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The Adonis Effect Reviews: Perfect Body Measurements for Men

Adonis Effect Customer Reviews: Does The Adonis Effect Workout System Work Or Scam?

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2012 -- The Adonis Effect takes a completely unique approach to muscle building. The book’s premise is that you are training for an ideal type of body that is physically attractive to women. The theory is that women are attracted to a particular body shape and that you can gain muscle in specific areas of your body while still losing weight to create an ideal look.

Based on research studies, there are specific shoulder and waist ratios that are attractive for a given height. The Adonis Effect refers to this as the golden ratio. The book focuses on achieving the golden ratio through diet and exercise programs unique to each individual’s current body shape.

The Adonis Effect Workout Systems Product Official Site

What Is The Adonis Effect?

Adonis was a divinely lovely man, with an perfect and proportional body. The ancients had discovered that there is a golden ratio that makes things and men and women look symmetrical, proportional and really nice. Later in time, the scientist Fibonacci described this number, saying that it’s the result of a sequence; the ratio is 1:1,162 and represents the perfect symmetry. The Adonis Effect program is based on this numbers, aspiring at the creation of the perfect body for men who wish to change their figure and grow to be genuinely attractive and good looking.

What Does The Adonis Effect Consists Of?

The Adonis Effect Program consists of a 12 week workout program that aims at helping people achieve this ideal ratio for their body. people will discover 3 separate 12-week programs and 9 separate 12-week nutritional programs, too as a video tutorial that explains everything in simple words.

The Adonis Effect Workout Systems Product Official Site

How The Adonis Effect Works

The program is separated into different modules and can can be bought individually, depending on your needs. Each one of them deals with a certain program or tries to combine them.

1. The Burn Module. This module works perfectly for individuals that need to lose a few pounds and burn fat. A beer belly can also be reduced using the advice in this program.

2. The Build Module. Since body proportions are elementary for the program, this particular module works on the ways to build the body mass to achieve the “Adonis ratio”.

3. The Burn and Build Module. The ones that wish to lose weight and gain some mass will want to focus on this module as it combines the previous ones.

Nutrition is an important aspect of body building and weight loss. Each module has a diet plan included in the Adonis Effect package. All three modules have their own custom diets to fit the purpose of the individual.

More Details About The Adonis Effect Workout Systems Product

The Adonis Effect Workout Systems Product Official Site

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