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Thailand's Aladdin's Door Launches One-of-a-Kind Online Auction Platform

A first in the online auction industry, Aladdin’s Door has launched an auction platform where the prices go Down, not Up.

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Banglamung, Thailand -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- The online auction industry was shocked to learn of the launching of Aladdin’s Door unique online auction portal. There is no other auction platform with a similar basis anywhere on the planet. What is so different about this online auction site is the fact that as Bids are placed, prices go Down, not Up, like the other auction sites. A sister site has also been set-up in the United Kingdom. All goods are factory sealed and represent major brands. All items are covered by full Factory Warranties.

Aladdin’s Door clearly represents a break-out move into a new paradigm in online auctions. Bid prices start at 50% off of retail prices. As the Bids pour in, the price can drop by as much as an astounding 99%. Buyers have the option of using VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB, PayPal, American Express, or others to close the deals. A wide range of products are available, such as: Scooters, TV’s, iPhones, Furniture, Holiday Packages, Computers, Boats, Condo’s, and the list goes on from there.

The site has created quite a buzz on the Auction Forums and Blogs. People love this type of auction as is evident from the reams of Customer Testimonials. It is a simple matter to sign-up and start Bidding. Management reports that every day, new deals are posted on the site. No worries about the site crashing during a Bid. If the site goes down, the auction will be cancelled and all the Bidders will have their Bids refunded to their account.

Aladdin’s Door uses a system of Bid Credits. The Bidder purchases a Bid Pack at the Bid Store. These Bid Credits are pre-paid and stored in the members account. Each time a Bid is placed, a Bid Credit is deducted from the account, and will decrease the price of the auction item by 12 Bat. During the last 20 seconds of the auction, a new Bid will reset the timer to 20 seconds. This allows another member the opportunity to place a Bid if interested. It's just like the auctioneer shouting "Going Once...Going Twice...SOLD!" at a traditional auction.

For complete information, please visit: Aladdin’s Door Online Auction

For Auction Enthusiasts in the United Kingdom: Aladdin’s Door UK

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