Technology Press Releases

Magline and Mobotech Exhibit at D3 Dynamic Distribution Disruption Retail Summit in NYC

Magline and Mobotech will exhibit at the D3 Dynamic Distribution Disruption Retail Summit at the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge in New York from July 13-14. Magline and Mobotech are exhibition sponsors for the show. The D3 Summit is a close-knit platform bringing together 150 C-level and senior supply-chain and omni-channel decision-makers from innovative retail.

Two Students Named Superintendent's Student of the Year by Metro Tech

Two students from Metro Tech were recently named Superintendent's Student of the Year at the Metro Tech Commencement Ceremony, which was held on Tuesday, May 10th. The first student who received this distinguished title is Brooklyn Scarberry, a health Careers Center Dental Assisting student.

Positive K9 Training Prepare for a Busy Autumn Season

Positive K9 Training - a local Melbourne dog and puppy training company that offers both group training and in home training sessions - have had a busy start to the year and are working harder than ever to continue to provide a second to none training services. Now in the Autumn season, sessions are being booked up fast, and the team prepare for a busy next couple of months.

Little Red Trucks Enjoy a Busy Easter Weekend

Little Red Trucks - one of Melbourne's leading home and office removalist teams - recently experienced an extremely busy period over the Easter weekend. While many Melbournians choose to spend their Easter weekend away on holiday or with family, it turns out there are plenty that choose this long weekend to move house. With the help of the team at Little Red Trucks, these Melbournians were able to more with ease.'s Take on Video Content: Will It Be the Next Hero in Online Marketing?

LogoBrace yourselves, digital marketers…videos are dominating the world of online marketing. By 2018, consumer video traffic is expected to comprise 79% of all internet traffic. This is a go-signal for online marketers to give a face-lift to their content marketing strategies and where their money should go to. Reveals the Secret Sauce in Playboy's Digital Marketing Strategies

LogoWhat's that secret sauce in Playboy's digital marketing strategies?

BridgeWorks, LLC Providing Free Online Training for VDM QuickView Application

LogoBridgeWorks, LLC is a company that provides a query and reporting application for users who need fast, instant access to their information from their databases. Businesses in need of a quality reporting tool for their database can highly benefit from the VDM subscription offered by BridgeWorks, LLC. While the company offers professional training services for their VDM platform product, businesses can opt to learn how to operate their subscription at their own pace by using the free online training courses available on the BridgeWorks, LLC website.

VitaBreeze Releases Top 7 Benefits of Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements

Virtually everyone knows about the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, but research has uncovered other benefits with which many people may not be familiar. VitaBreeze recently launched its triple-strength Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement, and has released information about the top seven benefits of using fish oil supplements. This can be helpful to consumers who want to make a well-informed buying decision.

Study Reveals Photos of Loved Ones May Potentially Reduce Pain

Modern technology has made it possible for people of all ages to take photos, anytime and anywhere. Health professionals now say this may be to the benefit of physical health. It seems that photographs can play an important role in the lives of many people who are suffering from medical conditions.

Binary Boom Launched – Already Earning a Fortune for Users from the Comfort of Their Home Keywords: Binary Boom,Binary Options Robots

The Binary Options trading community has been abuzz about the recent launch of Binary Boom, a revolutionary new product that helps individuals earn a substantial income while giving them absolute flexibility. The product equips even beginners in stock trading with tools and setups required to make consistent income with very low investment.

Ecommerce Business Broker,, Offers Advice on Where to Sell an Amazon Business

LogoBoasting over $60,000,000 in successfully sold web and tech companies to date, is an experienced and thorough eCommerce business broker than can help entrepreneurs wondering where to sell their Amazon business. They have been in the industry for over two decades, and have gleaned experience not only from working with their customers, but also from owning, running, managing and selling online businesses themselves.

Studies Investigate Connection Between Food Allergies and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Nutritionists and health experts have long been saying that good food choices are one of the secrets to having a healthy body. Unhealthy food items are believed to be detrimental to overall health and this is why health experts recommend increased intake of fruits and vegetables. Eating unhealthy food is also associated with arthritic conditions.

Tiller Web Design Unveils New Fast-Track Mobile-Friendly Website Design Program

Standing ready to help clients meet a looming deadline imposed by Google, Tiller Web Design announced a new fast-track responsive web design program. The new service will help Tiller Web Design clients ensure that their websites meet the new mobile-device accessibility requirements laid down by the search giant, sparing them the search-results penalties that many other businesses and organizations will face. One of the state's leading web design, video production, and full-service marketing agencies, Tiller Web Design has a strong, consistent record of delivering results.

Digital Design and Marketing Agency Ella J Designs Adds Monthly Performance Reports

Ella J Designs, a leading WordPress specialist and digital marketing agency, announced that the company now offers monthly performance reports to clients. The regular new reports will help Ella J Designs clients understand how the company's services contribute to their business goals, making it easier than ever to stay on top of these important matters. With a full range of services encompassing everything from WordPress design and hosting to highly effective search engine optimization, Ella J Designs focuses intently on producing new business for and meeting the unique goals of every client.

Web Hosting Review Boards Launches Improved New Site and Free Mobile Design Resources

Web Hosting Review Boards launched a redesigned, markedly mobile-friendly site along with a set of brand-new, free tools meant to help visitors do the same for their own websites. With search engine leader Google readying an April 21 gauntlet that will inflict penalties on those sites that are unacceptably difficult to access from smart phones and tablets, the operators of Web Hosting Review Boards sprang into action. The new Web Hosting Review Boards site is easier than ever before to navigate from any device, and the newly released tools will prove to be of great value to the site's many loyal fans.

Prosyn Campaigns to Bring SuperFast Fibre Broadband to London Businesses

LogoProsyn, a company providing network services and IT support to London businesses, is fighting back against the lack of infrastructure for fast internet connections in the City of London.  A hub of entrepreneurship, the financial centre of the British capital has the single highest density of businesses in the UK.  Entrepreneurs based in the area are relying on the internet to innovate, create new products and communicate with customers. Yet the availability of fibre broadband in the Square Mile area is virtually zero, and few concrete plans have been made to replace the old copper cables that provide only slow and unreliable internet access.

PLOS Medicine Journal Releases Analysis of Sugar Industry Influence on Scientific Agenda

LogoWhile the ideal is certainly for medicine and dentistry to be free from the corrupting influence of big business, the reality is the United States, this has not always been the case or is always the case.  A huge example of this has recently been published in the medical authority journal PLOS Medicine titled the "Analysis of Sugar Industry Influence on the Scientific Agenda of the National Institute of Dental Research's 1971 National Caries Program."  The information shared is being pointed to as "eye opening" both within the medical and dental industry and outside of it.  It's incredibly important since the National Caries Program, was the leading dentist research into learning about and preventing tooth decay at the time.

All That Glitters Creator Simon Antoniw Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoAll That Glitters is an inspiring documentary film that deals with the social and equality rights issues facing the United States today.  With a focus on uplifting and motivating content to inspire people to become involved in social issues, the film covers three unique cities and three inspiring individuals who are advocates for racial, sexual and disability rights.  Now, Simon Antoniw, the creator of this film, has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for production and distribution of this film.

'Powered by the People' Announces the Launch of New Website

LogoFor today's small business, getting on the internet and being available to mobile devices where 78% of people find a business or service is a necessity. Website costs are one thing. For a new or struggling business, their entire budget for advertising may be used to create this. Especially if that business is a small, local contractor. Then that business finds out that the bigger businesses that are established and not struggling are paying to be found. How can the smaller company compete? A brand new search platform, Powered by the People has been created to help small construction companies, general and local contractors in the New York area to compete on the same level as the big companies.

SuperFastLeads Highlights the Importance of Video Marketing for Businesses

Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research reports a video is worth 1.8 million words, which is equal to approximately 3,600 pages on the web. Atlas Shrugged, the popular novel by Ayn Rand, comes in at only 645,000 words, in comparison. When one is searching for roofing contractor leads, the utilization of video makes sense, as one can reach a much broader audience while getting the message across. According to comScore, one million people watch videos online everyday, and each person is a potential client.

Bloom of Beauty Announces Relaunch of Its Free Online Beauty Magazine

The Bloom of Beauty website has officially relaunched with beauty tips that are beneficial for women of all ages. The website encompasses advice about skin care and make-up, complete with photos and comprehensive explanations to assist women look their best.

Leo Young SEO and Digital Marketing Consulting Announces a New Approach to SEO

Leo Young SEO and Digital Marketing Consulting announces a new approach to SEO for attorneys. Individuals in this industry often focus on their website or potential clients. This company believes doing so is a mistake and that attorneys need to focus on those individuals clients follow, read or subscribe to.

A1 Taxis Becomes the Most Trusted Taxi Line in Huddersfield

LogoBased in Huddersfield, A1 Taxis started its operations way back in 1973 and since then, has been providing world class taxi booking services for its customers. Over time, A1 Taxis has built a reputation of being one of the finest and most popular cab services in Huddersfield. Mr. Shaukat Ali, the owner of A1 Taxis, has always focused on providing finest cab services at minimal fares; ensuring that customers get the full value for their money. Over time and with his firm efforts, Mr. Ali has now over 50 cabs which are driven by experienced drivers; available all round the clock.

T4 Social Media, a Trusted Social Media Marketing Company, Provides Social Media Management Services

Proving themselves to be one of the most accomplished companies, T4 Social Media, a trusted social media marketing company, provides unparalleled social media management services. The services that they provide are for all the trending social networking sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and many others. Along with this, they also offer search engine optimization plans that are customized as per their client's requirements. For some companies, they provide the dual service of social media management and SEO, which is a winning combination.

Dating Tips & Love Advice Now Featured at

All women these days are always searching for good dating advice as it allows them to be able to find the true loves of their lives at some point. However, not all dating tips out there tend to work out in a good way. has been around since quite a while now and has been helping countless women from all across the globe in finding the boyfriends of their dreams. The process is likely to take some time but once someone gets it right, peace and harmony is definitely going to be included within their love lives. The six practical dating tips featured on the website help women in the process of treating their new boyfriends. The first important tip is to always show self-respect, no matter what and this is why it is not important to always invite a man in after the first date.

Looking Beyond Traditional Marketing: Businesses Are Getting Into Social Media Marketing

Web-savvy entrepreneurs know about the potential that the powerful social media hold. Superior presence on social media means having optimum visibility of well-known social networking website like twitter, Facebook and YouTube etc. These sites have millions of active users who visit every single day, meaning they've an excellent potential client base. These sites were originally intended for amusement objective only, however, now these have turned into a way of getting hold of clients personally. It's turning into a system marketing 'one to many' advertising-strategy.

Co-Founders Igor and Vlad Dudnyk Seeks Support from Indiegogo to Connect Deaf and Hearing People Through VisiTalks

LogoThere have been notable advances in communication technology in the recent years. However, the communication barrier between the deaf and hearing people has remained as it was many decades ago. Creating a communication support system for the deaf and hearing is not easy because it involves sign language translation services. Igor and Vlad Dudnyk are all set to solve this problem with their revolutionary communication system named VisiTalks.