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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2014 -- Those searching for the Best Electronic Cigarette In 2014 can state that 2013 has been a milestone year in regards to electronic cigarette health risks. Many vapers see this as being one of the best years for the growth of the electric cigarette sales and growth as well as marking a decade in existence. One of the reasons is that whilst at best, smokeless cigarettes had been experiencing growth rates of averaging 100% year on year. Yet in 2013 this growth rate was continuously being reviewed upwards with estimates being between 240% to 300% for 2013 alone. Even in terms of regulation which has been linked mainly to electronic cigarette health issues there have been further good news for smokers.

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What made 2013 such a special year in vaping was that it marked a decade with no reported deaths or casualties that van be linked to electric cigarettes. And this is something that the vapers are willing to put their faith in according to growing number of comments in e cigarette reviews.

Whilst the US is yet to release details about the proposed regulation of vapor cigarettes, the European Union made an important decision in late 2013. There had been many critics that had wanted for at best e cigarettes to be regulated in the same manner as tobacco products in fear of Alleged Electronic Cigarette Health Risks. Yet due to public pressure from vapers and non-smokers the EU Parliament decided against making such a ruling for smokeless cigarettes. In general the ruling was that top electronic cigarette brands do not market their products to minors. Whilst the level of success of vaping cannot be quantified, there have been moves to allow the use of electric cigarettes in planes such as those in Ryanair.

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Many vapers believe that at best the electronic cigarette health risks that are in the media whilst being unfounded do deserve further scrutiny. But most importantly there have been signs that vaping be allowed to operate as it is, with the overlying demand that they not be marketed to minors.

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