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MODEX 2016 to Feature Bastian Solutions Kevin Darby

Bastian Solutions will present a special session at MODEX 2016. The session titled, "Mobile Robotic Shuttles: Extending Beyond the Storage Buffer" will be held on April 4 from 2:15-3:00 in Theater H of the Georgia World Congress Center. Derek Cribley, Director of Systems Engineering; Kevin Darby, National Accounts Manager; and Joe Zoghzoghy, Mobile Robotics Manager will address how transporting, buffering of products, and mobile robots provide a great solution for receiving, put-away, production, picking, packing, and shipping. Bastian Solutions will be exhibiting April 4-7 at booth #3779.

IntelliMedia Networks Acquires River Silica Technologies

IntelliMedia Networks, Inc. a market innovator in cloud-based video distribution solutions has today announced the acquisition of 100% interest in River Silica Technologies.

Forecast Errors Must Be Eliminated for Demand Planning to Increase Production

LogoThe current environment of proliferating product portfolios and increasing demand volatility means there is a great deal riding on getting demand planning right. Forecast Errors, a weekly e-newsletter, shares methods, modes, and tools used in a variety of supply chain industries. The newsletter explores forecast errors as the difference between the actual and predicted value. The consequences of errors are expensive inefficiencies that can be resolved with lean manufacturing technology. The upcoming issue explains how inaccuracies in demand forecasts generate costly waves felt throughout the entire supply chain.

Red Cherry a Calgary Based Web Design and Software Company Discusses How to Ensure an Immersive Experience for the Visitors

LogoWhile almost all CIOs believe mobile is good for business, half think the process of developing a mobile app takes too long, according to a new study released last week.

Cheerleading Choreography Now Available at

Popular cheerleading choreography website announced recently that more packages are now available for their clients, which is a testament to how popular the sport of cheer dance has become.

New Website Launched to Air Popular Cartoon Shows of Adventure Time is a newly launched website that aims to air popular cartoon shows for animation lovers. According to a survey, the number of people watching animated series or movies has been increasing with years and producers have hard time making it to impress the audience. With the age of technology, people now expect more, which is innovative and unique. The new website is said to keep viewers engaged in their favorite show even when episodes are completed and it stops showing on television. This means viewers can go online and watch shows at their own convenient time.

Cheque Software: EzCheckPrinting Business Check Writer Is Given as Thanksgiving Offer gives customers a Thanksgiving promotion in getting ezCheckprinting at no cost when checking out through Trialpay.

Red Cherry a Calgary Based Web Design and Software Company Discusses Google's Panda 4.1 Algorithm and How to Avoid Getting Penalized

LogoOver the course of 26 confirmed updates and refreshes, the algorithm wizards at Google have been refining the content-focused search engine update and rolling their new features out gradually. Now, the 27th update has arrived, and it's significant enough to be called 4.1.

Launch of Creates a One Stop Checkout Point for Customers Shopping Online.

Thanksgiving is going to be even better this year for online shoppers as they have a feast set up for them by the top ten online stores on the internet. However it takes time to login to all these sites, note down the best product deal and then compare it to the next best site selling the same product. Also with millions shopping at the same time, many spend precious time to access these websites. All this can be remedied easily. People can check out their favourite brands and compare deals offered by different websites on a single page without having to open ten different web pages. All they have to do is visit which is a premier products comparison website, featuring merchandise from top ten online sellers.

Alicia Dymond Seeks Crowdfunding via GoFund Me to Rescue Romeo from Euthanasia

LogoRomeo is a cute young cat like any other feline; he wants to have fun. He loves lying in the sun, being stroked to the point of purring and enjoys tasty food and snacks. After a refreshing drink of water Romeo has a problem that most cats don’t have; he can’t urinate.

Red Cherry a Calgary Based Web Design and Software Company Discusses Factors Which Count to Rank Number 1 on Google and Other Search Engines

LogoLet’s assume we are talking about Search Engine Optimization a.k.a. SEO. Paid search will let us get to page one quickly, but it will cost you each time someone clicks on your link.

E-Tech Announces Conversion Service from Simply Accounting Canadian to QuickBooks for Their Customers

Users of Simply Accounting Canadian Edition, now called Sage 50 Canada, can now seamlessly convert their data file to QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online in under three days with E-Tech. Explains Sexual Battery Laws and Penalties in Virginia

Sexual battery is considered one of the most serious crimes in Virginia. Being charged with one of the many forms of sexual battery is a very serious and complicated legal situation that may have a lifelong effect on the life of the accused even if they are found innocent. In some cases, the convicted person would have to register as a sex offender, which may affect where he can live, what kind of job he can have, place he can or cannot go- not to mention the social stigma that comes with being branded a sex offender. Having a strong understanding of the laws against sexual battery in Virginia and the penalties for conviction can help those dealing with sexual battery accusations get a better understanding of how to deal with the situation in the most effective manner.

IPDN Offers Free Online Business Opportunities for Everyone

IPDN (Instant Payday Network) recently unveiled their new stay at home mom jobs which pays at least $15 to $25 an hour with no start up or application fees. This program has been around for a while, but it’s been expanded to provide more opportunities for more people. Shares Essential Product Reviews for How to Lighten Skin is a website which provides information on skin discoloration and reviews of products for treatment of skin discoloration. Hyperpigmentation is common, yet hard to treat. The issue of discoloration occurs when an increase of melanin in the skin causes dark spots to appear on the face, hand or other parts of the body. was created with the aim of helping people understand their skin discoloration issues and select an appropriate and effective product to solve the problem based on the reviews provided on the website.

Men and Women Are Losing Weight and Beating Obesity Thanks to the Weight Destroyer Weight Loss System

Weight Destroyer, a weight loss and health improvement method developed by fitness expert Michael Wren that has already helped tens of thousands of people finally lose stubborn weight and reverse health conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and accelerated aging has caught the attention of Shane Michaels, prompting an investigative review.

3esi Honored in Deloitte Fast 50 and Fast 500

LogoThis past week Deloitte announced the winners of its prestigious Technology Fast 50™ and Fast 500™ awards, given to some of the fastest growing technology companies in Canada and North America respectively.

Hardcotton Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Start the Production of Elemental, the World's First Pressure Controlled 3D Printer

LogoThe global market for 3D printers mainly comprises of two types of products. There are many economically priced products that fail to deliver the quality of 3D prints users need. On the other hand, there are many high end 3D printers that are capable of generating high quality 3D prints. However, these printers are extremely complex to configure and use. Hardcotton has designed a modular 3D printer named Elemental that makes 3D printing efficient, affordable and simple.

Unique Mind Creations Looks to Start Manufacturing "Animal Aware" Radar Tracking System with Funding Support from Kickstarter

LogoCarl Randolph, the Founder / CEO / President of Unique Mind Creations, has the experience of almost getting involved in a few vehicle / animal accidents. The number of road accidents involving animals has increased significantly.

The Modern Business Network (Mobuinet) Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Develop Their Advanced Web Platform for Productive Cooperation

LogoRecent advances in technology have opened up new avenues for individuals and businesses that have a new idea. There are a number of online resources and services that can help them make the most of their ideas without spending a fortune. With Mobuinet, users will gain ready access to each of these opportunities on an ongoing basis to achieve their personal or business goals. It will not only help people find out partners and supporters for their ideas, but also to attract new opportunities for funding and earning money.

Radio Airplay Pros Offers Guaranteed Airplay Service to Independent Artists for Ultimate Exposure and Music Promotion

“Radio Airplay Pros”, one of the music industry’s premier radio airplay marketing organizations is pleased to announce that it is presenting all independent and budding artists worldwide a unique opportunity; guaranteed radio and music promotion services available at highly reasonable rates. Radio Airplay Pros digitally delivers your single directly to key radio station programmers and disc jockeys with a guaranteed airplay service which allows the artists to obtain a wider exposure and an opportunity to have a head start in the music industry in the right manner.

Silver Bullet Water Treatment Announces Its System Has Been Proven a Key in the Control of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus

LogoSilver Bullet, an award-winning, cutting-edge water treatment company, announces that its technology has been proven by third party researchers in lab and field trials as a powerful solution in the reduction and control of Vibrio parahaemolyticus, a bacteria which has been devastating the shrimp aquaculture industry.

Global Demand for Material Handling Equipment Predicted to Rise According to Pcdata USA

LogoThe global demand for material handling equipment is predicted to rise 5 percent annually through 2018. Gains will be strongest for sales of advanced equipment such as automated conveyors and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). The data suggests that automated products reduce the required labor input in operating machinery, helping to curtail labor costs. Energy efficient products will also see solid gains as end-users seek to reduce costs. The complete report is available here. The US will continue to be the world's largest material handling product market, benefiting from an improved outlook for fixed investment spending. This will encourage US manufacturers to invest in new equipment, particularly labor-saving automated products.

CollaborateMD Is Offering New Integrated Payment Services This Winter

LogoCollaborateMD is an organization based out of Orlando, Florida. They provide online medical billing software to improve and add efficiency to the medical billing process. This winter, CollaborateMD has built an integrated payment service to better serve their customers. The new integrated credit card payment service allows users to process credit cards from within the CollaborateMD software. The new process saves time by avoiding double entry and reduces errors.

Trulium, a Web Designing Company in Denver, Offers the Best Website to Meet Business Demands

LogoTrulium, a web designing company in Denver, offers the best website to meet business demands successfully. The company combines website design and development with functionality and design, helping to create an internet presence to meet the client’s business requirements. The trending marketplace in today’s world is the internet. With a good balance between design, content, and E-commerce, one’s business can be successful in no time. Information is a very important aspect in the architecture of website design and development. Placing the right answers to all kinds of prospective questions is a very important part in website development.

Red Cherry a Calgary Based Web Design and Software Company Discusses HTML5 Is Ready for Primetime, Says W3C

LogoYou could be forgiven if you thought the HTML5 standard — the follow-up to 1997’s HTML 4 — has long been set in stone, given that developers, browser vendors and the press have been talking about it for years now. In reality, however, HTML5 was still in flux — until today. The W3C today published its Recommendation of HTML5 — the final version of the standard after years of adding features and making changes to it.

Dollar Fanatic LLC. Black Friday AD Featuring Free Popular Blu-Rays, Video Games, and Gifts

Dollar Fanatic LLC an Indianapolis, IN based Company that is currently the only real exclusively Online Dollar Store that offers everything for only $1 each, featuring at least 100 Dollar Deals at a time on their website at The company launches it's Black Friday AD with a twist. The ad includes a variety of very popular products like Blu-rays, Video Games, and various Gift related merchandise for Free with purchase.