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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2013 -- The latest from the best electronic cigarette reviews is that there are concerns that have been raised on the way that the smoking devices are being portrayed in some nations and cities been labeled as akin to regular cigarettes. Recently a French court made a judgment to the determined in a recent ruling that requires anyone that wants to sells e cigarette products must also have a permit to sell tobacco products. Yet many pro vaping activists complained that since electronic cigarettes don't at all have any tobacco unlike traditional cigarettes, therefore it is not fair that they be treated in the same manner. Regardless the French ruling is being made at a time when the federal authorities in the United States are in the act of deliberating the same type of legislation that would equate e cigs to regular cigarettes.

Many electronic cigarette reviews show that what people consider to be the best electronic cigarettes believe that if the electronic smoking devices were to be treated like regular tobacco cigarettes throughout the U.S it would mean that major retailers like Wal-Mart would have to sell them behind the counter. And that the e cigarette manufacturers would then have to fight other tobacco products in order to be seen, due to what is being seen as unfair branding. However many electric cigarette brands especially from San Francisco and New York City, say that they are not worried about a takeover from corporate tobacco companies.

Many electronic cigarette reviews were expecting the FDA to make a decision on how to classify e-cigarettes in October however that has been postponed. Thus in the absence of any federal guidance, local government officials especially in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and other cities have gone ahead and made their own legislation that would define the electronic cigarettes with traditional cigarettes. While the Los Angeles City Council without contest recently passed such a bill, however similar proposals in Chicago and New York City have received vigorous opposition as some city officials prefer to keep smokeless cigarette products separate from the tobacco variants.

But many patrons of the best electronic cigarette reviews were of the mind that the FDA announcement, when it comes, will be able to influence how all the nations’ states and cities approach the issue in the future. However with the absence of that it means that until then, they will have to decide on their won how to regulate the vapor cigarette products alone.

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