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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2013 -- The electronic cigarette has had what many are calling a colorful history especially in light of all the publicity that it is getting as well as the amount of federal intensity that it has been the focus of due to its lack of any type of federal oversight at all. In fact this has been further intensified by the rapid rate of growth that the e cigarette is currently experiencing, this best example of this is that in 2012 the industry made $500 million and by August 2013 it had already made double that amount and industry pundits are saying that for 2013 it will be a $1.7 billion. This jump of 240% is being viewed as conservative and many are saying that the e cig is growing in popularity both to the vapers and non vapers.

The main issue that the electronic cigarette currently has with the FDA and other federal agencies has been going on for a long time. This is mainly because of two factors; namely that the three are claims that state the vapor cigarette is in fact just as risky health-wise as the regular tobacco cigarette and that the way the smoking device is being marketed is in fact designed to make it more appealing to minors. This is based on the fact that the smokeless cigarette has many flavors and animated marketing campaign.

Yet what must be known is that the electronic cigarette are manufactured whilst without regulation it has been regulated internally and as a result it has been without no deaths and no injuries. Also the electric cigarette industry internal regulators namely TVECA are the ones that are assisting the federal government as it drafts up its set of regulations for the smoking devices.

In response to the claims that it is marketing to minors, the electronic cigarette considers the use of animated characters as an effort of trying to remove the stigma that was caused by regular cigarettes. Also the e cig industry is of the mind that the use of many flavors is done to attract more smokers to this more comfortable smoking device.

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