Technology Press Releases Digital Agency Donates over 900 Non-Perishable Foods to the YWCA of Bucks County Digital Agency, a leading digital marketing agency headquartered in Bucks County, PA, is happy to announce that they donated over 900 non-perishable food items to the YWCA of Bucks County. The YWCA is one of the oldest and largest multicultural women's non-profit organizations. Like many other members across the globe, the YWCA of Bucks County makes it their priority to support underprivileged families by offering family-centered programs and youth services.

Felix Brand Presents the StretchWrite

The StretchWrite is designed to be used with any of Apple's iPad tablets including the new iPad Pro, but can also work with tablets by other manufacturers, like the Amazon Kindle Fire or one of the several Samsung Galaxy Tab devices running the Android operating system. The StretchWrite is available in two different color packs: red and gray or blue and pink. Each package includes a pair of StretchWrites and costs $9.99.

RP Summit PPC's New Website Revolutionizes the Way Business Owners Bring in Customers

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a popular way for businesses to draw the attention of new customers and clients via the Internet. Unlike pay-per-impression advertising, which costs businesses every time an ad is seen by the Internet user, PPC ensures that businesses only pay when their ad is clicked on by the user. However, the increasing cost of PPC advertising is forcing many companies to be more strategic about how they use their finite marketing dollars.

Ultriva Version 7.7 Adds Report Scheduling to Manufacturing Productivity

LogoUltriva, Inc., provider of cloud-based supply chain execution software, recently announced software enhancements such as Report Scheduling and Material Deliver Scan, to the Ultriva version 7.7. Most of the new features were driven by customer requests. Ultriva promotes lean manufacturing and pioneer of End-to-End Pull (E2E). This new release adds features and enhancements that improve manufacturing productivity and profitability.

Mobile Application Development by Rync Mobility Solutions Gives Small Business Owners Marketing Power

Rync Mobility Solutions, a professional mobile software application development company are helping small business owners increase their brand and customer base through powerful mobile applications from just $99.

Cloud1Marketing a Professional Web Design and SEO Company in Fresno California Discuses MicroTransactions - the Key to the Candy Crush Saga Success

LogoIn 2013, the Candy Crush Saga app game is expected to reach a gross revenue figure of $240 million. Ranking in as the current number one app in the World (AppData) an approximate 44 million people have downloaded the popular app with a reported 6 million users engaging every single day. Enables Users to Video Chat Online with New Friends

Friendship is a bonding which overcomes distances, caste, sex, communities and gender issues. The real friends usually have a soul to soul connection which is special to both. In the recent times, there is a rising trend of making friends online between two people who have never met each other. They can belong to different age group, countries and sex. There are many sites which enable texting and chatting irrespective of geographical location. Only a handful of believable sites help users over video chatting. is one such online platform helping people to connect for communicating which supports webcam online video chatting. It offers a great opportunity to find like-minded people and explore heart to heart connection.

Yasir Khan Reveals the Best Link Building Techniques for Post-Penguin SEO

Yasir Khan is an experienced SEO & link building consultant that specializes in three main brands: Quantum SEO Labs, Reputation Enhancer, and SERP Automation. He now reveals some of the Best Link Building Techniques for Post-Penguin SEO that help make websites popular.

Established Company Introduces Inexpensive, Trustworthy, Low Investment, Make Money Online System

LogoTodays’ society has drastically changed in providing a plethora of ways that individuals can earn a living and provide for their families.  No longer does individuals look at Corporate America as the sole provider and resource for earning income. Therefore, people no longer have the excitement, nor hopeful expectancy to drive and commute daily back and forth to work. And most of the time when individuals arrive at work, they are bombarded with working two and three job positions compounded within one salary. Then after the week ends the weekend is so compacted with so many errands, housework, and family activities until Monday rolls around entirely too quickly. And again individuals get on the same treadmill and start the same mundane, disgusting, roller coaster cycle all over again with their exhausted and tired bodies from previous weekend activities. The anticipation and desire is no longer prevalent in working 40-55 hours per week even with receiving overtime pay because most of the time people are not respected nor paid their educational, professional, and experienced worth on their jobs.

Video Chatting Now Available with

Online communication has removed the geographical barriers. This enabled the person to communicate online which is comparatively cheap from any other source of communications. The online usage has helped even the layman to be knowledgeable and utilize the services effectively.

Campsaver Offers Discounts with Coupons in 2014

Campsaver Company provides people who love camping with the wonderful opportunity to save 20% for their camping related purchases made in 2014. Now they are able to order a variety of camping products at reduced prices to make their camping an unforgettable outdoor experience.

More Men Are Becoming Socially Awkward Without Social Skills

LogoMen who struggle socially have trouble reaching healthy “social quotas,” and this indicates a large problem on the rise for the male population who are considered to be socially awkward in these evolving times.

Now Available: Worldwide Tablet Processor Development, 2014 and Beyond

LogoTablet growth has been stagnant and the global market for tablets is near saturation. This is evidence by the fact that tablet sales of two leading brands Apple and Samsung have been losing shine. The market growth now weighs more on cheaper tablets of Chinese and white-box vendors. The trend toward lower-cost has forced tablet vendors to change their minds about processor adoption. This has led to a rise of Chinese tablet processor makers like MediaTek, RockChip, Allwinner, and Amlogic. Sales of Intel's low-cost processors has also picked up quickly in China. This report outlines the overall development of tablet processors and examines the future development of global tablet market under the influence of growing importance of Chinese players.

New Market Study, "Heterogeneous Mobile Processing & Computing Market - Forecast & Analysis to 2014 - 2020", Has Been Published

LogoHeterogeneous Mobile Processing & Computing Market by Component (processor, GPU, DSP, connectivity), Technology Node (45NM-5NM), Application (Consumer, Tele-communication, Automotive, MDA, Medical), & Geography - Forecast & Analysis to 2014 - 2020

Future of the Chinese Internet Market from the Observation of Leading Vendors' Acquisitions - New Market Research Report

LogoChinese Internet users are shifting from traditional PCs to smartphones, indicating the arrival of the mobile Internet era. Leading e-commerce vendor Alibaba, social media and online gaming company Tencent, and search engine company Baidu have been competing for the throne in the Chinese Internet market, either through acquisitions or strategic alliance. With the emergence of new business opportunities driven by the 500 million mobile Internet users in China, the acquisition mania of the three Internet giants will change the future of China's Internet development.

"Global Product Data Management (PDM) Market 2014-2018" Published

LogoPDM is one of the business functions within collaborative product definition management (cPDM), which is one of the major segments in the Global Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) market. PDM is a software responsible for the creation, management, and publication of product data. PDM helps organize product development by combining documents, technical data, computer-aided design (CAD), and images that are required to design, manufacture, support, and maintain a product. PDM also helps manufacturing companies find the data quickly, thereby reducing the data management time. It also reduces development errors and costs by enabling a collaborative product development cycle.

"ICT Investment Trends in Spain - Enterprise ICT Spending Patterns Through to the End of 2015" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoThis report presents the findings from a survey of 161 Spanish enterprises regarding their Information and Communications Technology (ICT) investment trends. The survey investigates how Spanish enterprises currently allocate their ICT budgets across the core areas of enterprise ICT expenditure: hardware, software, IT services, communications, and consulting.

Graduate Entry Medicine (UK) Guidebook 2015-2016 Now Available Through

LogoThere are more than 82,000 applicants for no more than 7800 medical school seats in the UK. This makes it one of the hardest places in which to get into medical school. The MSAG ltd. has recently released its Graduate Entry Medicine UK Guidebook 2015-2016 that gives you an insight into the strategic issues involved in applying for medicine. The guidebook is now in its 6th edition and the previous editions have had outstanding reviews by users and career advisers working through universities in the UK.

Eric Plummer Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Raise $200,000 for the Smart Doorbell Pager

LogoThe smart doorbell pager (SDP for short) is a wireless device developed by Eric Plummer. His insight from observing the needs of people who wanted greater control over how they handle visitors at any given time is what inspired him to develop the SPD. The SPD attaches to the outside of any front door giving cam-to-cam access to the main entrance of every residence or business. The result is a system allowing everyone to greet guests, deal with couriers and handle other visitors wishing to talk to the resident or business via their cell phone, computer, laptop or tablet allowing anyone to see who’s at the front door presenting several different possible actions

Shauna Schneider Serves Magline Customers and Dealers in Nevada

LogoMagline, makers of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions, announced a strategy to best serve customers and dealers in Nevada with innovation including best practices and local customer responsiveness. The Western Region includes Nevada and is managed by Regional Sales Executive Shauna Schneider.

Issue 8 of Picking Perfection Newsletter Will Address Increasing Productivity with Picking

LogoThe eighth issue of “Picking Perfection” (a weekly e-newsletter) to be released September 29, 2014 will address increasing productivity when picking more than one order at a time. In batch order picking, multiple orders are grouped into small batches. An order picker will pick all orders within the batch in one pass using a consolidated pick list. Usually, the picker will use a multi-tiered picking cart maintaining a separate tote or carton on the cart for each order. Companies often vary the batch sizes depending on the average picks per order or the cubic size of the items per order.

Autodesk Senior Product Manager Shared Joint Solution with System Insights at IMTS

System Insights announced dynamic programming the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) at McCormick Place in Chicago earlier this month. Ryan McMahon, Autodesk’s Senior Project Manager spoke on the joint solution from Autodesk and System Insights to Optimize Manufacturing Processes.

Digital Marketing Provides Unprecedented Growth and Sales

In a time before the Internet, people extensively used flyers and stick-on advertisements to promote their small businesses. But these marketing strategies might not bring the same effect today. It is necessary to keep up with the changing times.

Effective Website Design: A Gradual Step Towards Success

The best way to promote small businesses is by establishing an online presence for them. People use internet to search for local services; therefore, it is important to create a website and to get it up on the local search engine results.

Criminal Background Check a Better Alternative to Private Investigators

When Criminal Background Check is gradually becoming mandatory for employment, online checking is now a better option with companies like Criminal Background Check Company offering services that include Background Check and information on the history of any potential employee or about any person being found suitable for any private services such as baby sitters, security guards, drivers and many other employments. Their services include Employee Background Check where authentic information is provided by them relating to any criminal offenses like misdemeanors, felonies, DUI and other offenses.

Cloud1Marketing a Professional Web Design and SEO Company in Fresno California Discuses 8 Common Responsive Web Design Myths

LogoThese misconceptions can be one of the biggest barriers while planning, scoping, estimating, and executing your next responsive project. So, here is our effort to bust 8 common responsive web design myths: #1: Responsive design has to be all about mobile: Talks About Interesting Game Facts

The online game world has exploded in the recent past with mind boggling games, high intensity graphics and multiplayer configurations taking over the simple fun of gaming. The new age games have in a way robbed the player of the delight that a computer game gives.