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The Best of Both Worlds - Sustainable Architecture & Iconic Designs

With the growing trend in sustainable commercial and residential building practices, the innovative team at GeniusDesigns™ has redefined sustainable architecture.

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Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- With the modern advances in sustainable technology, there is no longer much debate left for the ease of “traditional” building practices being paramount. For residential and commercial projects alike, sustainable building is not only good for the environment—but saves home and building owners a significant amount of money in the long run.

The team at GeniusDesigns™ has brought together some of the most innovative commercial and residential architects and home building designers to perfect the art of sustainable building. They create modern and innovative architecture that creates a standout home or entire community development projects - while building with sustainable materials and with NET-ZERO energy efficient features.

“Sustainable building has drastically evolved in the past decade. While some may think of ‘sustainable’ as being plain or boring - it is actually modern and cutting edge.” Mike Carlson, Vice President GeniusDesigns™ Team

GeniusDesigns™ can artfully craft their sustainable designs for anything from single-family, multi-family, hotels, motels, apartment buildings, student housing, senior care facilities, shopping centers, mixed-use developments, or any other commercial or residential architectural designs clients’ desire.

All GeniusDesigns™ are crafted by commercial and residential architects, who custom craft each of their designs not only in AutoCAD, but also as 3D models to ensure that each client is pleased with their design prior to breaking ground.

The Genius commercial and residential architects design each of their units with NET-ZERO solar power technology allowing building owners to enjoy utility-free structures - and their building techniques are so advanced that they can be constructed at a rate of more than 300 units per day for each individual project.

“A common misconception is that sustainable, means limiting. While that may have been the case 15-20 years ago, there are no limitations when it comes to comparing traditional building and sustainable building.” Karl Webber, Architect

Whether you are going for a modern, contemporary, or traditional design - the innovative commercial and residential architects at GeniusDesigns™ can create a sustainable building that meets your personal or professional needs. To view some of the 3D architectural designs that the innovative team at GeniusDesigns™ has created for recent client proposals please visit www.geniushomedesigns.com

About GeniusDesigns™
GeniusDesigns™ is a division of Geniusystems International LLC. The company has a specialized team of architects and designers, whose expertise is in sustainable and NET-ZERO solar powered architecture for energy efficient community developments. 

The advanced GeniusDesign™ team of consultative architects & designers are able to create architect and 3D plans for single-family, multi-family, hotels, motels, apartment buildings, student housing, senior care facilities, and mixed-use developments, which can be erected at a never before realized construction speed that can exceed 300 units per day. 

"Consultative architecture" means that nothing happens from a design perspective until there’s a thorough understanding of our client’s needs, business goals, and personal goals. And getting to those answers requires intelligent and deep business questions that get to the heart of your next project. It sets the foundation for every decision to be made during the design process.

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