lesbians Who Tech Philadelphia Chapter Announces Their November Happy Hour

Following the highly-successful Tech & Innovation Summit in New York City, the Lesbians Who Tech Philadelphia Chapter is ready to host their next local happy hour event. Featuring TED-style talks, workshops on networking, coding and a plethora of other tech-related topics, as well as a Hackathon, the second annual Lesbians Who Tech Summit presented attendees with a multitude of growth opportunities that they are eager to share with the members of the Philadelphia chapter that were unable to attend. The Lesbians Who Tech (and friends) Philadelphia // November Happy Hour will also present fresh topics on current technology-related areas of interest and the future of all things tech.

Creator of Kid-Friendly Needle Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Raise Funds

LogoFor children and adults alike, fear of getting a shot is a common complaint.  In fact, many adults admit to avoiding routine medical care because of their fear of injections also known as  needle phobia.  Public figures such as Jackie Chan and Alice Cooper have admitted their  fear of needles.  Now, the creator of a new "kid-friendly" needle as seen at  YouTube Video  has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise production funds for this much-needed item.