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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- Along with the regular e-cigs, the disposable electronic cigarettes have attained a success level of their own. A large number of smokers are now opting for the various disposable e-cigs brands owing to efficiency of providing on the spot smoking without requiring charging the battery or filing the cartridges. Disposable electronic cigarettes have turned to be a great companion for the traveling and busy smokers. While there are number of brands of disposable e-cigs, the best disposable electronic cigarettes of 2014 has given a new boost to the success of disposable ones. The current year has been a remarkable year for the e-cigs and the best disposable e-cig is another feather in its cap. Surf through and know more about this amazing brand of disposable e-cig.

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The invention of the electronic cigarettes had surprised many people but the wonders done by the device ever since its invention and launch have won the confidence of many smokers making it the first smoking choice for them. The acceptance of the e-cigs is not just limited to the smokers but the society has also given a green signal of their acceptance to this device. With this e-cigs users are able to vape in various places like restaurants, pubs, coffee-shops and workplaces.

In the United States where smoking the regular cigarettes have become too common, the e-cigs sales have legalized by the government. Over the last couple of years e-cigs users in the US crossed a million setting a new bench mark. Now more and more smokers are looking for the e-cigs and the starter kits. While this may have come as relief given the excessive use of tobacco cigarettes, the picture with e-cigs is still waiting to get a clear signal from the medical institutes. But in spite of this there is denying for this medical institutes about the fact the e-cigs are in every way a better smoking product.

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