Technology Press Releases

Computer Solutions East, Inc. Partners with Cover Compliance, LLC

Computer Solutions East, Inc. (CSE) partners with Cover Compliance, a company that brings cost-effective compliance program support for smaller enterprises.

Perfect Practice to Showcase Its Latest Debt Collection Software at NCBA

Perfect Practice®, an industry leader in debt collection software will showcase its newest products at the National Creditors Bar Association (NCBA) 2018 Spring Conference. The conference will be held in at the JW Marriott Austin, in Austin, Texas.

Los Angeles Marketing Company Helps Businesses Increase Their Visibility with Marketing

LogoAccording to Branding Los Angeles, a premier Los Angeles marketing company, in today's global economy, brands are no longer relegated to advertising in their prospective physical locals. Instead, companies are now looking to establish an online presence, where they can utilize the power of the internet as an open forum to promote their brand and reach myriad new customers like never before. This is where the Los Angeles marketing company, Branding Los Angeles excels.

New South Carolina Reverse Phone Lookup Platform Launched to Locate Any Unknown Phone Number Owner

A new South Carolina Reverse Phone Lookup platform has been launched with the aim to help people save time and money when searching for phone numbers. The service can be used by consumers to locate business numbers, or to identify unknown callers and use that information to screen unwanted sales calls or nuisance calls. It can also be used by businesses to locate missed calls.

Bring a Whole New Dimension to Marketing Plans with Local Listing Services from Profit by Search

Logo#1 SEO Company in India, Profit by Search is popular worldwide for providing top class search engine optimization services. Undoubtedly, SEO has evolved as an important marketing technique for increasing the face value of any business in this digitally advanced business world. To help business owners in enhancing their local reputation, Profit by Search is now offering best in class local listing services at the most competitive prices. A part of SEO, local listing services not only help in carving a niche for any business in the local market, but also help in enhancing the visibility of the business in local search results. It provides an excellent opportunity to business owners to gain new customers for their products and services. Because of local listings, businesses with no official website can also get end up achieving a good online audience. Those who want to gain the trust of their local customers can count on them for their world-class services.

Historical Discount - DearMob's DVD Video Software Pack Rolls out After MTV Movie Awards 2016

LogoDearMob rolls out a multimedia software all-in-one pack for PC users from April 14th to May 3rd at 90% off, alongside software gift packs for Mac, reaching the highest discount in history! This pack containing an in-class DVD ripper, a video converter, and a backup software is shipped by DearMob, the integrated multimedia software manufacturer after MTV Movie Awards 2016, supplying a downright affordable solution for movie buffs to rip DVDs, convert videos and watch the movies chosen by the MTV Movie Awards 2016 committees from the comfort of heart.

FlipHTML5 Released New v1.3.3 of Its Flipbook Software for Mac

LogoFlipHTML5 has announced the launch of their latest version of its flipbook software for Mac users. The updated version will feature improved link function of the page editor. The users will also have a better experience reading the flipbook on mobile as the slide mode of the flipbook is also optimized in the newer version. The version v1.3.3 will also include a better search function and optimized slide template.

Employ the Right Talent with the Help of Offshore Recruitment Team from Profit by RPO

#1 RPO Company in India, Profit by RPO, is offering a dedicated offshore recruitment team that specializes in offshore manning. Their offshore recruitment team can provide reliable workforce solutions to organizations that are looking into mass hiring of at least 10 or more employees every month. They provide their clients with a reliable manpower solution, which the company needs to sustain growth and maintain quality. Acquainted with the latest technology and to abide by industry guidelines, the offshore recruitment team strives hard to achieve all of the organizational and business goals for their customers' organization. Using the existing business demands, the company's offshore recruitment team chalks out a detailed, planned overview of the recruitment process within their client's organization.

Creator of iTouch ID Scanner Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

LogoThe iTouch ID is the world's smallest USB fingerprint scanner.  It allows users to do away with lengthy passwords and use their own unique fingerprints to secure data.  Now, the creator of this device has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise production, marketing and distribution funds.

ITM Training Center Now Offering Complimentary Career Counseling for the Tech Industry

LogoAs technology evolves and advances with time, more and more industries are applying it to their operations to enhance productivity. The utilization of technology in the workforce has opened the door for a wide range of career opportunities for individuals who are well-versed in the trade. New career goals in the technology field can be achieved with the right training programs that will provide the knowledge and experience to advance forward.

PH Miners Inc's New Deal Offers $3000 Savings on Bitcoin and Litecoin Miners

LogopH Miners Inc have launched a special offer on their powerful Bitcoin and Litecoin miners which will enable customers to buy four miners for the price of three, saving an impressive $3000.

Mike's Lock Shop Equips Commercial Industries with Quality Locksmith Services and Security Systems

LogoThe interior and exterior structural design of a commercial property are a means for driving brand awareness just as much as it is for functionality. However, four sturdy walls are not enough to prevent intruders from breaking in and committing crime. Having a durable security system built into the premises provides business protection, keeps the thieves out, and shows customers that they are entering a secure environment. Mike's Lock Shop, the premier locksmith company of Montgomery County, PA, provides commercial entities with the security services and products they need to meet their company goals. Professional technicians are ready to provide repair, rekey, or installation services for commercial businesses in search of a reputable locksmith service.

Wildfire Enterprises Writing Services, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Writing Supplies and Services

LogoLynette VanHise is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of writing and reading products as well as writing services with a particular focus on the ghost writing and editing services that are available and the beautiful fountain pens. VanHise was inspired by her own experiences as a writer, as she loved stationery stores and reminisces of the time when she would go into the stores and let the scent of fresh new writing pads welcome her. After feeling inspired and like she wanted to make lists and get organized in these stores, VanHise wanted to help other people get the products that they would need to ensure their own organization and writing bliss.

Surgent CPA Review Announces Document Review Simulation (DRS)

LogoNew question types now available in Surgent CPA Review course

How QuickBooks Computer Checks Make Accounting a Breeze for U.S. Firms

Company owners face many challenges each day. One of them is to keep on top of their accounting. Credit control departments will spend a lot of time making sure customers pay bills on time. And the accounts payable department must ensure that the company's invoices also get paid.

Maryland Flyer and Distribution Service Launch GPS Tracking for Their Door Hanger Delivery Service

A Maryland Flyer and Distribution service that provides a quality door hanging distribution service has launched a GPS Tacking service. U.S Flyer Distribution has taken advantage of the latest technology to provide customers with up-to-date information on where and when their marketing material is being distributed.

Company List Brings Extensive List of Agriculture Companies in New York for Buying Agro Based Products & Processed Foods

A wide range of agriculture related and agro based products is often required for various types of human and animal needs. The product range includes animal feeds, animal products, beans, coffee beans, fertilizers, fruits, food grain, nuts and cereals, oils, processed food items, juices and other beverages etc. Company List now brings a large List of Agriculture Companies in New York that deal in these products. A company can choose a product manufacturer or supplier from the list and can procure items of their choice. Launches a Comprehensive Platform for All Senior Needs

Senior people require specific items in order to lead a life without any major medical ailments. For all such needs, the above mentioned website is considered to be an ideal choice. There are believed to be a series of categories that are aimed to provide them relief from several health issues. All of these are from some top brands and are safe from any side effects.

Company List Brings Worldwide Company Search to Help Find Best Companies in Different Categories

There are scores of enterprises across the world and each of them has been involved in a variety of businesses. Finding companies from a specific sector and in a particular country is no more a daunting task, as Company List has come up with an exhaustive database of worldwide companies. Anyone can search for companies on their website and can get the desired information for doing business with their preferred company.

MacXDVD's Latest List of Best DVD Rippers for Mac Brings an End to DVD Not Ripping Problems

LogoSubsequent to MTV Movie Awards 2016, forums are inundated, literally, with various questions, all asking one "simple" thing: how to rip DVD on Mac to watch the award-winning DVD movies freely. Many movie fans are nagged by such kind of questions like: ripping the title over and over; the output file shows only the scrolling intro over and over in various languages; getting stuck in the middle of the ripping; ripping the entire movie with no audio... MacXDVD Software, a world-renowned multi-media solution provider, today therefore releases a DVD ripper for Mac review and picks several reliable Mac DVD rippers that will solve all those problems.

Singapore Launches Smart National Fellowship Program

LogoCalling for top data scientists, engineers, and those with strong tech backgrounds, Singapore has launched their Smart National Fellowship Program. Another in a series of pro-tech moves made by the government to bring talent into the various branches of government, Singapore has been pushing those who are interested in the public good and technology towards government service. Bringing a wider group of engineers and experienced tech professionals towards a fellowship program, Singapore hopes to both contribute to and take something from the skillsets in the field.

SYOPTEK Soon to Participate in Major Trade Shows for Exhibiting Latest Fiber Optic Tools

SYOPTEK International, a China based manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality fiber optic tools, recently announced that they would soon be participating in major trade shows across the country and outside the country as well. The owners revealed that they want to show their latest selection of products  to the business community at large and to potential investors.

PubHTML5 Releases New Flipbook Software with Improved Page Editor

LogoPubHTML5 has been leading the industry by being the leading provider to unique and impressive flipbook software. Their software has been getting rave reviews and feedbacks from users for its powerful features and ease of use. Recently, company released a new version 5.2.0 of their flipbook software with certain enhancements done to its in-built page editor.

Luminaireso Signposted the Future of Suspensions in France Cultural Exchange Conference

LogoLuminaireso, a leading supplier of Suspensions solutions for the AEC and Suspensions industries, and its France authorized distributor, have attended the France Cultural Exchange Conference held in Chongqing, China from April 13th to 15th. Luminaireso took this opportunity to present its latest Suspensions design solution, strengthen the ties with Chinese and France customers and made in-depth exchange on the visions of the future.

NJE Group Participates in Conference Conducted by ARM-U

LogoTravis D. Howard, Founder of National Judgment Enforcement Group, a collection agency that accentuates the use of cutting-edge technology and strong compliance, has announced that the group participated in the ARM-U webinars that were held March 22nd through the 24th. Designed for professionals in the debt collection industry, the three-day series was conducted by

Business Card Printing Now Offered by Top Printing Company in Los Angeles

LogoMaking a great first impression starts with a high-quality business card printed with premium inks and paper stocks. The team from Printing Fly invests in the latest technologies and equipment to design and produce memorable business cards that are both distinctive and professional. For those who want to stand out from the crowd, professional business cards from Printing Fly are one of the only forms of physical advertising that remain in this new digital age.

New ZiPline Two-Lane Flighted Conveyor Creates Lightning Speed According to Bastian Solutions

LogoAdam Janeira, Multimedia Specialist with Bastian Solutions with Bastian Automation Engineering in Greenfield, IN, discussed the ZiPline two-lane flighted conveyor merge as the new piece of technology that uses cutting-edge controls to parse products at lightning speed through the air. A merge is a device used in a conveyor system to provide a means of combining two or more lanes of product into one lane. This process can be done a multitude of ways with varying levels of complexity, price, and footprint. No one type of merge is the superior option for all cases, and it often comes down to a limiting factor that drives the purchasing decision.