The Best Electronic Cigarettes Face Heat in Ohio as They Seek to Redefine the Meaning of E Juice

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- The Ohio Senate has sought to prohibit the best electronic cigarettes products on the market to be banned from minors and also at the same time to also define it as a tobacco product. Yet many believe that the e liquid /e juice that is used in what the Ohio Senate had called “alternative nicotine products” to be regulated in a separate manner rather than to be lumped together as regular cigarettes. The main reason for this outcry has been because there are some variants of the E Liquid Products That Do Not Contain Any Nicotine At All. Yet many including a spokesperson from the Ohio State College of Public Health want at best electronic cigarette product to be treated in the same manner as tobacco products. Leading electronic cigarette reviews sites such as DigitalSmoke.Org believe that this move will be premature as they are of the mind that there is greater need for further analysis of the various e juice products that are on the market.

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What many e cigarette brands have stated is that they are more than happy to have further tests done on the best e cigarettes that are on the market in an effort to dispel the rumours that are hounding the industry. What is known is that Banning The Best E Cigarette Products That Are On The Market To Be Made Available To Minors Has Been More Than Welcomed And Greatly Supported by the e cigarette brands. This was supported by the Ohio State Medical Association recently wrote to the committee that it agrees with keeping electronic cigarettes away from youths, the bill raises red flags in the way that it defines e cigarettes.

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