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E cigarette reviews show that the ban by outgoing Mayor Bloomberg may cause more harm than good.

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- The best story from e cigarette reviews is about the outgoing Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on the smoking devices as the City Council, is seen as determined to pass a law to treat them like regular tobacco cigarettes under New York’s “Smoke-Free Air Act.” It will mean that the use of e cigarettes also known as vaping would be banned wherever smoking is banned both indoors and outdoors. Yet many are of the mind that the ban will do much more harm than good as the main idea is that e cigs somehow aid in tobacco smoking but recent observations suggests the opposite as there are more and more people that are using them to trying stop their tobacco habit.

Many e cigarette reviews believe that the main goal of the Smoke-Free Air Act has always been to limit exposure to second-hand smoke as well as to get people to smoke in fewer and fewer public areas, in the hope that it will pressure them to stop. Not even the best e cigarette will cut down exposure to secondhand smoke simply because there is no smoke in fact there is not even any first-hand smoke. And while there is no proof that even the current best electronic cigarettes can assist in helping people in ceasing smoking there are a growing number of vapers that swear there are now having a better lifestyle thanks to the smoking devices.

However in a recently publicized scientific report highlighted in many e cigarette reviews, a randomized, yet controlled trial, published in the Lancet last month, found that vapor cigarette products were as effective an aid in quitting as nicotine patches approved by the FDA. According to the study, which was funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand, also found out that at best e cigarette products have only a few negative side effects which are far fewer than in tobacco.

Many e cigarette reviews show that the pro-ban activists argue that the electronic cigarette standardize that the smoking habit, because people may be confused and think vaping is smoking. Yet business owners beg to differ such as Andrew Rigie of the New York City Hospitality Alliance, the trade association for restaurants and bars, testified that e cigarettes have not become an issue of concern among his members.

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