The Best E Cigarette Accessory of 2013 Discussed by exposes the best e cigarette accessory of 2013 and discusses its characteristic features and attributes. This accessory comes with V2 electronic cigarettes and is priced reasonably.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- The best e cigarette accessory of 2013 belongs to V2 vapor cigarettes and is also known as the V2 ‘Economy Starter Kit.’ This kit is accessible at a small budget and makes smokers switch to smoking vapor cigarettes easily. It is particularly meant for beginners and irregular smokers and brings in a host of things with it.

The V2 ‘Economy Starter Kit’ has only one battery and comprises the V2 smart charger. The V2 smart charger has a refined interior microprocessor and some other unique characteristics that permit smokers to charge their battery quite fast, exclusive of charging excessively. This kit encompasses ten aroma magazines, a V2 ordinary mechanical battery, a smart charger, a wall electric connector and a V2 instructional guide.

The V2 Cigs Starter Kit can be modified according to the requirements of smokers and has nicotine in two different strengths and aromas. Smokers wanting to savor fresh menthols, warm tobaccos and sugary master flavors are welcome, as this is exactly what this kit offers. It offers the mentioned and few other aromas and also encompasses two batteries, an aroma magazine and three additional equipments.

The ordinary mechanical battery is manufactured in such a way so that it provides the ideal equilibrium flanked by function and bodily mass. To start smoking, the aroma magazine needs to be fixed against the last part of the battery. This sets the warming component in motion and generates vapor that can be drawn in. Each V2 aroma magazine or unit is capable of generating one hundred and fifty to two hundred and twenty drags.

The magazine is detachable and can be substituted by a new one as soon as the vapor turns feeble. The ordinary mechanical battery starts to signal when it needs to be charged again and goes through a duration of one to seven days before it needs to be charged again. It can be charged completely within one to two hours. An alternative to the ordinary mechanical battery is the manual battery that comes with this kit.

The manual battery allows smokers to hold these cigarettes comfortably and facilitates thick vapor generation. It also helps generate vapor according to their needs and gives them added command over these cigarettes. Thus, the Economy Starter Kit provided by V2 cigarettes is the best vapor cigarette accessory of 2013 and costs 45.49 pounds only.

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