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There have been an increased misrepresentation of the facts about the e cig, yet the reality is vastly better and more acceptable from the facts being presented.

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- The e cig has been one of the most innovative of all items that has been introduced to consumers since the onset of the new millennium. It sought to redefine smoking but in a way that is more innovative and much cheaper yet making a better impact on the environment as compared to the tobacco variant, the e cigarette has done this and more and there is no stopping it as more and more people are looking for a better smoking solution. The latest estimates state that there are now more and more people that are choosing to use the vapor cigarettes as the rate of those that are trying to reduce their dependency on the smoking devices is at an all time high.

There have not yet been and fully comprehensive conclusive evidence that can state the effectiveness of the e cig in terms of being an effective smoking cessation system. But rather there has been a rapid increase in the number of people that are claiming they are now experiencing a much better lifestyle now that they are using the electric cigarette as compared top when they were smoking the traditional cigarette. And also there has been an increase in the number of large scale institutions that are now allowing people to use their e cigarette notably the airline Ryanair that has now allowed the vaping of the best e cig products during its flights.

To this has there has been further claims by vapers that they are being unfairly treated as there are many reports in the media that are claiming the e cig is as dangerous as the regular cigarette and in some cases they claim that it is more dangerous than the tobacco variant. Yet they claim that in its 9 years of being in the market the products released by the electronic cigarette brands have not caused not even a single fatality or causality in the whole industry.

There are high expectations that the forthcoming FDA e cig regulations might be more lenient than originally anticipated. This is based on the recent judgment by the European Parliament to refuse to impose further restrictions on the vapor cigarettes and that the FDA might take notice and follow suit.

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